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Winter 2010

In This Issue From the Commodore

Wow! What a summer! I am not sure where it
From the Commodore ..........................................1 went, but it sure was fun while it lasted.
NAC Recap……………………………………...2 Thanks to the meticulous planning of Carol
Claypool, Jay Lott, Nancy Claypool, and Ryan
Thank You NAC Volunteers..............................13
Malmgren, and the thousands of volunteer hours put
Summer Racing Results .....................................15 in by members of the EYC, the North American
Championship was a fabulous success. I am still
Ladies Regatta/Ephraim Regatta ........................16 smiling because of all the compliments we received
while the sailors were with us and after they returned
Flying Scot Midwestern Regatta ........................17 home. We hope they will all come back to Door
County and participate in our EYC Regatta…but
Education Wrap Up ............................................17 maybe not all in the same year!
Clubhouse/Bleachers ..........................................18 The instructor team was phenomenal. They rose to a
new level of excellence in their teaching while also
Why Let Them Have All the Fun.......................19
helping prepare for the NAC. We owe a huge debt
Store News/Boat Slips/Bridge............................20 of gratitude to Christian Pillat and his two able
assistants, Alex Zalar and Julian Slagter.
First Mates Report..............................................21
The clubhouse and dock have never looked so good.
NAC Sponsors....................................................22 Many of you contributed to the improvements led by
Rich Bierman and George Kraemer. I know that
Eagle’s Cry Editors many happy hours were spent watching races from
Alison Tatlow our new, improved bleachers.
Deb Ritter I want to thank David Sauter personally and on
behalf of the club for his innovative and inspiring
EYC Officers & Directors, 2009-2010 leadership during the last two years and especially
Marsella Fults (Commodore) during this past summer.
George Kraemer (Vice Commodore)
David Sauter (Rear Commodore) I am thankful to have met so many wonderful
Nancy Claypool (Secretary) friends through the Ephraim Yacht Club. We are a
Paul Pillat (Treasurer) great group! Even though the club will not be
Rich Bierman hosting a national event in the coming year, we are
Quinn Brennan planning lots of activities to share. So, have a safe,
Liz Gheorghita happy winter and come back to Door County ready
Andy Huey for the fun-filled summer of 2010.
Jay Lott
Scott Pearson
Donna Scattergood

© Ephraim Yacht Club
P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

EYC Hits a "Home Run" Hosting needed: anchors, adjustable length anchor line, race
marks, offset marks, start and finish pins, change marks
2009 Flying Scot North American (with a different shape and color), four sets of signal
Championship Regatta flags, flag holders, signal boards, and more. He kept track
CAROL CLAYPOOL of the numerous pieces and made sure they were all in
working order so everything was ready to go.

Another area that required a lot of advance planning was
the Food and Beverage Committee. Sue Volkmann
graciously volunteered to take on the task of organizing
and overseeing all of the food activities: breakfasts,
lunches, welcome party and three dinners. She jumped
right in, lined up several terrific volunteers and stayed on
top of the endless tasks, starting from scouting out and
reserving venues to taking reservations, with a lot of help
from JoAnne Rankin, to setting up each party and taking
down the tents. Another big thank you goes to Sue and
her committee for an outstanding job of making the NAC
as fun off the water as it was on.

Securing lodging well in advance was another very
important key to hosting so many people. Thank you to
George and Linda Carey for putting together a
Three cheers for the EYC! The Flying Scot North comprehensive list of options with discounts and mileage
American Championship (“NAC”) was a tremendous information. This was a huge help to our visitors. The
success! All three championships were held – Women’s, lodging information and NAC information had to be
Juniors and NAC. There were five competitors in the communicated to all interested parties. David Sauter's
Women’s Championship, ten (!) in the Junior business, Envano, set up a special page on EYC’s
Championship and a great turnout of seventy-four for the website, handled the postings and updates, and worked
NAC. EYC members (including our juniors) were able to with FSSA to link our website to theirs so that the FSSA
sail against national quality competition, make new site was always up to date. Thank you David and
friends with members of the Flying Scot class from all Envano!
over the country and demonstrate that a tiny yacht club
with a big “can do” spirit can run a large, complex regatta
at the highest levels of quality and hospitality.

The success of the NAC was the result of two years worth
of planning by great people with great ideas, who then did
a great job of execution. Planning started in early 2008.
Nancy Claypool, Jay Lott and Ryan Malmgren were
appointed to the steering committee to assist me in my
capacity as Regatta Chair. They logged in a tremendous
number of hours up to, during and after the NAC working
on planning and getting all of the necessary pieces in
place. Beyond their own assignments, they were
invaluable to me with the overall planning. Thank you,
thank you, thank you for the innumerable hours of effort
to ensure that this event would be a success.

One of the areas that required a lot of pre-planning was
Obtaining the trophies is one of the most important jobs in
the Race Committee work and a big thank you goes to
any regatta and Suzanne Lisle stepped up when asked to
John Peterson for volunteering to take on this task. He
take on this challenge. There were nearly 100 trophies
did a terrific job of lining up boats appropriate for running
awarded at this event, including the perpetual trophies
the starting operations, setting the marks, handling the
that must be retrieved from the previous year’s recipients.
finish line, and recruiting volunteers to spend six days on
Nancy Claypool helped with several trophy suggestions.
the water. He spent hours gathering the equipment
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Suzanne stayed on top of the lists, the ordering, the When the calendar rolled around to the spring of 2009,
engraving, and retrieval of the perpetual trophies. During the registration forms went out. Nancy Claypool, who
the NAC, she made sure the appropriate trophies were at graciously volunteered to manage this task, had her hands
each awards presentation and she took care of the thank full logging in data for skippers, crews, boats, FSSA
you gifts for the judges and the PRO. A huge thank you compliance items, apparel, and meal reservations just to
to Suzanne for all her hard work! name a few categories. She, in turn, fed the necessary
information to the appropriate committees. All of the
Jay Lott handled a very important and necessary of job of skippers appreciated the registration confirmations she e-
taking the lead on many of the "behind the scenes" tasks. mailed itemizing all the information supplied on the
This included serving as our liaison with the Village of registration forms. Everyone likes to know who has
Ephraim and the Ephraim Yacht Harbor, with assistance entered the regatta so she posted a "Who's Coming" list
from Bill Hoag on numerous occasions. Jay was on the website with the skippers’ clubs and home towns.
instrumental in securing the permission of the Village to It was frequently updated so everyone could follow the
hold the event, including the use of the Firehouse Ramp, progress as the registrants grew over the months to 74
signage and social events. He also arranged for the event boats! So thank you to her for staying on top of a huge
permit from the Coast Guard, parking from Bethany job and key piece of making the regatta run smoothly for
Lutheran and Ephraim Moravian Churches (thanks to everyone.
both for making their parking lots available!). Most of
our visitors had no idea how much work was required (on Connected to registration, thanks to Deanna Peterson for
top of regular regatta work) to hold an event like this in handling the EYC boat lotteries for the Juniors, Women
historic Ephraim. Thank you, Jay! and NAC participants. The boats all had to be properly
registered with FSSA, rules needed to be adhered to,
registrations needed to be submitted in a timely manner,
and she did a great job taking care of everything.

