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informatica tutorials
Installation and Configuration Guide Getting Started Guide Designer Guide Transformation Guide Transformation Language Preference Data Cleanse and Match Guide Data Stencil Guide Command Line Reference Guide Administrator Guide Performance Tuning Guide Troubleshooting Guide Data Federation Guide Data Profiling Guide Data Quality Integration Guide Metadata Exchange SDK Guide New Features Repository Guide Unstructured Data Guide Web Services Provider Guide Workflow Administration Guide XML Guide z/Linux Installation Guide Email Server User Guide

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2/1/2010 10:34 PM

Informatica Tutorials

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Informatica PowerCenter Overview
Informatica PowerCenter is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform for accessing, discovering, and integrating data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivering that data throughout the enterprise at any speed. Highly available, high-performing, and fully scalable, PowerCenter serves as the foundation for all data integration projects and enterprise integration initiatives across the enterprise, including: * B2B data exchange * Data governance * Data migration * Data synchronization and replication * Enterprise data warehousing * Integration Competency Centers (ICC) * Master data management (MDM) * Service-oriented architectures (SOA) Business analysts, IT organizations, and global development teams all rely on PowerCenter to maximize the business value of enterprise data. Business Analysts. PowerCenter delivers trusted, timely data throughout the enterprise—in batch, in near real-time, and in real-time modes, or on demand—to meet the analytical and operational needs of the business. Comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities enable business analysts to support governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. IT Management. PowerCenter delivers unparalleled performance, scalability, and high availability to support mission-critical, enterprise-wide data integration projects while reducing development time and costs. Developers/Global IT Teams. PowerCenter encourages collaboration between the business and IT and across global development teams. The platform allows teams to maintain, share, and reuse definitions and data mapping logic across platforms and projects. No recoding means higher productivity and faster time to results.
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about informatica powercenter
Informatica Powercenteris a leading ETL solution which has held its place intact for around 10 years in the highly dynamic and competivitve Datawarehousing Industry.

informatica mappings
Common DW Challenges Tranformation Techniques Advanced Mappings Source Specific Mappings Industry Specific Mappings

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Universal Data Access Capabilities Informatica PowerCenter provides access to more enterprise data types from a single platform than any other technology on the market. Complemented by Informatica PowerExchange and the suite of PowerCenter Options, PowerCenter lets you access to virtually any and all enterprise datatypes, including: * Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data * Relational, mainframe, file, and standards-based data * Message queue data PowerCenter accesses and delivers data when and how the business demands it. The platform offers the choice of real-time, batch, or change data capture (CDC) data access. Mission-Critical, Enterprise-Wide Data Integration Capabilities Only PowerCenter is capable of handling mission-critical, enterprise-wide data integration as a single platform. No other product manages a broader range of data integration initiatives. PowerCenter also provides robust yet easy-to-use Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) capabilities to simplify the development and deployment of smaller departmental data marts and data warehouses and facilitate reuse from one project to another. PowerCenter and the suite of PowerCenter Options meet enterprise demands for security, performance, scalability, collaboration, and governance through such powerful capabilities as: * High availability/failover/seamless recovery * Grid computing support * Pushdown optimization * Dynamic partitioning

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