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Executive Development Project



I. Introduction .3
II. Present situation ..4
1. Family ...4
2. Education ...4
3. Professional experience .4
4. Important and critical events and achievements ....5
5. My plans and goals ....6
III. Assessment ..7
1. Self assessment .7
2. Feedbacks ....8
3. Myers Brigs Type Indicator .....9
4. JoharI Window.......12
5. Nohari Window......13
IV. World Class Me .....14
V. Summary.17
VI. Conclusion .20
VII. Reference .....21
VIII. Appendices ..22


Continuing Professional development (CPD) consists of any educational activity

which allows or helps an individual to develop, maintain or increase knowledge,
technical skills, problem solving etc.
The CPD relates to their professional lives by maintaining the knowledge and
skills .It gives each individual an opportunity to know about them self. This allows
them to challenge or face the professional needs. It also allows realizing their
capabilities or talents to achieve the goal in their profession. In CPD professions
have limited views such as seeing it as training, a means of maintaining up-to-date
or a way to build a career. It is a lifelong learning, which means a career security
gaining, then means of personal development, assuring individual professionals are
up to date. It is more closely linked with the ideals of professionalism. The
continuing professional education realize us that our future is created by ourselves,
lies in our incident, events, knowledge, experience, skill and occurrence, not in the
work place or business we work for.
Executive Development Project (EDP) aim is to recognize us who we are meant
to be in the future, who I wish to be, what I want to become or achieve in my
career .The most important one to know what is my strength and weaknesses are. It
realizes us or teaches us who we are.

When I start working on my EDP project realized me what to start thinking and
think about who am I and plan for the future , assess what I needed to become,
what knowledge, skills and attitude that I would like to develop .The figure below
shows the CPD cycle.

EPD gives a picture of my personal and skilled backgrounds. I implemented

different tools for assessing myself they are experiences, feedbacks from my
colleagues and superior, Meyers-Brigs Type Indicator Test, Belbin's Team Role Test,
Merrill-Reid test and Johari Window in order to recognize my type of character,
personality, strengths and weaknesses. This type of test helps to improve to what
to become and what all plans to be done in the future.


First of all I would like to talk about something about me by giving my educational
background, family, talents, interests and my profession

1. Family

I am 23 years old man. I am having a small family consists of my mother,

father and seven years younger brother. Both of my parents is working, my mother
is a mathematics teacher working in a Hollyangels School ISC, father is a Geologist
working in a Mineral Exploration Corporation India Ltd. (MECL), my brother is doing
his 12th in Christ Nagar Higher Secondary School . I was living with my families for
22 years. This is the first time I am living far away from them. I am having a very
close relation with my parents, which live in the capital city of the state Kerala. I can
always rely on them whenever I am in trouble or any other problems and I try my
best to support them. I am still single .I live in East London with my Uncle and Aunt.

2. Education

I completed my Undergraduate from faculty of mechanical engineering at

P.A.Aziz College of engineering and Technology in India in 2010.During my
engineering I also did Diploma in mechanical computer aided design (CAD) as a
part-time in 2007-09.Then, after starting work, I was continuing my education on
Business study in Bedfordshire which was my interests and plan relating to my
future career.

3. Professional experience

After my engineering studies I started working in Lotus engineers Pvt Ltd as

Assistant engineer, looking after the supervision of civil construction works in the
water supply sector in different parts of Kerala, engaged in day to day
measurements of works in the field, offering engineering inputs in various stages of
works. Working in the field of e-tendering, knowledge in computer operations and
other logistic supply of materials from purchase to quality checks were utilized by
the company. Engaged in the preparation of as laid maps and checking of design of
the distribution system. During my business studies I work as part time, as
assistant, for a short like Christmas jobs. Coming to UK to improve language skills,
earn money and increase my value as potential employee.

