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departments January & February 2014

Guest editorial
Running news

29 What’s new
30 Book Reviews
77 Marketplace

32 peter’s principles

the Grouse Grind

By Peter Hadzipetros

Vancouver’s Vertical Challenge
By Adam Campbell

34 Training Tips
recovery: more isn’t
always Better

35 First Steps
By Deborah Wiles

P. F. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll Arizona
Marathon and Half-Marathon

54 training zone

Cross-country Skiing

10 Great Strides
By Jill Tham

12 Crazy Legs

56 Strength Without Size
By Jon-Erik Kawamoto

17 Shoe-in
asics Gel-Nimbus 15

14 Runner’s Kitchen
Four Eating Fixes
for Healthy Running
By Bobbi Barbarich

Recipe: Quinoa Tabbouleh

58 Nutrition

80 Crossing the Line

Time to Upgrade
Your Antioxidants

marathon detour
By Joshua Craig

By Matthew Kadey

Recipe: Breakfast Tacos

62 lab rat
Stiffen Your Core,
Boost Your Running Economy
By Sean Delanghe

63 injury Prevention
and Performance


Tibial Stress Injuries
By Theresa Wallace

By Christopher Kelsall

20 on the Run in…
By dan Way

28 The Science
of Running

16 Club Scene
Prairie inn Harriers
By Christopher Kelsall

17 Honour Roll
international race
inspires london teen
By Andrea Seccafien
Canadian Running

Philanthropist zita cobb
By Valerie Howes

Kip Kangogo

By Mary Luz Mejia


76 Running Celebrity

18 elite Q+a

driving to the finish
By Michal Kapral

By Joanne Elves

By Graydon Snider

mike strange Goes
the distance

74 exotic destination
Phoenix, ariz.

54 Body Work


Williamstown, ont.

By Roger Robinson

resolving to Be fit at 50


72 destination Race
The Great Raisin
River Footrace

By Alex Hutchinson


70 Canadian Trails

a reluctant resolution

January & February 2014

Listening to thirst;
Interval length;
A.M. vs. P.M.;
Walk or jog the rest?
By Alex Hutchinson


melissa Bishop is an 800m specialist who represented
Canada at the London Olympics. She lives and trains in
Windsor Ont. She is one of just four Canadian women
in history to have run 800m in less than two minutes.
Photo: Joel Esposito
hair/Make-up: Samantha Pickles using
MAC Cosmetics/

Images, clockwise from left: Todd Fraser/CANADA RUNNING SERIES, Rich Wheater, Adrian Forrow, Alex Fradkin, James Ramsay (Food Stylist: Susan Benson Cohen)


C o m / w I n t e r r u n Photo: tim Kemple . R U N.I C E L A N D # W I N T E R R U N D O N ’ t H I B E R N A t E. NEvER stOp ExplORINg ™ IsOtHERm WINtER RUN COllECtION: tHERE’s NO sUCH tHINg As BAD WEAtHER WHEN yOU HAvE tHE RIgHt gEAR S e e t h e n e w I S o t h e r m C o l l e C t I o n at t h e n o r t h f a C e .

James Ramsay. James Ramsay. clockwise from top left: Andrew Thomson. New technologies and strategies are allowing runners to combat their disease and reach new heights. Here’s to starting the year off on the right foot. Dean Palmer. Images. James Ramsay. Measuring Progress Gear 64 WINTER APPAREL GUIDE Our most comprehensive guide ever for gearing up for the Canadian winter 4 Canadian Running January & February 2014 46 13 The 6th Annual Golden Shoe Awards Now in its sixth edition. we celebrate this country’s most valuable runners and those that have helped build our vibrant and booming community. Mario Bartel Breaking Through SHO 36 Advice and wisdom from elite and recreational runners who’ve learned from their pasts and keep reaching for the top. .Features By amy Stupavsky GO EN LD E 20 By Lindsey Craig 42 Tens of thousands of Canadians are affected by diabetes.

The system is not designed as a substitute for due care and attention to the road.The more you get out. which may not operate optimally under all driving conditions and may not react in every situation.495 on 2014 Outback 2. and the driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving.5 L/100 km (highway) for a 2014 Subaru Outback equipped with continuously variable automatic transmission. . System effectiveness depends on many factors such as vehicle maintenance.6R Limited Package (ED2 LE6). and weather and road conditions. Taxes. rollover and rear) conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) (www. Fuel consumption Ƃgure should only be used for vehicle comparison purposes. small overlap front. Vehicle shown solely for purposes of illustration. ▲Ratings of “Good” are the highest rating awarded for performance in Ƃve safety tests (moderate overlap front. license. Finally.5i Limited Package (ED2 LE) or 3. even with the advanced technology EyeSight™ is available on the 2014 Outback 2.5i Convenience Package (ED1 CP). a driver with good vision and who is paying attention will always be the best safety system. Dealers may sell for less or may have to order or trade. *MSRP of $28. driver habits and vehicle load. side. See Owner’s Manual for complete details on system operation and limitations. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving conditions. a vehicle must receive a “Good” rating in at least four of the Ƃve tests and a “Good” or “Acceptable” rating in the Ƃfth test. registration and insurance are extra. and may not be equipped exactly as shown. To earn a 2013 TOP SAFETY PICK+. the better it gets. †Fuel consumption Ƃgure rating posted by Natural Resources Canada of 6. ▲ ‡ EyeSight™ is a driver-assist system. $0 security deposit. MSRP excludes Freight & PDI of $1.

Rotterdam is a very fast so lining up for both is not really an option. Oftentimes. As you can see. or playing a sport where you have multiple games each month.927.95 (1 year) or $39. we set our sights on chasing the national record. and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. or turning down both to represent Canada at an international event.0444 SuBMiT Manuscripts. or see them on the web at runningmagazine. and feature Canadians with diabetes who have changed their lives through running ( designers Warren Wheeler. Since we have limited opportunities to run in marathons that have the calibre of editorial director David Chaundy-Smart dave@gripped. could be a potential payday and great experience.0774 Fax 416. we have also withdrawn or restated our goals once we have completed most of our training.or 39-year-old record is not something that we decide to do on a whim. It just so happens that the Olympic standards are within a minute or so of the current records. elite marathon racing requires long training phases that limit our racing capabilities to once or twice a year. Going after a 28. Lanni Marchant’s for a lot of us. On. Canada L3p 8L3 or call 1. We occasionally make our list available to companies of interest to our readers. Please contact Canadian Running magazine for contributors’ guidelines. Charles Mandel Gear editor Gus Alexandropoulos gus@gripped. We have more Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon coverage on p. elite or recreational.46).com Senior photo editor Chris Lepik Senior editors Alex Hutchinson. do you really want your nation’s best going for the safe goals or pushing to become the best they can be? Lanni Marchant @ LJM5252 » editor’s note: Thanks Lanni and congratulations on your Canadian record.Toronto. on. Unlike Shannon cheer for her at the 2013 Scotiabank Web design Travis Sitzlar publisher Sam Cohen sam@gripped. 75 harbord St. Michael Doyle. po Box 819 Station Main. photographs and other correspondence are account Manager Brian Turner brian@gripped. we put in months of training for it all to come down to one race.567. this is how we sisters Randi (left) and are making our living. So when we line up at the start after months of training. unsolicited material should be accompanied by return mailing address and postage. owners and management of Canadian Running magazine.927. where players’ schedToronto Waterfront ules are set and they are paid Marathon regardless of whether they chase a record or not. Many of the Canadian records are within reach for the current crop of elite marathon distance advertising & Sales director Chris Lepik advertising & Sales Andre Cheuk andre@gripped. Photo: Todd Fraser/CANADA RUNNING SERIES Why We Chase Records .22. Canadian Running Magazine Tel 416. The views included herein are those of the authors. or even our best time on a particular course. Kevin Mackinnon Contributing editors Bobbi Barbarich.95 (2 years) to Canadian Running magazine.1491 Web producer Scott Leitch Copy editor Greg Buium art director James Cook [Roseander Main] photo editor Dianne Kapral dianne@runningmagazine.42). a lot of factors go into deciding if we are going to chase a record. We look back at the year in Canadian running and hand out our sixth annual Golden Shoe Awards (p. Both of these races are usually within a few days of each other. it is not eligible for a record. It is important to note that. for example. At the end of the day however. pacers and support necessary to run such times. The contents of this magazine may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express consent of the publisher. however.800. we have to choose our races based on paydays and potential record eligible courses. Editor-in-Chief @mdfdoyle 6 Canadian Running January & February 2014 editor-in-Chief Michael Doyle michael@runningmagazine. what kind of time we will be able to run. During our training. lining up for a race usually brings with it the hope to run a new personal best. Markham. We’ve also caught up with runners across the country and asked them about how they’ve achieved big breakthroughs (p. we learn to read our bodies and know. Running the Boston Marathon. Canada M5S 1G4 Copyright 2014 Gripped publishing inc. This is also our Resolution Gripped publishing digital Media director Deen Karim deen@runningmagazine. Canadian publication mail agreement: 40036245 iSSn: 1916-3614 Printed in Canada We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian heritage.Guest Editorial The fastest female marathoner in Canadian history responds to a recent letter from one of our readers questioning why our best runners constantly go after national records For many SuBSCRiBe Send $22. but does not offer nearly the same financial incentives. Unlike racing shorter Circulation Manager Dianne Kapral dianne@runningmagazine. we have to try to take advantage of the opportunities when they are presented.36). saying we are going for a record. usually within a minute or two. For each of those times we have stood on the start line. Natalie Racz production artist Warren Hardy warrenh@gripped. As marathon runners we get very few opportunities each year to line up in Olympic qualifying or record-breaking shape.


