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Maddie Pospisil
Intro to Media Advertising
12 April 2015
Vegetable Gardeners as a Target Group for Lowes
Target Segment Summary
Targets Psychographic Summary
Want better-tasting, better-quality vegetables
Want to relax, find peace
Environmentally conscious
Targets Demographic Summary
Gender: Female
Marital status: Married
Age range: 55+
HH Income: $50,000-$75,000
Targets Geographic Summary
Charleston / Huntington, West Virginia
Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia
Johnstown / Altoona, Pennsylvania

Client Description
Company Overview
The first store that would later become Lowes was opened in 1921 in North Wilkesboro,
North Carolina as a family-owned hardware store (Lowes Companies, Inc.). Lowes, as we
know it today, was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina (About
Lowes). Lowes is a comprehensive home improvement company that is based around helping
their customers whether its helping them directly or helping them help themselves. Lowes
slogan right now is Never Stop Improving and that communicates to customers their
commitment to excellence and their commitment to developing their customer service.
Throughout the country, Lowes has 1,835 stores (About Lowes.). Lowes also has 35 stores

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in Canada and eight stores in Mexico, making it an international retail chain (Lowes
Companies, Inc.). Lowes had meek beginnings but over time has expanded to become one of
the top home improvement chains.
Lowes is devoted to community service. Their focus areas are K-12 public education,
community improvement, and disaster relief (Improving our Communities.). In 2013, Lowes
gave over $2 million, in partnership with the First Response Team of America and the American
Red Cross, to families impacted by natural disasters in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Colorado. They
are also partners with Habitat for Humanity, The Boys & Girls Club of America, and other nonprofits (Improving our Communities.).
In house, Lowes has created three of their own social responsibility programs. Lowes
Charitable and Educational Foundation is such a program created to support K-12 education and
local community improvement projects (Lowes Foundation.) Combined, Lowes and Lowes
Foundation have given $200 million to community improvement projects in the US, Mexico, and
Canada (Lowes Foundation.). Another in house program is called Lowes Toolbox for
Education. This program is dedicated specifically to helping schools financially. In 2013 alone
Lowes Toolbox for Education gave almost $4 million to 940 different schools for improvements
that ranged from technological updates to library renovations (Lowes Toolbox for Education.)
Lowes final program is Lowes Heroes an employee volunteer program. Employees from all
levels of Lowes retail stores, corporate offices, distribution give their time to personally help
Lowes nonprofit partners (Lowes Heroes.). Lowes Heroes shows Lowes true commitment
to community improvement because it goes above and beyond just giving money it puts its
employees on the front lines of community service.

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Though Lowes has almost two thousand stores nationwide, they see themselves as
integral parts of the community for each individual location. Lowes wants to be a part of the
local community and become a friendly neighbor. Their strides to improve the communities
around their stores shows that they care about more than profit. This builds customer trust and
reinforces the concept of improvement in and out of the home.

Types of Products Offered

Lowes serves approximately fifteen million professional and retail customers each week
(About Lowes.). Their professional customers, either in construction and trade or
maintenance, repair, and operations, contribute to more than thirty percent of total sales. For their
retail customers, Lowes aims to help them improve their homes. Lowes has both Do-It-Yourself
(DIY) projects and Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) projects. In terms of their DIFM projects, Lowes
offers over fifty different installation services for both the interior and exterior of homes (About
Lowes.). Lowes mission is to help people love where they live. The services they offer
exemplify that goal.
In terms of products, Lowes has a huge variety. On their website, if you are looking to
shop, Lowes subdivides their products into categories. There are sixteen different categories
ranging from appliances to paint to home dcor to electrical. They cover every base in the home
improvement world. Lowes offers many products associated with vegetable gardening a
simple search on their website for vegetable gardening shows that. They sell soil specifically
for vegetable gardening. They also sell books titled Guide to Missouri Vegetable Gardening, but
for all the states depending on where the store is located. Lowes carries an array of gardening
tools, such as: shovels, spades, wheelbarrows, hand pruners, garden hoes, bulb augers, and more.

