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Billcom consulting
Maroc Telecom : April ~ Current date
• Back office support in preparing workshop.
• Back office support in analyzing and specifying functional needs.
• Check in the same time by pre implementation on BSCS iX R2.
ƒ Configuring VPN billing (Business Scenario for internal and external rating, Pre business
Scenario, Architecture of VPN CDR)
ƒ Free unit configuration (configuring promotionnal offer)
ƒ Cost control (used in optimizing and controlling all marketing offer )
ƒ Scripts analyzing consumption details in promotional offers (out offer and inside offer)

Mobinil – Orascom Egypt January 2009 ~ Current date

• BSCS IX migration DWH(Data Warehouse) of Mobinil operator.
• Adaptation of Billing reporting scripts from BSCS 6 to BSCS IX .

Syrian Telecom Syria Mars 2008 ~ Current date

• Data migration using CMS, for small set of customers.

Africa Solution. Miscrosoft Partner in Tunisia. 08/09/2007 ~ 23/12/2007

• Learning, Sotware design and development with Microsoft technologies.
ƒ API Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (C++/C#).
ƒ .Net Framework.
ƒ Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
Cofib Capital Finances. First Partner in Tunisian Bourses. 22/01/2007 ~ 18/08/2007
• Analysing and Configuration of Secure E-Commerce Method with protocol FIX (Financial
Information eXchange).

BillCom Consulting Tunisie, January 2008 ~ Mars 2008
• BSCS iX R2Architecture definition
• BSCS Configuration (Baseline Setup, Service configuration, Rate plan,system scenarios,business
• Rating and Billing configuration
• Cost Control Configuration
• Promotion Configuration
• Free unit Configuration
• Roaming Configuration
• Monitor all Billing Proccess
• Provisioning and Dunning
• Monitor all Modules BSCS iX R2 (PX, EI, CX, …)
• Oracle Developer (Tuning, create triggers, procedures, views, cursor, …)
• Rating processs responsible (FIH,FOH,RIH,RLH…etc)
• Performance Testing for all Rating and Billing modules (Fih,Rih,Rlh,Bch…)
• Overview SDPX
Computer Ability:
• Application Design: Microsoft Project, Rational Rose, AMC Designer.
• Programming Language: C/C++, Bourne Shell, JAVA, PHP, ASP.Net, HTML, XML.
• API: Eclipse, Netbeans, JCreator, Oracle Developper, MS Visual Studio.
• Database: Oracle Database, SQL Server, MySQL.
• OS Platforms:Unix Solaris, Linux, Windows NT & XP
• Design and Architecture: UML and Merise.

• Polytechnical Private Institue of Tunis.
Optimisation method in Software Engineering.
• National School of Computing Sciences, 2003-2006
Engineering Degree, Programmer (FST, Tunisia)
• Preparatory Institute of Study Engineers of Nabeul (IPEIN), 2001-2003

English : Good writing, reading, and speaking ability.
French : Excellent writing, reading, and speaking ability.
Arabic : Native Language.