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TU alum
File photo by Patrick Smith/The Towerlight
David J. Phillip/ The Associated Press (Below)

Jermon Bushrod

lifted from BAYOU to

has stressed
hard work and
ever since

setting his
sights in
college on
the NFL.

PETE LORENZ tainly put a smile on people’s faces. give me their goals,” Donatelli said.
Sports Editor Everybody’s happy around here. “He put down that his goal was to
Everybody’s excited.” play in the NFL. So we sat down and
When Garrett Hartley’s 40-yard The 315-pound, 6-foot 5-inch talked about it, we mapped out a plan
field goal split the uprights in the Bushrod was the second-string left and we followed that plan for the next
Superdome in New Orleans last Sunday, tackle going into the season. But after few years.”
Jan. 24, Super Bowl-bound offensive starter Jammal Brown suffered injuries Donatelli, who coached Bushrod
tackle Jermon Bushrod wasn’t quite early on, Bushrod was thrust into the through all five of his years at Towson,
sure where to go or what to do, so he starting role. Brown was placed on the said that Bushrod’s success comes
sprinted toward the end zone. injured reserve in Week 3, and Bushrod from a balance of preparation and
“I looked to my left and looked was charged with protecting four-time talent.
to my right and no one was there, Pro Bowl quarterback Drew Brees dur- “It’s not just one thing about him
so I looked back and everyone was ing a season in which the Saints would that makes him special,” Donatelli
gathered around the fleur-de-lis on start 13-0 but drop the final three said. “Obviously he is extremely ath-
the 50-yard line,” Bushrod said. “I games before beating the Arizona letic, extremely flexible, extremely
sprinted back and just enjoyed the Cardinals in the NFC Divisional Round twitchy – what we call twitchy – which
moment with my teammates.” and then Minnesota in the conference is very explosive and has the ability
Bushrod, who graduated from championship game. to cover space in a very short time.
Towson in 2007 and was drafted that First, though, Bushrod had to He definitely has a lot of God-given
April by the New Orleans Saints in the go from an Football Championship ability.”
fourth round of the NFL Draft, quick- Subdivision college in a Baltimore sub- Donatelli said the two of them still
ly got used to celebrating. In a city urb with almost no history of pro foot- talk about his game plan for his next
known for its laid-back atmosphere ball success to the National Football opponent in the NFL.
and party-oriented culture, Bushrod League. “We talk about his opponent,”
said the people have been even more Towson offensive line coach John Donatelli said. “We talk about his
jubilant after seeing the franchise earn Donatelli said that Bushrod knew early preparation, and what Jermon feels
its first ever Super Bowl berth. in his Towson career that he wanted to he needs to do to attack and defend
“After the game, it was great around make it to the pros. against their moves. So Jermon is
the city,” Bushrod said. “People were “Sometime just before his redshirt definitely extremely cerebral about his
out, people were happy, and it cer- sophomore year, I asked them all to See BOWL, page 23
The Towerlight February 1, 2010
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February 1, 2010

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Please Recycle! 3
Polar bears beware
For anyone thinking of taking wait and cold fun. Once I made it home at roughly 6:30
part in the Polar Bear Plunge next p.m., I tried to watch a movie but fell right asleep, go fig-
year, may I give you a few words of ure walking all day in the cold and having snow plowing
advice following my first experience you in the face for six hours would exhaust a person.
… dress for the North Pole, have Overall, it was an interesting experience, so next year
Ibuprofen handy and don’t assume when the time comes again, remember to dress for the
anything! worst and find some battery operated heating plates to
Tailgating from 10 a.m. to noon keep your tailgating food warm, make the 1 p.m. plunge
Ashley Rabe at the Navy Marine Corps Stadium if it kills you (just to be safe) and laugh at the 40 year old
Senior Editor was fun however little did I know man running to the busses in swim trunks, no shirt and a
there were no heated tents there towel. (Serious and terrifying!)
,only at the main event. It was
beyond cold and the warm food we brought got cold fast
and was soon hidden under a blanket of snow. The bus

Ladies and gentlemen, ride to Sandy Point State Park was warm though, which
was a lovely surprise.
Due to the weather and traffic, we missed the 1 p.m.
start your questions plunge by ten minutes. So my group and I waited all after-
noon for the 3 p.m. plunge, ready and waiting we began
taking pictures before everyone was going to plunge, when
College is probably one of the most confus- they announced roughly ten minutes prior that the plunge
Ben Exler and Lauren Slavin
Art Director and Arts Editor
ing times of your life. Often your problems was cancelled. My friends, who wanted to plunge no mat-
are too overwhelming, intimate or downright ter what, were told they would be tackled and arrested if
embarrassing to talk to even your closest they tried to plunge after it was announced that it was
friends about. That’s why Lauren Slavin and Ben Exler have teamed up to cancelled. YIKES!
answer your simplest or most complicated life questions. Ranging anywhere All in all the food was good and the company made the Tyler Waldman/The Towerlight
from dorm life, family life, personal life, professional life, Second Life, real life,
the board game “Life,” or life after death, you can Ask Us Anything!
I’m a freshman at Towson, and in my first semester I hit the partying life a little
too hard and didn’t take college seriously. I am now on academic probation and Chuggin the Haiterade Spicing food
overwhelmed with school and the temptations that come with college. How do I
get my life back on track?
– Frazzled Freshman From France
I was reading the news yesterday, and
I came across yet another story about
up at TU
Haiti. This time, the Haitian govern-
Lauren: The good thing about spring is that it symbolizes a fresh start. ment has detained a bunch of Baptists After being back
Think of the flowers that burst into bloom each season after the snow has who were trying to get a couple dozen on campus for a week
melted away. No one cares if they’ve cross-pollinated and made a flower baby in Haitian orphans across the DR border now, I’m already sick
some gross shade of puce; they get to start anew with nothing to stop them from to a bigger, better orphanage than the of the food. Even
reaching their full potential (with just a little sun and watering!) one they already had. This pisses me off. alternating the dining
This is a roundabout metaphor for a problem that’s slightly more serious Camille Goleb Pat Robertson told us all two weeks ago halls I go to doesn’t
than gardening. Making poor choices in the beginning of your college career Contributor that the earthquake was brought upon seem to help.
can start one of two trends. You can either continue partying and watching the Haiti because they made a pact with ole’ I understand there
thousands of dollars your parents shell out for tuition get flushed down the Lucifer to get their butts out of trouble Shelby Cahill is only so much a
drain, or you can take your academic probation as a friendly smack from the with the French. And how did they repay him? By being poor Asst. Art Director cooking staff can do
education gods. and whiny. Haitians are nothing but thieving, voodoo-prac- with poor quality
ticing, French-speaking warts on the back end of Hispaniola. food prepared for the
Ben: Education gods? Bullshit. It’s all about the Greek gods. But not greek Satan was just getting his on that pact they made with him masses, but that being said, something
life. That sh*t is probably the reason you’re here in the first place. Lauren’s during the French Revolution. And everyone knows French is should still be done. I propose that along
right, you gotta get yourself back on track or you might find yourself in worse the language of the devil. with salt and pepper shakers on each table,
situations than just academic probation. Do you want to wake up in a dumpster Why should some crazy group of orphans in a country no one there should also be Old Bay.
behind Pizan’s? Me neither. Actually once I did, but that’s irrelevant. knows about get more attention from our government than me Maryland is known for its steamed blue
Let me break it down for you: stop partying so much, or at least getting so and other people my age that LIVE here? America isn’t even crabs seasoned with Old Bay. But as many
wasted, and push aside time to do your homework. Like many freshman, it that wealthy. Everyone knows that by wasting money on Haiti people know, Old Bay can spice up and
takes about a semester to realize that you’re actually enrolled in classes. Do your we’re taking money away from our own citizens. I heard in my improve pretty much any food.
best to pick yourself up and carry your way through the semester. As college macroeconomics class the other day that in Saudi Arabia, any- Choosing between dry pork that has
goes on, it will get easier. one who feels like going to college can go, and in any country been sitting under a heat lamp for two
they want, all expenses paid. That’s right, the government pays hours, doughy pizza covered in too much
Lauren: One of the most common ways to fall prey to the follies of college for tuition, books, food, gives a monthly stipend for odds and flour, burnt lasagna with barely any cheese,
living has to do with the crowd you hang out with. If you can’t go out with the ends, and even airfare to and from the school. So what the hell, or cold shriveled burgers would be a little
kids from your dorm without pre-gaming, or they make you feel bad for trying America?! easier if you knew that Old Bay was there
to stay in for the night because you have a big test in the morning, they prob- Taking away basic needs like college from your citizens and to help you doctor it up.
ably aren’t the people you’ll should hanging out with for the remainder of your blowing money on some swamped-out island heathens isn’t It seems only logical that a Maryland
time at college. going to make our economy any better. I bet the Haitians are university should have Old Bay in its din-
faking all those TV reports just to wrestle more of our hard- ing halls. Many high schools in Maryland
Ben: College peer pressure is like being a paraplegic in the Bermuda Triangle: earned money away from us. Well suck it, you Haitian orphans, provide Old Bay in their cafeterias, so why
you get sucked in and you just can’t stand up for yourself…for lack of a bet- I don’t even have an Xbox. Go back to your secret stockpile of doesn’t Towson University keep up with
ter simile. Anyways, you don’t have to get trashed just because it’s Wasted Macbooks and caviar and leave my money the hell alone. the Maryland tradition?
Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, F*cked-Up Friday, Shitfaced Saturday or Sunday
Funday. Try watching a movie sans alcohol, or starting a poker tournament
February 1, 2010