My career path is a wide spread, it has lots of opportunities whole over the
world .My career is based on promotions and a challenging one. This is why I
thought of learning more to improve my career path rather than staying in a same
position for a long time.
The experiences which I had were all valuable and priceless. This shaped my life
a lot and also gave me a bright starting to my career. My work experience is
summarized in Table below:




|Lotus Engineer
Start of my professional career. |
|Kerala Pvt ltd
year I felt that I could |
career. Using



|After 1

|not improve my

|career metaphor it


|ceiling type.



|Short career. It

|Glass ceiling type

was glass

|Amazon .UK



|Short career. It

|Glass ceiling type

|Royal Mail.UK



From my point of view, my career is still to go; my career is similar to heights

to reach the elixir of life. In the life there will be lots of struggles, stages,
experiences, gaining lots of other skills which will develop me lot of opportunities for
future development.

4. Important / critical events and achievements.

In my life there are lots of important achievements or milestones which showed

the right path to my professional career. The table below shows the main events.


|Critical Events

|How worked for me?

|Start of my studies Engineering in mechanical |Start of 4 year
period of learning, working on project and
|in P A Aziz college of engineering and technology |gaining experience
lead to opportunity in career possibilities and |

|(PAACET) India


|Diploma in Computer aided design in mechanical
between my engineering studies gave me more

|2 year period

|opportunity to shine in my field of


|Completed CAD course
knowledge in mechanical design
|Invented Air engine
my work, Made me proud of myself .Made|
Started thinking to do higher |

|Confirmation of my
|Got lots of appreciation for
|me to think to make my own company,


|studies in business.

|Graduated from PA Aziz college of engineering and|Confirmation of
my knowledge Undergraduate degree and start of my |



|adult life.

|Start of my professional career my first work |My first work
experience linked with my engineering studies. I

|after engineering studies


|started thinking the value of

|Bought my own Bike
was proof of my financial independence. |

|I was proud of myself. It

|It was my first asset.

|2006 , 2008 and |College trips

for me, because tour was organized by me |
organizational skills.

|It was memorable moment

|and my friends, This gives proof of

manage the group members,
location to reach etc. which I

|Furthermore, the trip gave me how to

|financial management, and the

gave me new idea for my future |

|decided to study administration. It


advantages, Considering from my

|Doing MBA program has lots of


significant impact. I am very |
university to gain knowledge and

|engineering background MBA has the

|satisfied that I made to this

|Start of my MBA program at Bedfordshire
This ability will work in my future career. |

|University UK

|improve my MBA skill.

|MBA will open many doors for me.

5. My plans and goals

My future plan all depends on time still there are lots of plans for my future. I
would like to say its my dream. I dont want to waste my time. I want to live, I want
to love and I want to be happy. I need to meet lots of new faces, new things to do, I
want to explore our world, see new places. I would like to achieve goals in various
area of my life. I know all things are not possible in life but still can give a try.

In my personal life the main goal for next five years is to make my life safe in a
financial way, to be independent, to decide myself what I want to become in my life.
I think that this is the right time for me to take my own decision rather than my
parent decision. I still want to be single for next 5years. I want to balance my worklife in a uniform way.

Another personal aim is to find a platform for my inborn talents which I have in
me. I want to show my artistic talent to this world. I will put my own art gallery in
London one of my dream. The love of art come from my heart which gave me lots of
joy and energy I feel after each art work I complete. I love the historical places in
London I wish I can be also a part of it. Coming to UK in my first month itself I got an
opportunity to perform dance in stage at East London. As a hobby I want to improve
this talent also. What is important in this is to organize individual performances,
project planning and managerial skill and strong desire of quest.

In my professional career I am looking forward for right direction in my career

path and within 5 years I would like to gain experiences in engineering industry,
looking for a senior engineer post in operation management. Simultaneously, I
would like to improve my managerial skill and also improve my leadership quality.
Another option for my career is to find a company which deals with design and
look forward to gain experience and to make a safe career in any design company in

Additional option is to start my own company, CADD centre, which is also a good
scope for the future.