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To aid beginning gardeners, Lowes also offers Garden Hand Tool Kits. And, of course, they
offer seeds for every vegetable a customer might want to grow. Their two seed brands are FerryMorse and Seeds of Change. Seeds of Change sells organic seeds which is a great option for
customers looking for an even greener approach to gardening. Customers can easily browse
different gardening products on Lowes website with the Shop option.
Lowes also has an Ideas and How-Tos section on their website. They, again, have
different categories like crafts, building, and painting. One category is gardening which yields
2,226 results of different articles that can be used for guides, creative ideas, and how-tos. These
would be incredibly helpful to vegetable gardeners. Two examples of such articles are Great
Regional Tips for Small-Space Edible Gardens and Mid-Atlantic Gardening: How to Grow
Edibles in Containers. They have articles for gardeners in every region of the country, ensuring
inclusion of their diverse customers.

My Target Audience Choice: Vegetable Gardening

My target audience is vegetable gardeners. The people that make up this audience are
females over 55. They are married home-owners with a household income between $50,000 and
$75,000. Their gardens are usually less than 100 square feet. They garden in order to have bettertasting, better-quality food. They garden in order to relax and find a few moments of peace. They
are result-oriented people always looking ahead to see what the end product will be. The target
audience grows, above all, tomatoes. The challenges they face that could potentially lessen their
gardening time or budget are disease and insect control and the time commitment involved.

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Psychographic Elements of Vegetable Gardeners

People garden for numerous reasons. The most cited reasons, according to a study
published in 2009 by the National Gardening Association, are to have better-tasting and betterquality vegetables and to save money. The vegetable gardeners surveyed in that report had, on
average, been gardening for twelve years. This means many gardeners probably have most of the
tools needed to garden and have a set routine for their gardening season. However, more recent
reports, like the National Garden Survey published in 2013 shows that more and more young
people are starting to garden. This new blood in the gardening world means more people need to
buy gardening tools and will need help when starting their garden. The most popular vegetable to
grow, by far, is the tomato. 86% of people surveyed in the 2009 National Gardening Association
survey entitled The Impact of Home and Community Gardening in America said they would
be growing tomatoes that year. Tomatoes are followed by cucumbers, sweet peppers, beans,
carrots, summer squash, onions, hot peppers, lettuce, and finally peas. These, of course, depend
largely on geography and personal preference. In 2008, vegetable gardeners spent an average of
$53 (National Gardening Association). I would think that the more years a gardener has been
gardening, the less they would spend per year simply because they already have the tools and
they might have leftover seeds from previous years or know the perfect amount of seeds to buy,
whereas new gardeners might overbuy. The vast majority of vegetable gardeners have their
gardens at their homes, and 57% have gardens that are 100 square feet or less.
Gardening is often attached to peoples emotions. They garden to find peace and to relax
(Mosquera). Being outside gives people a sense of relaxation and community with nature. It can
be a very renewing experience. Gardeners are also result-oriented (Mosquera). They grow
vegetables for the end result to eat or sell them. Obviously, spring and summer are the busiest

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times for gardeners but the gardening market shows that it profits in fall and winter as well
(Mosquera). This has been attributed to the fact that people often plan their gardens long before
they start planting them in anticipation of spring. Vegetable gardeners are often environmentally
conscious and so are interested in environmentally-focused products (Mosquera). They also are
usually interested in garden or lawn dcor. This fits with the average size of gardens being 100
square feet or less. Because the gardens are smaller, the gardener feels they can personalize their
space with decorations. The two biggest challenges faced by vegetable gardeners are insect and
disease control and time (Garden Trend Surveys.). These challenges, especially insect and
disease control, could provide additional advertising opportunities when targeting gardeners.

