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These are the basic configuration settings you need to maintain. Apart from this, as per user's requirement you may need
do configure more.

Factory Calendar
Configuring SAP calendar
Define Public Holidays
Define Hoiliday Calendar
Creation of Factory Calendar
Basic Data
Bill of Material
Define Modification Parameters
Define BOM Usages
Define Material Types For BOM Header
Define Item Categories used for Item Data
Define allowed Material Types for BOM Items
Define Order of priority for alternative BOM usages
Work center
Define WorkCenter Category
Define Field Selection for Work Center
Define Task List Usage for Workcenters
Define Parameters for Standard Value Key
Define Standard Value Key
Define Person Responsible for work Centers
Define Move time Matrix
Define Default Work Center
Default Control Keys
Define Capacity Categories
Define Capacity Planners
Define Shift Sequence
Define Worcenter Formulas
Define Work Center Formulas for Costing
Define Number Ranges for Routings
Define Field Selection
Define Material Type Assignments
Select Automatically (Routing Selection)
Define Task List Usage
Configure Planner Group
Configure Control Keys
Define Reduction Strategy
Define Relevancy to Costing
Define (Standard) Trigger Point Usage
Define Automatic Selection of Routings
Production Planning
Demand Management

Define number ranges for planned independent requirements

Configuring Requirement Types and Requiremtent Classes
Define Strategy
Define Strategy Group
Define version numbers
Maintain consumption mode and period of adjustment


Define layout keys

Define layout
Define profile for capacity planning table
Define Overall profile

Material Requirement Planning Plant Parameters

Carry Out Overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters
Scheduling Parameters for Purchasing
Number Range for Planned orders
Number Range for Puchase Requisitions
Define MRP Controllers
Define Missing Parts MRP Controller
Define Special Procurement Type
Maintain Planning Calendar
Define MRP Areas
Define Scope of Planning for Total Planning
Define Planning Horizon
Activate BOM Expllosion characteristics
Define Planning Time Fence and Roll Forward Period
Define Floats (Scheduling Margin Key)
Define Parallel processing for MRP
Define Receipt days Supply
Parameters for Determining the Basic Dates
Define scheduling parameters for planned orders
Define availability stock in Transfer/Blocked stock/Restricted stock
Define External Procurement
Define BOM Explosion Control
Define BOM Explosion for Sales Orders
Define BOM and Routing Selection
Activate MRP and Set Up Planning File
Define Planning File Entries for Goods Movements
Convert Planning File Entries for MRP Areas

Shop Floor Control Master Data

Define Order Types
Define order type-dependent parameters
Production Status Profile
Define number ranges for orders
Define number ranges for confirmations
Define number ranges for reservations
Define production scheduler

Define production scheduling profile

Define Confirmation Parameters
Define Time for Confirmation Processes
Define Reasons for Variances
Define single screen entry
Define Field Selection for Confirmation
Define Reduction Strategies
Define Print Control
Batch Status Mangement
Batch Search Strategy to Production
Activate Batch Management
Availability Check
Define Checking Group
Define Checking Rule
Define Scope of Check
Define Checking Control
Checking Rule for Back order Processing
Specify Scheduling Type
Define Scheduling Parameters for Planned Orders
Define Scheduling Parameters for Production Orders

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