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Daily Monitor
OCTOBER 13, 2014

CMI spy arrested
in Mogadishu

Is Kayihura not liked?. In certain circles, it would
appear that the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale
Kayihura, is not a very popular figure. Take the following conversation which was overheard on Friday,
October 3, the day the Force held its centenary celebrations, two official-looking individuals were heard

referring to him as a kadogo (child soldier), who has
worked his way up the ladder.
“He feeds the President on …. That’s why he has
managed to be where he is” he said as the police
chief received the centenary torch from President

Cartoon. Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says he is not bothered by his sacking.


military intelligence officer
attached to the 345 Battalion
based in Sharambot, South
East of Mogadishu, Somalia was recently arrested after he wrote reports
implicating his bosses in the sale of
fuel and bullets.
The officer at the rank of Lieutenant was placed under house arrest
on accusations of spreading harmful
propaganda against his commander,
insubordination and failure to execute his duty.
Word is that an investigation into
the arrest of this officer is under way
amidst fears these bullets could end
up in the hands of al-Shabaab terrorists.
It seems that just as the UPDF
continues to weaken the enemy in
Somalia, some commanders are now
switching from fighting to trading




s Geraldine Namirembe
Bitamazire attended Trinity College Nabbingo from where
she went to Makerere University
where she attained a diploma in
1964 followed by a Bachelor of
Arts degree in 1967 and a Master
of Arts degree in 1987.
Between 1971 and 1974, she
served as a director in the East
African Harbours Corporation
and Headmistress of Tororo Girls
School. Between 1974 and 1979,
she served as a senior education
officer, in the Ministry of Education.
Between 1979 and 1980, she
was minister of Education.
Again, between 1981 to 1996,
Namirembe Bitamazire was
the deputy chairperson of the
Teaching Service Commission
before being appointed minister
of State for Education in 1999,
a position she
held until 2005
when she became minister
of Education
and Sports.
In 2010 when
Mpigi District
was split into
three districts
of Butambala,
Gomba and the
current smaller Mpigi, Bitamazire was beaten by a fellow NRM
party member Mariam Nalubega
in the race for the Butambala
Woman MP. She was subsequently dropped as minister.
Since her departure from the
political scene, the good lady has
hardly been seen in public.

MP abandons
voter in office

Alaso instills fear of
God into Muhakanizi

Stern warning. The tough-talking chairperson of the Accounts Committee has promised to squeeze the nation’s
treasurer in the wrong places.


he Secretary to the Treasury, Mr Keith Muhakanizi,
amused MPs last week when
he told Parliament’s Public Accounts
that they had “really squeezed his

Mr Muhakanizi, who kept calling himself a born-again Christian,
was referring to the grilling he went
through while appearing before
PAC to answer audit queries on the
alleged misuse of the Agriculture

Credit Facility.
Committee members were
tickled when their chair, Serere
Woman MP Alice Alaso, threatened to squeeze Mr Muhakanizi’s
balls. “I will only squeeze those
balls if you put them on table,” Ms
Alaso said.
This statement amused MPs
who plunged into a prolonged
After Ms Alaso warned him
against trading off his balls, the
Secretary kept quiet and the matter ended there. Ms Alaso also cautioned accounting officers against
calling her “chairman”. She said
calling her chairman offends her
because she is not a man.

Namayanja appointment sends shivers among some MPs


nformation minister Rose Namayanja Nsereko is all
the rage these days.
After President Museveni appointed her to head a
six-man team tasked to evaluate implementation of the
NRM Manifesto and ensure that voters’ needs are addressed before it is too late, the minster’s appeal has
gone up. This is the same minister who lost an acrimonious election to former minister Ms Dorothy Hyuha

in the race to become deputy secretary general of the
ruling NRM party. She garnered 3,039 votes against
Hyuha’s 3,754.
Some NRM MPs are now worried that the Namayanja
committee could file damaging reports to the President, naming the MPs who did not sell the sole candidature project and others who have failed to account
for the funds.

he young man who caused
drama along Parliament Avenue last month is at it again.
This time he chose Parliament as the
scene of his protest, getting himself
onto the premises and then proceeding to sit quietly on the veranda to
wait for his area MP.
The young man who has since been
identified as Ian Muwanguzi and others are hunting for their MP to help
them with resources to find a colleague who was reportedly picked up
by unidentified people. Muwanguzi
had informed the MP that his friend
was arrested by the police but later
released upon being cleared of having any participation in the Kasese
He told the MPs that because they
are FDC supporters, no one is listening to their complaints. They have
reported to the police and other security agencies in vain and now they
claim that their lives are in danger.
But the MP decided to hide from Muwanguzi and his friends forcing him
to camp at Parliament.
The MP had told his secretary to
tell Muwanguzi that he had travelled.
But when Muwanguzi saw him, he
quietly followed him to his office only
to be embarrassed. The MP told Muwanguzi to wait in his office while he
went to pick his iPad from the library
only to disappear, leaving his visitor



easoned banker Innocent
Bakamuhara Mwine has
finalised plans to kick junior
works minister John Byabagambi out of the Ibanda South
MP race.
Mr Mwine, who takes pride
in popular support among the
youth and farmers in the area,
some of whom he has helped
access credit for business, says:
“The youth have only been
used to vote and are neglected
in Ibanda South.”
He also says he will advocate
for maternal health services
which are not enough in the
constituency while fighting
to ensure improvement in the
quality of education because
current performance in national exams is not good.
The jolly good fellow has an
elaborate plan: Lobby both
government and NGO for better seeds and inputs to uplift
the agriculture sector, promote
community policing to reduce
crime, revamp Ibanda Development Association to steer
growth and to be the real voice
of all the people of Ibanda.