Demographic Elements of Vegetable Gardeners

In 2008, 23% of all U.S. households were involved in vegetable gardening (National
Gardening Association). This is nearly a quarter of all U.S. households quite an impressive
number. According to a study published in 2009 by the National Gardening Association, 54% of
all vegetable gardeners are women. Although this is only just over half, it is still a majority and
one that I have found to be accurate in my experience - so I will choose to use it as my target.
81% of vegetable gardeners are home owners and 68% are married, according to the 2007 SRDS
Lifestyle Market Analyst. The median household income of vegetable gardeners is $49,942 (The
Lifestyle Markey Analyst). A range is more helpful when considering a target audience for a
campaign so I will choose to go higher in my range, from $50,000 to $75,000, as that range is
what over 20% of vegetables gardeners are in.
The National Garden Survey published in 2013 shows an interesting increase in certain
demographic groups: people aged 18-34 and people over 55 are now most likely to participate in

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gardening (Baldwin). It remains unknown why this increase in young gardeners is occurring.
Perhaps they are gaining a more disposable income than people aged 35-54 or perhaps the 34-54
age group is losing interest in gardening. Whatever the case, 18-34 and over 55 are two vastly
different groups of people which will make advertising to them at the same time difficult. This
gap in target audience requires two separate advertisement campaigns or placements. Therefore,
for this campaign, I will choose to focus on women over the age of 55.

How Target Aligns with Lowes Offerings

Vegetable gardeners are a great target audience for Lowes. Lowes offers products for all
aspects of vegetable gardening. The three most popular vegetables to garden are tomatoes,
cucumbers, and sweet peppers. Tomatoes are the most popular by a large margin and Lowes
offers eleven different types of tomato seeds including two organic options for the more
environmentally-minded consumer. Lowes also sells tomato cages ranging in size from 33
inches to 60 inches. Cucumbers do not come in as many varieties as tomatoes and therefore
Lowes only sells one option for cucumber seeds. Lowes sells seeds for orange, green, and red
bell peppers. They have organic seeds for green and orange bell peppers. Many vegetable
gardeners are environmentally-minded and want better-quality and tasting vegetables. Organic
foods are often considered to be better for the environment and ourselves while at the same time
tasting better. So the fact that Lowes offers organic seeds truly aligns with what the target
audience wants.
As reported in the 2013 National Gardening Survey, there has been an increase in recent
years of the 18-34 age group in gardening. Lowes caters well to this influx of new gardeners.
They sell four different garden hand tool kits that typically include a hand trowel, a hand weeder,

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and a hand cultivator. This product is perfect for beginning gardeners who might not have all the
tools necessary. Lowes also has a section of their webpage dedicated to Ideas and How-Tos
which can be utilized by new gardeners who may not know how to start or have the best handle
on what to do. The articles can provide inspiration and guides for how to effectively garden.
Lowes sells all kinds of garden dcor. They sell sundials, birdbaths, gazing balls, garden
statues, garden trellises, and more. These products, while not directly related to vegetable
gardening, are popular among gardeners. So a gardener may go to Lowes wanting to just buy
seeds, but may leave with much more. This is another way in which Lowes fulfills the
customers wants.
Lowes offerings align well with the target audience of vegetable gardeners. Their
products related specifically to vegetable gardening, their products that vegetable gardeners may
be drawn to, and their online resources all fit into what the target audience would respond to.

Media Plan Targeted to Reach Vegetable Gardeners

This campaign for Lowes, targeted to reach vegetable gardeners, will run during the
months of March, April, and May. This will allow the campaign to reach the target audience as
they prepare for the growing season and ideally create loyalty throughout the season. This
schedule will also showcase Lowes diversity as a company that they offer products (seeds,
tools, garden dcor) as well as inspiration through their website section Ideas and How-Tos.
The top media priority is magazine and the second media priority is internet. The magazines are
targeted very specifically to vegetable gardeners and vegetable gardeners connect well with
magazines as a medium. The budget reflects this priority since a great majority of the money is

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going to magazines. Internet is the second media priority because it is extremely targeted and
makes efficient use of money. This campaign will cost $415,330 in total.

