Applications without complications

Programming experience not required

About the framework
The Prodigentia Framework (PF) is a development tool for web based applications. This tool is different from all other development tools because it doesn't requires programming. That's true – anyone can build their own web application. It's not like you can talk with the computer and ask him to fulfill all your needs - yet. We believe that, in the near future, it will be possible. Forget all the complex programming skills, error-prone applications, solutions that can't keep up with ongoing business changes... We took care of that for you. Forget programming, focus on the business processes. The application business logic is defined using process files, which are pieces of XML code, using the framework's XML tag language. For instance, if you'd like to edit a record from the database, you'd have to write: <ACTION>EDIT</ACTION> XML is a standard technology, human-readable, and yet simple to write and understand. These process files define the behaviour of the applications and how processes are interconnected. This allows not only an easy and clean development process, requiring less lines of code than traditional programming languages, but also a warranty of quality above the average.

What can be built using this tool
With this development tool anyone can build applications with less effort, less time and greater quality. This is not a miraculous tool – but we guarantee that after half a day training you'll be able to build a simple application with the other half of the day – even if you have no programming skills at all. With a price tag starting at €1.000 per applications, why should anyone keep trying to reinvent the wheel? You can save up to 90% on development and testing. If you're a developer that means you can use the remaining time to do more projects and greatly improve your productivity. If you're an application buyer, make sure you grab your web solution faster and cheaper. Doesn't this look attractive?

Customer's advantage
Using this framework is not only good for you – as a developer. It is also great for your customer, because the return on the investment is guaranteed.

Upgrade path
This framework is mantained by Prodigentia and it's future development will be released to all customers, making available new functions. That means, when the PF has new features, you'll get them, allowing you to enhance your applications and offer your customers an easy upgrade path. Prodigentia re-invests a significant portion of the profits enhancing this product and providing customer support.

Platform independence
This solution gives total independence in choosing a platform and base operating system. This framework has native support for a large diversity of operating systems, database and webservers, allowing the customer to choose the combination which best suits it's needs, company policy or technicians expertise. Still, any chance of future migration won't be compromised, because there is no need to change the code when migrating the entire aplication. Just copy the process files and migrate the data models (if changing the database server) and you're done.

Technological warranty
This is a technological warranty – PF applications are prepared for technological adaptation in future needs.

Adapt to business changes
This development tool allows you to add, enhance or correct functionallities, without interfering with the production system, and easily deploy those changes to a live system, just by copying the process files.

Empower customers
Do you, as a customer have the resources and skills to mantain your own applications using a development solution like this? The XML process files allows the customer to easily understand the developed system, since the aplication's source code is easy to comprehend, even for people with little technical knowlegde.

Protect the source
If you want to keep your XML code private, simply encrypt it using the built-in encryption engine1. That will keep your source code safe. 1 Planned functionality


Thin-client Webserver

Application processes

Core system
Modules Cache system Security system

Database 1

Database 2

Database 3

Comparison chart
Parameter Design Programmed applications Poor. Not easily customizable. Medium. Usability PF applications Very good customizable. and easily

Very good. The look-and-feel has been thoroughly tested with our customers to provide the best experience. The look-and-feel is customizable and coherent across all functionalities.

Easy of development

Requires experience.



Very easy. End-users, with proper training can build their own applications. Training can take ½ day.

Speed of development Compatibility

Much time to build a working model. Difficult to platforms. adapt do other

Up to 90% faster. Platform and independent database


Difficult to prototype.

Easy to prototype. Working prototypes can be build in a matter of hours. Only functional tests must be applied. The whole environment is virtually bug-free. Most functionalities are built-in, like user authentication, database connection, data handling and validation, etc.


Must be thoroughly tested.


Most functionality must be coded from the scratch.

Competitive Edge
Few software-houses have a 100% web based solution. Despite these companies know it's an inevitable evolution, it becomes complicated to manage the process of developing simultaniously two application branches, one based on Win32 or other legacy systems, to give support to production systems, other on a web plataform, prepared for the next generation.

Special care was taken in security when developing this framework. The system is prepared to give diferent and unlimited security levels for diferent users/groups and assigning granular permissions. The system also allows to log all the processes executed on the aplication, to screen or database registry, making possible remote debugging or future analysis. Also the IP's and users are recorded, and data versioning is a native functionality (database independent). On the user's perspective it is possible to define groups (and apply the respective permitions), blocking by password error, restrictions by IP, activation and deactivation of accounts, among other functionalities.

It took years to develop the first release and another year to achieve maturity. Many people worked on this system to make it easy to develop and easy to use. Many customers have also tested applications built with this framework, and contributed to the development process with their suggestions. With this solution it's possible to development faster than the traditional way. To experience the power of this framework we have developed a content management system, using the framework functionalities. This application was named Content Objects and the newest release (version 2), includes:
• • • • • • • • • •

Dynamic menu and submenu generation On-site editing Document and image repository Multi-language (symmetric or asymmetric) Public and private zones, accessible using authentication Different access levels for editors Data collection for visitors Registered users management Newsletter management One-step backup

This content management system was built using 244 process files, about 6.000 lines of PF code and about 190kb. Amazing, isn't it?

All source code from this framework is exclusive property of Prodigentia – Information Tecnologies, Ltd.. This framework can work over many platforms. To use the framework you must request a license key to use it in your server.

Additional Funcionalities (available through modules)
• • •

Electronic payments (Visa, Visa 3d Secure, MBNet, Multibanco, SDD) SMS outbound communications Report generation (Openoffice file formats)

The Prodigentia Framework requires that the IonCube loader be installed in the server. The IonCube loader is free.

Technological Support
This diagram presents the many available options for the use of the framework. The system can work with any combination of these 5 operating systems, any of the 5 databases (even so there are more supported databases), and PHP language or Java(*), achieving more than 25 different combinations.

Operating System Database Programming Language

Windows NT®

Windows 2000®

Windows 2003 Server®




Oracle® Java®*


Informix® Sybase®

We have detached in light blue the recommended combination. (*) To be available soon
Windows and Microsoft SQL Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Sun, Sun Microsystems, Java and Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Sybase is a registered trademark of Sybase in the United States and other countries. MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB in the United States, the European Union and other countries.


License Users Servers Aplications Prices Licensing CO2 module

User Adapter 1 1 1000 500 Bridge Up to 5 1 2.500 1.000

Developer(3) Localhost Singleton Prototype 1(1) 1 Up to 5 Factory farm(4)

unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 500 250 5.000 1.000 12.500 5.000 150.000 25.000

(1)limited to the usage in localhost (2)includes certification services (3)allows sub-licensing according to contract terms (4)according to contract terms

Training CO2 End-User CO2 Template Engine CO2 Customization PF Start-it.up PF Database PF Development PF Deploy and debug

Duration ½ day 1 day 2 days ½ day 1 day 3 days 1 day

Price 250 450 850 350 450 1250 450

* all prices are in euros and can be changed without prior notice. Applicable taxes not included.

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