Leeon Davis' DA-11

Leeon Davis' DA-11
We first saw the now famous Leeon Davis design DA-9 in October of 1995. The aircraft was featured in the August 1996 edition of Sport Aviation. It was the day before the first running of the Copperstate Dash Air Race in Apple Valley, CA. The DA-9, piloted by Ken Shugart, was an entrant. I will never forget the reaction of the other competitors once they first set eyes on the bright yellow aircraft.

At the All American Sport Aviation Fly-In held in Ft. Worth, TX in August of 1996 I saw another bright yellow aircraft on the ramp and I knew it was another Leeon Davis design. The DA-11 is an all metal construction single seat V-tail aircraft much like the DA-9. The design features a direct drive 18 horsepower (Yup! 18 hp) 4 cycle engine, tricycle gear configuration with a steerable nose wheel. It is equiped with a 12V battery, starter, alternator, regulator, ammeter, key start, electric fuel pump, engine driven fuel pump.... ...fuel pressure gauge, recording tach, 2 removeable wet wing fuel tanks, adjustable rudder pedals, hydraulic brakes, Terra TX720 Comm, oil pump and a full flow oil filter. DA-11 Specifications Engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 HP Empty Weight: 175 lbs. Gross Weight: 375 lbs. Wing Span: 12'9" Chord: 30.1" Wing Area: 32 Sq.Ft. Airfoil: USA 35B Wing Loading: 11.72 Power Loading: 18.01 A.R.: 5.1:1 Red Line: 155 mph Cruise: 125 mph Stall: 60 mph Pilot Max. Weight: 160 lbs. It is only fitting that Leeon has the following quotation painted on the side of the aircrafts' fuselage. Neither plans or kits are currently available for the DA-11.



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