Media Plan Schedule

I chose March, April, and May as the three months in which the campaign will run.
March is the beginning of spring and April is the heart of spring. In these months, vegetable
gardeners will be planning their gardens for the summer and buying seeds in order to start them
early. In March and April, the months leading up to planting, Lowes can fulfill the needs of the
target audience. Lowes has a great seed selection and their website offers numerous articles
about garden design and planning. This is important because if the target starts out the season
buying from Lowes, they will be more likely to buy from them throughout the season. The third
month of the campaign, May, is the beginning of summer and planting season. This is when
vegetable gardeners will be buying soil, seeds, tools, and more to ready their garden. May is an
important month to advertise to vegetable gardeners as this is the month they will likely be
spending the most.
For magazines, my primary scheduling strategy is bursting. I will be implementing a
bursting schedule for Country Gardens, Easy Edible Gardening, and Fine Gardening. Country
Gardens is published quarterly and I will be placing ads in the Spring and Summer issues, which
run in March and May, respectively. Easy Edible Gardening is published annually and it runs in
May. This is the ideal magazine for the target and the timing is also ideal May is a critical
month to advertise to vegetable gardeners. Fine Gardening has a Special Interest Publication that
is published at the end of April in which our ad will be running. This will have the most impact
in May. The American Gardener and Horticulture are magazines that are published bi-monthly

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and have a March/April issue and a May/June issue. For these magazines, the scheduling style
will be continuity. I will be placing ads in those two magazines in both the March/April and
May/June issue. I believe this will maximize money spent as the ads will still be viewed in June
even though June is not a designated campaign month.
In terms of television, my scheduling strategy is continuity. Ads will be running in three
different TV shows for all twelve weeks of the campaign, with varying numbers of insertions.
For internet, my primary scheduling strategy is continuity. The only exception is I am doing a bursting schedule with emphasis on the month of May. is the site for the Farmers Almanac. Many experienced gardeners use this site for
its Best Planting Dates section which will only be utilized when they are on the verge of
planting in May.
The Search ad schedule is more mixed. Many keywords are on the continuity schedule if
they have to do with concepts of gardening besides planting, like vegetable garden design,
gardening tips, and organic vegetable seeds. This is because they will be still searched for
outside of the typical planting season. The keywords with a bursting schedule are usually bursted
in May and are related to the physical act of planting: gardening supplies, how to grow
tomatoes, and how to plant tomatoes. This is because not only are they going to be searched
more in May, they are going to be searched with a more serious intent to purchase.

Media Type Priorities

The priority media type in this campaign is magazine. I chose this as the priority because
the magazines are extremely targeted. The content of the magazines chosen are exactly what
vegetable gardeners want to learn about and read about. Even though most of the magazines are

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not solely focused on vegetable or edible gardening, they usually address those topics in each
issue. I also chose magazines as the top priority because the target audiences age range is fiftyfive and over. This age group is generally less adept at using the internet than their younger
counterparts. Though they often still have a solid knowledge of how to use the internet, they are
more comfortable with other media. The target audience is most likely subscribed to magazines
and have a long history of magazine reading. Evidence of magazine being the top priority can be
seen as the vast majority of the budget for the campaign is being spent on magazines.
The second media priority for this campaign is internet. Internet is an important media to
utilize because it is even more targeted than magazines. People will only see the ads if they go to
a certain website or search using a certain phrase. I chose to advertise on six different websites
and eleven different keywords. The volume of media vehicles and keywords represents the
priority rather than the amount of money spent, as TV has a larger budget than internet. Money is
important, but I believe that advertising on the internet will be more effective at reaching the
target and more cost effective. The average CPM for internet is about a third of the average CPM
for TV. The CPMs for keyword-searches are much higher than internet and TV, but keyword
advertising is based on every click the ad gets, not views. Additionally, keyword advertising is
incredibly targeted and is often considered the Holy Grail of advertising because only people
who are about to purchase, ideally, will see the ad. Because of these reasons, I believe that
keyword-searches are still cost effective.

Specific Media Choices

Magazine Choices
Easy Edible Gardening

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Easy Edible Gardening is a Special Interest magazine that is a published by the

umbrella company Better Homes and Gardens. It is only published once a year in May and, as
the title suggests, is an issue dedicated solely to edible gardening. Edible gardening includes
fruits, herbs, and, most importantly, vegetables. Many of the other magazines that will be
advertised in do not have that specific focus, which makes Easy Edible Gardening very valuable.
The audience it will reach is that much closer to only the target audience because flower
gardeners will not be included. Additionally, the demographics of their audience line up perfectly
with the demographics of the target audience. 94% of their readers are female, 76% are married
or living with a partner, and the median age of the reader is 51.4. Our target is female and largely
married, and although the median does not fall within the target age range, it is quite close. Their
readers median household income is about $69,000 which falls in the target audiences
household income range.
In the magazine, I chose a one page ad placed on the second cover. This magazine is
perfect for our target and I believe that even though it is expensive, it is worth it. Additionally, it
is special because it only published once a year, so people will be drawn to the novelty aspect of
it. The CPM is extraordinarily high for Easy Edible Gardening. This is due to a combination of
reasons: the high price of the ad, the moderate circulation, and the low pass-along rate. However,
I strongly believe that the people who will read this magazine will be the target and only the