(remember human interaction? I know, old school) and invite your floormates.
Just don’t get addicted to gambling too. That’s double trouble. SEND A LETTER TO THE EDITOR:
Lauren: Just because you want to get your academics back on track doesn’t
mean you can’t ever go out. In fact, the complete opposite holds true. Remember Keep it brief (250 words or less) and include your name, class
The Towerlight

when your parents wanted to get you to take out the trash, walk your dog or standing and major. E-mail the letter to
babysit your sister? You did everything you needed and you got your reward in
the form of an allowance. Now that you’ve grown up a bit, you get to set your or drop it off in University Union Room 309, or submit it online
own (party) allowance! Make sure you’ve caught up on reading for your psychol-
4 ogy class, and in return go out guilt free that Friday night. at
In honor of the celebrity doppelganger week that has been taking
over Facebook, The Towerlight staff has painstakingly researched

(read: Googled) who our most famous look-alikes are.
We would also like to mention that we should be tagged as your More important
“most newsworthy” friend, and we are wearing leopard print bras.
things than Haiti
The first thing I open to is “The
Adam Jackson Report”. Immediately
I think to myself, ‘Oh my god! I can
Who is your favorite “LOST”
not believe they gave him a col-
I was really insulted by the guilt
trip he tried to put on ALL Towson
students. Yes, Haiti is a terrible
and why?
crisis, and yes, there are problems
in the world that need to be worked
on and need to be brought into the
mainstream before a crisis. But I
don’t have time to educate myself
on these situations.
I am commuter, full time student
who works thirty hours a week and
trying to get into graduate school.
I do not have time to worry about
things outside of me right now. I do
not see anything wrong with giving
money to organizations dedicated
Steven Crudele Kara Beisswanger
to helping people in Haiti. It is all sophomore, freshman,
I really can do right now. I wish history/secondary business administration
Assoc. Arts Editor, Tyler Waldman Senior Editor, Ashley Rabe I could do more, but I can’t. The education
Actor, Rainn Wilson Actor, Rashida Jones little donations that people give do
help the crisis and ultimately help
“Ben Linus because “Jack because he
rebuild Haiti. he’s very scheming seems responsible
I think the columnist is the and makes the story and is trying to
definition of controversy and has very interesting.” save everyone.”
very little ground in many things
that he says. Last semester, I read
many letters negating his opinion,
and I do not see that stopping any
time soon.

Tim Caprio
exercise science

Problems in Haiti Kevin Letow Leigh Raskin

and Baltimore do sophomore, junior,
business psychology
not compare
I find the article “Injustice and “Hurley, the fat guy. “Desmond because
Haiti” not only to be uninformative, I admire how he’s he has a great
but overall a huge bitch session. I comfortable in storyline.”
Asst. Photo Editor, Alan Dovell
Actor, Javier Bardem Online Editor, Blake Savadow feel that donating money to Haiti his own skin.”
Actor, Ralph Macchio is very important, not the most
influential way to help, but the
easiest. Who are you to judge those
who make small monetary dona-
tions, as lesser than you. Please Mr.
Jackson what have you really done
to help Haiti? Also, I feel that most
people are more likely to donate to
Haiti, rather than one of the “poor-
est majority black cities” in the US
because the people of Haiti cannot
help themselves.
The conditions in Haiti before
this tragedy were much worse Jeff Kodis Chris Norman
than the residents of Baltimore.
freshman, senior,
Although white students on campus
are always criticized for being racists business exercise science
to black students on campus, I feel
the underlying tone of this article is “John Locke “John Locke cause
February 1, 2010

judgmental and offensive to white because he’s he’s mysterious

students on campus. If you really so mysterious.” and is always up
want to help, write an article of how to no good.”
to do these influential things you
speak of, and not just how students
The Towerlight

are NOT doing them. Compiled by Alan Dovell. Word on the Street is
composed of the first six students who are randomly approached by
Allison Schlupp a Towerlight photographer on either Wednesday or Sunday.
News Editor, Daniel Gross Art Director, Ben Exler sophomore
Actor, Kevin Bacon Actor, Rob Pattinson
elementary education 5
The Towerlight February 1, 2010
Taking the plunge, ‘bear’ing it all costs down,
energy and
heat saved
Associate News Editor

Certain areas around the University

may look like warzones, but they’re
merely a part of the bigger plan to
beautify Towson’s campus.
Most areas of construction are
either on or ahead of schedule,
according to David Mayhew, director
of architecture, engineering and con-
struction for facilities management.
Phase two of the College of Liberal
Arts building, which started in the
beginning of June, is ahead of sched-
ule enough that it is saving money
for the University.
“The University has closed in the
building ahead of schedule and saved
energy and money that would have
been spent on temporary heat for
the building interior construction,”
Mayhew said.
This half of the complex will fea-
ture a vivarium, an animal lab suite
and two large gallery spaces that
serve as public lobbies, according
to Mayhew. The gallery spaces are
designed to break up the large build-
Photos by Tyler Waldman/The Towerlight ing into three sections that reduce
Above, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley dries off after a dip in the Chesapeake Bay at the Polar Bear Plunge the overall mass of the building and
Saturday. Below, one participant shows his support after plunging, displaying his fashion forward swim trunks. help to orient people within the
See WORK, page 8

Associate Arts Editor Special Olympics’ mission and in the plunge. COMMUNITY
“It brings the community out here, it brings everybody
On Saturday, the beach at Sandy Point State Park could
have easily been mistaken for the tundra.
No more fitting weather, perhaps, for the 14th annual
out here to rally and support these special kids. I mean,
it’s fantastic. Everybody does their part to help them,” he
said. Jenna Blair, a graduate student, went to the plunge
Owners support
Polar Bear Plunge. The event, a fundraiser for Special
Olympics Maryland, was expected to meet its goal of $3
million, though exact numbers are not yet available. After
with two friends as she celebrated her birthday. She
described the feeling of standing in the water as “the worst
pins and needles you’ve ever had in your life ... It’s really
liquor licenses bill
a weather system made a sudden turn north towards hard to walk,” she said.
Baltimore, a forecasted one to three inches of snow turned After the call was made to cancel the later plunge, Staff Writer Association. The small businesses
out to be much more, covering the beach in a layer of Schneidwind remembers being at the registration table, owners that attended argued that
white. According to Special Olympics Maryland spokes- where new arrivals were just learning the news that they The Towson Chamber of the bill would help them start their
woman Kelley Schneidwind, this was the first time the weren’t going to be jumping into the water. Commerce took the Senate Bill 122 businesses.
plunge has fallen victim to snow. “Some people were like, ‘Phew,’” she said. “It was like a to a sub-committee of the Senate on “The smaller business [owner]
“We had flurries one year, but this was the first time we big sigh of relief that we made the decision for them.” Thursday, Jan. 28 to discuss provid- talked about their need for a liquor
actually had a snowstorm during the event,” she said. For them, Schneidwind said, there’s always next year. ing more liquor licenses to restau- license because they know that in
The 3 p.m. plunge was canceled by event officials due to rants in Towson in order to bring today’s economy no one is going to
the conditions, but that didn’t stop an estimated 15,000 more businesses to the area. want to invest thousands of dollars
plungers from turning out to dive into the frigid water Small business and restaurant own- on a small town café,” Hafford said.
earlier in the day, including a large contingent of Towson ers from the area along with mem- “I think it helped to show the busi-
students. bers of the Chamber of Commerce nesses that were not able to open
“This event just continues to amaze all of us, that represented and supported the bill. because they do not have a liquor
people, just rain, snow or shine, they come out and sup- The Chamber of Commerce executive license.”
port Special Olympics Maryland,” Schneidwind said. “We director, Nancy Hafford, said she was Hafford will be taking the bill to
just can’t say ‘thank you’ enough.” very pleased with the reaction from another sub-committee meeting on
The plunge even boasted star power. The cast of the the senate. Feb. 4 to gain more support and try
film “Hot Tub Time Machine” was on hand to donate “It went very, very well,” Hafford to get the bill to move further towards
money. Baltimore Ravens stars Joe Flacco and Adam said. “There seemed to be a lot of being passed. Hafford also said she
Terry took the plunge, as did Maryland Governor Martin support for the bill from the sub- talked to Senator James Brochin of
O’Malley and his wife, Katie. Fifteen members of Towson’s committee of the Senate, but it still District 42 in Baltimore County after
women’s rugby team joined in. has a while to go.” the meeting and he informed her
February 1, 2010