I assessed myself who I am; I used various techniques of assessing my type of

personality, checking my strength and weakness, such as Meyers-Briggs Type
Indicator (MBTI Test), Johari & Nohari Window and feedbacks.
First of all , I started with analyzing myself what made me to put in order my
thoughts ,reflect what is more needed for me, what all methods I need to improve,
which direction I need to choose. What appropriate thinking method I need to
choose. I arranged the list of my strengths and areas of perfection.

1. Self-assessment

Self-analyzing myself I have to look myself from different perspectives, me as an

individual among family, friends, and employee and as a manager.
In relations to my family, friends, I see myself as a loving, helpful, friendly and as a
caring person. I always give respect and take respect. I help whenever someone
needed a hand on a right time. I usually support and give advices .I am sure that my
family and my friends always can rely on me.
Looking myself in the perspective as an employee I think I am a sincere,
dedicated, dependable and responsible employee with good technical skill.
Looking my weaknesses I would like to say that I am a very emotional guy. I get
tensed so quickly in certain situation. I am somewhat introvert. I dont feel good
with criticism. I always keep my emotions inside me which I dont express to
anyone. I dont have much experience in solving certain new problems. I am rather
impatient, which influence me to change my professional life like changing jobs.
Another hand I have a good technical skill, project management skill, operation
management skill as well. I think time management skill is very important skill to be
need and it can be improved by oneself.

2. Feedbacks

It is a very important thing in all company .In Lotus engineer company as well
feedback from customers were treated a serious thing and it considered to be the
key of the company. Receiving and sending feedback is a major role in our company
and it is mostly a common culture in all organization. I usually get feedback from
my company at the end of the project. I received feedbacks from my employee and
my senior engineer. They gave us percentage at the end of the completion of the
project. I usually get 70-80 % during my work life. It was used to be excellent for
freshers. Even I used to get star , it means when u come regular without taking
leave other than minimum leave taken by the workers.

The results of feedbacks are extremely positive and helpful for me. The best
notes I received for achieving goals in area of technical skills and skilled knowledge.
I believe that people actually value me for my experience and knowledge I gained. I
get feedback mostly from my close friends, close colleagues. In my work station
most of the employee liked to work with me, I heard them saying that. They say
that I do all my responsible work with sincere and dedication. The roles I do is very
convenient for other employee to work with me as a team .My work place
employees supports me which feel me more motivated the action which I do.
Appreciations from other give me more confident to improve my daily work.

The feedback I got mostly for my technical skill, communication skill,

managerial skill, the project completion skill the project which I had undergone
during my work life. I was appreciated for my managerial skill especially from my
senior engineers. I learned that to control people in an organization is the ability of
having a good managerial skill. Even though I am not sure that I am good in all this
skills. Because I thought that I need to learn more about operation, how to control,
logistics, new innovative ideas etc. People in my work place had not assessed me
saying that u needs to improve more in my technical skill. Still I thought of updating
more new idea on managerial skill. I know in some situation I should improve my
ability .I always used to be very kind respectful to my partners during conversation.
I tried my all help to my partners, I never been rude or rough to them any time. I
used to be focus more on my job always, even I get some disturbance from my
partners I never been rough. I tell them frankly that I am in work I will do the
conversation later so and so.
The poor performance I had in my work during when I work alone for long time. I
need one or two group member to work with me during my work. I love to work as a
team rather than alone. Whenever I work alone my measurement or my accuracy

might lose only when I work for a long hour. I am good in working as a team and I
have the quality of leadership skills. I know I need to improve more on accuracy
when I am alone for a long hour. Some works I need to be alone it depend on the
work I am doing. While working on design or my creative idea I choose rather
working alone than as a team.