Little did our visitors know what the dock and club house
used to look like. Many, many thanks to George
Kraemer, Rich Bierman and the others who took on the
enormous task of transforming these pieces of real estate
over the last few years. It would not have been possible
to pull off having so many boats sign up for the regatta
without having the additional space gained by flattening
the rip rap and adding a second hoist -- plus, covering up
the exposed metal to prevent boat damage. The new
access ladders made it possible for boats to tie up along
all sides of the dock. Several visitors commented on the
eye-popping décor, the shelving, organized equipment
space, and the retractable doors for enclosing the
Every regatta (and certainly one this size) has to have an downstairs which is such an attractive and efficient use of
event T-shirt. Thank you to Susan Reynolds-Smith for space in a small clubhouse. Many sailors took advantage
doing double duty this year and adding this large task on of our updated shower facility at the end of each racing
top of her annual role as EYC merchandise czar. David day. Several EYC ideas are being imitated at other clubs
Sauter and Envano developed a great graphic depicting -- the sincerest form of flattery. Well done!
that beautiful view of the Peninsula State Park bluff and
The action really started picking up a week before the
Horseshoe Island plus a simpler event design that was
NAC. The Measuring Committee, led by Donna
used for polo shirts. A new item, wicking T-shirts, was
Scattergood, held a training session at the club. With the
added to the offerings. These are popular with many
help of Ryan Malmgren and Carrie Carpenter, a large
sailors for staying comfortable in the sun and wind. T-
crew of volunteers was trained and several local boats
shirts were included in the registration packages for racers
were measured in spite of a mid-afternoon rain shower
and polo shirts in welcome packages for the officials.
that temporarily interrupted the activities.
Thanks to Susan for a great job of pre-planning and
organizing so that the hundreds of shirts were ready and A few days later, the Principal Race Officer, judges and
organized by size in the welcome bags on time. Thanks several members of the Race Committee arrived. Thanks
to Cain Goettleman's company, FLS Banners, for to Marsella Fults for coordinating housing for our guests.
printing and embroidering the apparel -- often on very Thanks to our hosts: the Kraemers, Webbs, Burridges,
short deadlines.
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Sargents, Martha Sauter, and Jay Lott for rolling out the manned tables full of NAC and EYC apparel the entire
red carpet. Our guests were highly complimentary about weekend and made several trips to Sturgeon Bay to pick
the hospitality extended to them and they very much up merchandise and meet our visitors’ needs for
enjoyed their stay. souvenirs.

Sailors were greeted by signs along the road, thanks to
Marsella and Tim Fults (and throughout the week at each
party or dinner). Measuring volunteers in bright orange
T-shirts, donated by Donna and Kirk Scattergood,
directed traffic as sailors pulled into the parking lot.
Decorative signs made by Jodi Hoyerman on the school
doors directed the sailors into the lobby where there was a
large “Welcome Sailors” sign. Sailors started lining up an
hour early (because registration and measuring have been
known to be an all-day event at many clubs), so it was
fantastic that all of the committees were “ready for
business” on time.

Registration volunteers greeted the sailors, gave them
their welcome packets, pointed out key information on the
various hand-outs, and instructed them where to go for the
different measuring tasks. Thanks to those who assisted
Additional race committee equipment arrived from Lake
Nancy Claypool with gathering items for the registration
Norman Yacht Club in Mooresville, North Carolina. John
packets, stuffing bags and/or assisting at Registration,
Peterson got right to work organizing equipment, showing
including Mary Gantz, Duska Pearson, Katie Rebmann,
the Race Committee around and making modifications to
Jessica Sauter (who created event maps), Ruth Sauter
the Race Committee boats. He kept running between
and Betsy Steele just to name a few.
Yacht Works in Sister Bay to Bill Calkins’ boat, to EYC
for the mark boats and around the west side of Eagle
Harbor to Bruce Gantz’s home for the finish boat. In
addition, he and Deanna put out the welcome mat and
invited the Race Committee to lunch on board Charette.
Thanks also to Joe Schoendorf for kindly allowing Bob
Sargent to bring his boat from Fish Creek and tie up at
Joe’s dock for the week so that Bob and the rest of the
judges were conveniently close to the club at the end of
each day.

Normally, sailors would expect to take their boat straight
to the host yacht club and put up their mast. However, as
part of the registration planning, Nancy Claypool had sent
every skipper and crew a document called “Before You
Come to Ephraim” two weeks in advance of the NAC. It
contained many pieces of useful information about what
to expect. Most importantly, it explained the space
limitations at EYC and in Ephraim. Early arrivals were The Measuring team took over at that point and directed
informed that they needed to park their boats at the skippers to one of three “lanes” in the parking lot
Gibraltar schools. This was one of the first depending on which one of the three different
demonstrations of successful planning. measurement sheets the skipper had been assigned.
"Drive-through" measurement service was provided for
At 8 a.m. Saturday morning, the rain stopped and the
those who were required to weigh their boats and get
Registration, Measuring and Merchandise volunteers
centerboards measured. George Kraemer was a huge help
arrived at the Gibraltar schools to set up. Thank you to
in getting a crane system donated for weighing the boats,
school superintendent Steve Seyfer for letting us use the
plus he operated it for the entire two days of measuring.
school facilities. Knowing how many potential customers
Jay Lott, Ryan Malmgren and the EYC staff built a boat
would be at the school, Susan Reynolds-Smith with help
cradle so volunteers could safely get under the boats to
from Mary Gantz, Alison Tatlow and Linda Franczyk
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

measure centerboards. Volunteers made sure measuring process can really set the mood for the sailors
measurements in the other two lanes were completed for the week and EYC passed the test with flying colors.
quickly to keep boats moving to make room for new
arrivals. The sail measuring team inside the gymnasium The registration and measuring tasks were in one
laid out, folded, marked, and measured the sails within a convenient location with lots of room for maneuvering
few minutes and sent people on their way. They also took and unloading gear and equipment from boats. The
care that no one walked on the newly refinished gym floor Measuring crew implemented a racer’s suggestion
with shoes so that it would be “returned” in perfect Saturday morning that made measuring spinnaker poles
condition. After passing measuring, the sailors turned in even faster. That’s flexibility and improvement on the
their measuring sheet to Registration to become an fly! There were compliments all weekend from numerous
official competitor. A Registration volunteer checked that sailors on how quick and efficient the service was and
all of their information was correct and gave them their how easy it was for the racers. The volunteers exceeded
launch location and instructions on how to quickly drop everyone’s expectation and that made for a great start to
off their boat at the public launch ramp or EYC to prevent the whole week!
traffic jams.

The next stop for the sailors was either the public launch
ramp or EYC where they were met by volunteers who
directed them when and where to pull in and helped them
unhook and park their trailers. All of the work done to
level the rip rap at the dock plus a parking diagram (by
David Sauter) made it possible to fit forty-five boats on
the dock. This kept the number of boats at the public
launch ramp at a manageable level, which was important
due to the extra work required to launch from that
location. Jay and David carefully angled all of the trailers
and made sure there was a clear center aisle down the
dock. The gravel between the rip rap made it a little
challenging to move trailers, but the EYC staff
enthusiastically jumped in and helped our visitors get
situated. The staff also lent a hand to anyone who needed
help with stepping their mast, an extra service not offered Sunday morning, FSSA’s Executive Committee held its
at most clubs but which was very much appreciated. Now business meeting in EYC’s trophy room, enjoying fresh
that’s hospitality! coffee provided by Karen Brown. Just before noon, the
Women and Juniors gathered for their competitors’
meeting and then headed out to the race course. The Race
Committee also headed out supplied with lunches made
by Deanna Peterson. They got in all three races thanks to
cooperative winds!

The evening brought the Welcome and Commodore’s
Cocktail Party at Alexander’s. What an excellent job Di
Taillon and Laura O’Rourke did on this party! They
covered everything: name tags, bartenders, wonderful
hors d’oeuvres and the setup inside the tent. They also
thoughtfully provided seating for those guests not able to
stand all evening. Some additional touches were provided
by Sue and Dick Volkmann who installed decorative
lights in the tent (and all the other party tents throughout
the week). Anne Van de Ven and others provided lovely
arrangements using flowers from their own yards. David
Sauter provided his personal sound system which worked
Measuring and registration are necessary activities, but flawlessly. The trophy presentations to the Women and
the sailors want to be done quickly. Their goal is to get Juniors went off without a hitch thanks to Suzanne Lisle
their boats rigged as soon as possible so they can get on who had all of the trophies lined up for FSSA President
the water to go practice or race. The registration and Barbara Griffin to present. Bruce Alexander generously

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

donated fireworks which were a nice finishing touch to tractor) led the self-proclaimed “Ramp Rats” – Arv
the evening. Kudos to Di and Laura for throwing the Munson, Bjorn Hooper and others – in quickly
largest and best Commodore’s Cocktail Party ever! launching boats at the public ramp which were then led
through the channel to mooring buoys by Quinn
Brennan and his terrific towing team. The fast and
smooth launching of 74 boats required a lot of
coordination, organization and teamwork. Everyone did a
fantastic job the entire week. This was a major task
during the event and a giant thank you goes to everyone
who contributed to the success of this operation.