ca/ new-global-race-has-finish-line-that-chases-you/ A Canadian with dwarfism runs the New York City Marathon and shares his inspiring story runningmagazine.25 2014 MArAThOn 1/2 Marathon 10K // 5K // 2K Kids Marathon OTTAWA C A N A D A Photos: Courtesy of the Canada Running Every Monday is now #MedalMonday at Canadian measuring The founder of Red Bull is changing up the idea of the race by hosting the first World Run on May 4. Toronto Life. . brightroom. she’s covered two Olympics for cbc Sports and written for ctv Montreal and Global News.Contributors January & February 2014 Lindsey Craig Now on runningmagazine.36 Amy Stupavsky is a Toronto-based writer and runner. @amystupavsky join us on facebook canadian running magazine. Her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail. Send in a recent or personal favourite race medal and we’ll share it with our readers on Facebook. With a master’s in What’s your “fitness age?” runningmagazine. Twitter and Instagram.blogspot. p. and U of T Magazine. She completed a half-marathon. 2014 runningmagazine.42 Graydon Snider the ultimate winter cross-training. p. sports and fitness enthusiast and passionate storyteller. Graydon now runs road races and cross-country events and makes the podium May 24 . for the victories for the families for the welcome for 40 years as CanadaÕs marathon runottawa. runs charity races and is always looking for new ways to @lindscraig inspire through sports reporting. p. gsnider. on twitter @canadianrunning and instagram canadianrunning for frequent updates on the canadian and international running scene. Running and skiing since age 14. for the city for the celebration for the spectators for the scenery for the experience. uncredited.54 Graydon Snider is currently a post doctoral fellow at the Dalhousie University department of atmospheric science. among other publications. belatedly discovered a competitive side in him at Lindsey Craig is Toronto-based runner. Amy Stupavsky Breaking through.

but why Michael Stasica: For a cost. 9 . Calgary Our Ongoing #RunChat on Facebook and Twitter the exact morning of the 2.Letters » Left Left to right: Kelly. 50-plus women out there. But bidding for those who want a specific at #stwm in 2010. 2013 issue. Janet. and when I received the July/August 2013 issue. too. We will be cheering for her. all Ironman events. I thought it was pretty number? It would have to be completed by cool that I was randomly assigned 2500 some date. for example. If you feel it’s unlucky you make when you get a number. Thank you for all the insightful articles in your magazine. Wendy and Laurie Gibson at the 2013 Victoria Goddess Run » Bottom Margery Frisch racing the 2012 Bayshore Race 10K Meet Margery Cover Goddesses I thoroughly enjoyed the article. it would not be Chris Wignall: I think races should have an issue for the timing company to make a handful of extra numbers on hand in the change for anyone that would ask for a case someone is unhappy with the number new number. or even a number it unlucky./Dec. bun-wearing. wrinkled old lady depicted in the cartoon. Jean Frances Diemert I subscribe to your magazine. I got an extra huge cheer from the Greek cheering station as Aku Khan: I think if it’s a run to support a I ran through and pointed at my bib. I liked the recipes. Good luck to Natasha in her training. Teresa Nightingale: I wouldn’t care Sam Callan: How about offering online about getting #13 or whatever myself. Bayshore Race We asked: Do you have a bib number you’d request? Or one you’d refuse.S. I must object. But for a normal race random works best. Crystal Ess: Of course I’d prefer a certain Belinda Cooper-Loewen: It’s just a number. they got. to the accompanying illustration. I’m charity then perhaps having the option to keeping that bib as a memento. if you could? Should races allow you to reserve or pick a number? Write. thing. Laurie Gibson. Do you actually know what a 60-year-old woman really looks like? Not like the white-haired. It may appease the many fit. We were running on revenue for the race or go to a charity. It was witty. skip 666. iNsPire. would be likely to request a change. The money could either be more for the marathon. sHare. I was surprised and delighted to see Natasha Wodak wearing the same Asics top we chose to wear for the Goddess Run in Victoria this year. Nothing within your number that means someunlucky about it.500th anniversary of the marathon. self-deprecating and inspiring. iNform. it’s that much more meaningful. Highest make issue of it for the tiny fraction who bidder. Then number. or 666. however. P. Photos: Courtesy of Laurie runningmagazine. more money to charity. Sandra. but I like the not knowing. Before you lose some subscribers. Reasons may seem silly. I love number 13. pay extra to have a special number should Marc Roy: Some events do not assign 13 be present so that more funds can be raised. At most events. ‘It’s Never Too Late to Be a Winner’ by Margery Frisch in the Nov. I suggest you run a photograph of an actual 60-year-old runner. raNt Email your letters to michael@runningmagazine. Margery Frisch. yes.

He says that he’s doing round two of the Box Run in the memory of Matteo Mancini. Strange went from never having run a marathon to completing one a day for 81 days straight.” explains Strange. in Victoria.” Word quickly spread about Strange’s ambitious goal and noble cause. Ont. In Regina. It was not a surprise then that Strange recently announced that he will hit the road again in May. At one point. By the time he crossed over into British Columbia. Photos: Christine Hess Photography By Jill Tham .” he says.” Strange confesses. and was popping three Advil a day for pain. “I just wanted to give up.000 was raised for childhood cancer research and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” says Strange. “Or I may not have done it. They soon realized that the borrowed RV was American and the odometer was calculating miles. And even after running dozens of marathons and pushing his body to its limit. Strange felt that meeting Matteo was a sign that the Box Run was for the right reasons. “From my training runs and 140-song playlist. He was introduced to Matteo Mancini. serving as a valuable distraction from the treacherous weather conditions and increasingly challenging terrain as he headed west. Strange took his first strides in Thunder Bay. The Niagara Falls. 10 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Motivation was tough at the best of times. Strange says he now has a new appreciation for marathon runners. Ont. not kilometres. an 11-year-old boy fighting osteosarcoma. Strange admits that his ignorance about distance running was a blessing in disguise. Mike Strange is well acquainted with suffering. but then phone calls. 2014. “It’s a good thing I didn’t know how hard a marathon was to get through. who lost his battle with cancer last May. “Some children have been given a life sentence. “I just wanted to eat and go to sleep. Strange was devastated after hearing news that Matteo Mancini’s cancer had spread to his lungs. Cancer touches everyone. I knew I was running longer than necessary. On April 12. letters and videos from back home reminded me this was the reason for the Box Run. In a single run he’d go from marvelling at the beauty of a Prairie sunrise to having to leap over roadkill. none of his training could prepare this former three-time Olympian for the physical and mental anguish he would endure as he ran across Canada in the fight against cancer. shin splints and knee pain began to plague him. Running along the shoulder of the Trans-Canada Highway provided a stark contrast of experiences for Strange. 2012. Strange didn’t give his body sufficient time to rest between runs. Strange’s journey began after he met Kelsey Hill. he says that he can no longer remember the pain and anguish he felt out on the road. There were many complications along the way. a 12-yearold girl battling a malignant brain tumour.” says Strange. 2012. “Over $100. they are true heroes.” he says. the same bone cancer that ravaged Strange’s hero. Yet.Great Strides mike strange Goes the Distance A former champion boxer takes off his gloves and pounds the pavement across Canada in the fight against cancer With several boxing titles and two Commonwealth Games gold medals. “Most days I didn’t want to go back out there. native was inspired by her strength in the face of such adversity and created the Box Run to raise money for childhood cancer research. Terry Fox.139k. Strange completed the Box Run on July 3. and exhaustion.” But he was kept on task by local runners that heard about the Box Run and joined him for stretches. After running a total of 3. he grew tired of the playlist on his iPod and found himself exhausted and frustrated as he plodded along the side of the highway. he’d lost 25 lb. followed by his team in a recreational vehicle.

With your smart bracelet. Activity Benefit Gives feedback about your daily. Smart Calories Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned. reaching your daily activity goal is a breeze.POLAR FLOW WEB SERVICE GUIDES TO ACTIVE LIFESTYLE SMART BRACELET WITH LED DISPLAY GIVES YOUR DAILY ACTIVITY GOAL AND GUIDANCE TO REACH IT FREE POLAR FLOW MOBILE APP SHOWS YOUR ACTIVITY IN DETAIL makes you move Polar Loop tracks all your moves and shows how they’re good for Activity Guide Tells you how to reach your daily dose of Arbutus Club Atmosphere Bushtukah Cleve’s Sporting Goods Coast Mountain Sport Copeman Healthcare Center Cyclotonus Excel Fitness Fact Canada Farwest Sport and Cycle Fitness Town Fitness Warehouse Regina Fitworks Flaman Fitness Fresh Air Concept Gerick Sports Granite Club Impala Bicycles Intersport Kinetic Konnection La Foulee Sportive Mach 1 Sports North Shore Athletics Peach City Athletics Peaks-Performance Training Reh-Fit Center Rockland Sports Rocky Mountain Fitness Running Room Sport Chek Sporting Life Sports Experts Swiss Watch Clinic Tdg Sports International Tech Shop Alberta The Treadmill Factory United Cycle Vtrek Sports Watch It Westworld Computers . Visit a POLAR dealer near you: All Seasons Source for Sports Altitude-Sports. weekly and monthly activity. mobile app and web service. Discover more at PolarLoop.