I believe if our subordinate gives us appreciation in our work we will improve

more. I also believe that participating play a major role in improving ones talent in
certain area of studies. Even participating in unknown field also gives an importance
to improve the knowledge, which can be implemented on certain field of our own
major role of work. Even at the same time encouraging our subordinates is also a
good thing which I learned in my career life, in which we can share our ideas with

I only have less experience in mingling with a big group and with the high level
of experience people. But I have a strong experience with younger and less
experienced people. I will improve and develop my skill in future.

3. Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Meyers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) test which I completed at indicated that my nature of personality is ESFJ, showing
the following strength of the preferences 22 %, 12%, 25% and 1%, details in
Appendix 1. This result means that I am slightly expressed extravert, slightly
expressed sensing personality, moderately expressed feeling personality, and
slightly expressed judging personality.

According to the information at, ESFJ type is also called Providers. In

this type they are most sociable of all guardians; these providers take it upon
themselves to insure the health and welfare of those in care. Providers are more
than 10% of the population. Social service is a key to their nature. Providers make
sure that they spend their time and energy happily to others needs successfully.
Highly supportive they are, Providers are well skilled in maintaining teamwork
among their group helpers. They make brilliant chairperson in charge of friends
reunion, programs, charity fund- raiser etc. they are having good confidence in
public speak, ceremonies ,ease in presentation .And they are a outstanding well
knowing to everyone and on the face of it aware of what others doing. Providers

love to have entertainment, and always aware of the needs have their quests and
they made sure they are involved in everything they do.
Providers are sociable, they love to talk with others, and they like to interact
with others, often make conversation of chitchat with strangers and chat pleasantly
about the topics that come to mind at that moment. For providers friendship matter
a lot to them, they often have good relationship to them even from past years.
Family culture is also holy to them; they even give importance to birthday and
anniversaries. Providers show a delightful attraction with news of friends, neighbors
and families. They fill all the details what been going on school, college, community,
temple etc.
Providers are very sensible to the feelings of others, which make them possibly
the most sympathetic of all the types. They sometime fell self- conscious, highly
sensible to what others think of them. They always want love in return, the affection
and love they give to others. Providers can be crushed by personal critics; they are
one of them become happiest when appreciated.
Most of the traits describing ESFJ are in fact true when I think of myself. I am
much disciplined person. I always like to create structures and planning my order,
especially at my duty. I love to learn new things in my life. I dont leave a chance in
learning new things in my life. I am more comfortable when I learn myself. I have
lots of advantage while working in a huge number. I believe myself a master in
creating new ideas such as design. I love to view structures in different views; I am
good in graphical sense. I give importance to everyones idea. I love to discuss my
ideas also with others. My concept is whatever work I do sincerely and dedicatedly. I
prefer most with group work rather work alone .I always love challenges and taking
new chances that are available in front of me.

I take all the chances that come in front of me. I dont hesitate in taking new
challenges. I believe that all chance that comes in life is to taken .even there are
risk, I think without taking risk how can we learn new things in life. I like to do
presentation, seminars etc. I always perceived as confident and as a professional
person always try to hide my emotion during work which I try my best not to harm
others. I can control myself emotions and do my work.

The information i got from ESFJ type description by J.Butt and M.M Heiss. ESFJs
are big hearted people, they are very good entertainers. They enjoy and joyfully
watch different customs. ESFJ enjoy taking charge. They realize other peoples
problem clearly and work hard and play with their taste. They are very strong
people in heart. they even bear strong commitment. They are easily wounded .when
wounded their emotions are not easily controlled, they try to suppress the feeling

themselves and like to be alone. They often channel these vibrant emotions into
moving drama performances. ESFJs are mostly consumed by contradictory forces,

ESFJs as a caretaker, sense danger all around, consider the world is a dangerous
place, not to be trusted or believed which is not true without seeing. ESFJs are a
hyper-vigilant. They serve wonderfully as a protector, outstanding field such as a
family take care, medical care and simple education. describes the careers most suitable for particular kind of

personality. ESFJs is described as a caregiver, the primary mode of living is focussed
externally such as how to fit in personal value system.the secondary mode is
internal in the sense pf literal and concrete fashion.