According to senior criminal justice major Lora Brown, The Senate Bill 122 is a bill that that the commerce should know the
the team’s forwards captain, they raised $19,000. Several will provide liquor licenses to local final outcome by April 2010.
members of the team had done the plunge before, she restaurants in the Towson com-
said, but not in the snow. munity. The Towson Chamber of Discussion Question?
“Since it was so cold outside, it was probably warmer in Commerce is fully supporting this
The Towerlight

the water than standing outside in bare feet,” she said. bill because they hope to get bring What do you think the final
Josh Begg, a sophomore exercise science major, was more life to the city and help with outcome will be of
making his first trip to the plunge. Begg, whose older the current financial slump. The Senate Bill 122?
brother has Down Syndrome, was on his way to the plunge Hafford also said there was a lot of
zone in swim trunks. He said he believes strongly in the support from the American Beverage Comment at
WORK: Plans ahead of schedule Student competes From page 7

Some areas of the building, including window installation
and the underground storm water management system, are
for the MD crown
three-fourths complete. Additionally, drywall and finishing as ALISSA KATZ weekends, haven’t been cramping
well as ductwork and piping are in progress in the center and Associate News Editor her academic and other priorities so
southernmost section of the building, respectively. far, she said.
The construction of phase two is part of the largest construc- Junior Ali Tripple is constantly “Right now it hasn’t been too
tion project in the history of the campus, Gary Rubin, vice busy – working as a student, a dance hard,” she said. “It’s only my first
president for university advancement, said at the CLA com- coach, a waitress – and trying to win two weeks [getting ready] and I’m
plex’s preview last April. The fenced areas around the Lecture a crown. just trying to focus on appearances.”
Hall are referred to as the site and safety project, Mayhew said. On the weekend of Jan. 8, Tripple One of the requirements is to go to
Improvements like the installation of a new elevator for the represented Towson for the America’s organizations and get involved with
Lecture Hall and new entranceway are well underway. The new Miss Maryland award. By winning them and talk to their members.
bridge that connects Hawkins Hall and the Psychology Building this two-day long competition, she According to Tripple, the organi-
is now open for use, as well. qualified to a national pageant to win zations have been lenient and asked
On the other side of campus, the West Village Commons is Miss Maryland. what was best for her.
making strides. The first pageant Tripple ever So far, she’s been to a dance com-
The project, which also started in June, will have concrete competed in was in Pennsylvania petition in Philadelphia in which
floor slabs and columns on levels two, three and four by the end because her school voted for her to the dance team that she coaches
of the month, Mayhew said. compete. competed. She also talked to a daisy
“Work on the exterior walls on levels one and two is under- She stayed in contact with people troop about inspiration, motivation
way,” Mayhew added. she met at that pageant, which led and independence.
The commons, which will take up approximately 85,000 her to enter into the road to becom- “They were really cute and I was
Eric Gazzillo/The Towerlight square feet, isn’t expected to be completed until the summer ing Miss Maryland. happy to go because I used to be a
The CLA gets closer to phase two deadlines. of 2011. I put myself into [the pageant girl scout,” she said.
that was about three weeks ago] Her next appearance will be at
and thought it was going to be a fun Baltimore’s Polar Bear Plunge, which
experience,” she said. helps to raise money for the Special
“It was better than I even Olympics.
hoped.” “I’m really excited about that,”
That pageant consisted of inter- she said. “It fits in right with elemen-
views in front of four judges, walks tary studies, special education [my
and dance routines. The interview major] and I want to work with the
questions were based off of an appli- Special Olympics after college.”
cation Tripple had previously filled She will also make an appearance
out. in the near future at the Maryland
“They were questions about me School for the Blind and an elemen-
and my life so they were kind of easy tary school in Baltimore that works
to answer and [about] stuff I could with homeless children.
talk about,” she said. Tripple said she has a lot on her
There was one other part of the plate.
pageant she found unique and excit- “It hasn’t been too difficult yet. I’ll
ing, as it was different from what cross my fingers it’ll stay like that,”
most other pageants seem to flaunt. she said. “But I definitely have bigger
“We walked in sportswear instead fish to fry.”
of swimsuits,” she said. “The point In spite of everything she has to
was to look athletic. It was really do to prepare for the pageant on
neat.” June 26 to become America’s Miss,
The struts didn’t prove to be prob- Tripple is very excited about the
lematic for her, either. opportunity.
“A lot of girls work on getting “Winning [the last pageant] is
their walk perfect but I didn’t work giving me the opportunity to meet so
hard to get walks perfect,” she said. many new people and organizations
“It came naturally from being a in communities,” she said.
dancer.” Nationals, which are held in
Tripple has been dancing at her Baltimore, will give Tripple the
mom’s dance studio since she was chance to show off where she lives,
three years old. One of the reasons she said.
she came to the University was to “It’ll be exciting to show people
join the dance team. from other states around the area,”
Practices, which are only so far on she said.
February 1, 2010
The Towerlight

Alan Dovell/The Towerlight

Junior Ali Tripple displays her TU pride with the tiger in front of Stephens
8 Hall. She won Miss Towson and will advance to a national competition.
Towson library celebrates 200 years after Lincoln’s birth
Local exhibit titled “Forever Free”
Staff Writer slaves and restore the Union during
the Civil War.
Towson’s public library is host- “This free exhibition shows how
ing “Forever Free,” an exhibit hon- Lincoln’s beliefs about freeing the
oring Abraham Lincoln and his slaves were transformed by war-
efforts for abolishing slavery, from time developments,” Haire said.
Jan. 21 to March 5. “All the documents and photo-
“Forever Free” is a national graphs examine Lincoln’s thought
touring exhibit organized by the process.”
Huntington Library in San Marino, The exhibit consists of life
CA and the Gilder Lehrman size pictures of Abraham Lincoln
Institute of American History locat- as well as historical documents,
ed in New York City. engravings, cartoons and photo-
The Towson Library applied to graphs from the Civil War era.
host the event in 2005 hoping they The exhibits will include six dif-
would be able to set up the exhibit ferent events to teach people of all
in 2009 for the bicentennial of ages about slavery and the Civil
Lincoln’s birth. When they applied War.
they were told that they could not The first exhibit was held for
host the exhibit until 2010. adults only on Jan. 25 and dis-
The Towson Library branch man- cussed the myths of Lincoln’s
ager Jennifer Haire said the library Emancipation Proclamation. Jean
staff was anxiously awaiting the Baker, history professor at Goucher
arrival of the exhibit ever since. College, was the main speaker at
“When they told us we were the event.
going to be able to host the event in “There are several myths sur-
February of 2010 we all started to rounding Lincoln’s Emancipation
laugh because we were wondering Proclamation and we wanted peo-
A.J. Nisbet/The Towerlight
if we were still going to be around ple to understand the difference
by then,” Haire said. “But we are between those myths and the reali- The display is part of a national touring Abraham Lincoln exhibit that Towson Library first requested to
very pleased to host the exhibit ties,” Haire said. have showcased in 2005. There will be Lincoln-focused events throughout its time at the library.
now that it is finally here.” “Dr. Jean Baker discussed The next event, “Presidential presidents and their various stories. from Stevenson University.
“Forever Free” is designed to Lincoln’s journey to free the slaves Celebration,” will be held of Feb. 6 Arts and crafts will be available for “There is always interest in
teach people about the efforts and cleared up those myths on the for families. children. This event will be hosted Lincoln and what he was able to
Abraham Lincoln made to free document.” The event will discuss all of the by Kappa Delta Pi honor society accomplish,” Haire said.

HPV Fact #16:

It is estimated that each minute in the US,
there is a new case of genital warts.

HPV Fact #8:

Guys can’t get screened for HPV. So there’s
no way to know if a guy has the virus or is
passing it on.
Why risk it
February 1, 2010

Visit your campus health center.

