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hi bri + monica.


M: I have a passion tactility, and my research led to learning that touch has the most powerful impact on human emotion,

M: our skin contains receptors that directly elicit emotional responses such as pain or love or


B: happiness.

from my research and conducted survey a dominant conclusion is that people find their moments of happiness from

B: being surrounded by others. its no surprise because major life events are generally centered around people.

M: we both were interested in making environmental pieces and

once we realized our objectives aligned, we decided to join forces to create an experience that utilizes both of our topics of

B: we are now brionica

M: and even from an early age brionica has always been hands on, and full of joy.

B: and we want to spread it with the world.

how can an interactive installation utilizing technology & design provoke

happiness / positively aect a persons immediate emotional state?

M: we set forth to solve how an interactive installation utilizing technology and design provokes happiness and positively
aects a persons immediate emotional state.

B: Together we learned in order to create a lasting experience design should merge the worlds of discovery, play, and
community through the understanding of human psychology.


B: and together we FEEL that FEEL encompasses both the idea of touch and a positive emotional response.


give participants a moment of happiness as

payo for interacting with the installation

M: FEEL would give participants a moment of happiness as payo for

interacting with the installation


to get people to live in that particular moment

as they experience the importance of human
connection through touch

B: we want to get people to live in the moment as they

experience the importance of human connection through touch


M: Our project has 3 components,

an instructional system

an interactive table

and take aways that give us user feedback

instructional system
interactive table
take away that shows user feedback

B: so for our branded system we wanted to graphically represent dierent sources of positive emotion through shapes, color and sound.

M: we started by exploring the brand mark

a touch of happy.

B: heres our solution

B: where weve got the insides like inner personal feelings, and then the outsides for your sense of feeling. Together all
of the feels.


meaningful work


stress free

puppies and kittens



M: we then developed our shape system for our sources of happiness. happiness is a universal emotion, but its sources depend upon the individual. From our readings and survey, we narrowed down to ten
sources that had high responses. Featured are faith, love, accomplishments, creativity, stress-free-ness, meaningful work, family and relationships, beer, optimism, and last but not least puppies and kittens.

B: we wanted to stay true to the psychological science of happiness but be light hearted and playful with the inclusion of beer and puppies.

B: Then for the installation we wanted to engage our audience, like these examples, while incorporating the visual system

M: an arduino also allows our installation to be interactive with conductive materials

B: these were some of our initial ideas for the installation by having a podium and wall mounted interactive piece.

B: but then we realized it would be better to have a table installation, to more prominently provoke collaboration and
gathering. the logo stands vertically in the middle of the board serving as a visual invite to our table.

M: the sound shapes are dispersed around the logo encouraging people to connect with each other in order to reach the
other side. Both ends of the table have instructional points.



M: one with guidance on how to start connecting





dont be afraid to grab

some friends, or make
a new one, in order to
reach far away shapes



simultaneously touch
the circle to the right
and touch the other
shapes on the table




B: the other with take away cards, and an explanation about the meaning behind FEEL.

M: The cards extend the interactive experience beyond the installation. they also serve to define our system, and prompt
people to think about their personal meanings of happiness.

B: And we can also use them to measure feedback of what makes our audience the happiest by how many are left over, and
possible hashtag uses.

M: Perhaps the most impactful part of this project is seeing the diverse reaction from our users. We now have a better
understanding about the physical and psychological reactions of humans.

i i

B: To begin our construction, a significant amount of our prototyping dealt with mixing our own conductive paint.

M: As we mentioned earlier, in order to use our arduino we needed a reliable conductive material. We found a pre-made
paint, but ended up going with our own mixture of graphite powder and screen printing ink.

B: we enjoyed the testing process, because you know it was .FUN (click)

M: Speaking of fun, we enjoyed the building process even more. we spent time in the wood shop handling power tools and
a soldering iron, what could be better

B: Once we were finished with construction there was a little more to go


M: We had to develop our correlating sounds. Weve used a range of abstract to more literal to represent each source of
happiness. (7 clicks) our hope is that the surprise of hearing each individual sound would intrigue the user and prompt them
to continue exploring the piece.

B: Here is a documentation of how FEEL can be experienced

M: the future could contain endless possibilities, and we can see FEEL expanding upon what it is now.

B: for example, the individual elevated shapes could have their own distinct under glow.

M: the table could be flat with lighting as a response to the areas touched. or each shape could have its own collection of
photos tagged with the hashtag.

B: we also see FEEL being placed in dierent environments. bored waiting for your flight? well Feel could provide you with
some entertainment while getting acquainted with your fellow travelers.

Or possibly in an active park, such as the High Line in New York, a popular gathering place and perfect spot to interact with
new people.

M: As we go on to careers in environmental and interactive design, we will take our new perspectives with us, and hope to
ever increase them.

FEEL has left a lasting impact on Brionica, and we hope it leaves one on you too.

B: tanks