ESFJs love people, they are lovingly interest in others.they use there sensing
and judging characterstics to know about others.they want to liked by the people,
they are extremely good in knowing others and understanding their point of
views.also people liked to be around ESFJs, because ESFJs have a special gift for
making people feel good about themselves and gives them joyfully.the ESFJs take
their responsibilities and suties very seriously, and is very loyal.they value stability
and security and have a stong and determined focus on their details of life. They
underline there each moment of their life.they see life before others do in which
what needs to be done, and make sure everything is done in a right way.they enjoy
these tasks extremely good.ESFJs are warm ,energetic and strong. They need
approval from others to feel them good about themselves .they are mostly a giving
type ,they get most of the happiness from others.they liked to be appreciated for
whom they are, and what they had given. They are mostly sensitive to others and
freely give loving care.they are considered to be such caring individualism,that they
have sometives a hardtime in life or difficulties , trouble about someone they care

According to extraverted feeling their personality is dominated,they are focused

on reading other people. They have strong point of view to be liked.they often read
others well and often change themselves into others pleasing moment.there value
system is defined externally.they have a very good knowledge about the way things
to be and are not at all shy about expressing these opinions. They have actually
have a strong moral code against the world around them.

ESFJs who dont have the value of developing their own values by weighing them
against a good external worth system can develop very questionable values. They
have the tendancy to control their environment they are comfortable with the
structure enviornment. The skills they have are creating order and structure .they
should be carefull on controlling other people in life in which people not wished to
be controlled. They respect laws and rules of authority and believe that other
people should do the same. They are conscious about gender roles and comfortable
with a role that suits their gender in our society.Male ESFJs are quite masculine.
They are very down to earth, very practical in life, quite consistent, energetic,
enthusiastic .

Frankly speaking, all about ESFJs are true to me, almost everything I behave
like this. Most of the traits describing ESFJs are really true when I think of myself. I
am very dependable person. I enjoy work, love learning new things. I am a very
confident and professional person. it proves that I can control my emotions while

4. Johari Window

I tried my johari window at in order to prepare my own set of

charecterstics. Facebook was the easiest method what my friends describes me. I
asked several people to answer it online. I received 7 answers what created my
Johari Window presented in Table below, details in Appendix 2:


|Known to Self

|Known to Others

|Not Known to Self

|Common Knowledge






|My Blindspot






















|Not Known to Others


|My Secrets

dependable dignified extroverted |
intelligent introverted logical|
organised powerful proud quiet

|My Unconscious Self

|bold brave caring clever complex
|giving helpful idealistic ingenious
|mature modest nervous observant

|reflective relaxed responsive searching

sympathetic tense trustworthy |

|self-conscious shy silly spontaneous


|warm witty

Johari Window

I am very glad that 66 % of people perceive me as accepting, 33% as able , as

bold, caring ,cheerful , energetic , friendly, independent, kind, knowledge, religious,
sensible and sentimental . I realize that all this above coments are true , I feel good
after knowing what my friends and family think about me to realize what my
blindspot is.

I feel appreciated that so many people think that i am the coments
on kind ,friendly, cheerful ,caring proves that how good is my nature. I respect to all
the coments what my participants made on johari window.

My classmates also think that I am friendly, independednt , kind and sensible

person what confirms traits of my ESFJ personality type.

Some chosen traits show that I am also bold and energetic person, others that I
am mature, helpful, and caring person. I feel that all of them are really true .

Nobody matched with me traits like confident , happy and loving which I had
chosen. I think those personality are appropriate to my character. So I think that
these traits remained as my secrets.

There are many traits in my blindspot area which was aware for me. Some traits
like adaptable, calm, cheerful, independent, kind, knowledgeable, patient, religious,
sensible, sentimental, wise for me was a new for me. For me it was a nice
experience and good feeling that seven people are seeing me like all this traits. I
hope that i have no complexes inside me. I think that me aswell as all behave with
others in a different way in different situation with distinct behaviour of various kind
of people .

