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DATE EVENT Physics Biology Chemistry Mathematics

23-Mar-10 EDT 01 Circular motion Natural Resourses & Conservation Ethers + Acids & Esters Mathematical Logic + Matrices
24-Mar-10 EDT 02 Gravitation Biotechnology Synthetic fibres + 'f' - block elements Pair of stright lines + Logic + Matrices
25-Mar-10 EDT 03 Rotational Motion Biofertilizers & Medicinal Plants Biomolecules + C. I. E. D. L. Circle + Pair of stright lines
26-Mar-10 EDT 04 Oscilation Plant water relation Amines + Biomolecules Parabola + Circle
27-Mar-10 EDT 05 Elasticity Photosynthesis Alcohols and Phenol Ellipse + Hyperbola + Parabola
28-Mar-10 Day of preparation
29-Mar-10 PCT 1 Question paper identical to MHT-CET on Syllabus from EDT 01 to 05
30-Mar-10 EDT 06 Surface tension Respiration Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes-1(Mono. + Di. + Tri.) Vectors
31-Mar-10 EDT 07 Wave motion Reproduction in Angiosperm Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes-2(Complete Lesson) Vectors +Application of vectors (3D)
1-Apr-10 EDT 08 Stationary waves Plant Growth Aldehydes & Ketones Vectors + 03 - dimensional Geometry
2-Apr-10 EDT 09 Kinetic theory of gases Human population Aldehydes & Ketones + Acids & Esters LPP+Probability+Application of vectors
3-Apr-10 EDT 10 Radiation Health and diseases d' Block elements + 'f'Block Elements LPP + Probability
4-Apr-10 Day of preparation / AIPMT
5-Apr-10 PCT 2 Question paper identical to MHT-CET on Syllabus from EDT 01 to 10
6-Apr-10 EDT 11 Wave theory of light Study of Human diseases Solution and colligative properties-I (Sol. & Only R.L.V.P.) Limit and Continuity
7-Apr-10 EDT 12 Interference and difraction Immune system Sol. & colligative prop.-II (Only All Colligative Properties) Limit and Continuity + Derivatives
8-Apr-10 EDT 13 Electrostatics Biomedical Technology Thermodynamics Derivative + application of derivative
9-Apr-10 EDT 14 Current electricity Bioinformatics Ionic Equilibrium Indefinite Integration
10-Apr-10 EDT 15 Magnetic effect of electric current Vermiculture and Fisheries Thermodynamics + Ionic Equilibrium Indefinite Integration
11-Apr-10 Day of preparation / IIT-JEE
12-Apr-10 PCT 3 Question paper identical to MHT-CET on Syllabus from EDT 11 to 15
13-Apr-10 EDT 16 Magnetism + Semiconductors Circulation in animals Nuclear & Radiochemistry Definite integral + DE
14-Apr-10 EDT 17 Electro magnetic induction Osmoregulation & Excretion Chemical Kinetics Application of Definite Integral and DE
15-Apr-10 EDT 18 Electron and photon Nervous Coordination Electrochemistry-I App. of Derivative & DE+NM( Elementry.)
16-Apr-10 EDT 19 Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei Hormonal Coordination Electrochemistry -II Numerical Methods + Boolean Algebra
17-Apr-10 EDT 20 Communication + Electrostatics + EMI Reproduction & Development Chemical Kinetics + Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes. Boolean Algebra + Numerical Methods
18-Apr-10 Day of preparation / MGIMS / VITEEE
19-Apr-10 PCT 4 Question paper identical to MHT-CET on Syllabus from EDT 10 to 20
22-Apr-10 Mock 1
25-Apr-10 Mock 2
27-Apr-10 Mock 3
29-Apr-10 Mock 4
30-Apr-10 Mock 5
1-May-10 Mock 6
6-May-10 simple examination by name MHT-CET commences
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