The Towerlight
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All rights reserved. Printed in USA. 21050004(39)-01/10-GRD

‘Can I Kiss New Panhellenic board seeks unity
You?’ event
to focus on
sex issues
Greek 101 plans
presentation on
physical assault
Contributing Writer

A few of the main focuses on a

college student’s mind today are
dating, relationships and sex.
In an effort to help Towson
University’s students tackle these
issues, Greek 101, a University
program, organized a presentation
called “Can I Kiss You?” to give
students a look at different aspects
of dating that will be held Feb. 3.
“Can I Kiss You?” is an interac-
tive presentation by expert Mike
Domitrz, author of the critically-
acclaimed book “May I Kiss
You? A Candid Look at Dating, Blake Savadow/The Towerlight
Communication, Respect and From left, Jamie Glickman, Jenn Bognot, Jasmine Moore, Jen Vitale, Erica Fidelman, Melissa Kleiman, Tracey Abrams, Dierdre Coan are
Sexual Assault Awareness. eight of the nine newly elected Panhellenic Association executive board representatives for 2010. Not pictured, Eve Rabin.
Marjorie Tversky, associate direc-
BENJAMIN KNEPP The newly-elected board also
tor of athletics for student services Contributing Writer
prior to this year, have a shared Although Vitale will be working
who’s helping organize the activity, goal of unison for the Panhellenic to change this perception, she said acknowledged that they will make
invited him to speak to students as In her sophomore year, Jen Vitale, Association, according to the new regardless of the school, being Greek an extended effort to promote both
part of Greek 101’s effort to spread a criminal justice major in Alpha board. always carries a negative implica- the unity of its chapters and an
sexual assault awareness. Omicron Pi, has become the young- “I wanted to promote unity within tion. Vitale said the newly-elected admirable image on campus.
Domitrz travels the country each est sorority member to serve as pres- all the sororities because they tend board is looking to promote commu- Vitale said that it will also take
year to speak in schools, on college ident of the Panhellenic Association to be divided and I didn’t want nication with Towson students who patience when learning to work with
campuses, at military bases and at Towson University. that anymore,” Tracey Abrams said. are not yet involved in Greek life, members of the various chapters.
in communities teaching his audi- Prior to Winter break, she and Abrams, majoring in special educa- and that they believe this is the best These traits may be in fur-
ences about dating, intimacy, com- eight other members, represent- tion, is the only freshman on the way to dispel some of the negative ther demand for the board as the
munication, respect and safety. ing all nine recognized Panhellenic board. undertones. Panhellenic Association at Towson
Domitrz’s goal is to share his Association chapters at Towson, Along with working towards this “Don’t be afraid to come talk to has formed a new chapter, which will
revolutionary approach to insur- were installed as the new executive stronger bond within the Panhellenic Greeks,” vice president of recruit- be formally introduced in the fall.
ing that boundaries are respected, board for the Spring and Fall 2010 chapters, the board members said ment Erica Fidelman said. “We’re The board is now in the planning
according to his Web site. semesters. they have plans to transform how not a stereotype in any way. We’re stage for the semester’s philanthro-
“This program is an important “We’re the youngest board in Towson University views Greek life. not a clique.” py events and preparing for Greek
one, especially for college stu- [the] history of the Panhellenic “I feel Panhellenic has a negative The first chance for members of Week. One goal Vitale has in mind
dents,” Tversky said. Association,” Vitale said. image,” treasurer Jasmine Moore, a all nine chapters to talk about Greek is for the Panhellenic sororities to
In this program students will All nine members, seven of which sophomore business finance major, life to others is their sorority recruit- become involved in the Haiti relief
learn how to ask for what he or she have never served on the board said. “I want to change that.” ment starting Thursday Feb. 11. efforts, she said.
wants from the person they want
as well as how to deal with being
told “no.”
Domitrz focuses on teaching
teenagers and young adults how to
Lambda Chi Alpha turns out for the ‘Plunge’
avoid crossing the line and ignoring Lambda Chi Alpha was left high said. “We were literally like five
your partner’s boundaries, accord- and relatively dry at Saturday’s feet away from the water, but the
ing to his Web site. Polar Bear Plunge at Sandy Point police made everyone leave the
The program also zeroes in on State Park in Annapolis Saturday. beach.”
staying healthy and safe. The fraternity raised $2,000 This was not Lambda Chi’s first
He will show everyone how to for Special Olympics Maryland time at the plunge, but was their
protect themselves against STDs as and had planned to plunge later first in several years. Towson’s
well as sexual assault. that afternoon, at 3 p.m. That chapter came with a team of 15,
Domitrz also has a few words plunge, however, was canceled mostly fraternity members but
of wisdom for parents having ‘the after event officials consulted with also including alumni, family and
talk’ with their teens. Maryland State Police and on-site friends. Next year, Sizemore said,
February 1, 2010

Domitrz talks to his parental medical staff from Johns Hopkins the fraternity plans to go back and
audience about talking to teens Hospital. get wet, assuming the weather
about sex and how to inspire them “We were walking down to the cooperates.
to be responsible, his Web site beach, we were taking off all our “We’ll probably make it a year-
said. jackets and stuff and they called ly thing, and a lot of the guys
The Towerlight

“The program can help students it right before we were about to go were kind of disappointed that we
Courtesy of Cody Sizemore
in college,” Tversky said about the in,” Cody Sizemore, Lambda Chi didn’t go in,” he said.
program. Alpha’s vice president of external
Brothers from Lambda Chi Alpha show off their letters during
“And also when they venture affairs, who organized the team, --Tyler Waldman
the annual Polar Bear Pluge at Sandy Point State Park.
10 out into the professional world.”
After Hours “airs” prime time TV shows in union
Staff Writer
were too hidden and did not get A sports theme dominated the
enough attention. Susquehanna. An ESPN-themed
Students’ favorite TV shows “This is the fourth year we’ve game took place in the corner, in
that most watch from the comfort done this … The concept was some- which students could shoot hoops
of their living room were actually thing to do in every room in the for a T-shirt prize. Students could
seen in the University Union as the union … Now we’re focusing on also play Wii “Winter Sports”
“Reality TV” theme led the TU major spaces,” Satterlee said. to commemorate the Winter
After Hours event Friday night. The most noticeable difference Olympics.
The night was hosted by several from this years’ event was the Organizers and volunteers said
student organizations that collabo- “Reality TV” theme. the event is important for Towson
rated to fill all three floors of the “A lot of the rooms reflect some- students.
union with various activities from 9 thing about television. There is “I feel like it’s important so that
p.m. to 1 a.m. karaoke for American Idol, an ESPN kids do stuff instead of going home
David Satterlee, director of stu- Sports Center and Charm School in on the weekends … it’s a fun event
dent activities, organized the event. the Center for Student Diversity,” on campus,” Andrew Pearlstein, a
“The idea is to have a variety of Satterlee said. TU athletics intern who ran the
activities to bring students back Students could also compete in a ESPN booth said.
for the spring. Students can recon- “Man vs. Food” challenge, or faceoff HRL sponsored a game show
Christopher Curry/The Towerlight
nect and have fun in the union,” in two arcade-style Dance Dance event in Susquehanna Terrace,
Satterlee said. Revolution machines. which featured a new game every
Kenan Herbert consumes a five pound burger in the Man vs. Food
The event has changed since the One popular event was the ‘Jersey hour, including Family Feud and
challenge Friday evening at the TU After Hours event.
first year it was offered, according Shore,’ which took place near the Deal or No Deal. Students were ticipated by setting up “Rock Band”
to Satterlee. He said in previous stage in Paws. A DJ blasted party randomly selected to play and took outside of Tiger Reels where large Want to read more?
years they had many activities scat- music and students waited in a long home retail points as prizes. groups gathered to watch and par- Go to
tered throughout the building that line to create custom T-shirts. The University Store also par- ticipate. to read the full story.

February 1, 2010
The Towerlight

Student Group
Mandatory for all student
groups to have one student
representative attend one
of the following dates:

Thursday, February 4th,

4-5:30PM (Chesapeakes)

Friday, February 5th,

2-3:30PM (Chesapeakes)

Wednesday, February 10th,

(Potomac Lounge)
February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010
The Towerlight

The Towerlight
12 13
The Towerlight February 1, 2010
Whitney and Rachel: From TV to Towson
TU Afterhours
celebs promote
positive body
image, diversity

Alan Dovell/ The Towerlight

Rachel Robinson, winner of
MTV’s “The Duel II,” speaks
Alan Dovell/ The Towerlight about her experiences as a
Whitney Thompson, winner of the tenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model,” teaches the audience proper runway etiquette at her TU reality TV star who was ques-
Afterhours lecture. Thompson, who began her modeling career as a senior in high school, advocated positive body image. tioning her sexuality.