5. Nohari Window


|Known to Self

|Known to Others

|Not Known to Self

|Common Knowledge

|My Blindspot
























|Not Known to Others

violent aloof glum stupid

|My Secrets

|My Unconscious Self

|incompetent inflexible timid cowardly

selfish unhappy unhelpful |

|irresponsible vulgar lethargic hostile

ignorant distant blas imperceptive|

|unimaginative inane brash cruel

loud vacuous insensitive passive|

|chaotic impatient weak embarrassed

dull callous cold foolish

|smug rash dispassionate overdramatic



I realize that 66 % of people perceive me as simple , 33% as insecure,

intolerent, withdrwan, cynical, needy, irrational, boastful, panical, unethical,
selfsatisfied, predictable, inattentive, unreliable. I think that all this above coments
are true, I understood what is my blindspot.

I feel appreciated that so many people think that I am simple. proves me that
how good is my nature. I respect to all the coments what my participants made on
Nohari window.

From all this coments made by my participants I understood that what all things
that I have to improve in my future personal life aswell as my profesional career.

Some chosen traits show that I am selfsatisfied , panical and inattentive , it realizes
me my negativeness. I feel that all of them are true and I will understand my
blindspot and try to change it.

All of them matched with my traits like intolerant, simple, self-satisfied,

inattentive, unreliable which I had chosen in nohari window. I think those personality
are weakness to my character. think that these traits are not my secrets.

There are many traits in my blindspot area which was aware for me. Some traits
like insecure, withdrawn, cynical, needy, irrational, boastful, panicky, unethical,
was a new for me. For me it was a nice experience and good feeling that five people
are telling truth about me like all this traits. I hope that these traits can be
changeable. Now I know what my weaknesses are.


The data collected from assessments, feedbacks and psychometrics test are the
main face of understanding better about current positon and then for planning and
giving importance to the future actions providing to development.

The World class me help me to describe different aspects of life .thats why
it is the most important part of EDP. It is very important for everyone to know the
different aspect of life to keep work-life balance and find satisfaction in every part
of life,. It is very important for everyone to keep work-life balance and find
satisfaction in every part of life,. To create my World class me diagram I focused
on the areas which are important and central for me. The diagram below show the
World class me.

Figure World class me

Friends and Family

To make the world calss me i asked my self what to be done in this area and see the
following picture .

1. Mature person

I am 23 years old man and I feel that this is the right time to start serious life. I
target myself to be a mature. I think this is the right time to think more about my
future. Within next year I belive that I am able to get a job. And this is the goal for
my next 3years. I want to make my own family life after 3- 5years to become the
good husband, caring father will surely show me the positive influence in the other
areas of my life. This will make in process to learn how to balance work- life balance
in my life. Maturity shows that how will you talke all serious or trouble situation in

a life . As I have to handle all the power after my father because I am the elder one
in the family. So I need to be more practical in my future life.

2. Time for my family ( mother, father, brother, grandmother)

For me my family is very important than any other things, I have a very
strong bond with my family members. I feel very comfortable the care from the
mother , even i miss the taste of my moms food. I have a younger brother who
shares all his problems. Even the advice from the grandmother , shes is 70 years old
which I love to spend time. Additionally I would get financial help from my parents
and also from my family members. Even my parent has to look after my younger
brother. I would be able to be in a better financial position as I get a job after
completing my MBA programme. My part time work help me to cover my living


Time for my friends

The result which I got from Johari window helps me to find out what my
friends think of my self like i am a friendly , cheerful and helpful person. I have few
good friends, But now my friendship was recently put to test after comming to UK. I
am not possible to meet my friends after my MBA programme completes. But still I
talk with them through phones, skype , mails and also with the social networking
sites. So I dont miss them , even my friends are patient and they made me
promised before I left them call them every once a month. As I met new friends
from here I am not worrying much. This shows myslef dealing the duties which my
friends made to me.this will improve my operation skill aswell as planning and time
management abilities.