Country Gardens
Country Gardens is another Special Interest magazine put out by Better Homes and
Gardens. It is published four times a year - in early spring, spring, summer, and fall. The spring

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edition is published in March and the summer edition is published in May, so ads will be running
in those two issues issues. Like Easy Edible Gardening, because it is a Better Homes and
Gardens magazine, it has an audience that fits well with our target audience. According to the
Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media Kit, Country Gardens audience is also 94%
women with a median age of 51.4 and a median household income of about $69,000.
This magazine is targeted to those who live in the country or live a country lifestyle and
are avid gardeners. It is more focused on the spirit and romance of gardening (Country
Gardens). This magazine will benefit our target audience because most of them are no longer
beginning gardeners. They have been gardening for many years and are looking for a way to
elevate their gardening whether by design, planting style, or vegetable choices. This magazine
provides a unique perspective that is not found in other magazines.
The ads in the Spring and Summer issues will be full-page ads placed in the inside of the
magazine. The CPM for Country Gardens is relatively high, though not as high as Easy Edible
Gardening. However, I believe placing ads in this magazine will be worth the high cost because
its audience matches our target audience and because of the unique perspective it provides on

Horticultures tagline is The Art and Science of Smart Gardening. This magazine is
primarily focused on the act of planting, rather than the aesthetic of gardening like Country
Gardens. Horticulture is published bi-monthly and I will be running ads in the March/April and
May/June issues. Horticultures media kit discloses their editorial calendar with the themes of
each issue. The March/April theme is Growing Food and the May/June theme is Spring in the

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Garden (Editorial Calendar 2015). Both of these will appeal to our target, but especially the
March/April issue. More than other issues, this one will have a focus on planting and growing
In the Horticulture magazine, for both March/April and May/June, I will be placing full
page ads on the fourth cover. The fourth cover is the back of the magazine and is the most
expensive, most viewed ad in the magazine. I believe spending the extra money to get the extra
exposure is important for this magazine. Our target is concerned with how their garden looks,
which is why a magazine like Country Gardens is important, but they are also extremely
concerned with how to best plant their garden. This magazine deals with that concern. Vegetable
gardeners are result-oriented - it doesnt matter if their garden is well-designed if nothing grows.

Fine Gardening
Fine Gardening is a magazine that covers a wide array of gardening topics from design to
advice. 61% of their audience is between the ages of 35 and 64, and the median age of their
reader is 61.4. 82% of their readers are female and 96% own their own homes. Fine Gardenings
audience demographics line up with the target audience except for household income. The
average household income of a Fine Gardening reader is $144,111. That is much higher than our
target audiences top household income of $75,000. This discrepancy would have typically
dissuaded me from placing an ad in their publication. However, I will be placing an ad in one of
their Special Interest Publications and according to their media kit, 78% of the people who buy
their Special Interest Publications are not subscribers (Magazine). This is largely because those
issues are newsstand-only and appear in garden centers, retail gardening stores, and even Lowes.
I believe that advertising in this special issue, which will appear in newsstands, will reconcile the

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gap between the extremely wealthy subscribers of Fine Gardening and the target audience.
People who may not typically fit the demographics of their readership will have access to the
magazine and I believe our target audience will be drawn to purchasing it.
The Special Interest Publication I will be placing an ad in is titled Growing a Greener
World. It is primarily focused on gardening in a way that helps the environment and will even
include sections on organic gardening and farm-to-table cooking. These are two topics the target
audience is very interested in and in-tune with. This publication will go on sale on April 28 and
therefore will have the most impact during the month of May. The ad will be one-page and
located on the second cover. I believe this publication will be important to our target audience
and placing an ad on the second cover will emphasize Lowes green products to them when
they are thinking about purchasing and thinking about gardening in an environmentally-friendly

