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Lectures and Seminars on Draft SANS 10160

A combined JSD and Geotechnical Initiative

Lecture: Status Report on the Revision of SANS 10160 Basis of structural design and actions
for buildings and industrial structures
Outline of lecture
- Progress with the revision of SANS 10160 will be reported. The process and
timeframe for the publication of the Draft Standard, together with technical
presentations for public comment and its ultimate publication will be presented.
- A summary of the major changes from the present SABS 0160-1989 and
extensions will be presented, together with the background and motivation for the
revised stipulations.
- An overview of the contents consisting of the limit states basis of structural
design and the extended range of actions provided for will be discussed.
- The relevant Eurocode Parts which were applied as reference to the revision will
be indicated, together with motivation for the selected options.
- The relation of SANS 10160 to the materials design codes will be considered,
together with a strategic view on future structural design standards
Schedule and venues
Time and

(Cape Town)
Thursday 14/06/2007



Tuesday 12/06/2007
National War Museum
Eastwold Way

Wednesday 13/06/2007
Durban Country Club
Walter Gilbert Road

Room S202
Dept Civil Engineering
Stellenbosch University

15.00 for 15.30 2 h

14.00 for 14.30 2 h

16h00 2 h

The lecture is presented by Prof Peter Dunaiski, assisted by members of SAICE Working Group:
Adam Goliger, Jan Wium, Peter Day, and Johan Retief
For additional information or to indicate attendance please contact
Johannesburg Mr Steve Mackie at
Durban Mr Murray Irvin at
Stellenbosch Mrs Amanda de Wet at
A registration fee of R150 is due at registration.
The lecture will be registered for CPD Credits
Seminar: Basis of Structural Design as Applied in Eurocode and SANS 10160 (Draft)
Please take note of a one day seminar on the reliability basis of limit states design and its application
to Eurocode EN 1990 and SANS 10160 (Draft) Part 1, to be presented by Prof Milan Holick, Klokner
Institute, Czech Technical University, assisted by Proff Peter Dunaiski and Johan Retief, University of
Stellenbosch. The seminar will consider the determination of design values for loads and structural
resistance as derived from principles of structural reliability, including load combinations, partial
factors, and their determination through calibration. The insight gained would assist in the effective
application of structural design standards, particularly in their application under difficult situations.
21 September 2007
Enquiries: Mrs Amanda de Wet

25 September 2007

27 September 2007

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