Keeping it ‘Real’
Contributing Writer
“He would have me run to the thing important to discuss, some-
point that I would actually throw thing different from other girls who
Fans of the popular CW tele- up, and then he would have me get had gone on,” Thompson said.
vision show “America’s Next Top on the treadmill and keep running,” Thompson argued against plastic
Model” came out to hear Whitney she said. surgery as a way to gain superficial
Thompson speak Friday on the “I was only allowed to have a half perfection. DUNCAN LLOVIO me,” Robinson said.
importance of positive body image. a can of tuna a day with nothing in Though she made jokes about Staff Writer Robinson was the female winner
Though the temperature outside it and a half an apple.” Heidi Montag’s surgery addiction, of “The Duel II,” along with Evan
had dropped, a group of about 100 That was when Thompson real- Thompson stressed the seriousness A modest but dedicated crowd Starkman. She had previously won
came shivering into the Chesapeake ized that she wasn’t willing to sacri- of plastic surgery and made it clear came out to see Rachel Robinson “The Gauntlet I.” The presentation,
Rooms for an appearance by the fice her health for modeling. that she has never had a plastic sur- from MTV’s “The Duel II” Friday coupled with a meet and greet,
“Top Model” tenth cycle winner. “I quit modeling,” she said. gery procedure and never will. night. was full of surprises for fans of the
Thompson spoke about good and “I said, ‘I’m not doing this. This “If your boyfriend thinks your The event, a part of TU show.
bad reasons for dieting, plastic sur- is not for me. I like to eat.’” breasts are too small, don’t get Afterhours, attracted about 60 stu- She used one cast member in
gery, false magazine images and the She then returned to high school implants,” Thompson said. “Get a dents. particular as proof that things
downside of the modeling industry. and went on to college at the new boyfriend.” The event was about diversity aren’t always what they appear
Campus Activities Board pro- University of North Florida, study- Thompson plugged her recent and acceptance. to be. The cast-member, according
gramming chair Kayla Chilvers said ing with hopes of becoming a pedi- entrepreneurial endeavor, a jewelry Robinson weaved her personal to Robinson, was a closet homo-
that Thompson was chosen for the atric surgeon. and candle collection appropriately story as a lesbian on the show into sexual, hiding his sexuality behind
reality TV themed event because named Supermodel. a larger commentary on sexuality, homophobia.

she’s a strong role model for young A percentage of her company’s race and stereotypes. She showed two previously
women. proceeds goes to the National Eating She talked about her start on her unaired clips hinting at his sexu-
“I really liked her message. She Disorders Association. first season of the show and her ality. She also cited cast-member
spoke for the average woman and I If your bo
b Freshman Lara Friedman was growth and learning experiences Kendal Sheppard as an example of
really liked that about her,” Chilvers, thinks your
you breasts inspired by Thompson’s message from it. seeing past what was most appar-
who was glad the plus-sized model about valuing your own personal “You kind of know what to expect ent.
won the show’s title, said. are too small, don’t body image. going in. You have the minority. You “I thought Kendall was a ditzy
One of Thompson’s strongest get implants, get a “She knows how to stand up might be the minority. Sometime’s sorority girl coming in. But she was
messages throughout the night was and knows how to say no to brands there might be more than one one of my best friends on the show.
that healthy is beautiful.
new boyfriend. that [don’t] support her message,” minority, more than one gay person She was a really strong competi-
“Just be the best that you can be, WHITNEY THOMPSON Friedman said. or more than one black person. I tor.” Robinson said.
“America’s Next Top Model” winner “I think that she has a very tried to sum up everyone by stereo- Robinson borrowed an Ellen
mind, body and soul,” the 22-year-
old model told the crowd, “It’s not strong opinion of what she wants, type.” Robinson said. DeGeneres quote for the end of her
about a size.” and I think that’s important to get Robinson began her career as speech: “Sometimes you can’t see
February 1, 2010

Thompson shared her earlier During a spring break trip to Los across.” a television celebrity on MTV’s yourself clearly until you see your-
modeling experiences of having Angeles, Thompson was buying a Freshman Erica Feller said that “Road Rules: Campus Crawl.” self through the eyes of others.”
faced pressures to be thin when she candy bar at an airport when she Thompson’s message was certainly “The Duel II” was her sixth time
moved to South Beach, Fla., as a was discovered by a “Top Model” impactful. on the network’s “Real World/
senior in high school to start model- scout. “I just think all the statistics that Road Rules” themed challenge Hidden homosexual?
The Towerlight

ing for the first time. But Thompson had mixed emo- she said hit home,” Feller said. “It shows, according to Can you guess which ex-
She recalls an exercise schedule tions about the invitation. kind of makes it more real knowing She dropped out of college at 19 ”Real World” cast member
determined by a modeling agent “I had all this anger built up from how many people actually suffer to begin her television career. is still in the closet?
that included running twice a day what I had gone through …when I [from] these problems [and] how “Have you watched MTV in the
for long periods of time. was on the show I really had some- people die from it.” last six years? You might know Comment at

If Oceanic 815 lands safe and sound, where What happens after the bomb?
does the island come in? The final season of “Lost” will take over most Pete: What they’re going at is that this bomb
Joe: If they do get back to L.A., you have to look goes off and then supposedly, since they’re back
at the mechanics of the show and the home base conversations after it premieres Tuesday at in 1977... destroys the [Dharma] stations on the
for the show has always been the island and ... they island, destroys what brought the plane down and
have spent significant chunks of a season off of the 9 p.m. So for an hour, associate arts editor therefore, in 2004, the plane never crashes because
island with characters but there have always been the island is blown to bits. I have trouble seeing how
characters on the island and I don’t think they Tyler Waldman, assistant arts editor Joe Whiting, this is going to work, because we’ve been through it
would spend a good half... of a season completely so many times that whatever happened, happened.
off the island all together. sports editor Pete Lorenz and art director Ben Tyler: But then Faraday went back on that.
I don’t know exactly how that’s going to happen, Ben: The variable.
but a majority of the season is going to take place Exler gathered around and talked about what got Pete: What’s the variable here then?
on the island. Tyler: The variable is free will.
Ben: How would that differ from season five, the show here and what happens next. Ben: But really the variables aren’t humans. It’s
where their goal off the island is to get back? I the six people who were traveling in time that got
mean, I feel if they pull that again, how can you pull What follows are excerpts of the nearly hour- thrown back from the Ajira flight. So I think that...
the same plotline twice? with Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s ad and the [Oceanic
Joe: I don’t think they’re going to spend much long chat. Who is the Man in Black? Why does he Airlines] perfect safety record [from San Diego
if any time at all off the island. I think it’s going to Comic-Con in 2009]... they’re doing that to throw
be predominantly on the island... The one recurring want to kill Jacob? Is season seven really the us off. Because if you think of the finale and how
thing whenever I read interviews with the produc- Juliet was banging at that bomb and then the white
ers is that they say if you’re new to “Lost,” the one zombie season? Go online to hear the full conver- [flash]... how different was that from the flashes
thing you have to do if you’re new going into the they’ve been having on the island? What if that
sixth season to appreciate it is to watch the first sation at wasn’t the bomb exploding at all, but it was them
season. just time traveling again?

Will we learn more about the island’s history?

Ben: Why are there hieroglyphics and why are they significant?
They’ve literally been a symbolic part of the show since the second
Joe: Part of me wants to think that somehow this island has broken off
from Egypt somehow or something.
And that’s the reason why the statue’s there and maybe that’s part of
the reason why the somehow the island got transferred there and maybe
that’s why the polar bear gets transported to Tunisia and the desert there,
so there’s some sort of link.
If you were to stick a line from wherever the island is, right on the other
side of the Earth would be this place in Africa.
But as farfetched as it probably is, part of me wants to think somehow
that this island is Egyptian-related.
Pete: Somehow, there’s got to be a link.
Tyler: As late as the 1800s, the statue of Taweret was there and that’s
February 1, 2010

why the four-toed foot was there at the end of season two.
Pete: What’s the statue?
Tyler: Taweret. It’s the goddess of reproduction, actually, among other
Ben: Maybe the statue being destroyed and mothers dying when they
The Towerlight

have babies, I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Pete: Maybe when the statue was destroyed, that’s when they stopped
[being able to reproduce]. And perhaps before that, what was going on,
we don’t know. Courtesy of (clockwise from upper left) lostlocations.
16 com, The Associated Press,,
Are you a writer? Graphic designer?
February 1, 2010