The American Gardener

The American Gardener is a magazine published by the American Horticulture Society.
The fact that it is the official magazine of the prominent American Horticulture Society gives it
credibility and means that experienced gardeners will trust it and its information. Not much
information concerning audience demographic is available on their online media kit or the SRDS
page, but I truly think this magazine will be something our target is interested in.
It is published bi-monthly and I will be placing ads in the March/April issue and the
May/June issue. The ads will be one-page and located in the inside of the magazine. I chose
inside and not a cover because I dont know a lot of information about their audience and I
would rather buy a cover in a magazine that I have more details on.

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The Chew
The Chew is a daytime talk show that airs every weekday at 1:00pm Eastern time on
ABC. It is a talk show that is focused completely on food. A large part of it is cooking, but the
hosts often use organic or home-grown food in their recipes. I believe the target watches this
show because a big reason why they garden is to produce better-tasting, better-quality
vegetables. Once they grow these vegetables, they are going to want to know how to cook them
in innovative ways. Gardeners are often the best cooks and are continually hunting for new
recipes in which to best utilize their fresh veggies. Over 12 weeks, 360 insertions will air in three
cities (120 insertions per city). Since the show airs five days a week, two ads will air each day
during the program. The cities the ads will air in are Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia, the
Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia, and Johnstown/Altoona, Pennsylvania. These are the top cities for
vegetable gardeners.

Gardening by the Yard

Gardening by the Yard is hosted by Paul James, a master gardener. He gives advice about
gardening that includes yard gardening and vegetable gardening. The show often deals with
problems that pop up when gardening, which will help the target audience when they face
obstacles. It is an HGTV show and HGTV is a channel that is a favorite of gardeners. It isnt
currently airing but in the past it would air once a week, usually in the later daytime hours. So
that is the schedule I adopted for this project. I chose to buy 72 insertions evenly distributed
across three cities 24 insertions per city. For a weekly show like this one, that means two ads

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per program. I chose to buy a smaller number of insertions because although the show frequently
deals with vegetable gardening and will appeal to the target, I felt that The Chew and Victory
Gardens Edible Feast are both a little better of a fit for the target and so I wanted those to be the
priority. The cities the ads will air in are Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia, the Tri-Cities,
Tennessee/Virginia, and Johnstown/Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Victory Gardens Edible Feast

Victory Gardens Edible Feast is a PBS show that is a mixture of two genres. Victory
Garden was a long-running show - it first aired in 1975 about gardening. Edible Feast is a
magazine that runs in different markets: Edible Tulsa, Edible Kansas City, etc. The magazines
are focused on food culture in the cities, especially health food culture. Victory Garden and
Edible Feast collaborated to create a TV show all about garden-to-table food. Victory Gardens
Edible Feast airs once a week, on Saturdays at 4:00pm. I bought 144 insertions across three
cities 48 insertions per city. This means for each weekly show, Lowes will have four ads. This
is quite a few ads but this show is ideal for the target audience. It is all about edible gardening
and what to do with the food you have grown after you harvest it. The cities the ads will air in
are Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia, the Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia, and
Johnstown/Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Web Site Choices is a website run out of Hampton, Virginia that is dedicated to every
aspect of growing vegetables. The location it is run out of it important because of its vicinity to

Pospisil 18

the top cities for vegetable gardeners. includes a forum where gardeners
can discuss their experiences growing vegetables and collaborate on ideas and advice. A
community like that is important to many gardeners. The website also features sections like
Vegetable Gardening Tips, Discover How-To, and Growing Tomatoes. Vegetable
gardeners often grow a large variety of vegetables, but tomatoes are far and away the most
grown. The fact that the website features an entire section dedicated to tomatoes is something
that the target audience will be drawn to and appreciate.
I purchased 100,000 impressions a month for three months. The ads will be a 728x90
banner across the top of the page. I got the price for each one thousand impressions through the
website. The more impressions bought, the bigger the discount. For 100,000 ad views, it cost
$210. This is a large quantity of ad views, so the schedule style will be continuity. Continuity is
the best option because vegetable gardeners can utilize this website before and during the
planting season, due to the variety of information.

