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Concept Of Akhlak Of Islam

Generally human can be separated from knowledge field and thought, and also faith and
belief, but strictly Akhlak is the one that can not be put aside as a normal human being.
This is due, every single action that has been carried out by a person is will be
responsible by them or surrounding absolutely. If the action is good then will be the
respond and will be continued as a good action, as the bad action will be prohibited.

Islam cover from all aspects which are, Aqidah and Syariat which paly major
role of the soul of Akhlak itself. Islam without Akhlak would be like a tree without leaf or
we can say like a body without roh.

Definition Akhlak Of Islam

Akhlak comes from the Arabic word khluq which means behaviour, temperament or
action. This can be elaborate through the words from Aisyah which related to prophet
Muhammad Akhlak which means, His Action or Akhlak of prophet is like an AlQuraan. These statement explains all prophet Muhammad belief, confidence, faith, and
all his action based on Al-Quraan absolutely. In Al-Quraan also mentioned about Akhlak
which is khluq (QS.Al-Qalam :(4))

Definition: And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature.

Khulq can be simply said that any human action which could differentiate between good

and bad one. Any good action will be welcome and pleasured as much as they continued
doing that the bad action will be stop and should be terminated.

Technically regarding Imam Al-Ghazali, Akhlak is one character that buried into
someones soul with it, and the emerging actions without any difficulty and you do not
have to think nor worry about the actions that carried out by someone. According to Ibnu
Maskaweh, Akhlak is the condition of someoness soul which lead the outcome action by
someone without think it first.

The word character meanwhile etymology comes from Yunani which is

charassein means to engrave. Engrave can be explain as an art, painting and gouge.
Regarding Kamus Bahasa Indonesia, karakter gives meaning as any nature, behavior
and soul action which makes someone different from others.

Good Akhlak Comes From Good Soul

There are many foundation in order to shape a good soul to comes out a very good action
in physically. There are :

1. The power of knowledge

In order to achieve a good muslim and mukmin, we have to rearrange and make
our knowledge more in comfort zone. As example, a good knowledge, is where there
can split between good and bad one. They can differentiate which one is the truth and
liar in words, action and know which one is right and wrong in actions. When the

stage of knowledge is already achieve the highest level that wanted, it will receive
the hikmah which mention by Allah, (QS, Al-Baqarah : 269)

Definition: He give wisdom unto whom He will, and he unto whom

wisdom is given, he truly hath received abundant good. But none
remember except men of understanding.

2. The power of Anger

When there is hikmah deep down inside, the anger can be easily control
whenever its up and down. If someone can handle their anger so they will be labeled
as a very good person and brave, meanwhile for those who can not control their
anger can be labeled as a disturber and weak.

3. The power of Syahwat