There was plenty of wind, which shifted more than once
during the day, including a classic Ephraim shift of almost
180 degrees during the middle of a race, but both
scheduled races were completed. The most excitement
actually occurred on the Race Committee finish boat,
which developed an overheated engine which put them
out of commission. John Peterson made an urgent call to
Quinn Brennan who got Jim Oglesby to rush to the
rescue as a replacement. Way to go Team EYC!
“The yacht club members could not have been more
welcoming.” – Bill Ross

Monday morning was the start of daily breakfasts for the
competitors. Karen Brown, Sue Zingsheim and crew
were ready for them. They even switched things up so
that one morning the choice was cereal (among other
items) and another day it was burrito style egg wraps, hot
off the grill. This was not an easy task given that they
never knew how many people would show up each
morning. On top of that, they also provided lunches every
day with volunteers making fresh sandwiches every
morning. Deanna Peterson enlisted Isak Peterson to pick
up and deliver lunches to the Race Committee out on the
water every day. The ladies really turned the Village Hall
into the best one week café in Ephraim!

The Village Hall was packed for the competitors’ meeting At the end of the day, many hands pitched in again to
which started off with taking care of some logistics. Jay retrieve the boats as quickly as possible. Several boats
Lott did an outstanding job of preparing an informative used the temporary moorings that Quinn Brennan and
and humorous PowerPoint presentation on many helpers set up at both the public launch ramp and at EYC,
necessary "housekeeping" items, including event which helped prevent congestion and let the racers drop
locations, launching tips, staging areas, and the all their sails. As soon as the racers got their boats squared
important Village of Ephraim, Yacht Harbor and EYC away, they headed straight to the notice board to check
parking restrictions. On a parking note, thanks to Tim out the scores. David Sauter worked with the scorer on
Fults and Laird Hart for setting up tape, flags and stakes the Race Committee to make it possible to post results on-
for the no parking zones on several streets as requested by line immediately after racing.
the Village.
The next stop was the hospitality tent, which the Ephraim
After a few comments by the Principal Race Officer, Jim Foundation graciously allowed us to set up in the park
Tichenor from Houston Yacht Club, it was off to the across from EYC. Marsella Fults tackled the task of
races. This required getting all of the boats launched in a getting the beer and also helped serve along with Lola
timely manner which was the second biggest challenge Munson, Dorie Bush, and Jennifer Anderson. Cain
after measuring and registration. Once again, EYC rose Goettelman was instrumental in convincing Sturgeon
to the occasion and the staff at the club quickly got all of Bay's Flanigan Distributing to donate several kegs of
the boats off the dock. Paul Pillat (in his mean green Budweiser and the use of a refrigerated trailer for the
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

week. Anne and John Tuohy supplied the electricity to gear, and more. Jay Lott, as the emcee, did a great job of
keep the refrigeration running twenty-four hours a day promoting and thanking all of the sponsors as their items
and were kind enough to give up their rights to their water were given away. All of the partiers had a great time
view and look out their window at a tent all week. hanging out in a great outdoor setting. A huge thank you
goes to the Kleins for hosting this dinner in addition to the
Jay Lott worked with Cain Goettelman and FLS Banners annual Bratfest so that our visitors could enjoy an EYC
to create all of the sponsor signs and Di Taillon, Scott and tradition!
Duska Pearson, Deb Ritter, several First Mates, plus
many other members did an outstanding job of lining up “Thank you to Bill and Rosie Klein for opening their
sponsors and soliciting donations. The merchandise team home and fabulous set up!” – Dave Thinel
also set up in the tent and worked the crowd selling left
and right plus taking orders for more all week long until Tuesday morning brought strong northwesterly winds and
they were ready to drop. Great job everyone! steep waves, resulting in several capsizes during the
racing which were safely handled by Kevin Harlan plus
others on the rescue boat team, during the third and last
race of the qualifying series. Back at the dock, the
highlight of the day was checking the results board to see
which skippers were in the Championship Division and
which were in the Challenger Division. With a short
racing day, many sailors grabbed an early beer and took
advantage of the free afternoon to do some sightseeing
and check out the local restaurants for dinner. The Fleet
Captains took time to meet and exchange ideas and
FSSA’s Board of Governors held their annual meeting
before taking the rest of the day off.

“I knew (the area) would be nice, but I didn’t expect it to
be that nice. We had a great time checking out one town
after another.” – John Kreidler

The next stop was dinner at the Brat, Burger and Corn
Roast hosted by Bill and Rosie Klein. Bob Klein, John
Klein, Sue Klein, additional members of the Klein
family, friends, Peggy Lott, Andi Connelly and other
First Mates helped put on a “super” version of the annual
Bratfest with an expanded buffet on top of the traditional
brats and corn. They did a terrific job of cooking and
replenishing the serving dishes to ensure the serving line
ran smoothly. The guests stepped right up, loaded up
their plates and found a spot under a tree or a tent to enjoy
the food, the drinks and the camaraderie. To finish off the
dinner, Ruth Sauter arranged for a special dessert, and
entertainment -- a surprise birthday cake and song for the
Commodore. But wait, there was more! The after-dinner
fun continued with numerous door prizes being given
away to all of the skippers at the party. Thanks to all our Wednesday morning the racers were eager to hit the
sponsors and our sponsorship leaders Scott Pearson, Deb water. The wind accommodated everyone by blowing
Ritter, Duska Pearson, Di Taillon, and Jay Lott, plus five to eight knots out of the north. Meanwhile, the two
several more EYC members who organized obtaining fleets put on a great show for the spectators, especially
dozens of sponsor donations of cash and merchandise. when they sailed towards Eagle Harbor and the Peninsula
The door prizes included spinnakers from NAC Gold State Park bluff flying their brightly colored spinnakers.
Sponsor Ryan Malmgren of Mad Sails and NAC Gold
Sponsor Gus Sails, sailing gear and hardware, gift There’s nothing like a great day of racing to work up an
certificates to several excellent local restaurants, Maui appetite. A Pig Roast at Martha Sauter’s was the perfect
Jim sunglasses, a mounted model of a Flying Scot, EYC answer! Once again, the hospitality carpet was rolled out

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

along with the tents and lights. Martha, Leslie Harsch, Others got really creative and put together the following
Jessica Sauter and Karen Bierman arranged for a terrific limerick:
buffet featuring tasty roast pig plus plenty of beer and
wine to go along with it. Over four hundred competitors, On Thursday, there wasn't much breeze,
officials and yacht club members came to dinner and The morning zephyr had been just a tease.
although the line was long at times, no one minded. Kids swimming and singing,
Everyone had a great time socializing and checking out Ping, ping went the rigging.
the silent auction organized by Liz Gheorghita, Duska Just a little more wind, if you please.
Pearson, Jessica Sauter and Debby Heidler. There were
several items to bid on, many of which were donated by Late in the afternoon, a four knot wind finally came up
local merchants and showed off the delights of Door from Sturgeon Bay and slowly filled in across Horseshoe
County. Speaking of delights, at the top of the list was Island. Sails were hoisted and the Championship
the spectacular view of Horseshoe and Chambers Islands, Division got off to a good start! However, in the middle
and a beautiful sunset over the waters of Green Bay which of the Challenger Division’s starting sequence, the wind
topped off a terrific evening. There must have been forty dropped off to two knots and all of the racing was
people lined up with cameras and cell phones to take a abandoned for the day. The safety boats and several other
picture of the sunset when Commodore Sauter announced power boats provided towing service back to the launch
the moment. sites. With so many boats reaching them at the same
time, the temporary mooring buoys set up by Quinn
“Everyone in (Ephraim) was soooo friendly and nice!” – Brennan and gang made it easy for the boats to hang out
Richard Krumdieck and wait their turn without creating chaos and bumper