VegetableGardener.Com is a website that stems from the Fine Gardening site. Two
sections that are potentially useful to the target audience are titled Grow and Recipes. Under
Grow is every type of vegetable that gardeners deal with. Clicking on a certain vegetable then
takes you to a page dedicated solely to that vegetable. This is a great feature that specialized
gardeners will appreciate. The Recipes section is sectioned off by course and showcases
recipes that people have made with their home-grown veggies. As has been mentioned, vegetable
gardeners love to incorporate their produce into meals, so the Recipe section will fulfill that
want of the target.

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I purchased 75,000 impressions a month for three months. The ads that appear will be
banner ads at the top of the page. I used the page in our packet titled Average CPM Rates for
Banner Ads to determine the cost per thousand impressions - $3.68 is the average cost for the
category Home & Architecture. Again, the ad schedule will be continuity. is a website run by Rodale, a company that publishes a magazine
titled Organic Life. I did not choose to advertise in Organic Life because it is too broad, but the
website is more targeted. It covers a wider array of gardening than or as it has sections on flowers, herbs, and trees,
but it still has a lot to offer for the avid vegetable gardener. There are articles on planting,
growing, and even health benefits of different vegetables. A huge focus of this website is
gardening organically. The target is usually environmentally-conscious and responds well to
organic options. On this website, I would imagine Lowes advertising their organic seed brand
Seeds of Change. Some people might not know that Lowes offers organic seeds and this would
be the perfect website to advertise that.
I purchased 100,000 impressions for three months. I used the packet page to determine
the cost per one thousand impressions and went with the average CPM rate for Home and
Architecture - $3.68. The schedule style for this media vehicle is continuity. is the official website of the Old Farmers Almanac. The gardening section
of this website offers many unique services for gardeners. There is an online garden planner,

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vegetable growing guides, and a Pests & Diseases Library. I believe these would all be useful
to the target. However, the main reason I picked this website is for its Best Planting Dates
section. Many people trust the Farmers Almanac as truth when it comes to weather forecasts and
the same holds true for the Best Dates feature. On the website, a gardener can type in their
location and a map of sorts appears. It shows thirty different types of vegetables from beets to
radishes and their respective best dates. The best dates include best dates to sow indoors, sow
outdoors, and harvest. This is extremely useful for serious vegetable gardeners looking to yield a
good harvest.
I purchased 50,000 impressions for one month May. I do not think this website will be
utilized as often by gardeners before then, as planting does not often begin until May at the
earliest. This is a bursting schedule centered around the beginning of the planting season. The
ads will be banner ads that appear on the side of the page. I used the packet page and the average
CPM rate of $3.68.
This website is run by Fine Gardening, a magazine which I am also placing advertising
in. I am specifically placing an ad on the Edibles section of the website as to further narrow the
audience who will see the ad. This website features mainly articles with different how-to topics. I
believe that advertising in both the magazine and on the website will be a good complement and
will hopefully increase the targets memory of the ads.
I purchased 50,000 impressions a month for three months. I used the Fine Gardening
Rich Media Kit and purchased roadblock ads for $18 per thousand impressions. Roadblock ads
are two ads that appear on the top half of the page at the same time. $18 per thousand

Pospisil 21

impressions seems expensive but the CPM is similar to the other websites - besides and, which are cheaper due to higher unique visitors.
This website is a part of Better Homes and Gardens. I am also placing ads in two special
magazine publications of Betters Homes and Gardens Country Gardens and Easy Edible
Gardening. The Gardening section of this website is a resource for vegetable gardeners. It
contains numerous articles but also has tools like garden planners and regional gardening tips.
This allows the website to become personalized, which is increasingly important to consumers.
I purchased 75,000 impressions a month for three months. I used the packet to determine
a CPM and used the average for the category Home and Architecture - $3.68. The scheduling
style for this website will be continuity as it can be utilized by vegetable gardeners in all three

Google Keywords
For all keywords listed, they have been geo-targeted to the target audiences top three cities:
Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia, the Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia, and
Johnstown/Altoona, Pennsylvania. This decreased clicks per month, but narrowed the audience.