Me and God

God to me is an absolute vibe of creative energy that helps me to be within the

laws and principles of nature even when I explore the materialistic corners of life
on earth. God fills the space between my two lines of spiritual way and materialistic
way in life. The oppurtunity I see to be happy and hay in all and each moments of
life for everyone paves me to the kingdom of unconditional love always, which I
define as god ultimately. And just for this creative energy in unconditional love and

the unconditional love that oozes in creative mind I believe in god and I want to be
with god always and ever. Besides, I will say to smile always to be with god always
and to inspire others to smile always for that is the only deed on which we can even
be proud enough that I have done something that exist eternally as long as nature
is availble. Everyday in my life I start my day talking to God.


I started my career to become a mechancial engineer. After my school studies I

completed my engineering with a first class. During my studies I got placed in lotus
engineer company. When I started my work in engineering department I was
thinking what positon I would like to hold in the future. In my engineering studies I
learned mechanical cadd design softwares. I always know I have a talent in
designing. After one year of my work I would like to do be a design engineer
position. This is very responsible post, I am good in creating new idea. I am still
updating my knowlege in design softwares. During my engineering I had involved in
projects and the experience I gained from there is also very significant for
achieving the goal of being a design engineer. I consider of geting two positon such
as CADD designers, design and quality control engineer. To develop my career I
realaize that these are found in foreign countries. Even i consider of geting new
flavour of operation management in engineering companies. To apprach me to this
goal I need to study MBA. This the idea which comes regularly in my mind, in a
stonger intensity. The reason why come to UK to search a job and complete my MBA
programe, trying to be independent and working my own. Additionlly I know the
work which i had done was very stresful and it badly influnce in my health. I start
searching my job with my skill, before i need to develop my english communication
skill, my CV etc.Even I have a plan of starting my business in future to start a centre
for CADD . I will do all the arrangements and planning in the comming year. When I
am confident that I am a business man. I am still young ,I know i have the potential
to do it.


Art is my passion and I would like to continue my life with that. From my young
age itself my parents recognized my talent in drawing and dance. My parents didnt
allow me to make that as a career. So I made that as my hobby. Whenever I get a
free time I do my own drawing experiments. I cant control myself in doing that. I
visit lots of places, visit aesthetical place, deeply understand the different culture,

see nature and create a sketch on that. From my past years I had created few
sketches and kept it safe. In future I believe I can show to the world, by making my
own art gallery. I cannot think without drawing a picture in a week. I am deeply in
love with the art. Dance is an another talent I have, in my college, school days, I
had performed lots of dance .Even I got chance to perform in London in between
three month new to UK. Even I know I have the potential in that. I will continue my
talent in side of my career life, without disturbing it. I get energy and life from this.
In future I love to learn instruments also. Talent is something God given gift. I will
use that in my life.


Summarizing all my results of psychometrics test, Johari / Nohari window and

feedbacks.The long process of learning myself I am aware of strengths, weakness
and aspirations. After the long process of learning myself I am aware of my
strenghts, weaknessess and aspirations. On the basis of my findings, I prepared the
list of my strenghts / weaknessess, key goals, future actions, target dates and my
achievement in certain areas . It is shown in Table below.

Achievements/ Status
|Family life
On Target


|More time for my family (Mother, Father,



|Brother, grandma)


|More time for friends
Regular phone calls, meetings, |

|Me and God

|-Training on a job





|Find everyday a few time to All mighty

|- Improve my knowledge


|Constnt improvement

|- Improve technical skill, management skill |throughout 2012|-MBA program



|,leadership quality


|- Updating new technologies.