Apply for Baltimore’s BEST college
paper in UU309 today
The Towerlight

positions are open

for the spring semester
iWorry about the iPad 9 J@;<


So Apple taking notes). Jobs clearly wants the leash. An anecdote a commenta-
the much-bal-
lyhooed iPad
to reshape that middle ground into
something useful.
But on the other hand, it also
tor mentioned over the weekend was
the rise of VisiCalc on the Apple
II 30 years ago. All these business
Sound quality switchup
at an event in
San Francisco,
looks like the large print version of
the iPhone, the kind your grand-
owners were buying Apple IIs and
sales went through the roof.
The never ending If it comes out sounding like the
audio equivalent of mud, it’s as if
C a l i f . ,
mother might put next to her giant
remote control.
There was no App Store. There
was no development kit. There was
search for the best I’m wasting the space on my com-
puter and wasting my money on an
Tyler Waldman Get your The iPad is a step forward, but barely an Internet. It was just two music files inferior product.
Associate Arts Editor feminine ironically, the biggest thing holding guys who made and distributed it Mind you, when I’m buying an
hygiene gags it back the most is Apple. Want to and it caught like wildfire. I’m prob- indie record, that’s not what I’m
out of the way now. buy a book for it? You have to go to A co-worker has been mercilessly ably going to talking about.
I’ll admit to being one of the the iBook store. teasing me about how my need another I expect or am at least not sur-
nerds glued to a seat as I tuned Kindle is out of date. That’s external hard prised by those being lo-fi.
into a barely-there webcast and like claiming that people drive soon. I mean the albums where all of
Engadget’s liveblog. I’ll admit to stopped buying all other cell E v e n the dynamic range has been sucked
being initially impressed. phones when the iPhone though it out during mastering, the albums
But Steve Jobs’ Zen Buddhist hit. chows down where the quiet parts sound as in
aura of calmness wore off me, It isn’t true and it’s not Brian LaCour on memory your face (if not more so) than the
and after I had a few days to going to happen. The Kindle Coulmnist like a man loud sections.
think about it I came to the con- is not for people who want who hasn’t No doubt in my mind every-
clusion that the iPad just isn’t to surf the Web and do their seen food for weeks chows down on one’s heard albums like this, and
there yet. taxes and watch movies. a cheeseburger, I can’t bring myself it’s unlikely one’s never owned an
Sure, there’s a lot to love The Kindle is for people to switch away from ripping all my album that’s been given this pitiful
about the iPad. Like many of who like to read and like hav- music on lossless formats. treatment.
Apple’s innovations, it’s a natu- ing access to their library on I could stretch the gigabytes fur- It’s a process I’ve been willing
ral step forward for its existing the go. The base Kindle, at ther if I were to switch to 128 kbps to tolerate.
products. $259, costs half the price of MP3. Staying away from any and every
It’s got a slick style and prom- the ground-level iPad. But, much like going from HDTV album that’s been tortured like
ising features. It boasts a large, Users who want 3G access back down to standard definition, this is akin to vowing to never hear
bright screen. It can handle all for their iPad, which I believe it’s just not the same. popular music ever again.
the existing iPhone applications most do, will have to pay $130 It would be losing the extra bit My patience was strained how-
as well as music, movies and extra. of clarity which steps up a tuneless ever, when I started going through
books. I have been wrong before, bass rumble to a rollicking bass a newer album to review.
All this is presented in a more but I just don’t think the iPad line. Given it’s an
natural, portable exterior than is worth the money at this T h e acoustic-based
The Associated Press
your notebook. point in time. That’s usually the music itself album, I figured even
Jobs lamented in his address Want to sell a book for it? You case with Apple products. wouldn’t if I’m not a fan of the
that netbooks are “not better at have to go to the iBook store. Want Ask anybody who bought the change, and I It’s like b buying a music, the ambience
laptops than anything, they’re just to code for it? You have to sell iPhone when it first came out. Or can’t judge a Haruki Murakami
M of an album like this
cheaper.” through the App Store, and let Apple try to find anybody who actually song just by will make do for any
I was pleasantly surprised to hear approve everything. They exercise so owns a first-generation iPod. Or the its bit rate,
novel AND issues I had.
the Turtlenecked One call out net- much control over every step of the MacBook Air that I loved to hate. so it’s hard EVERYTHING HAS Of course, it’s
books for being useless. process that I think it constricts I have no doubt that the iPad will option to another album
They’re too awkward to use on the innovation. be awesome in a few years, but it’s turn away. robbed of any of its
go, too tiny to use at home (though If Apple really wants to see the got a way to go and a few hundred But get- AS SUCH AND potential.
certainly convenient for students market take off, they should take off dollars to drop from its price tag. ting some- WITHOUT The problem
thing on wouldn’t be so both-

Po8[ couture
FLAC or, PUNCTUATION IT ersome if it hadn’t
Pivotal piece centralizes style since iTunes
doesn’t like
TENDS TO STRAIN gone against the
nature of the medi-
During the paired with his plain black button working THE SENSES. um.
holidays when up and jeans, his boots were that PIVOTAL PIECES with that Something to love
your great one special item, the pivotal piece. format yet, about non-electric
grandmother The rest of your outfit must be Floral Apple Lossless, is like the icing on music is how much the setting
set the table, built around the pivotal piece. Pick Cardigan the cake for me. matters.
she would put out this piece first. It could be any- Gap $39.99 It makes me grin when I know, as Pumping the volume of all the
a centerpiece thing: a handbag, a pair of shoes, far as my file quality is concerned, instruments past a CD’s breaking
on the dining jeans, necklace and more. But to is as high as I can take it. point robs the medium of its inher-
Chiquita Younger room table. get the focus on your pivotal piece, In the same way, getting a well- ent character.
Coulmnist Maybe it the rest of your outfit can’t be too Photo courtesy produced and mastered album usu- It’s like buying a Haruki Murakami
was a vase busy. You risk just looking like a big of ally improves how I find an album. novel AND EVERYTHING HAS
filled with fake roses and surround- old mess. When I’m picking apart an BEEN FORMATTED AS SUCH
ed by candles or the classic bowl Paying attention to tone is a must. Long-Sleeve album, just being able to hear all AND WITHOUT PUNCTUATION
of fruit. Your pivotal piece doesn’t have to be Gaugin Floral- the instruments clearly and indi- IT TENDS TO STRAIN THE
Fashion works a lot like the cen- the same color, but should be the Print Cardigan Photo courtesy vidually is one of those rare and SENSES.
terpiece idea. But same tone. St. John $995 of saksfifthav- immensely pleasing moments. I’ve put up with the problem,
in fashion I like to Wearing a pas- It’s one reason, even as my col- grumbling all the way, but it tends
call this piece the tel shirt with some lection grows larger, I still lean on to become more noticeable than
pivotal piece. This bright pink pants Tate Oxford Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 the music itself.
doesn’t have to be is a definite no. Bootie self-titled debut to test out any new What is more worrisome is most
just an accessory. The tones just Payless $17.99 equipment I get. people won’t notice what’s being
The pivotal piece don’t fit. As far as more intense music done.
February 1, 2010

is the thing that The big pattern goes, it’s hard to find one that I envy them for not noticing the
everyone will notice once you put for a pivotal piece this year is floral. Photo courtesy of sounds better for production, and elephant.
it on or carry it – that one special Now don’t go overboard, floral is if there is one, lead me to it. As long as we say nothing, we’ll
item. easy to mess up. Too many flowers But in a lot of ways for most CDs keep getting sub-standard quality
For example, this one guy in will make you look like an 80-year- I purchase, it’s a futile effort. delivered.
The Towerlight

my class once wore a pair of shiny, old woman. Izabel ankle boots Whenever I get a new album For more information, look up
black boots. I couldn’t concentrate. The more you work with your Rock & Republic without any previous knowledge “The Loudness War” on YouTube.
First of all, his boots were eye catch- pivotal piece, the better you’ll look. $346.50 of the band or CD, it’s become They’re people far more experi-
ing. And second, the glare from Just remember the swag motto, a gamble of whether or not the enced and better at describing this
18 the boots was almost blinding. But F.U.C.’E.M., and you’ll be okay. Photo courtesy of sound quality’s any good. than me.
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for answers

to today’s
All puzzles other than Crossword,
Sudoku, and KenKen
courtesy of Robert Westra.

Sudoku consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into

9 smaller grids of 3x3 squares. Each puzzle has a logical and
unique solution. To solve the puzzle, each row, column and
box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9.







outlined boxes, called cages, must
● Each row and each column must
contain the numbers 1 through 4
combine using the given operation

(in any order) to produce the target
(easy) or 1 through 6 (challenging) 
without repeating.
numbers in the top-left corners.
● Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with
● The numbers within the heavily the number in the top-left corner.






        " ! # 


    $   %

    !   &  
 "   )  #$* '%( )*+ ) &  "&  (, $
   ! !-"  ! "$  !. ' 
#     , (!!+  $% ! $  %!
 $% "-  !# ( + $!.
#$ % & !' #$ (% &) $"$ "!# "!# % $& .
!) !)
% (' % (' " #    $

&% ( &% (    



!' #$ (% &)



( ! &% () #' !$  

' ( )  

 '% (  
&* (+ %  , $     
  ! "   
* -%
-,  ('   ! 
!% -' + ) 
% " !  
&' -    "      
( # !  
  !  ! "  #
February 1, 2010

) * ) ( '    


The Towerlight

The Towerlight I]ZIdlZga^\]i^hcdlhZZ`^c\



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and light cleaning. Please respond
via email or phone, ask for Nick

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Crossword Sudoku









February 1, 2010




The Towerlight




February 1, 2010
The Towerlight

kevin UNCW: TU
gets CAA
Do you like the new What will be the most road win
Pro Bowl format? improved MLB team?

Sam: All of the players in the NFL Sam: The Seattle Mariners now in Carolina
Athlete of the Week want to be selected to the Pro Bowl
for the notoriety and the free trip
to Hawaii, or in this case, Miami.
have an ace No. 1 and ace No. 2 with
King Felix and Cliff Lee. Trading for
Lee will prove to be a great call by
From page 24

they did it would lead to victory.

However, when it comes time to General Manager Jack Zduriencik. “[We stressed] consistency of
the play the game, very few of them Lee is coming off a season in what we’ve been doing,” Kennedy
actually want to be play. which he posted 14 wins with a 3.22 said. “When we go to our zones, we
As proof that players don’t take ERA in his time with Cleveland and gotta play with intensity, we gotta
the game seriously, Julius Peppers Philadelphia. In the playoffs he was be smarter, we gotta identify shoot-
Kacy and Bryant McKinnie decided to skip
Friday’s Pro Bowl practice and are
even better as he went at least seven
innings each time he took the hill,
ers. Rebounding has been a prob-
lem for us, we did get out rebound-

Catanzaro now subject to fines from the NFL.