The final dinner of the week was at Maxwelton Braes and
thanks go to Marilyn Cushing, Margaret Graham and
Gretchen Meilinger for leading the group making all of
the arrangements. It was a beautiful evening and people
gathered poolside for cocktails and later moved upstairs to
the banquet hall for a delicious buffet dinner. After
dinner there was a live auction with Skip Samson doing a
terrific job as the auctioneer. The first item was a
beautiful handcrafted glass bowl donated by Deanna
Clayton of the K. Allen Gallery, an NAC Platinum
Sponsor. The bidding was very lively with “Red Dog”
Jones from Texas coming out on top. The second item
was a wonderful commemorative painting of the NAC
donated by EYC member Bob Bentley, a well-known
Door County artist and NAC Gold Sponsor. Jay Lott was
the winning bidder. More fun followed with the drawing
Thursday morning brought light winds which were just for the raffle prizes. Thank you to Jay Lott for getting the
enough to get all of the boats out to the race course but raffle license and setting up the prizes. Thanks to
weren’t quite enough for championship racing. The wind everyone who sold and bought tickets. The Flying Scot
lessened until it dropped to zero, and many of the sailors print by NAC Sponsor Fred Bridenhagen of the Water
dropped their sails and waited for conditions to improve. Street Gallery was won by Brad Thomas; the $750 cash
prize went to Heidi Gough from Corinthian Sailing Club
The good part was that it was warm and sunny, so many
in Texas; the 50” flat screen television was won by EYC
crews anchored or tied up to other boats and jumped
member Ben Morof of Ellison Bay and the AP mainsail
overboard, including several of the crews from Texas.
from NAC Platinum Sponsor North Sails went to Craig
The Texans were having such a good time swimming that
Maumus of Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans. The
they thought that everyone else should too, so Kelly
last part of the evening was the Flying Scot Sailing
Gough led an assault on Ryan Malmgren’s boat. Ryan
Association’s annual meeting which consisted of voting
quickly realized that there was no way to remain safe and
on issues and giving awards to people who contributed to
threw himself overboard before being dragged under
FSSA and the Scots ‘n’ Water magazine. Charles
against his will. On top of that, one of the skippers, Scott
Buffington was inducted as the new FSSA President.
Mauney, made a run back to shore and returned on a jet-
ski with refreshments.
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

“How did you find such incredible (dinner) venues?!” – success. A round of applause was given to the 29 first-
Gracia Slater time NAC competitors, which may have been an all-time
record. The awards started off with presenting the
Friday morning brought an earlier start to make up for the trophies for individual race winners in both the
lack of racing the previous day. Fortunately, the wind Challenger and Championship Divisions. Next, the
gods cooperated with an unusual brisk southeasterly trophies were presented for the many special categories
breeze so that two races were completed instead of just such as Father and Son, Woman on Board, Family,
the one that was scheduled. Everyone headed back to Husband and Wife, and Masters, to name a few. The
shore for the last time and started dismantling their boats award for the farthest distance traveled, 1,471 miles, went
and wrapping them up for the trip home. As they did to Dave Thinel from Dunedin, Florida. Finally, the
every day of the NAC, the EYC staff (and others) Challenger Division trophies were presented to the 10th
provided cheerful and careful valet crane service before through 1st place finishers. Congratulations go to EYC’s
and after the racing, moved boats and helped drop masts Tim Hill and crew Erick Oesterle who won 7th Place.
for anyone needing a hand. Next, the trophies for 10th through 1st were awarded to the
Championship Division. Congratulations go to EYC’s
Mike Faugust and crew Jennifer Faugust who took 6th
Place, and Ryan Malmgren and crew Carrie Carpenter
who took 5th Place. All the competitors were thanked for
their participation and wished a safe trip home.

Thanks to Don Polzin and many other members who
captured the week in photos. Thanks to David Sauter for
making it possible to share so many photos on the
website. Links to photos are at

A great big thank you goes to Commodore David Sauter
for working with the Steering Committee, the staff and
the many committees involved in this event. What a great
finish to his term at the helm of EYC!

To recap, congratulations to the EYC skippers who won
“I didn’t have to put my mast up, and I didn’t have to
take it down!!” – Mike Noone Junior Championship
3rd Place: Skipper, Woody Heidler; Crew, Forest Gmitro
and Murphy Zingsheim

Women’s Championship
2nd Place: Skipper, Allison Chase; Crew, Liz Gheorghita
and Margaret Gheorghita

NAC – Championship Division
5th Place: Skipper, Ryan Malmgren; Crew, Carrie
6th Place: Skipper, Mike Faugust; Crew, Jennifer Faugust

NAC – Challenger Division
7th Place: Skipper, Tim Hill; Crew, Erick Oesterle

The afternoon ended at the Village Hall with the last, but
most important activity of the NAC -- the trophy
ceremony. The judges and race committee were
acknowledged and thanked for their service along with
numerous volunteers who contributed to the week’s

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Several EYC members participated as skippers or crew, and we are proud of all of them for competing. For many of them,
this was their first NAC, and we applaud them for seizing the opportunity to race against some of the best sailors in the
country. Thank you to the following for their participation:

Junior Championship

Place Sail No Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 Total
3 1322 Woody Heidler Forest Gmitro, Murphy Zingsheim 4.0 2.0 2.0 8.0
4 EYC 83 Isak Peterson Stefan Peterson, Matt Anderson 2.0 4.0 4.0 10.0
6 EYC 91 Peter Moegenburg Connor Brennan, Topher Anderson 6.0 7.0 6.0 19.0
7 EYC 93 Matt Smith Will Gheorghita, Robbie Harlan 7.0 6.0 8.0 21.0
8 4411 Graham Welch John Welch 8.0 8.0 7.0 23.0

Women’s Championship

Place Sail No Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 Total
2 EYC 81 Allison Chase Liz Gheorghita, Margaret Gheorghita 1.0 3.0 2.0 6.0
4 EYC 82 Olivia Demarinis Amanda Steele, Maura Zingsheim 5.0 4.0 4.0 13.0
5 EYC 92 Karen Nordahl Jennifer Faugust 2.0 DNC DNC 14.0

NAC - Championship Division

Place Sail No Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
5 5622 Ryan Malmgren Carrie Carpenter 13.0 5.0 2.0 14.0 34.0
6 5775 Michael Faugust Jennifer Faugust 23.0 12.0 5.0 6.0 46.0
15 3935 Hugh Haggerty Mike Haggerty 21.0 22.0 18.0 9.0 70.0
16 1168 Cain Goettelman John Purinton 11.0 26.0 12.0 23.0 72.0
17 5248 Harry Carpenter Donna Scattergood 24.0 20.0 11.0 17.0 72.0
19 4328 Dierk Polzin David Sebald 7.0 OCS 21.0 8.0 74.0
29 5698 Jay Lott David Sauter 17.0 30.0 27.0 28.0 102.0
32 4766 Christian Pillat Julian Slagter 27.0 21.0 32.0 34.0 114.0
36 1322 Woody Heidler Forest Gmitro, Murphy Zingsheim 31.0 34.0 26.0 33.0 124.0
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

NAC - Challenger Division

Place Sail No Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
7 2983 Tim Hill Erick Oesterle 19.0 3.0 8.0 23.0 53.0
12 3445 Nancy Claypool Liz Gheorghita, Joani Lewis DSQ 8.0 5.0 8.0 59.0
13 5820 Bill Ross Bill Reinke, Carol Claypool 10.0 33.0 10.0 6.0 59.0
18 EYC 93 Alex Zalar Allison Chase, Joe Glinka 13.0 30.0 15.0 13.0 71.0
22 EYC 81 Ben Schallip Jim Shatto 30.0 13.0 25.0 12.0 80.0
27 EYC 83 Matt Smith Will Gheorghita, Robbie Harlan 17.0 23.0 32.0 20.0 92.0
Margaret Gheorghita,
35 EYC 91 Olivia Demarinis 35.0 36.0 31.0 30.0 132.0
Annika & Gretchen Pearson
36 5868 Craig Rawlins Vicki & Andrew Rawlins 34.0 32.0 DNC DNC 142.0
37 4411 Graham Welch John Welch DNC DNC DNC DNC 152.0

You can see all of the race results on-line at, together with hundreds of photos of the event and a complete
sponsor list.

Thank you to every EYC member and friends who helped host this incredible event. You deserve a huge round of applause.
The shirts that the Measuring team wore said, “We measure UP.” EYC did way more than “measure up”. In the words of
the Chair of the Flying Scot National Championship Committee, “You raised the bar.” A small sampling of our visitors
comments are included below, and they really sum up the NAC the best.