” golf cart. I really do. Smith Ferebee embarked on a golf marathon. organized by John De Finney. You don’t over-think your shot. Back in 1979. “It’s like doing a story for Canadian Running about the Hit and Run Golf Classic. The other guys laughed at me as they rolled past in the You take your shot. Ont.500m and stairs in my house using my hands to assist (“You TSP Scottsdale and Colonial in Arizona. I had earned my beer. sprinting the 6. and running a total of about 29:33 and shooting a 95.500m and a the clubhouse. shooting 99 or better on each 18-hole course.” as my 10-year-old daughter Carrying a full bag of clubs. whereas I began sprinting from one shot caddies’ safety. You take your shot. I had written a much ground. I had been anxious to try out the sport. pick up your clubs and run. You’re running no more than 250m tournament in Thornhill. 5000m. The world championship was with the sluggish pace. the course. wet. Christopher Smith shot a six-underTurns out elite runners also get a thrill out of high-speed golf. a chiropractor at a time for the average person.500-yard course You don’t over-think your shot. the Speedgolf World record in 2005. I run to Until recently.Crazy Legs Driving to the Finish Teed off with the sluggish pace of golf? There’s no puttering around for speedgolfers. won by Irishman Rob round of golf with a couple of non-runner friends in the edge of the green and end with a Hogan. By Michal Kapral 12 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photos: Timothy Scahill Caddy Smackdown I hate walking. we started playing at high speed. “There’s less mental presEveryone else had abandoned their game on the Haliburton course. New Zealander Nick I don’t recall my score or my running time from that don’t have time to get upset or Willis. Championships at the Bandon miler Steve Scott set an unofficial world record for the “There’s less mental pressure. when the sky turned dark and it dive-for-home-plate-style finish onto day and a 79 and 41:29 on the second. double from the subway and I sprint it every time. to the golf score based on their runnability. exclaimed with glee one day). who shot a 77 in 39:31 on the first Haliburton. you don’t have time. American Bernard Lagat. to entertain the running time.. who can hammer out 18 holes in under an hour The Great Golf Marathon » Olympian Bernard Lagat proves that running isn’t everything as he comes in dead last at the 2013 Speedgolf World Championships at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon In 1938.importance of the golf part of speedgolf. PGA Tour officials put an John De Finney wore his Garmin doing round. into someone in front. Determined to finish up our the green. you don’t have could move as quickly as we wanted without having to worry about running time.” he says. but I was having the golfing experience of my life. unfathomable. to the coffee shop. caddies had their own Olympic medallist and winner of the 2007 the grocery store. but back at mad. too. finished dead last.” De Finney not only and runner. The other end to the caddie racing tradition this the Hit and Run course at Angus Glen guys used a golf cart to motor themselves through past summer amid concerns for the in Ontario and it measured exactly 10k. A couple of years earlier. and I run up the version of speedgolf at PGA events at world championship in the 1. for 18 holes. using a single club. I was playing a the caddies would dump their bags on a two-day event. I get impatient crowd. I realized how The best-known times for speedgolf are almost frustrated I had been with the idle pace of the game as it was normally played. a speedgolf fartlek workout. golf more enjoyable. Last par 65 in 44:06 at Brandon Dunes to set a world fall. I even buy dress shoes naments held annual caddie races Scores are calculated simply by adding on a par-three hole. Ont. Our house is 800m place. playing 600 holes of golf in eight American cities over four days. welcomed two Olympic medal. silver medallist in the rain-soaked day of impromptu speedgolf. so we sure. the tour. “You don’t realize that you’re covering that to the next. muddy and with that happy postyour clubs and run. using just six clubs. .S. You also lists. and now was my chance enjoys the running aspect of speedgolf. U. pick up 2008 Olympic 1. speedgolfer pioneer J. showing the run up stairs like a kid. Recently. in minutes. but when I do. Sprinting the 150-yard course. finished in 13th run feeling. I don’t golf much.” serious golfer. Dunes Golf Resort in Oregon fastest round of golf. but finds the to give it an unofficial attempt. You also don’t have time to get upset or mad. began to pour cold rain.


our environment doesn’t favour slow meal times. Faster eating rates were clearly associated with higher body mass indices. Yet high GI foods are less satisfying – making you hungry sooner than you want to be. But a study from the University of Saskatchewan and published in the British Journal of Nutrition pokes some holes in this long-practiced recommendation. choose lower glycemic index carbohydrates like Foods naturally high in fibre (beans and legumes. To build muscle mass and lose weight. The added fibre beautiful relationship: women who lift weights and bars ended up having no impact on how full the drink milk increase lean mass and decrease fat mass more than women who don’t. Participants ate of resistance exercise and milk consumption on weight two meals a day as a low-fibre snack bar or one that loss. With protein. Slow eating gives your body the chance to know when it’s full. this nutritionally balanced food really is Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. slow how quickly you reach for another food. Fuel your run with slow release carbs If you’ve managed to ignore the popular criticism of this essential nutrient. supplements and supposed super foods promising weight loss. choose lower lactose dairy products like plain yogurt or aged cheese. You’ll also be more aware of the sensory features of food – not just taste. old-fashioned milk. Rather than reaching for bagels. New scientific research clears up a few common misconceptions. faster eaters had higher bmis and greater risk of diabetes. In a 2012 study from the journal Metabolism. sweet potatoes. These two actions make you feel Drink milk and lift weights full while your body works – and this fullness can There’s a reason why the majority of protein powders are whey-based. researchers the best recovery drink. Some recommendations advise you to eat high glycemic index (GI) carbs – white bread. choose Instead of buying fibre-added processed foods.regular milk over chocolate milk. Yet food companies have taken this idea and run a But even more effective than protein powder is the little too far with it – added fibres don’t seem to work original source of that whey: good.Runner’s Kitchen Four Eating Fixes for Healthy Running Busting some common food myths By Bobbi Barbarich If you struggle with your weight. quinoa and oatmeal. researchers from McMaster University detail a contained 10 grams of added fibre. participants felt. than milk. researchers in New Zealand looked at the eating speed of 2. while soluble fibres hold water and move slowly through your gut. Participants ate either a low GI or a high GI meal two hours before and one hour after performing two 90-minute running workouts. separated by a three-hour break. sugary drinks – in your pre-run meals because they are digested quickly and the energy is easier to access in comparison to low GI foods. They also noticed runners eating the low GI meals had lower insulin and blood glucose levels. The same is true for men. In a study published in the Journal of the vitamin D. Researchers found 14 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Run fast. Whey protein has less lactose regular menu item. may just be the answer in your weight loss dilemmas. In a Medicine and Sport Science review on the effect from the University of Minnesota challenged the idea that added fibre aids fullness. it can be tempting to listen to the latest fads. which is healthier for your overall metabolism. muffins or rice for The truth about added fibre fuel. Taking longer lunch breaks. If milk bothers your bles and fruit throughout the day. go natural. and will make you healthier in the to digest because insoluble fibres take time to mulch. but eat slow In a 2011 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Stick to whole grains. but smell.500 women and their body mass indexes. It won’t hurt whole grain foods. take longer your performance. and make beans a belly. the carbohydrate conundrum may get even more confusing. texture and sound – giving you more pleasure with fewer bites. carbohydrates and in the same way as naturally occurring fibres do. and whey protein isolate has none. Unfortunately. no difference in performance between the diets. however. over two days. long run. B-vitamins. include lots of vegeta. Whey is affordable and it works. . fruits and vegetables).

NutritioN iNformatioN (per serving) Calories . . . mince garlic and slice green onions. . . . . . . Adjust for seasoning. .0 g Carbohydrates . but you don’t want a bland salad either. . Reduce heat to a simmer and cover. Bring to a boil. olive 15 . a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper to the tomato mixture. . . .4 g Fibre . .0 mg Sodium . chopped 2 tbsp fresh mint 1 cup fresh parsley. .3. spread over a clean baking sheet to cool. . . chopped ½ cup green onion. . . ideally overnight so that the flavours marry and permeate the quinoa. Option: Crumble feta cheese on top. .33. . When ready to serve. cold pressed olive oil 1 small clove of garlic. Add lemon zest and lemon juice. . . thinly sliced (not white part) to taste sea salt and black pepper Serves 4 as a main (6 as a side) Directions 1. . Put quinoa in a colander and rinse to remove any residue. .352 Fat . Cook for 10–15 minutes or until all water has been absorbed. . Stir to combine. While the quinoa is cooking. 2. . .94 mg Protein . .3 g Cholesterol . . as this salad isn’t eaten cold. 4. Once cooled. quinoa and a pinch of sea salt into a two-quart saucepan. You don’t want this to be too salty. Once quinoa is cooked. . . . 5. stir in cooked quinoa and mix well. . . minced 1 tsp grated lemon zest 2 medium ripe tomatoes 1 medium. . .ReCipe Quinoa Tabbouleh By Mary Luz Mejia Photo: James Ramsay (Food Stylist: Susan Benson Cohen) Ingredients 2 cups water 1 cup quinoa ½ cup fresh lemon juice cup extra virgin. coarsely chopped ½ cup fresh chives. Place water. chop all of the herbs. 6. . .2 g Trans . . . 3. deseeded cucumber or 2 Persian cucumbers.4. .5. .6 g Saturated. let sit at room temperature for at least half an hour. . .2 g runningmagazine. . . . . . .8. Let tabbouleh sit in the refrigerator for at least a few hours. Place into a large bowl. . .6 g Sugar . chop the tomatoes and cucumbers into small pieces. .

