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North Warwickshire Borough Council

Job Description
Post Title:

Pollution Control Officer (Contaminated Land)

Post No: 1002

Grade: Scale 9


Community and Environment



Domestic, Pollution and Private Sector Housing

Responsible to:

Senior Pollution Control Officer

Community Support

Responsible for:
Overall Purpose of the Position

To identify, investigate, monitor and rectify pollution in the Borough.

To contribute to the development of policy as required in the various fields relating to the activities
of the post, specifically delivery of the contaminated land strategy and obligations.

In particular, to carry out pollution related duties of the section, and, more generally, duties, which
reflect his/her seniority and experience, with the minimum of supervision and direction.

The Duties of the Post Include:


The implementation of the Councils Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy, together with a
formulation of advice on the remediation of known areas of contaminated land in the Borough.


Identification, investigation and monitoring of air, land, noise and water pollution within the
Borough. Taking acoustic measurements and recordings where appropriate and interpreting
gathered data. Taking formal and informal action to secure environmental improvement in
appropriate cases.


The processing of applications for authorisations/permits under relevant legislation, including

the inspection of premises, preparation of documentation, and the writing of
authorisation/permit conditions. The re-inspection of relevant premises to ensure compliance
with conditions, and the carrying out of authorised processes/permits and making the
necessary variations.


The identification of areas which would benefit from environmental improvement in terms of
pollution reduction, preparation of such improvement strategies in conjunction with others, and
their implementation.


Support the implementation of the Councils Air Quality Action Plan, together with ongoing
assessment of air quality in the Borough and the implementation of any new air quality


Undertaking the necessary work to ensure that all best value performance indicators, local
performance indicators, and targets in the Divisional and Corporate Plans are complied with.


Carrying out a satisfactory programme of environmental monitoring, inspection and reinspection ensuring that consistent action is taken. Utilising technical support staff to achieve
this aim.


The enforcement of environmental health legislation specifically related to the specialist section.


Liasing with consultants as required on all aspects of the sections duties and responsibilities.

continued overleaf...


Contribution to the development of new policies in areas related to the work of the section as
required, and modifications to existing policies as legislation or circumstances demand.


Keeping informed of all new legislation, Government circulars, Codes of Practice and other
documents relevant to the work of the section. This will include the preparation of working
documents on changes and advising colleagues on their implications.


Acting as a departmental consultee on pollution related planning applications and land search
enquiries. This is to include ensuring that planning conditions relating to contaminated land are
properly discharged.


The organisation and delivery of promotional activities related to specific pollution issues.


Associated administrative duties which include compilation of letters and reports following
inspections; the preparation of Board reports; the compilation of technical information,
statistics, etc following detailed surveys; the preparation of evidence from recommendations for
legal proceedings in consultation with the Councils Principal Solicitor, and the examination of
deposited plans for the purposes of recommendations on environmental health related matters.


Input to maintaining and updating the procedures manuals and work programme in relation to
the work of the section to include the provision of monitoring statistics, and statistics for
Government and local performance indicators, and statistics in connection with the Divisions
Corporate Plan.


The use and care of environmental monitoring equipment, including organisation of calibration,
consumables and repairs, and identification of replacement or additional necessary equipment.


Undertaking such other appropriate duties as may be allocated.

The postholder will be required to hold or obtain a qualification agreed with the Assistant Director
(Regulatory) at particular relevance to the specialised work of the section. Where finances permit,
assistance will be given with post entry training to obtain such a qualification.
Staff are expected to assist colleagues in other sections of the Division as the need arises, although
the primary function of the post relates to the duties as outlined.
Most duties of the post will be carried out during normal working hours, but the postholder will be
required to be flexible in this regard, and to work out-of-hours if required. Agreed time-off-in-lieu (or
overtime payment at the discretion of the Assistant Director (Regulatory)), will be granted for such
out-of-hours working.
The postholder will be required to be involved in the call-out procedures of the Emergency Control
Centre of the Council and, in addition, to give advice and to act in emergency situations.
The postholder like other members of staff of the Division has an identified roll in the event of a major
emergency in the Borough.

Agreed by Postholder:
Agreed by Assistant Director (Regulatory):