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Reception Class Newsletter Summer Term 1

Dear Parents Hope you enjoyed your break and the Easter
Bunny visited! I cant believe its our last term lets make it
a good one.

Our topics will include:

Ways to help your child:

Personal, Social and

Emotional Development.
Settling back into school.
Re-establishing rules and

Encourage your child to come into

school on their own/hang up
their coat/bag..

Responding in an appropriate
manner to visitors.
Caring for plants and animals

Developing greater concentration

and skills to work/play

Talk about acceptable/nonacceptable behaviour.

Talk about how we care
for/nurture living things.
Grow a plant/seed at home.

Communication and language/

Listening with increased
attention to stories/poems/
Responding to visitors with their
Using a variety of puppets,
propsto create/tell their own
Continued guided sessions in
Continued development of
independent writing and use of
Writing simple words correctly
and sounding out and writing c.v.c.
Using Phase 3/4 sounds in
reading and writing.
Numbers and counting activities.
Patterns drawn from different
Recording numerals.
Work on doubles.
Counting back.
Money to 1.00.

Share stories/books with your

child talk about author/front
coverin context.
Encourage your child to use a
variety of cues when reading
picture/context/sounding out
unknown words

Encourage your child to write in

real-life situations and to use
basic punctuation. Write super
Have a go at writing familiar
words and sounding out and
writing c.v.c. words

Practise counting in 2s/5s and

10s forwards/backwards.
Look at patterns in the
environment/at home.

Record numerals at home

correct formation.
Look for doubles i.e. when
playing dominoes.
Count back at home.
Let your child use money.

Ordinal numbers.

Talk about the different coins.

Look for situations when ordinal
position occurs i.e. when queuing.

Understanding the World.

Sorting plants and animals.
Looking at the variety to be
found in living things.
Pets, farm and zoo animals.
What is a farm?
The farmers day.
Belonging to a
group/class/religious tradition.
Days of the week making a
simple time line.
Months of the year.
Continued work using the
keyboard type our name/use a
word bank/form simple
sentences/captions on computer.

Talk about differences.

Name the variety of plants and
What makes a good pet?
Visit a farm.
Talk about groups that you/your
child belong to.

Using a variety of materials to

design and make a farm.

Expressive arts and design.

Collaging materials
Tearing and cutting paper.
Using a variety of media, skills
and techniques to make animals.

Discuss what your child does in a

typical week reinforce
Talk about specific months i.e.
when their birthday is
Let your child explore the
keyboard at home if you have a
Build and construct at home
refine ideas and models.

Explore and experiment at home.

Let your child paint, draw,
collagepictures/models of
Sing action rhymes/explore how sounds can be
made using everyday items.

Physical development.
Travelling in different directions. Go to the park and travel in a
variety of ways.
Throwing and catching.
Working with a partner.
Play outside and practise
throwing and catching together.
Moving creatively to music/other
Have a dance at home!

Dont Forget!
Our P.E. days are Tuesday/Thursday and Friday.
Reading Packs need to be in school every day. Books are changed
twice a week. Try to read little and often at home.
Library day is Wednesday (we rely on a volunteer).
Lets keep working together to support your child.
Welly Walks will still be on a Tuesday.
Thank you.

Thank you to our helpers.