from beginners Bob Reid is the spiritual to top-elites like three-time Olympian patriarch of the club. Barkeep. Susan Reid (Civil Engineering). The club executive includes Gary Duncan. The two biggest annual club events are the summer barbeque that takes place in August and the annual awards ceremony in February. The club also hosts the first race of the very popular Vancouver Island Race Series. “Hey. who gets re-elected each year (13 terms and counting) without much Website: all stripes and abilities. During the past 35 years. pih. The Harriers have treed. Arthur was 1978 and those three men became the Taylor (Track and Field). John Thipthorpe table. Thetis Lake Relays and the New Year’s Day Memorial 10k. Thetis Lake Park. treasurer and one of the earliest members. The and Ken Smythe (Cross area is rugged. who has emerged recently as a top-level runner. club known as the Prairie Inn Harriers. over $265.000 participants each.” Shaw replied. which doubles as the first event of the BC Timex Road Running Series. To date. mountainous and heavily Country).000 to the for would-be long distance runners. That (Computer Science). also joining in 1978. they have expanded their reach into the community to assist with the organization and management of ten local events. while enjoying a satisfying post-long run that are given to the University of Victoria as well as Camosun beverage and burger. the It all started one night over a few beers GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon and the Times Colonist 10k – for Canada’s biggest running club the second largest 10k in Canada. including two races that boast 12. They were Alex “Mother” Marshall and Rob Pearson. Prairie iNN Harriers Victoria. do you want to sponsor our running club?” asked These events provide funds for bursaries and scholarships Bruce “Gunner” Shaw. Garfield Saunders. two-time Olympian Bruce Deacon. Tuesday evening interval sessions take place at various locations throughout Greater Victoria. By Christopher Kelsall The club also hosts the Gunner Shaw Cross-Country Classic. two-time Olympic medallist Simon Whitfield. “Who is in the club?” asked the bartender College. The club has runners of 2008 at age 54. while the Harriers have ballooned in size. hastily nity projects.000 has been donated to commuand manager of the Prairie Inn Pub. The club offers training opportunities each week: Saturdays are at the traditional meeting area for the club. “Us. Heart and Stroke Foundation Fast forward to 2013: the Harriers are on behalf of Dave Reed. providing an ideal training ground also donated $10. the Pioneer 8k.C. There are also other groups that meet every day around the city. BritisH columBia 16 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photo: Adam Lawrence Club Stats . Susan Norrington is the current.Club Scene Prairie Inn Harriers Jon Brown. Rosamund Dashwood (Fine There is no prairie-like countryside Arts – Dramatic Writing) anywhere near Vancouver Island. 19-time Canadian champion Lucy Smith and Natasha Wodak.bc. including six Harrier bursaries and scholarships motioning to two other exhausted yet amused runners at his in the names of Gunner Shaw (Athletics). runner who died in Fee: $25 841 members. long-standing president. Sara Pape and Lara Wear. a wellMembers: 841 the biggest running club in Canada with loved B.

she’s setting up to be a top recruit in 2015.” Prouse will train harder to bridge the gap between her and her international competition this cross-country season. Like the regular Gel-Nimbus 17 . the foot-conforming FluidFit upper and a moderate 10 mm drop.69 Charlotte Prouse doesn’t take losing lightly. Runners will also appreciate the plush collar construction and secure heel fit. my coach and I are focusing on doing fewer intervals in practice at a faster pace rather than doing more.” Before taking on the world again. Defending a title can be a difficult feat. To get there. the Lite-Show sports massive gel pods in the forefoot and heel for exceptional cushioning.4 oz). larger runners or anyone looking for lots of cushioning and excellent visibility. The upper continues with the visibility theme by incorporating bright colours and numerous reflective highlights. She also hopes to earn a bid to the Youth Olympic Games in China and the iaaf World Junior Track and Field Championships in Oregon. “I don’t usually count miles or try to run high mileage yet. so that takes the pressure off a bit.” Prouse says.000m record of 9:36.” she says. “I have dreams of running for an American school and facing the best competition there is at the collegiate level. Central American and Caribbean cross-country championships. Prouse will defend her Ontario high school cross-country title this season with hopes of leading her London Central high school team to a podium finish.500m 4:29.77.” she says. This summer.27 3.” says Prouse. “I’m racing against older girls in Grade 12 this year. Women’s 286 g (10. she’ll need a high finish at the Canadian Junior National Cross-Country Championships in Vancouver in late November.1 oz) The Asics Gel-Nimbus 15 Lite-Show combines all the plush cushioning runners have come to expect from the Gel-Nimbus line with increased reflectivity for greater safety in low light conditions. With her current accolades and those Prouse is chasing in the coming years. slower.–GA runningmagazine. “I’m very competitive and I want to be the best on that day. Forefoot 13 mm Men’s 323 g (11. “This year. “ I also know that the cis is getting stronger every year and I might end up at a school in Canada if that fits with me and my training at the time. Prouse has her sights set on competing in the ncaa. London Central 1. James Ramsay By andrea Seccafien 16 London. “I love that in this sport you get what you put into it and achieving your goals is all on you. Fresh off a personal best and 13th place finish at the iaaf World Youth Track and Field Championships in Ukraine.” After her breakthrough summer. Ont. the units in the Lite-Show glow in the dark after they are exposed to light. But she is keeping her options open. “I just have more work to do to get there. But unlike the traditional gel pods.” says Prouse.Honour Roll Shoe In asics Gel-nimbus 15 Lite-Show International Race Inspires London Teen Charlotte prouse age: Hometown: School: pBs: Photos: Geoff Robins/Mundo Sport Images. Prouse isn’t afraid to push herself to achieve these lofty goals. This glow-in-the-dark technology really works and noticeably increases visibility when running in dark conditions. currently held by Genevieve Lalonde. but prefer to listen to my body from day to day. she wants to take a crack at the Canadian Junior outdoor 3. Prouse came away from that competition with a desire to be as good as those up front. “Seeing girls of that calibre at my age was both humbling and inspiring because it means that I can be that good too.” $200. Prouse hopes to be a staple on national teams in the future and is chasing a spot on the Canadian team for the North American. Heel 23 mm. As a premium neutral cushioning shoe.000m 9:49. the Gel-Nimbus 15 Lite-Show is particularly suitable for high mileage training. Asics wisely carries over other features from the regular Gel-Nimbus 15 including the dual layer midsole for greater cushioning. but Prouse doesn’t let the pressure get to her.

As soon as you come up the hill the finish is right there. The following year I ran the 1. CR: This year you almost caught Reid Coolsaet at the line for a third Canadian 10K title. Tell us a little bit about them. we would see the finish in the distance. the Kodiaks? KK: When I first came to Canada in 2001.000m champion and Canadian road 10k champion in 2010 and again the 10. I was expecting that when we came up the hill. sportsmanlike and consistent runners they have ever faced.500m at Vancouver’s Harry Jerome meet in 3:42.000m champ in 2011. Rob Watson and other elites say that Kangogo is among the most gracious. In 2013. CR: What was your affiliation with Lethbridge College and their school team. In October. Ten American universities offered me full scholarships. was the most beautiful thing that could happen in my life. I was planning on my kick only to realize it was over. . My long-term goal is to rub shoulders with the best in the world. the Yonge Street 10k and the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon. If he is on the line. but had to settle for second place. My main goal is to understand the marathon better and improve my time. At the end of the season I won nationals and became the first athlete in school history to be a national champion. In 2007 I came back as the Kodiaks’ assistant coach. Kangogo will be a factor in any Canadian race. patiently sitting in fourth for 6k » Kip Kangogo wins the 2013 Toronto Yonge Street 10K 18 Canadian Running January & February 2014 before moving up. he finished second at the Victoria Marathon in 2:15:35.Elite Q+A Kip Kangogo Mr. Alta.–Christopher Kelsall Photos: Adam Cadotte/CANADA RUNNING SERIES I ended up winning all the races that I entered. he had an impressive string of victories at the Vancouver Spring Run Off 8k. I went to Brigham Young University in Utah before transferring to Texas Christian University in 2004. The addition of our daughter Emma is the joy of our lives. I’m thrilled to be a father and I enjoy my obligation as a parent. This year’s finish was tricky compared to when I won it in 2010. Getting married to my wonderful wife Florida. I ran for the Kodiaks. I just have to work for it.000m and 10. Kip Kangogo: The changes in my life have been amazing. He helped me become the Canadian 5. Canadian Running: You’ve had many big changes in your life recently. How do you feel about that race and what are your goals going forward? KK: I ran a smart race there. who I met in Nakuru town in the Rift Valley in Kenya. making him one of the country’s top marathoners. Kangogo is both feared and loved by his competitors. Canadian Running spoke to Kangogo shortly after the Victoria Marathon. We won nationals in ’08 and ’09. Reid Coolsaet. I give much credit to my family for providing me with an enabling environment to train at this busy stage in our lives. my former coach at tcu. After 2009 I decided to move on and train under Patrick Cunniff. is one of Canada’s fastest and most consistent distance runners. Consistency Has a Big year Kip Kangogo of Lethbridge.