If the players don’t want to be there,
including two complete games while
averaging a 1.56 ERA.
ed, but we did get 42 rebounds
today…Our guys are excited about
then why should anyone want to Now that they feature both Lee February, so this was a good one to
Gymnastics watch it? and Hernandez, both guys who are get on the road.”
This year the NFL decided to inning-eaters and will save the Seattle The Tigers put a complete game
shake things up by playing the Pro bullpen from being over-used. Both together, making things difficult for
Bowl the week before the Super of these guys are almost guaranteed UNC-W on both ends of the court.
Bowl instead of the week after, in victories every time they take the hill Offensively, the Tigers were led
hopes to raise fan interest in the and the pressure will be on young, by Josh Thornton, who finished
game. high-upside pitchers that round out with 13 points, a steal and an
In doing so, the NFL has made the rotation such as Ryan Rowland- assist.
a mistake. The downside to playing Smith and Doug Fister to step up Right behind him was Calvin
the game the week before the Super and provide quality innings. Lee, who finished with his third
The sophomore from Belleville, N.J. won first place Bowl is that players on the Super The Mariners have also added a double-double of the season with
Bowl teams will not be participating few key bats to round out there line- 12 points and 12 rebounds. They
in the all-around and placed in the top five in three in the game. up. Chone Figgins will fit in nicely in were followed by Jarrel Smith, who
other events at a dual meet against William & Mary Those who actually want to watch the two spot behind Ichiro. tacked on 11 points.
at the Towson Center Saturday. Honorable mentions the Pro Bowl watch it for the fact Milton Bradley provides power to On defense, Towson used zone
that it showcases the best players in the middle of their lineup. strategies to slow down a Seahawks
go to Jackie Schweitzer and Alise McDonald, who the NFL. This year, however, some With the addition of shortstop shooting attack that couldn’t have
each won two individual events to help the Tigers of the league’s best players are not Jack Wilson, who they acquired from performed much worse, shooting
stay unbeaten. participating. Quarterbacks Payton Pittsburgh last season, they have a 32.3 percent from the field during
Manning and Drew Brees, the AFC solid nine hitter. the game, including a miserable 5.3
and NFC’s top quarterbacks, will I only wish that they had resigned percent (1-19) from 3-point range
be absent. Russell Branyon. He hit 31 homeruns in the second half.
What is the point of watching the last season and would have been “The big thing in the zone, you
Pro Bowl if some of the league’s top a great run-producer with Figgins, gotta get out on shooters and if
players will not be playing? Bradley and Ichiro in front of him. you really get after a shooter you
No matter what the NFL does the Last season the Mariners won 85 make him change his shot a little,”
Pro Bowl will always be a second- games; this year they have a shot at Kennedy said. “And if he changes
rate all-star game with low ratings. 95 wins and overtaking Los Angeles his shot… it’s a more difficult shot
If you ask me, the NFL should as Champions of the AL West. to make. So, we got out on them
just do away with the Pro Bowl all pretty good, and I thought we did
together. Kevin: Orioles fans may not want a nice job of covering their shoot-
to hear this, but I actually think the ers.”
Kevin: No way. Nobody watches Yankees had the best offseason. They The Seahawks point leader,
the Pro Bowl anyway, but the best didn’t make any splashy pickups John Fields, finished with a dou-
players from the Super Bowl teams (in other words, the typical Yankees ble-double after scoring 13 points
don’t even get to play anymore signings), but they added a bunch of while hauling in an outstanding 21
because they have to sit out to be grinders that every team needs. They rebounds.
ready for the big game. Not only already won the whole enchilada last Besides Fields though, no other
was moving the game to the week year, and adding Curtis Granderson, Seahawk stepped up, with their
before the Super Bowl stupid, but it Javier Vazquez and Nick Johnson all worst performance coming from
was also foolish to move the game to address needs while not really break- starting guard Ahmad Grant who
Miami. The only reason players par- ing the bank. Granderson is a major finished 4-15 from the field includ-
ticipated in the game was because it defensive upgrade in the outfield ing 3-13 from downtown.
was in Hawaii. and has speed and power at the top In the second half, the teams
And speaking of the players, of the lineup. It doesn’t hurt that he went back and forth, but with 10
where the heck are they? Everybody won’t be bothered by playing in New seconds to play, the Tigers held
seems to be bailing because of inju- York (he’s one of baseball’s good a three-point lead with freshman
ries. I think the AFC is on like, their guys and lives for big games). Isaiah Philmore on the foul line.
seventh quarterback. David Garrard Vazquez may be the best fourth With the opportunity to ice the
is on the team. Garrard is a quality starter in the bigs and already has game, Philmore came through,
player, a surefire NFL starter on a experience playing in New York. making both his free throws to get
good team. When you can roll out a rotation of the win by five.
But I didn’t know this game was Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte and now Free throw percentage may have
called the Really OK Bowl. How can Vasquez, that’s dynamite. made the difference in this game
February 1, 2010

Garrard in good conscience accept Finally, there’s Johnson. Sure, he’s for the Tigers, who made 14 of
the invite when in reality he was not an injury risk, but when healthy he their 15 free throw attempts. The
even the fourth or fifth pick… in his can really hit. Let’s not forget that Seahawks missed five of their 11
own conference? their really won’t be much pressure attempts, which ended up being
That being said, I don’t know if on Johnson, but again, he’s another the difference in the game.
The Towerlight

they’ll ever rectify the problem. I one of those clutch grinders who has Towson looks to put their first
really hope they do soon. experience playing in New York. back-to-back wins of the season
Roger Goodell, you are better than All three of those additions add Tuesday as they face a tough Drexel
that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it superior depth and experience to an team in Philadelphia. The teams
22 commish. already fantastic team. are set to tip off at 7 pm.
MLB: McGwire, Pirates lead Gymnastics tops W&M
From page 24 together was completely false, and
that Canseco essentially made up
on the ball in the first place, and he
certainly knows how to do that.
at the Towson Center
juiced and Super Mario might buy the story in order to sell books. The other story that’s been
a baseball team. What struck me the most was getting a lot of attention is how
The biggest story, by far, was how emotional and torn-up he was Pittsburgh Penguins co-owner
Mark McGwire admitting his ste- over the whole thing. If he had only Mario Lemieux made an offer to
roid use during his career. I tuned taken them once or twice to speed Bob Nutting for the Pirates… but
into his interview on the MLB up his own recovery process, why Nutting said the team wasn’t for
network as it happened and had would he be crying on television sale. I think Nutting is, well, nuts
rather mixed emotions about it. He over it? Now, people appear to be for not selling the team. Lemieux
was admitting to steroids, yes; but, laughing at him over it. I can’t say I would be able to up the payroll and
he said he had only used them to really blame them. Either McGwire turn that team into a winner (or at
recover from injuries – as opposed was shedding crocodile tears in the least get them out of the gutter).
to using them to gain an even interview, or there was more to that Nutting’s done nothing. The team
bigger edge while he was healthy. story that he has yet to say. He said has been suffering for years now.
He quoted his own natural hand- he “doesn’t want to be a distraction It’s time for a change.
eye coordination and the ability to the Cardinals,” but I don’t think To wrap things up, I’d just like to
to hit the ball well as the reasons that’s possible right now. However, say I’m thrilled that Miguel Tejada
he hit so many home runs during I have total faith in the fact that he is back in the black and orange.
his career. He also said that Jose will be a great hitting coach for that He’ll add to the offense and hope-
Canseco’s claim that they would team – let’s face it, steroids don’t fully make the O’s a team to watch
go into the bathroom and shoot up do anything if you can’t put the bat for in 2010.

