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Describe, in less than 300 words, an exceptional achievement that highlights your academic and CCA

interests that would be of value to the NTU community.

There is an achievement I would like to share.
I participated in F1 in Schools Competition in 2009, and I ranked 3rd in the nation. I used SolidWorks
to design a mini F1 car model and also test its aerodynamics through its simulation program. I spent
countless hours in the design studio, milling and improving the model. With determination and some
guidance from my teacher, I managed to cut the timing of my car by 0.2 second, which was the
fastest in my school at that point in time.
The car was my pioneer design and its design concepts are still being used in school today. I was very
proud when it was completed and even more when I won 3rd in the competition. This competition
allowed me to pursue my passion of designing objects from virtually nothing, relying on my own
ingenuity. It also jump-started my interest in designing and my interest has grown more intensive
ever since.
I have been actively using SolidWorks, learning more in-depth functions and working with complicated
models. I also spend my free time building miniature objects and recently my new computing
machine. With my expertise in design, I would be able to help my peers better understand
complicated design concepts and any other design challenges that arises from Engineering Modules.
NTU Engineering conducts competitions for students, in which I am very interested in joining. I hope
to share my passion with my peers and like-minded juniors, hopefully inspiring them to pursue their
dreams. I would love to test my leadership and planning skills by being part of the organizing
committee which I had learnt as an officer of the Singapore Armed Forces. I cannot wait to impact
others positively, and contribute to the school through my passion and abilities.

a. Classes are conducted differently. REP is an integrated programme that specializes you in Engineering and also grooms you to be a leader of tomorrow. offering the best engineering experience you can get in Singapore. What differentiates REP from other engineering programmes and from other universities is that. This is exactly what an engineer needs to excel. I participated in F1 in Schools Competition which I ranked 3 rd in the nation. and share with us why and/or how the person has influenced you. Being an inquisitive person. . in which having a mentor helps to guide the engineer to the correct path. The curriculum in REP offers an experiential-based learning journey. which is crucial in finding solutions to whatever he encounters. Share an event or incident you have encountered personally and why and/or how it has affected you or is especially meaningful to you. Why are you interested in the degree programme(s) that you have chosen in your application? In 2009. That competition jump-started my interest in designing. REP allows me to spend a year at the University of California (UC) Berkeley USA. The journey to be an engineer does not stop when you graduate from NTU. Describe a person who has had an influence on you. Combine that together and you get Mechanical Engineering. My first choice in my application is thus Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) which I will specialize in Mechanical Engineering. REP also offers a life mentorship. and to bring his company to greater heights. where exploring limitless boundaries of engineering and experienced-based learning are nurtured. small seminars tend to benefit my learning experience more than normal lessons. which is crucial in the development of an engineer. experience courses unique only to UC and an industrial orientation in the Silicon Valley. An engineer faces countless of problems every day. and fueled my passion for engineering. to mix with different students from over the world. but it continues on even after you enter the workforce. b. All these experiential-based learning seeks to broaden the perspective of an engineer. c. Some may ask why REP and not just Mechanical Engineering. This is exactly what REP prepares you for.