. THIS IS #RUNNOVATION.CONFIDENCE AT CONTACT. It will be the start of a beautiful relationship. The amazing 860v4 is here. See a fit specialist at any of our partner retail locations to feel the unbelievable stability and flexibility of this shoe.

located in the beautiful west end and just north of the 3 High Park. and heads east to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Trendy Bloor West Village also offers a multitude of dining and shopping options. Point-to-point Spanning the length of the Lakeshore from Scarborough to Etobicoke. Vast Photography/AllCanadaPhotos. this multi-use shared pathway is the perfect place to run uninterrupted by traffic on a relatively flat and paved trail. The park’s many tough 300–400m hills. The park also features an outdoor skating rink in winter. Toronto also hosts a large number of excellent races that provide runners of all abilities a race of any distance almost any time of the Toronto Left . are perfect for strength training. is a great place to refuel with a traditional-style breakfast. Centre Road and Spring Road.On the Run in… The country’s largest city has a lot to offer runners By dan Way Canada’s largest city may not be known as a premier running Photos: Oleksiy Maksymenko/AllCanadaPhotos. It’s also a great connecting route to the Humber Valley Trail system in the west and the Don Valley trails in the east allowing for runs of almost any distance. tennis courts and even a The Grenadier Restaurant. gmap-pedometer. It’s downtown section that runs parallel to Queens Quay is also a great spot to stop and hydrate and fuel at any number of popular bars and restaurants. soccer fields and baseball diamonds. Out-and-back The Kay Gardner Beltline Trail was originally a railway connecting the cities east and west sides but is now frequented by runners because of its soft surfaces and shelter from the sun. A 2k loop (also a road and bike path) at the north end of the park allows for great interval and speed training. but its lakeside location and generous green spaces offer more than their fair share of unique and scenic running routes. just minutes away. Although it can be accessed from several points. The long. including Colbourne Lodge Drive. The 4k outer trail loop makes for great soft-surface scenic running. is also one of its most popular running spots. The route passes by some hard-to-resist stops such as Eglinton 20 Canadian Running January & February 2014 MeDiuM 16K The Beltline. » » Below Looking west along the Martin Goodman Trail and Lake Ontario at sunset at Marilyn Bell Park » opposite bottom high Park trails during a snowier winter 2 1 ShORT 8K Toronto’s largest and most popular public park. a popular route starts parallel to Allen Road. A vibrant community of runners can be found training year-round including throughout the hot and humid summers to the mostly mild but occasionally bitter-cold winters. gradual hill that passes by the zoo along Deer Pen Road is especially difficult when holding one’s breath. undulating loop was a favourite workout spot of the Canadian marathon record holder Jerome Drayton when he was ranked the top runner in the world in the mid-1970s. Davisville and the Evergreen Brickworks. just north of Eglinton Avenue. gmap-pedometer. located smack dab in the middle of the park. It can be easily accessed from the north almost anywhere and used to do long runs or long intervals. The teardrop shaped. gmap-pedometer. Loop The iconic Cn Tower LOnG 20–36K Martin Goodman/ Waterfront Trail. down the Moore Park Ravine and to the turning point at the top of Milkman’s Lane for an out-and-back route of 16k.

Queen’s Park (38 Grenville St. There are a number of other big-city On the Where to shop Town There are multiple running room locations including downtown (53 Yonge St. as well as several world and Canadian record times. STWM boasts a fast and flat course that has produced many personal bests by the thousands who run it every year. including the sporting life 10K in May. mountain equipment co-op (400 King St.). Unit 1).) and the Beaches (1977 Queen St.) that will also offer running groups as well as an exciting line of the latest footwear and 21 . the Pride and remembrance run (5K) in June. the Yonge street 10K in April and the oasis zoo run. West) is one of Toronto’s few specialty running stores and is also Canada’s oldest (since 1975). mountain equipment co-op offers an inexpensive and no-frills race series that is both chip-timed and well organized.Imagess: Dean Tweed. which celebrates the city’s diversity during Pride weekend. Finally. Races The scotiabank toronto Waterfront marathon (STWM) is the largest and most prestigious of all of Toronto’s many races and events. which also acts as the Canadian 10K Championships. runningmagazine. Oleksiy Maksymenko/AllCanadaPhotos. Black toe running (95 Bathurst St. which is one of Canada’s biggest races. Liberty Village (61 Hanna Ave. Bloor West/High Park (Unit 3. it also offers group training and coaching. and various runs organized by the Women’s run series. More recently. and B&o Yorkville 5K in September.. Rosedale (1087 Yonge St. East). Taking place in late October. In addition to selling quality products from knowledgeable staff. W) carries the largest variety of minimal and trail running shoes in the city.). the runner’s shop (180 Bloor St. Also from the Canada Running Series are Harry’s spring run-off (5 and 8K). 2100 Bloor St. West).) is a brand new running boutique located downtown (95 Bathurst St.

–Lanni Marchant ” » Lanni Marchant with Silvia Ruegger and Krista DuChene after setting a new Canadian marathon record at the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Race director Alan Brookes is turning his Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (stwm) into a hot destination on the international road circuit.000 for each year they had stood: $38. A big question going into stwm weekend was if any Canadians would take down either long-standing national marathon record. 1985 May 1984 Nov. equalling $1.. Each mark held a hefty prize purse. 1975 May 1974 May 1967 The unfolding story in Canadian women’s road running has been t he friendly rivalry bet ween Lanni Marchant of London. and Marchant limped her way to a disappointing 3:01:54 finish Photo: Todd Fraser/CANADA RUNNING SERIES A day to remember in Toronto . 22 Canadian Running Canadian women’s marathon record progression Lanni Marchant 2:28:00 Toronto Waterfront Silvia Ruegger 2:28:36 Houston Silvia Ruegger 2:30:37 Ottawa Jacqueline Gareau 2:30:58 Tokyo Jacqueline Gareau 2:31:41 Montreal Linda Staudt 2:37:39 London Christine Lavalee 2:42:50 Ottawa Gayle Olinekova 2:44:04 Waldniel.000 for the men and $28. Canada’s two top women’s marathoners. DuChene dropped out of the race early. 2013 Jan. 1980 Sep. Germany Gail McKean 2:44:53 Vancouver Christine Lavalee 2:47:39 Ottawa JoAnn McKinty 2:57:40 Kitchener Maria Brzezinska 3:03:15 Vancouver Maureen Wilton 3:15:22 Toronto – Association of Road Racing Statisticians January & February 2014 Oct. the men’s race was the second-fastest marathon in North America. This year. and Krista DuChene of Brantford. Ont.000 for the women. behind only Chicago. In Moscow.. 1980 Aug. Both women represented Canada at the 2013 iaaf World Championships last summer and both held similar personal bests from the Rotterdam Marathon – 2:31:51 by Marchant and 2:32:06 by DuChene.Running News January & February 2014 Silvia was ready for “itI tothink go down and I think Krista and I were ready to take it. Ont. 1980 May 1980 Sep. 1979 May 1979 May 1978 Oct.

Why shouldn’t we be able to run 2:25? » Left eric Gillis comes into the finish of the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon » Left Deressa Chimsa and Solomon Kiptoo go headto-head The story shaping up beforehand was similar to the women’s side. the sacrifice. The weather on race morning was perfect for running fast. especially in women’s distance running.” Marchant and DuChene finished third and fourth overall behind Flomena Cheyech of Kenya. The Ethiopian awed spectators by throwing down an astonishing 2:55 kilometre going though a hilly. was correct. and Rob Watson. and to help inspire a generation of younger runners. She’s happy it finally was. I’m grateful for the people that helped and allowed me to run that. maybe there was just something about that athlete that really made it unusual. The Canadians came up short of Drayton’s national mark after being on pace for the first half of the race.” commented Ruegger at the finish line after she congratulated both Canadian women. I’m just so happy I can’t even absorb it all right now. who won in 2:25:13. Whitlock’s Marathon WORLD ReCORD DOMinanCe Photos: Dean Palmer.” With the record broken she’s confident athletes in Canada can continue to improve.” said Ruegger. breaking away from Kenya’s Solomon Kiptoo in the final 5k.S.amidst humid August conditions. The Milton. “You look at people who’ve done it and the records that haven’t been broken for so long and you think maybe that was just a one time thing.” Even with the record sliced down. Canadians Eric Gillis of Antigonish. It sets a standard for what is possible in the marathon by women in Canada.” said Marchant after the race.NET 70 to 74: 2:54:48 75 to 79: 3:04:54 80 to 84: 3:15:54 Local favourite Ed Whitlock also didn’t disappoint. I’m grateful for it. She finished eighth. He has become a recognizable and popular character at each year’s Waterfront Marathon. who will use her winnings to help pay off law school debts.000 in total: $20. She believes that performances like Marchant’s and DuChene’s can dare other athletes to believe they can be the best in the world. interview: Silvia Ruegger AFTER 28 YEARS. breaking the ageclass world record for 82-year-olds by nearly seven minutes. Gillis is a two-time Olympian and Watson represented Canada this summer in Moscow at the World Championships. DuChene also dipped under the previous mark. as Ruegger was thrilled to see her record finally broken..–MD runningmagazine.’ I absolutely believe that. This left them hungry for a quality fall performance and many suspected Silvia Ruegger’s national record of 2:28:32 from 1985 was ready to be broken in Toronto. Until Sunday. a Londoner like Marchant.photorun. even more so now. but ahead of them Ethiopian Deressa Chimsa was putting on a clinic in world-class marathoning. resident rose to prominence when he became the oldest person to ever run a sub-3:00 marathon in 2000.” Marchant. www. “I never wanted it to be a stand-alone 23 . so if someone was able to run that I happily applaud and have the highest respect for them. But now that two have done it.” said Ruegger. “I know what it took to run that. “One of us was going to get it. The two Canadian hopefuls ran most of the race together well under record pace. He took home $55. I think that’s why they both broke it. turn-laden section which organizers were calling the Gordian Knot. breaking numerous records in the past decade. would be racing for Jerome Drayton’s 38-year-old record of 2:10:09. Ont.” said Ruegger. Chimsa took down the national all-comers record by running the fastest marathon ever on Canadian soil. Both of them admitted having each other there was what helped them break the record. Chimsa cruised to a 2:07:05 finish. setting a new Canadian record. “My goal was to inspire others and see them break those barriers down in their own lives. the Olympian is quick to talk about how she thinks Canadian records can be brought down further. but Marchant broke away from DuChene after the 30k mark to finish in 2:38:00. But there was also a big-name East African contingent that was chasing an even faster mark in the Canadian all-comers record. THE FORMER CANADIAN MARATHON RECORD HOLDER IS HAPPY TO SEE HER RECORD FINALLY FALL R uegger competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic marathon. “I wondered if I could do that and I worked really hard because I didn’t see why we as Canadians couldn’t do that. and Sechale Adugna of Ethiopia. finishing in 2:28:30. I can do that too. running 2:52:74.. the first year women ran the event.” Ruegger isn’t surprised Marchant and DuChene broke the record together: “No. Two weeks after she was in a serious car accident and never returned to the level of fitness she had before the crash.000 for his win and $35. who ran 2:26:43. “It’s recognition that it’s not a one-time only thing. the dedication and the work. running 3:41:58. N. “When we see a fellow countryman or countrywoman do something we think ‘Oh. she had been outspoken about wanting to see her own record taken down. “I never looked at what other people around the world were doing as impossible. The next year she set the Canadian record at 2:28:36 while winning the Houston Marathon. I never doubted we could run with the best in the world. and I think both of us officially got it. Brookes will also cut a significant cheque for the winner of the men’s race.000 for lowering the course record to under 2:07:30. I think people will realize that it is possible. “I think Silvia was ready for it to go down and I think Krista and I were ready to take it.