BOWL: Bushrod to start at OT

offense that features many weapons. Quarterback Drew
Brees completed 70.6 percent of his passes in 2009 for
preparation, and what Jermon feels he needs to do to 4,388 yards and 34 touchdowns to many different targets.
attack and defend against their moves. So Jermon is defi- “He’s a great guy,” Bushrod said. “He’s a great moti-
nitely extremely cerebral about his preparation, also.” vator. All he wants to do is get W’s, so he makes sure
Bushrod said that Donatelli has been one of the best everybody’s on the same page and that we have each
Eric Gazzillo/The Towerlight
influences for his NFL career. For all that he has been other’s back.”
Kacy Catanzaro performs on the balance beam on her
through, the one thing they both agree on is that mental Bushrod said that there are certain similarities between
way to a second-place finish on the event. Catanzaro
strategical preparation are two of the most most important the styles of his current offense and the one run at Towson
won the all-around competition, while Jackie Schweitzer
tools for a lineman. under former head coach Gordy Combs and quarterback
and Alise McDonald each won two events on the way to a
“He was kind of molding me from day one,” Bushrod Sean Schaefer.
Towson win over William & Mary at the Towson Center.

said. “He kind of took me under his wing and showed me
the right way to do things. He helped mold me into the
person I am today, and I kind of just carried that whole
mindset over. I got my opportunity this year, and I’m try- I think my bboy is going to do
ing to make my contributions to this team.”
Donatelli said he has watched approximately 70 percent pretty well against [Dwight
of Bushrod’s action this season, including a lot of the Freeney]. I think he’ll do enough
championship game against the Vikings, who boast one of
the best defensive ends in the sport, Jared Allen. studying, I think he’s athletic
“I think first of all the Saints had a great game plan enough that he can get to the
for him,” Donatelli said, “that they didn’t match him
up against Jared consistently play after play after play. spot... as long as he protects that
So it never got to be where Jared could get a handle on edge, they’ll be fine.
Jermon’s techniques and moves. But what can you say? JOHN DONATELLI
You have to give [Bushrod] all the credit in the world just Towson offensive line coach, 1999-present
for being so young and getting put in such a high-pressure
situation against such a high-caliber player.” “I could say that they are alike, because at Towson we
Donatelli said that Bushrod might match up one-on-one would spread it out and we would air it out,” Bushrod
better against Colts’ defensive end Dwight Freeney, also said. “This year, with our offense we run more and more.
widely regarded as one of the NFL’s top pass rushers. He Since we established the run game, we’re a more balanced
said Bushrod’s athleticism and intelligence will be impera- offense. Those are two really accurate quarterbacks.”
tive against Freeney, whose success is based more around Towson defensive assistant coach Konstantinos
speed and elusiveness than Jared Allen’s power. Freeney, Kosmakos, who played with Bushrod at Towson from
however, will likely be limited in the Super Bowl after 2002-2005, said Bushrod was a good teammate to have on
suffering an ankle injury during the AFC Championship what he called “a hard-nosed offensive line.”
game. “He’s just one of those guys who’s a great teammate to
“Freeney is one of the most explosive defensive ends have,” Kosmakos said. “He had a good personality, he’d
in that league – quick around the edge, got a great spin make everybody laugh. He also probably had one of the
move,” Donatelli said. “He’ll come off the bus on Super best work ethics of anybody I came into contact with.”
Bowl Sunday spinning. Having said that, I think my boy is On that note, Bushrod said he’s hoping to keep the
going to do pretty well against him. I think he’ll do enough media frenzy and the hype out of his head and focus
studying, I think he’s athletic enough that he can get to on preparation, despite his important role in one of the
the spot. His thing will be, ‘can he handle the counter world’s most popular sporting events.
move, can he re-react to Freeney’s initial move and his “I can’t let the Super Bowl thing get to me too much,”
secondary moves?’ He’s going to have help on the inside the Towson alumnus said. “I’ve just got to stay focused
from [left guard Carl] Nicks, so as long as he protects that and realize that it is another game and that we’ve got to
February 1, 2010

edge, they’ll be fine.” go out there prepared and focused.”

Bushrod said that he needs to make sure that he knows Bushrod said that while he is in a position that most
how Freeney will react to any given offensive set the Saints fans wouldn’t have predicted him to fill, he envisioned
throw at him. himself as an NFL star for a while, and that that mindset
“You’ve just got to feel him out, and visualize how he’s helped him get to where he wanted to be.
The Towerlight

going to play in certain situations,” Bushrod said. “He’s a “Preparing day in and day out, you always see yourself
great player, he’s been winning for a very long time. It’s in certain situations, holding that trophy,” Bushrod said.
going to be another tremendous challenge for our team.” “You have to visualize yourself being successful or you’ll
That team has met almost every other challenge that never be successful in life. I’ve always dreamt of it, I’ve
has come its way this season, thanks in large part to an always thought about it, but now I’m here.” 23
Was the Pro-Bowl a waste of time?
Will there be a major changing of
the guard in baseball?


Lee, TU Tiger teams just short of sweep
earn rare
victory at
Kennedy cites
‘consistency’ as
key to second
conference win
Assistant Sports Editor

Coming off their worst loss in 62

years, the Tigers (5-16, 2-8 CAA)
gutted a close one out against the
UNC-Wilmington Seahawks to snap
a four game losing streak, 58-53.
The win comes after Towson was
UNC-W 53 rassed by
Commonwealth 112-53, losing by
the highest point total since 1948.
Heading in to the game against
UNC Wilmington, head coach Pat
Kennedy stressed to his players
that they need to play each posses-
sion with the same energy, and if
See UNCW, page 23
Casey Prather/The Towerlight
Junior Erica Hall took first place in the 200-yard backstroke and second in the 50-yard freestyle Friday afternoon against Johns Hopkins.
The Tigers finished the regular season on a five-meet winning streak heading into the CAA Championship Feb. 24-27 in Fairfax, Va.

be, but scored some points . . . and for the CAA Championship.
Men’s team three points shy of first I’m happy about that,” Pallace said “What I’ve got to do is look at
“Really something I can build on.” what the rest of the conference has
dual-meet victory, women cruise
McGwire, SAM SMITH earlier in the season than the scores
Mead was also pleased with the
performances of freshman Wade
Boarman and sophomore Wes Fultz
done these next few weeks, and fig-
ure out where we are going to be able
to score the most points,” he said.

Pirates top Staff Writer

Three points were all that sepa-

would have been different.
Mead can only hope that a loss of
this caliber will be a major motivator
whom both provided individual vic-
tories along with a second place
Sophomore Jenny Nevin has
made her way onto Mead’s radar as
a swimmer that could receive a nod

baseball rated the men from their first dual

meet victory of the season. The team
as the team heads into preceding
weeks of the CAA Championship
Sophomore Corey Ornstein is
another swimmer of note picking up
second place behind Pallace in the
to go to CAAs.
Nevin finished first in the 200-
allowed Johns Hopkins to battle that begins Feb. 24. yard breaststroke with a lifetime-
headlines back in the last two events and
walk away victorious 132-130 Friday
“I think you can learn far more
when you lose by two,” Mead said.
500 freestyle.
The women on the other hand,
best 2:25.36.
Sophomore Tana King and fresh-
Yeah, the afternoon. “That should serve as a little bit of were able to pick up a convinc- man Adrienne Phillips are other
Super Bowl Two-tenths of a second made all a fuel to the fire as we try to go into ing 158-95 win, even without three girls who made a strong case for
is within spit- the difference when the whole meet these next three weeks getting ready of their top swimmers in action: their shot at the CAA’s. King won
ting distance. came down to the last event, the for conferences, so that we actually Meredith Budner, Kayla Zeller and the 200-yard freestyle and placed
Yes, hock- 400-yard freestyle relay. With the do even better there.” Brooke Golden. second in the 100-yard freestyle.
ey’s in full Towson fans of Burdick pool cheer- They were led by great perfor- Budner, who is in the running to Phillips was first in the 1000-yard
swing (and ing him on, Towson senior Devin mances from seniors, T.J. Farley win the CAA swimmer of the year freestyle and second in the 200-yard
the Capitals Kirby was unable to beat Hopkins’ and Devin Kirby, Drew Pallace all of for a second year in a row, was out breast stroke.
Carrie Wood just won John Thomas to the wall, as the whom finished with two individual with an injured shoulder and prob- “Each week I got to sit down and
Staff Writer 10 straight Hopkins’ lane five grouping was able victories. ably wouldn’t have raced even if she figure out who are the 18, and I’ll
games!). But to place first and secure the victory. Kirby finished with a lifetime- were healthy Mead said. have to do it again,” Mead said. “It’s
just because there’s now half a foot “Guys, I know you’re disappoint- best 20.65 seconds in the 50-yard “[Budner], Brooke Golden and going to make it difficult. That’s a
of snow at Camden Yards doesn’t ed,” head coach Pat Mead told the freestyle. In the 100-yard freestyle Kayla Zeller, at this point of the sea- good thing to have that many people
mean there’s nothing happening in team after the meet. “But, I’ve been he placed first with a time of 46.80 son we are trying to get ready for the clicking right now, but it’s also a
February 1, 2010

the world of baseball. While there here 13 years and that was one of seconds. end of the year,” Mead said. challenge because everyone wants to
weren’t any huge blockbuster sign- the prouder moments.” Pallace was a staple in the dis- Without their biggest three con- be at CAA’s.”
ings or trades this off-season (so Although the team came up short tance events as he placed first in the tributors, the other girls stepped The swimmers are now in prepa-
far, anyway), there’s been plenty of the victory, many of the guys 1000-yard freestyle and the 500-yard up and have made Mead’s decision ration mode for the CAA’s, and will
of news in regards to the MLB: in recorded season-best times and freestyle with times of 9:52.63 and on whom to bring to conferences be idle until then. The team will be
The Towerlight

particular, Mark McGwire officially Mead said that if his men had swum 4:28.26 respectively. much harder. Only 18 swimmers are resting heavily until that time, while
See MLB, page 23 those times in some of the meets “Times weren’t where I wanted to allowed to make the trip to Fairfax focusing on their speed training.

24 Sports Online: Check the Web site for the weekend action for women’s basketball...