“We had a wonderful time at the NAC! Thank you!" – Chris Danilek and family


“The launching and retrieval was absolutely superb. Actually, it was far better than I could have ever imagined. A great big
thank you to the organizers, and also to all of the many volunteers at the fire house ramp.

Speaking of the volunteers, when we arrived each morning, both of the launch vehicles were already running, there were 4-6
volunteers on shore to run the vehicles, and to guide the boat off the trailer. There were also about 4 power boats on the
water ready to tow us out to one of the moorings. At no time did we have to tie up to a marina pier, or fend off of anything.
And the tow out for us was just us, so that there wasn't a possibility of drifting out of the channel.

Upon returning, we tied up to a mooring, and then took our time to furl the sails and stow the gear. The power boats all had
radio contact with the shore, so that there weren't too many boats coming in the channel at once, which would have created a
jam-up in the marina water. When we were let off the tow at the marina, our trailer was being backed down the ramp, so all
that we had to do was paddle a couple of times toward the ramp. And there was always someone on the pier to help guide the
boat in.

Just a fantastic job all around!” – Jack McClurkin

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010


“I do not travel to many regattas but did sail a Flying Scot District Championship out of EYC several years ago. I enjoyed
myself but there was really nothing too special about it.

I would like to offer humble but sincere congratulations and appreciation to everyone at EYC (it must have been a great
many) for hosting such a wonderful Flying Scot NAC.

. . . checking in and getting measured was a breeze . . .

Breakfast was great and the lunches were too.

. . . at the Districts it had been a fair amount of hassle getting into and out of the water at the Firehouse, along with . . . being
towed in and out . . through that channel. I imagined with many more boats there would be just that much more hassle at the
NAC. I should not have worried. Sailing out of the Firehouse was utterly hassle-free. The tow boats, the mooring buoys, the
launch ramp team…it was all fantastic. I mean…wow. Really fantastic.

I enjoyed the parties also. In my mind that’s saying something as I’m not much of a social animal and really don’t think
much past the sailing when I go to a regatta.

The bottom line is, thank you to all those individuals that must have worked very hard on many things so that we (myself
included) could have such a good time at the NAC. I for one certainly admire what you accomplished.” - Tom Walsh


“This was the best run and organized regatta I have ever attended and nothing else has come close!” – Dave Thinel, FSSA
Florida District Governor

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Thank You NAC Volunteers!

Steering Committee Registration Dock and Clubhouse Launch Ramp

Carol Claypool Nancy Claypool Rich Bierman Guy Bush
Nancy Claypool Virginia Claypool Jillian Brown Bjorn Hooper
Jay Lott Marilyn Cushing Allison Chase Christian Pillat
Ryan Malmgren Mike Faugust Carter Crowe Paul Pillat
Mary Gantz Olivia Demarinis Arv Munson
Peggy Lott Woody Heidler Kirk Scattergood
Measuring Duska Pearson George Kraemer Jim Metz
Katie Rebmann Jay Lott
Kirk Brown Jessica Sauter Peter Moegenburg
Guy Louis Bush Ruth Sauter Isak Peterson Race Committee
Carrie Carpenter Gail Sleeting Christian Pillat
Anne Crowe
 Betsy Steele
 David Sauter John Archibald
Bill Dean Ben Schallip Bob Aring
Mary Jo Dean Julian Slagter Lal Burridge
Jim Faugust Hospitality Matt Smith Dean Cady
Darlene Faugust Alex Zalar Lois Cady
Michael Faugust Jennifer Anderson Murphy Zingsheim Bill Calkins
Edward Gheorghita Lal Burridge Maura Zingsheim
 Jim Faugust
Liz Gheorghita Pat Burridge Harry Foote
Margaret Gheorghita Dorie Bush Martin Ford
Prudy Hall Dick Christensen Towing & Safety Bruce Gantz
Rich Hall Marsella Fults Dan Goldberg
Debby Heidler Tim Fults Trevor Baer Bruce Huckaba
Frank Heidler Cain Goettelman Chris Bierman Larry Miller
Skip Heidler Laird Hart Megan Bierman Jim Oglesby
Bjorn Hooper Debby Heidler Connor Brennan Deanna Peterson
Jennifer Ikeda Bill Hoag Jack Brennan John Peterson
Julia Keepper Jodi Hoyerman Quinn Brennan Isak Peterson
Les Keepper Andy Huey Jerry Chomeau JP Pillat
Carol Kraemer Carole Kraemer Austin Crowe Bob Sargent
George Kraemer George Kraemer AJ Demarinis Cindy Sargent
Ryan Malmgren Mike Lisle Adele Gruner Joe Schoendorf
Kelly Mazeski Jay Lott Katherine Gruner Gracia Slater
Pete Moegenburg Lola Munson Kris Gruner John Slater
Tom Mulligan Don Nelson Kevin Harlan Don Smith
Max Robinette Don Polzin Eric Hoyerman Claude Summers
Jack O'Rourke Max Robinette Rick Hoyerman Jim Tichenor
Ali Scattergood Bob Sargent Paul Jones
Donna Scattergood Cindy Sargent Bill Nelson
Kirk Scattergood Martha Sauter Jeff Steele Trophies
Lindsay Scattergood Anne Tuohy Jim Oglesby
Betsy Steele John Tuohy Stefan Peterson George Carey
Tom Sublewski Jim Webb John Protz Nancy Claypool
Liz Lucas Sublewski Clare Webb Kurt Zingsheim Suzanne Lisle
Nan Zimdars Matt Zingsheim
 Arv Munson
Jay Lott Lola Munson

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Food Volunteers Brat, Burger & Live Auction,
Corn Roast Silent Auction,
 Raffle &
Bruce Alexander Sponsors
Prilla Beadell Bill Claypool
Sue Buck Nancy Claypool Karen Bierman
Ellie Pearson Andi Connelly Quinn Brennan
JoAnne Rankin Lavonne Gilson Karen Brown
Stafford Taillon Ed Hillner Kirk Brown
Anne Van de Ven Amanda Klein Linda Carey
Dick Van de Ven Bailey Klein Bob Davis
Dick Volkmann Bill Klein Marsella Fults
Sue Volkmann Bob Klein Mary Gantz
Heather Waldorf Jennifer Klein Susie Gebhardt
Russ Zabler John Klein Liz Gheorghita
Rosie Klein Cain Goettelman
Sue Klein Ann Harlan
Breakfast & Lunches Joani Lewis Debby Heidler
Peggy Lott Allison Huey
Prilla Beadell Hugh Meilinger George Kraemer
Karen Brown Sam Miller Sara Latreille
Karen Bierman Joani Lewis
Linda Carey Jay Lott
Anne Crowe Pig Roast Peggy Lott
Marsella Fults Ryan Malmgren
Susie Gebhardt Karen Bierman Kelly Mazeski
Lisa Gifford Rich Bierman Duska Pearson
Erika Gruner Steve Chomeau Scott Pearson
Debby Heidler Bruce Gantz Nancy Pillat
Jodi Hoyerman Leslie Harsch Deb Ritter
Ann Lindquist Bill Hoag Laura O’Rourke
Peggy Lott Cathy Hoag David Sauter
Duska Pearson Michael Novotny Jessica Sauter
Nancy Pillat David Sauter Ruth Sauter
Mary Mitchell Jessica Sauter Donna Scattergood
Stephanie Richter Martha Sauter Kirk Scattergood
Deb Ritter Steve Sauter Michael Smith
Gail Sleeting Dave West Susan Reynolds-Smith
Betsy Steele Di Taillon
Barba Wahl
Nan Zimdars FSSA Banquet
Sue Zingsheim

Marilyn Cushing
Margaret Graham
Welcome & Gretchen Meilinger
Commodore’s Cocktail Hugh Meilinger