|In progress

|-Minimum one fine arts in a three month
|Decided and strongly motivated |

|-Take all the chances I get for coming


|program once a year


|Improvement in technical |-Updating all new technical softwares

|Everyday practicing on the job |
good progress

|-Practicing the current knowledge

|-Better time management



|-practice in confident level in group

|conference and various tasks


|Improvement in management |-Time management

progress throughout |-Practicing with good result



|Improvement in teamworking|-working on group rather than individual

progress throughout |-participating in business
communities in progress
|Improvement in


|- regular care of form of communication

|- participating communication |

|communication skills
skill as a MBA program


My strength and weakness


|throughout 2010-2012



|Tecnical & Management

Tendency to of choosing new flavour

|Good tecnical skills


managing large groups

|Good experience




|Confident on
|Working under more

|Motivates and encourages others





|Respects others







|Too sensitive

|Good listener



|Respect others ideas



|Care of time


|Very energetic


|Bring new ideas


|Creative thinking




|Inattentive in




|Respects others


|Self satisfied









Strenghts and weaknesses


As I conclude from all the decription that I had made from the above
statements , I say that it helped me lot in undertanding myself which I gathered
from many aspencts such as my assesment, feedbacks from others, pychometric
test. The work on my EDP helped me aware of determination on work, secret of
sucess, style of technical or management and group work. Thus also give me what
is more important in life rather than learning . Also I realized my importane of
developing skill on different areas. This work gave me a picture of my whole life and
give the whole idea what I should do the comming year. Also what are the steps to
be taken to achive my goals. I belive that life cant be planned , But I know if I do all
my plans in a proper order I can achieve it. Further more I gave all my future plan
with deadlines for achieving my particular goals in life. Summarizing, I am
convinced that in future also I will continue my development process.




Appendix 1

MBTI result:

|Your Type is






|Strength of the preferences %






Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
slightly expressed extravert,
slightly expressed sensing personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
slightly expressed judging personality

Appendix 2

Johari Window results:

Dominant Traits
66% of people think that tusharpkumar is accepting
All Percentages
able (33%) accepting (66%) adaptable (33%) bold (0%) brave
(0%) calm (33%) caring (0%)cheerful (33%) clever (0%) complex (0%) confident
(0%) dependable (0%) dignified (0%) energetic(33%) extroverted
(0%) friendly (33%) giving (0%) happy (0%) helpful (0%) idealistic
(0%)independent (33%) ingenious (0%) intelligent (0%) introverted
(0%) kind (33%) knowledgeable(33%) logical (0%) loving (0%) mature (0%) modest
(0%) nervous (0%) observant (0%) organised (0%) patient (33%) powerful
(0%) proud (0%) quiet (0%) reflective (0%) relaxed (0%) religious(33%) responsive
(0%) searching (0%) self-assertive (0%) self-conscious
(0%) sensible (33%)sentimental (33%) shy (0%) silly (0%) spontaneous
(0%) sympathetic (0%) tense (0%) trustworthy (0%) warm (0%) wise (33%) witty

Appendix 3

Nohari Window results:

Dominant Traits
66% of people agree that tushar p kumar is simple
incompetent (0%) intolerant (33%) inflexible (0%) timid (0%) cowardly (0%) violent
(0%) aloof (0%)glum (0%) stupid (0%) simple (66%) insecure (33%) irresponsible
(0%) vulgar (0%) lethargic (0%)withdrawn (33%) hostile (0%) selfish (0%) unhappy
(0%) unhelpful (0%) cynical (33%) needy(33%) unimaginative (0%) inane
(0%) brash (0%) cruel (0%) ignorant (0%) irrational (33%) distant
(0%) childish (0%) boastful (33%) blas (0%) imperceptive (0%) chaotic
(0%) impatient (0%)weak (0%) embarrassed (0%) loud (0%) vacuous
(0%) panicky (33%) unethical (33%) insensitive (0%) self-satisfied (33%) passive
(0%) smug (0%) rash (0%) dispassionate (0%) overdramatic (0%) dull
(0%) predictable (33%) callous (0%) inattentive (33%) unreliable (33%) cold
(0%)foolish (0%) humourless (0%)