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Health and happiness are inseparable; both are two sides of a coin. It
has been rightly said that happiness is a state of mind, but it is also right
to say that true happiness lies in having a healthy body which is without
any disease. To be disease free is indispensible to happiness. One can only
enjoy other pleasures of life if one has a healthy body. But In this fast
paced life, people are not able to take proper care of their health, and
hence it becomes a dream to be disease free.
A disease free body means a body which is not at ease due to any kind of
illness or ailment. Diseases are of two kinds 1) Curable diseases
which can be cured by proper medication, diet and right way of living. 2)
Incurable diseases which do not get cured completely even after taking
proper medication. Among these incurable diseases, some of the diseases
stay with the patient throughout life but do not prove to be fatal if proper
medication is taken. However, there are exceptions as diseases such as
Aids and Cancer are incurable and fatal to life.

In this article, we analyse the astrological reasons for why a disease like
cancer is caused. Let us first know, what is Cancer? According to Ayurveda
the sixth layer of skin is called Rohini, which means formation of cells.
When these cells are affected, then, a node is formed in that part of the
body. Astrology is based on karmas of previous birth that means
we can come to know by the discipline of astrology, in what way we
can get the results of karmas of previous birth in the present birth.
According to astrological science, any disease in the body is the result of
karmas in previous birth. Planets are indications of these results. Science
of astrology is very helpful in identifying all the diseases
including cancer. Besides the identification, it can also be known that in
what age the native will suffer due to cancer and whether it will be the
cause of death or not. This fact can be accurately known by astrology.
Cancer disease can be identified very easily on basis of the following
Chapter 24 of Jyotish Ratna says 1. Rahu represents poison. If Rahu is associated with bhava and bhavesh
(Rashi Lord) and that house is associated with ascendant or disease
house, in that case, poison increases in the body.

2. If the Lord of sixth house is associated with ascendant, eight house and
tenth house and aspected by Rahu, in that case the possibility of cancer
3. Association of Saturn Mars or Saturn Rahu, Saturn Ketu in twelfth house
gives cancer disease to the native.
4. If Rahu aspects trik house, or tri lord, it also increases the possibility of
The configuration of planets which may cause cancer disease are given
below, as experienced in real life1. Sixth house and sixth lord is affected or placed in malefic planets
2. Mercury planet signifies skin, so, if mercury is affected by malefic
planets and aspected by Rahu, the native gets affected by cancer.
3. Mercurys weak position , affliction, or placement in the Nakshatra of
malefic planet also make yoga for the disease.
According to Brihat Parashar Hora shastra the malefic influence on
sixth lord or sixth house is not good ,as Rog Sthane Gate Paape , Tadishi
It means the native will be diseased , if Rahu and Saturn are placed in
sixth house, the native may suffer serious and incurable disease. Let us
understand the fact by the analysis of an example Kundali.
DOB 27-03-1993, TOB 1030 hrs, POB Asansol, West Bengal
Birth chart and Navamsha chart have been given here

In Birth chart, ascendant lord Mercury is weak and is making

association with eight house lord Saturn. Sixth house Lord Mars is in
ascendant. Rahu signifies poison, which is placed in disease house itself.
Its placement in Scorpio sign, makes Rahu more malefic. It is to be noted
that a Scorpio sign also signifies poison. So, it is an indication of Cancer
disease. Mercury is in nakshatra rahu and is weak in Shadbal. Jupiter is
retrograde and is aspected by sixth Lord Mars. Moreover, Jupiter is
hammed between two malefic planets, Mars and Rahu. All these signs are
enough indications for causing yoga of cancer disease.
Rahu is aspected by third lord Sun. Sun is the karka of blood. This
native had blood cancer. According to Gemini Astrology the native had a
short life and he died on 20th November 2009 due to blood cancer at
1330 hrs in a hospital at Bangalore. That time the native was only sixteen
years old.
Gochar Kundali 20/11/2009, 13:30 hrs Bangalore

Now we make a chart of gochar kundali at the time of natives death. You
will find ascendant Lord Saturn is placed in eight house. Mars is placed in
sixth house and is in debilitation. Jupiter is also in debilitation in twelfth
house and is aspected by afflicted Mars. The lord of eight house Mercury
in tenth house is aspected by Malefic Saturn. The Lord of sixth house,
Moon, is also afflicted in eleventh house, due to its association with Rahu.
All these configuration and combinations of planets make yoga for
natives death. In this way, the science of astrology is very helpful in
identifying the reasons for such fatal disease like cancer.