Book report on the banker to the poor

By Muhammad Yunus khan In this book Muhammad Yunus tells the journey of his life and how he feels to start a bank which provides money to the poor¶s. In this book he explains his personal life experience and his battle against poverty. He is an economic teacher in Chittagong University in Bangladesh. When he sees the people with shortage of food or basic needs he realized to do something for the poor¶s to remove this situation. He realized that the thing which is taught by us in universities were just a theories with no application. These theories cannot help the poor¶s. He wanted to know the reason behind that a woman works many hours in a day and she is not able to fulfill its basic requirement. His friend Latiffe and he goes to the Jobra village and start interviewing the poor in the village to actually know what is the cause of all this and why do the poor even after a lot of hard work never get rich. He then goes in a house to a woman called Sufia and asks her how she earns money to feed her family. She tells him that she works all day and makes a bamboo stool she buys the wood from the money lender for 5 taka on the condition that she would sell it to him for 5 taka 50 paisa. The money dealer actually limits them in a sense that they have to buy the material and sell the product just to the money lender in the price they demand. This limits the borrower because they can only buy and sell from the money lender and they would only make as much profit as the money dealer would want them to, that way they wouldn¶t be able to get the profit they deserve and would just be dependent on the money lender also they wouldn¶t be able to save anything. Then Muhammad Yunus realized the real cause behind this. He first gave 27$ to 42 women¶s to start their own work and take more profit but after that he realized that its not a proper solution. He should make a proper institute which would help the poor¶s. First he go the bank manager for helping the poor but bank manager didn¶t agree with his ideas than he talks to the headquarter he agrees with his own guarantee. The idea and determination for the need of provide poor¶s their basic funding is the main cause of starting Grameen bank. One branch of the Janata bank was used as the first Grameen bank they needed one million to start with. In this book he tells how he feels for the poor¶s, he also says that his inspiration and devotion to help the needy was adapted from his mother as she always helped the needy relatives. The birth of the Grameen bank is very difficult as its main purpose is to give small amount of loans to the poor¶s. In start World Bank says that Grameen bank would be Nauman Ayubi Butt

bankrupt in next few years but they are wrong, after 1993 they statements changed as grameen improvised a lot and with the help of supporters and excellent strategies Grameen bank improved a lot. Muhammad Yunus didn¶t like the others banks strategy as they just ignore the women¶s and give loans mainly to men¶s. If a women¶s goes for loan they say to come with their husbands. Grameen bank mainly focuses on women as Muhammad Yunus thinks that women¶s are more responsible than men¶s. If we give loans to the women¶s than they must first see their Childs and their homes and wants to improve that things. They designed their own houses with love. They used their own money with the help of housing loans. They didn¶t waste their money in unnecessary things. They can use this money in education of their children¶s and this also helps to improve the economy. He wanted to make poverty free world. He introduces many things like Grameen phone, Grameen Check, Grameen Fisheries Foundation, The Grameen Trust through all these things they help a lot to remove poverty.

Nauman Ayubi Butt

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