Bruce Alexander
Laura O’Rourke
Di Taillon
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Summer Racing Results Flying Junior – Thursday Series
Summary Results of 14 Races
Flying Scot – Monday Series Place Skipper Total
Summary Results of 18 Races 1 Peterson, Stefan 76
2 Moegenberg, Peter 170
Place Sail Boat Skipper Total 3 Peterson, Isak 174
4 Bierman, Megan 184
1 Pillat C. Pillat 25 5 Gregg, William 188
2 1322 Skizot W. Heidler 30 6 Gheorghita, Will 194
3 Schallip B. Schallip 82 7 Dykman, Ally 213
4 768 M. Winnacker 90 8 Pearson, Gretchen 223
5 Zalar A. Zalar 94 9 Schallip, Benton 223
6 Peterson I. Peterson 135 10 Heidler, Woody 225
7 Smith M. Smith 142 11 Peterson, Scott 227
8 Faugust J. Faugust 165 12 Huey, Katie 228
9 1168 C. Goettleman 171 13 Demarinis, AJ 229
10 2920 Undaunted J. Thomas 186 14 Conely, Buddy 233
11 Faugust M. Faugust 206 15 Bierman, Chris 233
12 Moegenberg P. Moegenberg 206 16 Dykman, Morgan 235
13 4766 Charlie B. B. Gantz 213 17 Pearson, Annika 239
14 O’Rourke J. R. O’Rourke 213 18 Harlan, Robbie 240
15 4150 Mac Scot D. Scattergood 217 19 Heidler, Erica 248
16 Peterson S. Peterson 224 20 Anderson, Topher 252
17 Latreille S. Latreille 230 21 O’Rourke, J.R. 258

Flying Scot – Saturday Series Opti – Tuesday Series
Summary Results of 22 Races Summary Results of 6 Races

Place Sail Boat Skipper Total Place Skipper Total

1 5698 Reindeer J. Lott 74 1 Pearson, Annika 18
2 Schallip B.Schallip 110 2 Gheorghita, Will 22
3 2920 Undaunted J. Thomas 113 3 Ogelsby, Abigale 23
4 Pillat C. Pillat 131 4 Richter, Sydney 30
5 1322 Skizot W. Hiedler 135 5 Richter, Steven 30
6 1168 C. Goettleman 154 6 Pearson, Gretchen 45
7 4150 K. Scattergood 173 7 Hoerman, Eric 46
8 Smith M. Smith 187 8 Papenthien, Teddy 50
9 5868 C. Rawlins 187 9 Gregg, Will 52
10 5775 M. Faugust 204 10 O’Rourke, Abby 57
11 Faugust J. Faugust 220 11 Bierman, Chris 65
12 Zalar A. Zalar 221 12 Mogenburg, Sam 67
13 4747 D. Engelke 231 13 Conley, Buddy 70
14 Moegenberg P. Moegenberg 269 14 Anderson, Topher 71
15 Latreille S. Latreille 271 15 Richter, Eric 80
16 4175 K. Brown 279
17 Demarinis O. Demarinis 285 Opti Regatta (1 Race)
18 Peterson I. Peterson 293

Place Skipper Total
Flying Junior – Sunday Series
1 Pearson, Annika 1
Summary Results of 8 Races 2 Gheorghita, Will 2
3 Richter, Stephen 3
Place Skipper Total 4 Richter, Eric 4
5 Latreille, Olivia 5
1 Heidler, Woody 16 6 Bierman, Chris 6
2 Schallip, Ben 18 7 Dykman, Morgan 7
3 Moegenberg, Peter 36 8 Pearson, Gretchen 8
4 Gregg, Will 43 9 Dykman, Delaney 9
5 Papenthien, Teddy 46 10 O’Rourke, Abbi 10
6 Gheorghita, Will 49 11 Moegenberg, Sam 11
7 Dykman, Ally 50 12 Richter, Sydney 12
13 Hoerman, Eric 13
14 Dykman, Ali 14

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Thanks to all who helped organize and run the Ephraim
Fyr Bal Regatta Regatta. There will always be an Ephraim Regatta!
Summary Results of 4 Races
Ephraim Regatta – 2009
Place Sail Skipper Total
1 5698 Lott, Jay 8 Pos Sail Boat Skipper 1
2 5775 Faugust, Mike 10
3 1168 Goettelman, Cain 13
4 Pillat Pillat, Christian 19 1 5150 Ketchup Klick, Larry 1 1.00
5 Schallip Schallip, Ben 19
6 Smith Smith, Matt 22
2 5698 Reindeer Lott, John 2 2.00
7 4150 Scattergood, Kirk 28
8 2920 Roger 37
9 5868 Rawlins, Craig 38 3 5775 High 5 Faugust, Michael 3 3.00
10 Demarinis Demarinis, Olivia 38
11 Moegenberg Moegenberg, Peter 48
4 4328 Polzin, Dierk 4 4.00

5 4175 Blew By U Brown, Jason 5 5.00
Ladies Regatta
LIZ GHEORGHITA 6 2922 Undaunted Thomas, Jonathan 6 6.00

The 2009 Ephraim Ladies' Regatta took place on July 22 7 527 T-Bone Pillat, Christian 7 7.00
this summer. We had six boats participating with a good
representation across the generations. Although winds
8 5897 Sophie Williams , Ben 8 8.00
were shifty and fickle, four races were completed. The
Race Committee did a great job with challenging
9 1322 Skizot Heidler, Woody 9 9.00
conditions. Sarah Lisle took home a beautiful wine
decanter as First Place trophy, and everyone enjoyed the
10 eyc 91 Crail Chase, lAlison 10 10.00
traditional refreshments and social time following the
races. Many thanks to all who contributed to a successful
11 5868 Rawlins, Craig 11 11.00
regatta, both on and off the water.
12 1988 Fernow Faugust, Jim 12 12.00

Ladies Regatta
13 4766 Charlie B Gantz, Bruce 13 13.00
Summary Results of 4 Races

14 3445 Claypool, Nancy 14 14.00
Place Sail Skipper Total
1 Lisle Lisle, Sarah 4 15 EYC 83 Scot Free Smith, Matt 15 15.00
2 Gheorghita Gheorghita, Liz 6
3 Latreille Latreille, Sara 8
4 Demarinis Demarinis, Olivia 16 16 EYC 93 Laura II Moegenburg, Peter 16 16.00
5 Scattergood Scattergood, Donna 16
6 Brown Brown, Jillian 17 17 4810 Goetsch, Griff 17 17.00

18 2787 Make Time Bayer, Tom 18 18.00
Ephraim Regatta Results - 2009
JAY LOTT 19 EYC 92 White Whale Latrielle, Sara 19 19.00

The 104th Ephraim Regatta, already shortened to one day, 20T EYC 81 Merry Scot Demarinis, Olivia 22/DNF 22.00T
was further shortened by thunderstorms to a single race.
Larry Klick and Kurt Holmquist of Medicine Lake Yacht 20T 1168 TAG Goettelman, Cain 22/DNC 22.00T
Club were first, followed by Jay Lott and David Sauter in
second, Mike Faugust and Jennifer Faugust in third, Dierk
Polzin and Don Polzin in fourth and Jason Brown and
Kirk Brown in fifth. The Regatta Welcome Party and the
Bratfest both drew excellent crowds despite threatening
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

EYC Sailors Dominate Flying Scot In addition to our sailing camp, level 1 - 4 courses and
advanced racing tactics (‘ART”), we now have a cruising
Midwestern Championship for fun program to complement ART.
Regatta! JAY LOTT

EYC sailors dominated the 2009 Flying Scot Midwestern
Championship regatta, held July 11-12 at the Delavan
Lake Yacht Club.

In a variety of conditions, sailors from the EYC's Flying
Scot Fleet 44 finished first, second, fifth and seventh in a
fleet of 28, and took home the so-called "Fleet 135
Trophy," awarded each year to the Flying Scot fleet with
the three highest finishes in the regatta.

Mike and Jennifer Faugust took first place with seven
points including two firsts. Ryan Malmgren and Carrie
Carpenter were second with twelve points, Cain
Goettelman and John Purinton were fifth with 27 points
(including a first), and Jay Lott and David Sauter were The first activity related to our cruising program was a
seventh with 30 points. The Faugusts also won the "teaser" for how much fun cruising can be. The Peterson
Wisconsin Cup, awarded for the best score after three family shared their adventures of cruising Lake Superior.
races. It was Faugusts’ ninth win of the Midwestern Thank you, Petersons! The enthusiastic turnout for the
District Championship and eighth win of the Wisconsin evening and the many questions about their trip suggest
Cup. ample interest in the many facets of cruising. So,
consider taking the cruising course for day sailing next
Lott and Sauter, although disappointed they were not able year! "It's not just for kids anymore!" Again, many
to be one of the top three EYC boats, took consolation in thanks to our EYC Instructor team and to all of the
winning six bottles of wine as a reward for leading the members who support our program in so many ways.
fleet around the first mark of the fourth race. They also
had an opportunity to practice restarting, 720's and sailing
in bad air.

