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Lectia 22


Definitie: Future Tense Continuous exprim o aciune n desfurare
ntr-un moment viitor, posterior momentului vorbirii.
Formare: will + be + vb + ing
I will be living with my husband and my children at the
countryside at this time next year when my father, my mother, my
brother and my sister will be living in town. I will be working in the
morning, my friend, Louise will be going to school in the afternoon
every week day but my sister will be going in the evening. They will
not be going to school in the week end. Louise will be teaching
English while my sister will be teaching History, while my sister will
be teaching History.
Verbele accentuate sunt la timpul Future Continuous:
I will be living voi locui
They will be living vor locui
I will be working voi lucra
Louise will be going Louise va merge
They will not be going - ei nu vor merge
Louise will be teaching Louise va preda
My sister will be teaching sora mea va preda
Verbul to work (a lucra, a munci) la Future Tense Continuous:
I /we shall/will be working
You he/she/it /they will be working
I /we shall/will not be working
You he/she/it /they will not be working
Shall/will I /we be working?
Will you he/she/it /they be working?
Exemplu: I shall/will be walking at two oclock tomorrow.
at this time next week.

M voi plimba mine la ora dou.

sptmna viitoare la ora asta.
- exprim o aciune n desfurare ntrerupt de o aciune momentan.
Exemplu: When he comes, I will be eating. Cnd va veni, eu voi fi
n mijlocul mesei.
- exprim o aciune n desfurare n viitor n paralel cu o alt aciune
n desfurare, de asemenea n viitor.
Exemplu: She will be walking while I am sleeping.- Ea se va plimba
n timp ce eu voi dormi.
Adverbele cele mai des utilizate cu Future Continuous:
when, while, at his time next week, month, year, etc
Examples: You will be waiting for her when her plane arrives tonight.
Tu o vei atepta cnd
sosete avionul disear.
I will be watching TV when she arrives tonight. Cnd ea va sosi
disear, eu voi fi la televizor.
Exerciii Punei verbele din parantez la Future Continuous.
Example: Mark ______________ on the computer when his mother
arrives home. (to play)
Answer: Mark will be playing on the computer when his mother
arrives home.
1) She ______________ him next week. (to meet)
2) We ______________ in Piteti just about now. (to arrive)
3) At 8 o'clock on Tuesday they ___________ the new song. (to sing)
4) He ______________when you call her. (to sleep)
5) It ______________ when I reach Madrid. (to rain, probably)
6) Mary ______________ a video when I arrive tonight. (to watch)
7) You ______________ spaghetti soon. (to eat)
8) This time next week he ______________ to Africa. (to fly)
9) Mary ______________to the party on Sunday. (to come)
10) Tomorrow at nine I ______________a test paper. (to write)

Punei verbele din parantez la Future Continuous.

- I .............................. (play) tennis at 10am tomorrow.
- They ........................ (not watch) TV at 9pm tonight.
- What ......... you .................. (do) at 10pm tonight?
- What ......... you .................. (do) when I arrive?
- She ............................ (not sleep) when you telephone her.
- We .............................. (have) dinner when the film starts.
- Take your umbrella. It .................. (rain) when you return.
Completati spatiile goale folosind FC urmatoarele propozitii:
1. What will you be doing at 9pm tomorrow?
2. At 9 pm tomorrow I will be watching tv.
3. What will you be doing on Sunday morning?
4. On Sunday morning, I will be playing Football,
5. What will you be doing at this time in 5 years?
6. At this time in 5 years, I will be working.
7. What will you be doing when you have retired form work?
8. When I have retired form work, I will be fishing.
9. This time next year I will be living in London.
10. At 8PM tonight I will be eating dinner with my family.
11. They will be runing for about four hours.
12. Unfortunately, I will be working on my essay so I wont be able to
watch the match.
13. She will be studying at the library tonight.
14. Will you be waiting at the station when she arrives?
15. I will be drinking at the pub while you are taking your exam!
16. Will she be lisening her Grandmother again this week?
17. At 3PM I will be watching that movie on channel four.
18. Will they be singing at the concert next Friday?
19. What will I be doing next weekend?
20. Where will you be working next year?
21. How she will be travelling next week?
22. At 10 am tomorrow, I will be sleeping.
23. At 12 pm today, you will be working.
24. At 5 pm on Monday, she will be studying.

25. I will be waiting for you when your train arrives.