Vegetable garden design

Many experienced gardeners, which includes our target, look ahead before planting
season and decide how theyre going to configure their garden. Often, to maximize space,
gardeners will plant in a raised garden bed as well as planting straight in the ground. Lowes

Pospisil 22

offers different sized raised garden beds so featuring that product in the ad for this keyword
would be ideal.

Vegetable garden planner

This is very similar to vegetable garden design. When people search this, however, they
are usually looking for an online planner that will plan their garden for them, as opposed to
people searching vegetable garden design who just want ideas and inspiration. Lowes website,
rather than specific products, is a good complement to this search. Lowes websites has articles
that deal with landscaping and planting in small spaces.

Planting a vegetable garden

Gardeners will search this when they are on the verge of planting. Through this search,
they are probably wanting tips and possibly even ideas of how to design their garden. Lowes
website features a vast array of articles dealing with every aspect of planting a garden. If a
gardener was directed to their website and read some how-to or advice articles, they would
stumble across related products and become interested in purchasing.

Garden supplies
Vegetable gardeners will search this keyword when they are looking to buy new supplies
for their garden: soil, cages, etc. If they had all the supplies they needed, they wouldnt search
this. Therefore, they are in the perfect mindset to be advertised to about the products Lowes

Pospisil 23

Gardening supplies
This may seem like the same search as garden supplies but there are some subtle
differences. When someone searches garden supplies, they are likely looking for supplies for
their garden. When someone searches gardening supplies, they are looking for supplies with
which to garden. This is more along the lines of hand tools and gloves, as opposed to soil, cages,
and raised beds. However, like garden supplies, the target is thinking about purchasing when
they type it in, so it is a great opportunity to advertise.

Gardening tips
The target searches this when they begin planting a new vegetable or when they are
looking to improve their gardening style. They are probably not thinking directly about
purchasing but, similarly to planting a vegetable garden, this search gives Lowes the
opportunity to showcase their articles and then through that encourage and facilitate purchases.

How to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most grown vegetable. Gardeners who are searching this have likely
already purchased the seeds and are just wanting to know how to then maximize their growing
potential. Lowes has products that align with this search, like tomato cages and stakes, and they
also have articles that would help the target, like Mid-Atlantic Planting: Late-Season

How to plant tomatoes

Pospisil 24

This relates to how to grow tomatoes, but people who search this are most likely
looking for tips on how deep to plant the seeds and maybe even some hand tools. Lowes has a
wide-range of gardening hand tools to choose from and advertising for those on this search
would be beneficial.

Tomato seeds for sale

People who search this are wanting to buy tomato seeds right then. They are about two
minutes away from purchasing. Lowes would benefit from advertising through this keyword
because they offer eleven different types of tomato seeds. Two of those are organic seeds, as

Organic vegetable seeds

When the target searches this, they are prepared to buy organic seeds. It is clear what is
on their mind. Lowes carries an organic brand of seeds called Seeds of Change. Seeds of
Changes has seeds for vegetables like onions, bell peppers, beans, tomatoes, corn, squash, and
more. This variety means it will appeal to gardeners with different preferences. Advertising
specifically for the Seeds of Change brand on this search is my recommendation.

Seeds of Change
As mentioned above, Seeds of Change is an organic seed brand. If this is being searched
for, the person already knows that they want seeds from this specific company. The search will
direct them to the Seeds of Change website, but the only way seeds can be ordered off their
website is through catalogs or complicated printable forms. If Lowes advertised on this search
that they carry Seeds of Change, that would make it easier for the target to buy that brand as

Pospisil 25

they can easily be purchased online or in-store. This will drive purchases and perhaps create new
customers who did not previously think of Lowes as organic-friendly.

Justification of Money Spent

I am recommending that Lowes spend $415,330 on this campaign. Initially, I had a lot of
trouble even getting past $100,000. Then I found the special Better Homes and Gardens
publications Country Gardens and Easy Edible Gardening. Both of those are extremely
expensive at over $100,000 per ad. Their CPMs are also expensive. However, I strongly believe
that advertising in these publications will be some of the strongest points of this campaign.
For this budget, Lowes will have ads featured in six magazines, on three TV shows in
three cities each, on six websites, and through eleven keyword searches all spread thoughtfully
across three months.

Pospisil 26

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