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Fwd: MSV Premium Content - FBI Data Theft Investigation slams into town

I really think this guy crosses a legal line here. Now he is just making shit up.
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Date: Nov 12, 2011 9:52 AM
Subject: MSV Premium Content - FBI Data Theft Investigation slams into town
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This exclusive feature is being released to the public. The note below however is not.
MSV has been able to piece together the FBI "Bible Code" through analysis and multiple discussions, all
outside of City Hall but off the record.
While we're certain we are correct in our short and long term conclusions, much of what we'd like to say
could compromise the FBI investigation.
MSV won't do that.
As even this content is likely to reach people on all sides, let's just say this mushroom cloud has just been
ignited. It's going to reach deep and far into all corners of Hoboken.
Da Horsey, SmartyJones
Here's today's feature:
A Mile Square View Exclusive Feature

The Boys of Summer from Newark led by US Federal Attorney Paul Fishman have been quietly working since May
unbeknownst to most and laying the foundation on what will be a massive criminal conspiracy of historic magnitude against
the mayor, her staff and the people of Hoboken.
In a similar widely reported case, one hacker managed to break into a personal email account of former Governor Sarah
Palin. What Hoboken has on tap and has already been brought to light absolutely dwarfs that criminality.
Patrick Ricciardi systematically compromised tens of thousands of emails both coming and going from the Mayor's

office since early 2010. In doing so he severely damaged the City of Hoboken in countless ways - sensitive union
negotiations, personnel matters, city legal issues, etc.
The damage Hoboken will learn over time will be more grave than anyone imagined.
This is only beginning and is before its over it will be national news.
Last April, the City Council held its first meeting on what MSV calls Mike Russo Surveillance Night. This was the first
meeting after the FBI surveillance tape of Russo surfaced with a tepid resolution offered up extendeding a slap on the wrist
sponsored by Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti.
The resolution wasn't the only defense advanced by the Beth Russo hydra. Having hijacked the City Council in the 4th ward
special election the previous November using a variety of nefarious and illegal voting practices, they countered the truth of
the real Michael Russo being exposed with a major counterattack - they would demand all the emails between the mayor's
staff and the public.
Told of the massive cost in such an undertaking, they would refine it to all email from January 2010 between the mayor's
staffers and local media with the top three being The Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger. The
following month the FBI would enter the fray after a security audit showed evidence of a data theft ring set up by the City IT
manager Patrick Ricciardi.
The FBI criminal complaint places the first card on the table in a seven card poker game. The US Attorney's Office laid
down an ace, the ace of spades. The problem for MORTe and a likely lengthy list of their faction is they can't know if this
hand is the last. Based on the criminal complaint, that's not likely to happen. The criminal complaint doesn't show more
than one powerful ace, but you don't need a crystal ball to know they have more up their sleeve.
How many? More than in a standard deck of cards and this house of cards will be crumbling taking many along for the ride.

(Video is available within the story on MSV.)

Last July, the new Council majority presented a resolution to end the Beth Russo email witch hunt sponsored by Beth Mason
and Michael Russo. The Beth Russo hydra's systematic effort to undermine the FBI's investigation would become an
ongoing back and forth battle to get out tens of thousands of emails in the public domain going back to January 2010 - the
exact same timeframe the FBI now says Patrick Ricciardi began his massive data theft ring operation into the Mayor's
Here is ubermensch Beth Mason backer Lane Bajardi presenting his conspiracy theories on the emails of the mayor's staff
and the FBI at the July 1st City Council meeting. The FBI criminal complaint would later reference the security audit
conducted at City Hall that led to their investigation countering Bajardi's conspiracies, false accusations and fabrications.
Among Bajaridi's charges in his prepared speech advocating for the release of ALL the mayor's staffers emails from January
2010 are these gems:
"where there's smoke there's fire"
"not simply the crime that does people in, it's the coverup that makes things far worse"
"an outside phantom IT team which may have come into City Hall and scrubbed the city servers... around the time
Councilwoman Mason began asking for these public documents."
Would one say the strenuous efforts by Beth Mason to launder into the public domain as much information from the Data
Theft Ring was merely a coincidence or was she attempting to render legally useless tens of thousands of stolen emails

already looted as part of a factional organized criminal conspiracy against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City of Hoboken?

Coming soon to a lawbreaker near you

Da Horsey would follow Beth Mason's friend who we can all agree is not paid for friendship.
More to come, much more.