That left it up to Kipsang to determine his own fate as he surged ahead by himself. with 74. . At 40k he was just three seconds faster than MakauÕs 2011 split. lowering the previous world record by 15 seconds. In the womenÕs race KenyaÕs Florence Kiplagat won for a second time in Berlin in 2:21:13.544 finishers in 2013. The 31-year-old Kipsang responded on race day delivering a 2:03:23. But the world record was not without controversy. The three raced together and were well under world record pace at the halfway point (1:01:23). Haile Gebrselassie was also the official starter for this yearÕs marathon event. This marks the ninth time that a world marathon record was established on the f lat and fast Berlin Marathon course. This was surprising. Eliud Kipchoge and Geoffrey Kipsang (no relation). An ambush marketer jumped the barricades near the finish line and broke the tape just ahead of Kipsang. indicated that he could lower the record further and vowed to return to Berlin next year. Second place menÕs finisher Eliud Kipchoge now has the distinction of being the fastest runner-up in marathon history finishing in a time of 2:04:05. which he ran at the Frankfurt Marathon in 2011. considering that race officials had significantly increased security after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. making headlines worldwide BMW Berlin Marathon Wilson Kipsang delivers on his world record promise 24 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Interviewed after the race. With humble beginnings in 1974. also the bronze medallist at the 2012 London Olympics.707 having registered for the lottery. Geoffrey Kipsang placed third for the second year in a row in 2:06:26.Running News » Left Wilson Kipsang pulls through with a new marathon world record at the 2013 BMW Berlin Marathon » above an ambush marketer crosses the finish line ahead of new world marathon record holder Wilson Kipsang.NET Wilson Kipsang predicted he would break Patrick MakauÕs menÕs marathon world record at the 2013 bmw Berlin Marathon. His previous best time was 2:03:42.photorun. but managed to take off 15 seconds as he passed through the Brandenburg Gate. but had to withdraw with an injury two weeks before the event. the Berlin Marathon grew from 2 4 4 finishers in its first year to a record 36. a mere 4 seconds slower than MakauÕs record. Fortyone-year-old German Irina Mikitenko took third in 2:24:54. and also lowered the womenÕs masters world record by 49 seconds. Makau was initially scheduled to compete against Kipsang. Weather conditions were almost perfect as Kipsang battled fellow Kenyans. ÐFrank Stebner PROGReSSiOn OF WORLD ReCORDS eSTaBLiSheD in BeRLin WoMen’S WoRLd ReCoRd 1977 Christa Vahlensieck GER 1999 Tegla Laroupe KEN 2001 Naoko Takashi JAP 2:34:48 2:20:43 2:19:46 Men’S WoRLd ReCoRd 1998 Ronaldo da Costa 2003 Paul Tergat 2007 Haile Grebrselassie 2008 Haile Grebrselassie 2011 Patrick Makau 2013 Wilson Kipsang 2:06:05 2:04:55 2:04:26 2:03:59 2:03:38 2:03:23 BRA KEN ETH ETH KEN KEN MaSTeRS WoRLd ReCoRd 2003 Andres Espinosa MEX 2:08:46 M40+ 2013 Irina Mikitenko GER 2:24:54 W40+ Photos: www. As this was the 40th annual Berlin Marathon organizers brought back all previous world record holders from Berlin to participate in the celebrations and cheer on the runners on at the start line. only to slow to 20 seconds behind MakauÕs 2011 35k split. Sharon Cherop finished 45 seconds back to place second. Kipsang. Registration for the 2014 Berlin Marathon is now closed.

The women’s race seemed like it was going to turn into a rout when Buzunesh Deba and Tigist Tufa took a massive early lead on the women’s chase pack.878 runners crossed the finish line.795 was from the 2011 race. Mutai surged ahead once again as they entered Central Park. I run three days a week. runner who finished eighth in his age category with a time of 2:36:17. a 35-year-old Camrose. Geoffrey Mutai said he was ready to put on a show in New York and he delivered on his promise.000 other people but it really was an honour to get to start with the 30 Olympians at the front. and it was only a matter of time before one of them was forced to make a move. The race shattered its own participant numbers record with 50. It wasn’t just those entered who were interested in the New York City Marathon. was the second overall women’s master at New York. who at one point had more than a four-minute lead on the chase pack. wabc also ran a primetime special on Saturday evening.000 payday that accompanies it. The next closest number was last month’s 2013 Chicago marathon where 38. so anything south of that would have been good. coach and work. Canada’s Lisa Bentley. She ran a seven-minute negative split to pass Deba at 40k. The race also experienced a record television audience. Now this is just fun for me. even under less than ideal running conditions.266 runners finishing off in Central Park. who both live and train together in the Bronx. which included favourites Edna Kiplagat and Priscah Jeptoo. “They told me I could start at the front and it was such an honour for me to be able to start there. New York station wabc reported a 66 per cent jump from its 2011 broadcast. People seem to be more interested in the marathon than ever.000 Marathon Majors series cheque. finishing 25th in 2:52:52. Countdown to the Starting Line. dropping all but compatriot Stanley Biwott. and then cruised through the last stage of Central Park to a 2:25:07 victory. Former champ Jelena Prokopcuka of Lativa snuck into third place in 2:27:47 in what became a very openended race for the remaining top spots. I raced 20 years as a professional triathlete. Lunty won the Okanagan Marathon and the Queen City Marathon in 2013. He finished in 2:09:16. Mutai made his big move with 10k to go. were ultimately out-classed by the faster Jeptoo. leading up to the race which received over double the audience of any other broadcast during the same period.” The top Canadian men’s finisher was Brendan Lunty. Biwott faded quickly back to fifth place after being dropped by Mutai. South Africa’s Lusapho April was a surprise third-place finisher in 2:09:45.ING New York City Marathon The world’s biggest marathon is back and bigger than ever » above First avenue during the 2013 inG new York City Marathon » Below Lisa Bentley places second in the women’s masters division The ing New York City Marathon was a big event in more ways than one.–MD runningmagazine. It’s really just a bonus to get to run a 25 . Jeptoo went alone in the second half and chased down both Ethiopians. Deba and Tufa. but word on the street was that NYC isn’t the best course for PBs.” The 44-year-old was diagnosed in 1988 with cystic fibrosis and still went on to a be a major force in the global triathlon scene. Alta. “I ran 2:49 in Boston this year and I felt like I was fitter than that. Just like he did in 2011.000 near the end of the race. The latter pair of women were also in a fight for the $500.000. Her payout for the win and the 2012–13 series victory totalled more than $630. “It would have been nice to start with 50. Tsegaye Kebede fought his way up to second place. an elite triathlete.” said Bentley. The audience in the New York area alone reached a peak of over 850. These numbers pay testament to the explosion of interest still taking place in recreational road running. Also of note. Locally. Deba held on for a disappointing second place (she placed the same in 2011) in 2:25:56 and was visibly upset for blowing such a substantial lead. and effortlessly cruised to victory in 2:08:24. Estimates also peg the number of live spectators at two million. The previous record of 46. The diminutive Ethiopian secured the 2012–13 World Marathon Majors series title and the $500. The Kenyan sat pensively in a large pack of top contenders as a nasty headwind kept any one runner from making a move in the first half of the race. That all changed when they crossed into Manhattan. The event was broadcast live nationally in the United States for the first time in 20 years.