The weather was sunny, with NW to W winds ranging
from light to strong and gusty. The EYC sailors showed
versatility in different wind velocities, reading and
responding to wind shifts in the small lake and keeping
their boats moving in ever-present motorboat chop.

Education Wrap Up

Once again, the EYC Leadership and Instructor Team
pulled off a stellar year with our sailing education
program. Notwithstanding a slow start, due to an earlier
start date and a one week hiatus during the NAC, we had
over 178 enrollments for our two week youth sessions.
We are also noticing increased activity in our adult
program. Our team was well qualified this year with
nearly everyone having completed US Sailing Level I or
II Sailing Instructor Certification. Our program offerings
are growing as interest in sailing grows at EYC.

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Clubhouse in Review for 2009 The list above only scratches the surface of many great
things that were accomplished with the help of everyone.
RICH BIERMAN We have many great projects for the summer of 2010
planned, so stay tuned as we continue to provide a safe,
fun environment for all to enjoy.

I would challenge each of you in 2010 to do the

• Utilize the club and all the wonderful resources it
• Tell your friends and encourage them to join
this great Ephraim institution
• Volunteer. Make new friends while rekindling
past relationships
• Fully appreciate the benefits of membership!

If you are handy and want to have some fun with projects
for 2010, let me know as I am always ready and willing to
have help. I would like to thank all the members who
participated this year, and I look forward to working with
Well, it has been quite a year for accomplishing projects! all of you next year.
The membership has appreciated and rejoiced in the
recent renovations that Quinn Brennan chaired, and I was
fortunate enough to add to that. What makes it all
worthwhile is watching the kids enjoy the friendships they Our New Bleachers
are making and skill sets they are gaining. NANCY CLAYPOOL

The year in review of what we accomplished:

1. Built benches for sail storage and seating on
the upper porch.
2. Cushions were made using Sunbrella fabric
to provide a fade resistance surface and be
water proof should they ever get wet.
Sunbrella is the same fabric used for boat
canvas and should provide 10-15 years of
3. Installed and finished gable end caps on the
porch with tongue and groove siding while
repainting the whole porch.
4. Re-carpeted the porch with squares to make
it serviceable and provide long-term
5. Installed the wonderful web cam. If you
have not seen it yet, test it out. We are As many of you know, the club's former bleachers were a
hoping to keep it alive all winter so the casualty of the dock extension project. They did not
lucky few can rejoice from their warm survive the contractor's demolition and debris removal.
locations. At the 2007 Annual Meeting, the membership voted to
6. Cleaned out the shower, replaced the valves, replace the bleachers. The committee of George Carey,
light and fan to make it fully functional. Suzanne Lisle and Arv Munson worked with me well
There is the added benefit of a curtain and over a year to investigate a replacement. Based on a
interior hooks. variety of criteria, the board approved the committee's
7. Got the old cupola light working at full recommendation to purchase new white "tip and roll"
lumens. bleachers that would fit with the new dock plan and
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

compliment the club. However, based on other financial faces trying to see a sense of nervousness or anxiety that I
priorities, the club was only able to fund half of the obviously was feeling for them. Nope…none there. I
project. The board decided to ask the members to fund
the remainder. only saw smiles and looks of concentration and
determination. Boy, I thought to myself, that looks like
After a call for contributions earlier this summer, we are fun. I wish I were a kid again. Wait, what about me?
grateful to report that Bjorn Hooper made a generous Can I go, too? Nope, kids only. Darn. Hey, didn’t I see
donation to fund the bleacher project so that we could get something about Adult Group Sailing? Yes!
the bleachers fabricated and on the dock by the 4th of July.
At Bjorn's request, the bleachers are being dedicated in I waited all summer (not really having the courage) and
memory of Van Hooper, Bjorn's father. Bjorn said, "Both finally signed up for the very last Adult Group lesson. As
my Mom and Dad were instrumental in getting me I am not the kind of person to be unprepared, I read the
interested in sailing at the EYC at age 12 and then sailing kids’ Start Sailing Right book. It felt better to know
the Midwest Districts and my first NAC at age 14. They something about what I had just gotten myself into. Still,
spent countless hours on the bleachers cheering me on I worried about when should I tack and when should I
during races (which were much closer to the dock back jib…or is that jibe? Will I ever get out of irons? And,
then). This provided encouragement for a young sailor to seriously, how am I going to bring that boat back to the
keep trying and striving to win. I believe my racing at dock? What have I gotten myself into?!!!
EYC was a factor in my later success in life. Every time I
see the bleachers I still think of those young sailing days." Ben was my instructor and brought calmness, confidence
and a bit of comedy. I had one other person in my group.
The end of our dock has always been a great gathering We started at the beginning and learned hands-on about
spot for members, sailors, and spectators over the years. all of the things that I just read about. We spent five
We hope you will use the bleachers and continue to cheer weekday afternoons in lessons going back and forth in the
on all our EYC sailors and water enthusiasts for years to harbor. Some days were not windy and others were
come. downright blustery. I learned about tacking and jibing,
how to fold the sails and when to adjust the centerboard.
We even learned how to fly the spinnaker! Who knew
that I would be sailing a boat using my legs to steady the
tiller? I was scared to death and excited at the same time.
And, at the end of the series of lessons, I did it! I got my
Skippers Certificate. And…believe it or not…I raced in a
Family Regatta the next day with my kids as my crew.
What a blast!

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I got off the shore and
started on the journey. So, now, “they” don’t get to have
all the fun anymore!

Why Let Them Have All the Fun?

Last summer, I joined the Ephraim Yacht Club and
enrolled my three kids in the club’s sailing lessons. I
watched them get on a sailboat for the first time within a
half hour of the start of their lessons. A few days later, I
saw them sail in an Opti with only one other student.
Then, after another couple of days, I saw them sail an
Opti by themselves. Amazingly, on their seventh day of
lessons, I saw them race. Yes, race! I looked at their

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

EYC Store News EYC Bridge 2009

The bridge opportunities at EYC were again well received
and well attended this season. Both open play and lesson
formats were offered. We still get new members for
whom this activity is the primary reason for joining and
supporting the club. We are happy to welcome our new
members and are pleased to see bridge players often go on
to explore other club activities.

The newly refurbished porch room was a big hit with the
players. The new carpet, bench seating and matching
tablecloths received instant admiration! The water view
and fresh air setting on the porch remains hugely popular
with the players.

Open play was offered on Monday afternoons beginning
at 1:00 p.m. Attendance has been consistently good with
Merchandise sales were up over 35% from last year even as many as 24 people regularly playing. This group
in this economy due to the wonderful Flying Scot played through September.
National Championship. Many thanks go to Mary Gantz,
Linda Franczyk, Alison Tatlow, and FLS Banners without The couples’ bridge offered on Tuesdays at 4:00 P.M.
whom this would never have been possible. My was again well received. Afterwards, the group had the
congratulations to all involved in a successful week. option to gather at a nearby restaurant for dinner. Please
note that couples need not be married! Playing on either
Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon does not require
advance registration or sign-up. All club members are
always welcome.

Norma Hammerberg returned to teach an eight-week
lesson series this year on Thursdays, with a full
enrollment of 32 students. She has done wonders for
improving the games of our members!

Information about next season’s plans will be announced
in the membership/dues packet and will also be
announced via email distribution.

Boat Slips

There may be room for a few more dry slips on the dock
next summer. Please let me know if you wish to be added
to the waiting list!
Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

thank them heartily for another memorable evening. We
First Mates Report had a wonderful performance from The Boys of the Club
and another wonderful game of pass that EYC mug. It
was an evening of enjoying delicious food, fun games,
awesome prizes and great conversation. Nice job ladies!

