Health Stream Recommendations The Conference heard a comprehensive presentation from the Minister for Health, Dr Nelson Martins

, who used Millennium Development Goals No. 4, ‘Reduce Child Mortality’, No. 5 ‘Reduce Maternal Mortality’, and No. 6 ‘Reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, STI’s, Tuberculosis and Malaria’ to discuss TimorLente’s progress in health over the last ten years. Some progress has been made since Timor-Leste achieved independence, but on many of these goals there is a long way to go. The Millennium Development Goals provide some useful markers which can be used to measure success in various areas, but they will only be achieved with the co-operation of the whole community. While good policy is important, good health for Timorese is not just the responsibility of the Health Ministry. It will only be achieved with the participation of all citizens, educational institutions, civil society, the agricultural system, the trading system and many other parts of society. Other important factors are:• • • • role of the family and community in decision to seek health care persistence of various cultural beliefs, attitudes and practices how community members assess quality of health care influence of ´hearsay´ or other people´s experiences negative and positive

Recommendations to the Government The media, in particular Radio and Television, could be used more effectively to promote healthy lifestyles, in particular in fields such as nutrition, hand washing, breastfeeding, dental health, alcohol and drug dependence (including tobacco control) traffic safety and occupational health and safety. Planning, funding and promotion is needed to encourage householders, both urban and rural, to develop food gardens close to the house which will contribute to improving family nutrition. Recommendations on reduction of alcohol abuse • Clinics and PNTL to keep statistics on numbers of cases attended to that are alcohol related. • Laws need to be drafted that regulate alcohol selling and alcohol levels in locally produced alcohol (tua sabu and tua mutin) • Civic education campaigns in the community about alcohol consumption and dangers • Campaigns against drink driving on Television, introduction of breathalyzers • Laws regulating children selling or consuming alcohol

Re-evaluate how Health Promotion is conducted in Timor-Leste, improve adult education knowledge of Family Health Promoters. Promote more widely the objectives and methods of SISCa, the integrated community health service delivery program. Implement the World Health Organization’s Code of Conduct on the marketing of breast milk substitutes. Implement the World Health Organizations’ Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Promote through the education system, better knowledge of sexual and reproductive health to prevent HIV Aid, and other diseases Stress the importance of trained birth attendants being at as many deliveries as possible.

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