Jeptoo’s race was particularly impressive because she managed a massive negative split in order to squeak under Photos: Geoff Robins/Mundo Sport Images Perfect weather produces fast times in the Windy City . but was not able to hold on. We didn’t expect that and the individual win was just a bonus on top of that. I had so much energy and when I looked at the clock at the end. women’s 6K The Guelph men’s team packed all five scorers in the top ten. Sammy Kitwara completed the Kenyan podium sweep in 2:05:16. who is retiring after 42 years leading the Mustang cross-country program. She also led her team. bringing countless national team athletes through the program. finishing in second in 2:20:48. The the Guelph Gryphons Nov. He wound up in second. the former peasant farmer has risen from being one of Geoffrey Mutai and Wilson Kipsang’s pacemakers to their top rival. and the women won their first title ever in 2005.” said Staehli.. I knew a huge chance had passed. Jeptoo’s win in Chicago was her second major marathon victory of the year. Jemima Sumgong Jelegat. They scored 22 CiS Crosspoints on the way to their title. The Western Mustangs women finished second. “We’ve been very fortunate to have all this sweet talent come together as a team. stayed with Jeptoo until roughly 40k. Because both Tokyo and Chicago are part of the Marathon Major Series. a Queen’s second-year athlete won the women’s title in 20:51 over the new 6k distance. 9 races were held at Thames Valley Golf Course in London.000 payday. In total. Since he took up running just a few years ago. the men’s and women’s teams constantly have an abundance of athletes waiting for their turn to race at championships. the two teams have won 21 national titles under the coach. scoring 89.” the Kenyan said after the race. Laval rounded out the team medals with 91. the men’s 22-point score would still have disposed of a cis all-star squad made of the other top-ten finishers.000 biannual prize. With unmatched recruiting. Rita Jeptoo delivered an impressive victory. Women’s cis cross-country has historically been only 5k. “You talk about the ideal that everybody could do. then you realize everyone else is going to show up to try to disrupt that and they did a pretty good job of it. The time shattered the old course record by nearly a minute. After crossing the finish line. A year after a heartbreaking second-place finish.” Fellow countryman Emmanuel Mutai was the only runner able to hold on to Kimetto’s hot pace in Chicago. The men won their first title since 1969 after two years of ScottThomas at the helm. London. 2:04:15) and a win earlier in 2013 at the Tokyo Marathon. Julie-Anne Staehli. Ont. making the ships in battle for second closer competition on the men’s side. along with individual bronze medallist Victoria Coates. Country Championwho scored 87. also from Kenya. The 29-year-old set a blistering 1:01:52 pace in the first half and held on to an even split to win in 2:03:45. “The team bronze is definitely great for us. Kimetto now has the fourth fastest marathon time ever to go along with the fastest debut of all time (Berlin 2012. They don’t seem to be losing steam either.–SL 26 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Kenyan Dennis Kimetto proved that he is one of the world’s greatest marathoners with his convincing win in Chicago. The finish is a great sendoff for legendary coach Bob Vigars. the runs in the same course which hosted the event last year.” said Guelph coach Dave Scott-Thomas about his teams. “I don’t know why this happened and I don’t want to speculate but at the end of the race. to a third-place team finish. and Ont. Russia’s Maria Konovalova was third in 2:22:46.Bank of America Chicago Marathon Guelph Cements Dynasty as Cross-Country National Champs The Gryphons’ Canadian university dominance now extends nearly a decade » above Genevieve The University of Guelph Gryphons have extended their cross. besting second-place Windsor by 65 points. netting Kimetto a $175. how it will fall out. Kimetto also leads in points for the 2013–2014 $500. after winning the Boston Marathon in April. with Aaron at the 2013 Hendrikx taking the overall title in 30:49 over the 10k race. This year. Carise Thompson of Guelph finished second to complete the podium. just seven seconds behind. “I was not aware I was on world record pace since no one told us and there was no lead car ahead of us. Her 2:19:57 was the only sub-2:20 by a woman in 2013. Kimetto had mixed feelings about his win when he discovered he was just seconds off the world record.Lalonde country win streak over the Canadian Interuniversity Sport to eight (centre) of championship titles in a row for the men and nine for the women.” Scott-Thomas turned the Gryphon cross-country team around after taking over in 1997.

2:09:18 (winner: Geb Gebremariam. 2:06:54) 2010 london marathon. 2:08:14) 2011 New York city marathon. Ont. and also was faster than many of the top 10 men’s splits at the end of the race. I was devastated. 203:52 (winner: Dennis Kimetto.and second-half splits reveal just how dominant she was in Chicago. in 2:22:39 and New Brunswick’s Paula Keating. Her 1:11:15/1:08:42 first.Photos: Bank of America Chicago Marathon Running News 2:20. 2:06:23 (winner: Tsegaye Kebede. 2:03:45) » Below left Dennis Kimetto and Geoffrey Mutai race neck-and-neck during the 2013 Bank of america Chicago Marathon » Below Rita Jeptoo wins the women’s race . 2:05:06) 2013 chicago marathon.”–MD Emmanuel Mutai The KinG OF SeCOnD PLaCe The Kenyan has finished in second place at a major marathon an incredible five times 2009 World champion marathon. 2:05:19) 2010 New York city marathon. 2:06:28 (winner: Geoffrey Mutai. 2:07:48 (winner: Abel Kirui. “I was very pleased with my Chicago result. The top Canadians in Chicago were Robert Winslow of North York. who was the top overall women’s master in 2:49:18.” Keating said. as I have never not finished anything in my life. Her last 12k pace was on par to Paula Radcliffe’s 2:15:25 world record pace. “I had to drop out of the race last year at 35k due to a severe foot and ankle injury.

a puzzling riddle has emerged in hydration research. Fortunately. so drinking too little might leave you short of energy even if you satisfy your thirst. then they were rehydrated to varying extents – but not by drinking.The Science of Running alex Hutchinson rounds up the latest in endurance research 28 Canadian Running January & February 2014 interval length Looking for that one magic interval workout that will guarantee a new PB? Researchers from the Mayo Clinic recently analyzed the results of 37 interval-training studies to determine their effects on VO2 max.m. it’s increasingly clear that the once-common mantra of drinking to replace all your fluid losses is now outdated and obsolete. a measure of aerobic fitness involving the amount of oxygen you’re able to deliver to your muscles when you’re exercising hard. Decades of experiments have shown that when athletes are forcibly dehydrated by more than two per cent and not allowed to drink. And yet real-world studies at big races show that the fastest runners tend to be the most dehydrated at the finish – in listening to thirst In the last few years. they simply drank whenever they felt thirsty. while longer intervals are too slow to really push your aerobic limits – so this is the sweet spot. the other time. In this case. there are other ways to produce similar results. University of Sherbrooke researcher Eric Goulet and his colleagues had 10 runners complete a pair of half-marathons on a treadmill in his lab. In a 25k cycling time trial in 33 C heat. In the end. most of us aren’t accustomed to paying close attention to internal cues such as thirst.m. there was no difference in performance between the three conditions (in which they were equally thirsty but had different levels of dehydration). and it’s important to incorporate a variety of different stimuli in your training – but it’s a good idea to make at least some of your workouts hit that 3:00 to 5:00 sweet spot. University of North Texas researchers tested the difference in some key running parameters in the morning (between 6:30 and 9:30 a.m. meaning that they needed extra oxygen to run at the same pace. you’ll be running at a fast clip while relying mostly on anaerobic energy. volunteers were dehydrated by three per cent by walking and cycling in a hot room. On one occasion they drank according to a strict schedule to ensure they lost less than two per cent of their starting weight. Of course. though the gradual increase of body temperature throughout the day is thought to play a role. there’s no magic workout. As expected. Taken together. But in the most important variable – finishing time – there was no difference between the two conditions. The most surprising finding was that the runners were six per cent less efficient in the evening. these results suggest that the best hydration plan is simply to drink whenever you’re thirsty. a. so it requires deliberate effort and attention to tune into these signals. As long as the runners weren’t thirsty. don’t expect your times in morning and evening workouts to be identical – cut yourself some slack during early morning sessions. Instead. While all the workouts successfully boosted VO2 max. vs.).m. drinks also serve as a source of much-needed carbohydrate. the nine studies that observed the largest increases tended to rely on intervals lasting between 3:00 and 5:00. two per cent.m. Photo: Rob Wilkinson/lifestyle/Alamy/AllCanadaPhotos. If you do. IV saline was infused directly into their veins to bring them to zero per cent. A pair of new studies explores this riddle. bear in mind previous research showing that working out at a particular time of day makes you faster at that specific time: if you have a 7 a. Such a plan isn’t without risks: for one thing. For most people. 15 times 1:00 intervals with just 45 seconds of jog rest in between. so the findings are unlikely to change their plans. the thirst group drank far less and lost more than three per cent of their body weight. their performance suffers.m. P. the timing of their workouts is determined by when it fits into their schedule. This distinction between thirst and dehydration was explored by researchers in Australia and New Zealand in another study.) and the evening (between 5:00 and 8:00 p. And when you’re preparing for a race. say. published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. race coming up. dehydration didn’t seem to affect their running speed. It’s still not clear what causes these circadian differences. Still. For longer races like the marathon. That’s likely because shorter intervals rely more heavily on anaerobic energy. . in agreement with previous studies. Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie lost a full 10 per cent of his body weight while setting a marathon world record. make sure to do at least a few hard sessions at 7 a. without the volunteers being aware of their actual level of hydration. Still. and also had slightly higher heart rate and body temperature. they were also able to supply four per cent more oxygen to their muscles along with seven per cent more anaerobic energy – so they were faster overall in the evening. or three per cent dehydration.

crossbellfitness. there are three other flavours: lemon zinger. bar and dvd set) is a bit hefty. All flavours are made with brown rice syrup and contain a nice balance of sodium with slow and quick releasing sugars. But does that also mean that you should walk or stand still if your recovery is less than 2:00? Not necessarily. Mule Bar Cherry Bomb Gel $2. Lactate measurements showed that the light spinning led lactate levels to start dropping about 2:00 into the recovery. on the other 29 . which. Each CrossBell uses water as its weight. But for those who are devoted to a well-rounded training program.What’s New products you should know about Walk or jog the rest? A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research compared passive (complete rest) with active (light spinning) recovery between intervals in a group of cyclists. That’s a good thing for runners. but a great fit for longer trail hauls. the cyclists produced faster times after just resting. If the workout is intended to develop aerobic endurance. you guessed it. The CrossBell weights themselves can function either as a kettlebell for Many runners aren’t fans of the gym. arm and back strengthening. contains pure organic cherry juice. When the rest was just 45 seconds. CrossBell Fitness CrossBell $180. If you’re working on top-end speed. British gel and recovery snack brand Mule Bar have finally arrived in Canada. Their strategy to make all-natural products has paid off. the price tag for the complete system (CrossBells. The CrossBell system is ideal for those that live in an apartment or don’t want the clutter that comes with owning free weights. CrossBell could replace much of what a gym can offer a runner.80. mulebar. then you may still be better off jogging the recovery (and keeping your heart rate up) even if it makes the intervals slower. indicating that the elevated heart rate was helping to clear metabolic waste products from the blood. But when the rest was lengthened to 3:00. The gel is one of the more liquidy we’ve ever tested. they actually performed best after the active recovery. which is good for faster consumption and easier The sports food market has become increasingly crowded in recent years. but know that warding off injuries and running PBs requires some strength and core conditioning. which packs a caffeine punch. as our extremely picky testers raved about the natural taste of the Cherry Bomb gel. At $180. making it somewhat challenging to carry more than one or two during a road race. walk the rest. so that the whole system is easy to stow or transport. apple strudel and cafe cortado.–MD runningmagazine. The gel packets are sizeable. or as conventional weights inserted into the provided bar for squats. The results confirm what many runners have felt intuitively – that jogging during recovery lasting a few minutes or more helps you run faster in the next interval. Besides cherry. particularly those with fussy stomachs looking for fuel that won’t ruin their race. The company first started making performance oriented food for climbers that would encounter GI issues after days at altitude. deadlifts and bench press.