The Regatta Lunch was chaired by Karen Brown again.
She had an easier task this year because we only had one
day of races. She had wonderful ladies step up to help her
with the sales and handing out of food, the continental
breakfast and lunch. Thank you, Karen and all the

Brat Fest Prep was Friday morning before Brat Fest and
was very well attended this year! Thank you, Suzanne
Lisle for calling and checking with all the volunteers who
signed up to help. As we all know, many hands mean
light work. Thank You to all the women for helping get
the prep work done. I know the Kleins and Claypools
The first mates of the Ephraim Yacht Club are by far the appreciate it.
best in the world. With the NAC on the horizon, they not
only stepped up to make sure all of our standard events July 29th this year was the EYC Ladies Regatta. This
were handled well but hit the ball out of the park with was the eighth year for this event, chaired by Kelly
their volunteerism for our big event. Following is the Mazeski & Liz Gheorghita. Thank you Kelly and Liz
annual report of our activities. for all your care in seeing that the Regatta this year was
well attended. We had six boats this year with shifty
We began the season on June 27th with our Opening wind conditions and a nice social following the races. It
Social. This was organized fabulously by our new chair, is loads of fun to watch the joy that the lady sailors derive
Allison Huey. She had absolutely everything in place from this event. I recommend that you all consider
including great weather. Thank you Allison and all the spending some time on the new bleachers and watch next
members who helped with greeting, nametags and summer.
“pouring”. Thanks to all who brought wonderful hors
d’oeuvres to enjoy. Usually, the final party of the season is the Commodore’s
Cocktail Party. However, this year, chairwomen Di
Thank you to Laura O’Rourke for organizing Junior Taillon and Laura O’Rourke had the task of combining
Activities again this year, Duska Pearson for doing a nice the Commodore’s Cocktail Party with the first party of
job with the Explorers, and Liz Gheorghita for taking on the NAC. Sue Volkmann was also an instrumental part of
the Teen Activities. Each of these groups had wonderful this event which went off without a hitch. It was held at
events planned, were really well attended and helped our Alexander’s and was an awesome event, attended by
kids develop lifelong friends through the EYC. approximately 400 people. Parking, food, drinks, and
fireworks. These women thought of it all. Thank you
July 4th was ice cream day. Our Ice Cream Social Di, Laura and Sue for a great job of organization. Thank
proved to be a fun event thanks to Steve Chomeau & you to all the volunteers who greeted our members and
Stephen Sauter’s families chairing the event. Thanks to out-of- town guests.
all who brought toppings for sundaes and special thanks
to, for donating the ice cream! I want to personally thank all of the First Mates who
stepped up and volunteered to help make the NAC an
July 9th saw our celebration of Founders Day. Joani amazing experience. There was never a shortage of hands
Lewis chaired this event once again. With a count of 75 going up when requests were handed out. That helped
people planning on attending, Joani ordered the cake. make my job so manageable. I have enjoyed being your
Everyone who attended brought their own meat to grill First Mate and wish Nancy Pillat, your new First Mate, all
and a dish to share. Thanks, Joani, for your faithfulness the best for the 2010 season.
to the club.

The First Mates’ Potluck Dinner on July 15th was once
again chaired by Di Tallion and Laura O’Rourke. We

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Flying Scot North American Championship 2009 Sponsors
The following businesses and individuals provided financial and in-kind support for this year’s FSNAC. Where possible,
please let these donors know that we appreciate their support and try to direct any personal business you have towards them.

Platinum Sponsors

North Sails (Annapolis, MD) Yacht Works, Inc. (Sister Bay)
410-280-3617 920-854-9090

K. Allen Gallery (Sister Bay) Sponsors
AC Tap (Bailey’s Harbor) 920-839-2426
Gold Sponsors
Azure Menswear (Sister Bay) 920-854-4206
R.D. Bentley (Ellison Bay)
920-854-6866 B&T TV (Sturgeon Bay) 920-743-6819

Envano, Interactive Marketing (Green Bay) Bay Shore Outdoor Store (Sister Bay) 920-403-1137 920-854-7508

Flanigan Distributing (Sturgeon Bay), (920) 743-2036 Bridenhagen Tree and Landscape (Sister Bay)
Fred and Fuzzy’s Waterfront Bar and Grill (Sister Bay) 920-854-4013 George Burr Gallery (Ephraim) 920-854-7877
Gus Sails (Rockwall, TX)
972-998-5313 Chef’s Hat Café (Ephraim) 920-854-2034

Flying Scot, Inc. (Deer Park, MD) C.L. Peterson Studio (Ephraim)
800-864-7208 920-854-4033

FX Options (Naples, FL) The Cook Book (Sister Bay) 920-854-2269
Collin J. Dahl, Attorney At Law (Sister Bay)
Hocker’s Excavating (Sister Bay) 920-854-2116 920-854-7100

Ice Cream (Ephraim) Door County Ice Cream Factory (Sister Bay) 920-421-0755 920-854-9693

Integrated Energy Group (Naples, FL) Ecology Sports (Sister Bay) 239-784-7762 800-274-6731

Mad Sails (Madison) 608-225-4287 Edgewater Hotel/Old Post Office Restaurant (Ephraim) 920-854-4030
Rite-Way Custom Homes, LLC (Glen Ellyn, IL) 630-790-8144 Edgewood Orchard Galleries (Fish Creek) 920-868-3579
Schenck Business Solutions (Appleton & Green Bay) 920-996-1102 Ephraim Clayworks (Ephraim) 920-854-4110
Sudler Sotheby’s International Realty (Chicago, IL) 312-751-1717 Fine Line Designs Gallery (Ephraim) 920-854-4343
Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor (Ephraim) 920-854-2041

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

Flying Scot North American Championship 2009 Sponsors

More Sponsors… Pinkert Law Firm (Sturgeon Bay) 920-743-6505
Good Eggs/The Grilled Cheese Project (Ephraim)
(920) 854-6621 Pirates Cove Adventure Golf (Sister Bay) 920-854-4929
The Inn at Kristofers (Sister Bay) 920-854-9419 Red Putter Mini-Golf (Ephraim) 920-854-5114

Joe-Jo’s Pizza and Gelato (Sister Bay) Rusty Rabbit Shop (Ephraim) 920-854-2702 920-854-5455

Julie’s Park Café (Fish Creek) Drs. Kirk and Donna Scattergood (Oneida and Green
920-868-2999 Bay, WI) 920-639-3906 - 920-327-7000
Kerber, Rose and Associates, S.C. (Sister Bay) 920-854-2379 Sister Bay Bowl (Sister Bay) 920-854-2481
Hassle Free Marine (Ephraim) 920-421-1686 Shoreline Resort and Restaurant (Gills Rock) 920-854-2950
High Point Inn (Ephraim)
800-595-6894 Sister Bay Trading Company (Sister Bay) 920-854-2554
Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery and Market (Fish
Creek) 920-868-3479 The Summertime Restaurant (Fish Creek) (920) 868-3738
Luna Café (Fish Creek)
920-868-1133 Michael J. “Smitty” and Susan Reynolds Smith, EYC
The Main Course (Fish Creek)
920-868-2424 Sovereign Collection (Sister Bay) 920-854-4988

Nathan Nichols (Baileys Harbor and Ephraim) T. Ashwell’s (Ellison Bay) 920-839-97792 920-854-4306

Nor Dor Sport and Cyclery (Fish Creek) Top Shelf Café and Gourmet (Sister Bay) 920-868-2275 920-854-5040

O’Mearas Irish House (Fish Creek) Trio Restaurant (Egg Harbor) 920-868-2090 920-868-3528
True North Real Estate, LLC (Fish Creek)
The Orchards at Egg Harbor (Egg Harbor) 920-868-2828 920-868-2483
Village Green Lodge (Ephraim)
Peninsula Players (Fish Creek) 920-854-2515 920-868-3287
Water Street Gallery (Ephraim)
Peninsula State Park Golf Course (Ephraim) 800-873-2396 920-854-5791
West Marine (Sturgeon Bay)
Pinegrove Resort (Ephraim) 920-746-4520 920-854-2321
The White Gull Inn (Fish Creek)

Eagle’s Cry – Winter 2010

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