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Engaging employees in

corporate responsibility:
What you’ll take away – chapter by chapter

When people think of corporate responsibility and employees, what
usually comes to mind are volunteering programs or community
charity drives.
While community involvement remains a core part of CR strategies,
engaging employees in CR means (or should mean) much more –
that CR is embedded in the day-to-day decision-making of
But what exactly does a CR-engaged workforce look like? And how
can you reach that goal? Engaging employees in corporate
responsibility is meant to help you define your organization’s CR
engagement goals and communicate them effectively to the
workforce. It’s the product of six months of benchmarking research,
including the latest thinking from recognized experts and case
studies from major organizations on all aspects of CR engagement.
Inside you’ll find strategies, examples and tools to help you move
your employees from awareness to active engagement in corporate
Jason Sumner
Senior Editor, Melcrum Publishing

Engaging employees in corporate responsibility – What you’ll take away


The first step is knowing what corporate responsibility means for your organization, then
setting an engagement strategy that will embed CR into decision-making.
What you’ll take away:
• The six-step strategy model, from defining CR engagement to acting on the metrics you
put in place.
• Research to back up the case that CR engagement matters to the business.


• Chrysler's four-stage pyramid to engage employees in corporate responsibility.
• A tool to help you define which area of CR engagement to focus on – programmatic,
community, employee ethics programs, or all three.
• Expert advice on the “10 pitfalls of CR engagement.”
• How to train employees as CR ambassadors.
• Case studies on figuring employees into the CR strategy at aluminum producer Alcoa,
embedding CR with employee charters at financial services company ANZ and creating
community engagement panels at chemical producer Dow. Plus additional case studies
from Accenture, KPMG and British Gas.

We explain how you can make the most effective use of communication channels in order to
promote and explain CR to employees.
What you’ll take away:
• How to set up an efficient process for gathering CR information from all parts of the
• And understanding of the differing needs of internal CR audiences.
• How to set up a CR communication process across all channels.
• Strategies to promote your CR report to employees.
• How to use the intranet for internal CR communication.
• How to embed CR engagement in employee training and induction.
• Case studies on creating a sustainability network to motivate employees at Ford and
embedding responsibility in operations at Intel.

Engaging employees in corporate responsibility – What you’ll take away

Here, you’ll learn how and where to define metrics that are relevant to your organization and
its initiatives.
What you’ll take away:
• How to choose meaningful CR metrics that your organization’s managers can use to
measure CR performance in the business lines.
• Three proven measurement strategies including the value-driver tree, corporate health
metrics and risk-based operational strategies.


• Measuring responsibility with employee feedback.
• The “map and measure” approach to CR engagement metrics.
• Case studies on virtual CR taskforces at UK broadcaster Sky, measuring the success of
community investment at logistics company DHL and using the balanced scorecard to
engage employees in CR at Australian financial services company Westpac.

Engaging employees in corporate responsibility – What you’ll take away 

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