This essential information is then validated using both personal anecdotes and interviews with the pros. setbacks.–SL 30 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Part training manual. but the eye-opening truth about the dangers faced during a 100-mile race may also scare a few off. but still holds more serious topics for deeper reading that can be enjoyed by adults interested in the ultramarathon scene. and feels forced. 2014 In David Carroll’s debut novel.–DW . which makes for an inspiring read. After his inspirational story goes viral – a result of being posted on Michelle Obama’s blog – he is invited to be a guest on a national talk show. Each chapter concludes with a celebrity endorsed running playlist aimed to provide some extra motivation to keep running. decides to follow in his father’s footsteps and run the Shin-Kicker 100-mile race. who can perhaps learn some valuable lessons along the way. But his enthusiasm for the sport and his personal desire to improve endear him to the reader as he endures unfortunate. starting with the 5k and progressing through to the 10k. The book is divided into four major sections and further (and fittingly) organized into 26 chapters. Quinn. There is an unexpected subplot that engages in political commentary in the midst of an otherwise politics-free oasis of enjoyable reading.Book Reviews Ultra Feet. Kaplan has chatted with many of today’s biggest pop stars about what’s on their iPod when they go for a run. but will also appeal to veteran runners looking for some insight on how to set a new PB. a thirteen-year-old. the award-winning cbc producer confronts the challenge of making running cool for a generation of kids who seem uninterested in being active. Kaplan’s writing style and occasional use of expletives may be a bit much for some. Ben Kaplan’s Feet Don’t Fail Me Now is a frenetically paced and exciting running book. Kaplan touches upon how often and how far to run while approaching each highlighted distance. 2013 Ben Kaplan Greystone Books. The story is told through a combination of fictional talk-show transcripts between Quinn and television host Sydney Watson Walters. The user-friendly structure is perfect for the complete beginner. This should resonate with many runners. Ultra. He soon realizes that the ultramarathon may not be as simple as he thought. the half-marathon and ending with Kaplan’s reflections on the marathon. Each section is focused on a particular race distance. As a former staff writer for such publications as GQ and New York. and a firstperson retelling of his race. part running guide and part celebrity playlist. The book then discusses key running skills and training concepts from shoe selection to mental motivation to nutritional advice and pacing strategies. offering up a new and refreshing spin in the hope of encouraging young readers to try running. Of course. ultramarathons were never intended for anyone and Ultra does not sugar-coat about how tough those who race them have to be. especially if you are already interested in the ultramarathon scene. The book tells a David and Goliath story. The teenager overcomes these challenges. The story is an easy read for children and young adults. Each chapter begins by outlining a few weeks of training. Don’t Fail Me Now: The Rogue’s Guide to Running the Marathon David Carroll Scholastic. though it does present a possibly unintended question as to whether or not these types of events are safe for children. Carroll’s novel makes for an easy and quick read. Throughout the novel Quinn is presented with life-threatening circumstances while stranded in the forest. Most of the commentary will likely go over the heads of the book’s target audience. albeit humorous. It will certainly pull some hesitant spectators into the sport.


Not usually my style. That would usually be enough to guarantee me a spot in Hopkinton. It can get tricky trying to pump up the motivation for something that’s almost a yearand-a-half away. but mostly content. And throw off that clydesdale harness. The head’s got a lot of time to lull you into new games of you-can-getinto-better-shape-tomorrow. Now.Peter’s Principles So here we are: another year. I’ve been comfortably content with the course my life’s taking. I’d be tempted to say here that I’m putting my cards on the table and making a New Year’s resolution: this is the year of motivation. I had my heart set on lacing up for my eighth Boston Marathon. I won’t be there for what’s bound to be an emotional weekend in April. another batch of be-it-resolveds. If I wrote in clichés. But sure as your golf game’s going to go south if you don’t bang out buckets of balls and practice those short putts every week. Maybe slice a bunch of minutes off that qualifying time and move my way up in the starting field. 32 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Still. Except for this year. when I enter a new age group – one that comes with a much bigger qualifying cushion. Qualifying used to be like a six-inch putt in golf. I’d be tempted to say here that I’m putting my cards on the table and making a New Year’s resolution: this is the year of motivation. We all struggle with motivation from time to time – we hit a plateau or fall short of a few goals and it can get tough to stay on track. If I wrote in clichés. And some when I’ve watched from home. I’ve teared up at some point on the course every year I’ve been there. consistent training and challenging but achievable goals. Yeah. I’ll have to wait another year. another set of goals. I’m aiming to head back to Boston in a year in better shape than I’ve managed in years. your running game can go off the rails when you get comfortably By peter Hadzipetros . That’s not going to happen in 2014. I finally got the Boston qualifier monkey off my back. I don’t know what is. We find excuses to put off that hard workout or to get in some quality miles. But. In 2015. I fell short of punching my ticket three years straight thanks to injuries and the demands that come along with two babies. But after a year of consistent training and no injuries. More races. if that’s not motivation. I’m not the kind of guy who scratches out a list of things to change when December flips to January. for me. The Boston Marathon never gets stale. I’ll miss the emotion that’s going to course through the streets of the city this April. I’ll be what amounts to a master-and-a-half – and probably still a clydesdale. Image: Christy Hill / www. Boston’s always been an emotional experience. Not completely. I trained longer and harder last year than I had in a few seasons.chillfactor.


and we’ve enthusiastically embraced a growing array of recovery tools. Leeder was among the first sports scientists to sound the warning about the downside of “over-recovery.Training Tips That evening. A small Japanese study in 2006 found that volunteers made smaller fitness and strength gains during a six-week training program if they took ice baths after their workouts. the cold-water soak to squeeze blood from tender muscles and muscles are slower 24 hours after a hard quench inflammation.the body to adapt. a heretical thought floats past: If the end result is the same. You’ve managed to trick your body into subtracting an hour of fatigue. The iceBy alex Hutchinson baths suppressed the inflammation that otherwise would have served as a signal to It’s a bright Sunday morning. ice bath after after a run – and that’s crucial if you’re hardest workouts long intervals and compression socks after long run. Avoid extra recovery aids like ice baths kick-starting muscle repair if you take in and endurance and compression socks unless you have an injury developing.” explains Jonathan Leeder. Fortunately. the whole point of training is to stress your body. top coaches and scientists have begun to question whether we’ve gone too far.g. One of the most intriguing findings relates to the famous “refuelling Adapt your recovery as follows during a 16-week marathon build-up window” after exercise. drugs like ibuprofen. to force it to repair itself and come back stronger. Thanks to your hardcore recovery routine. A study at the Recovery periodizing Recovery 34 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photo: AGRfoto/Alex Rowbotham/Alamy/AllCanadaPhotos. you know have found that repair processes in your what to do next. training twice a day and need to recover Peak 13 to 16 Ready to race Pull out all the stops to speed recovery after all workouts and within hours. you feel pretty good. pop some antioxidants and an Advil. Then pull on the compression socks. But most of us have more long runs. Recently. modest recovery needs. e. e. other studies hour hammerfest that has seared your lungs and fried your legs. food between 30 minutes and two hours Preparation 7 to 12 Longest runs and Add extra recovery once or twice a week. First. hard run – a two. why didn’t you just run for an hour and skip all the recovery stuff? For years. but evidence had been accumulating for several years before that. and you’re finishing up a long. More Isn’t Always Better . while sipping on a protein-packed smoothie to kick-start muscle workout if you take anti-inf lammatory synthesis.g. book a massage as time and budget permit. a physiologist with the English Institute of Sport.” in the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics. and that antioxiand call to schedule a massage. The result: if you use recovery aids like ice baths and antiinf lammatories to reduce your training stress too much. It’s well-estabPHase WeeKs traiNiNG focus recoVerY PlaN lished that your body is most receptive to restocking its carbohydrate stores and Base 1 to 6 Building mileage Sleep and eat well. “All the adaptations that you see in training are caused by this stress to the body. you may end up wiping out some of the training benefit from your workout in the process. we’ve been lectured about the importance of proper post-run recovery. After all. But as you drift to sleep. dants like vitamins C and E delayed muscle recovery in elite athletes. your legs feel more like you did a relaxed one-hour jog rather than a two-hour burner.

it’s not their recovery tools – it’s the hard workouts they do to earn their recovery. took me 4:45. At least most of the time. when you hope to gain the most fitness. I made a resolution to stop making resolutions.Image: Adrian Forrow First Steps University of Massachusetts found that when volunteers consumed a recovery shake that exactly matched the number of calories they’d just burned in a treadmill workout. Quite frankly. my statements basically come down to two things: lose weight.” he says. I have made a resolution and it’s a biggy: I resolve to be fit by 50. But I can pump out lots of push-ups. “I have a continuum for recovery. Not to just be in shape. I am fighting an uphill battle as I age. where you’re not looking for gains and just trying to perform optimally. it’s just not in my genes. This advice may sound counterintuitive when we see professional athletes engaged in an ever-escalating race to acquire the most sophisticated and expensive recovery machines – liquidnitrogen-fuelled cryosaunas. By immediately replacing the calories. I’ve already taken the first step: I joined a gym that can deliver the results I want. exercise more. in shape. After a long run or a punishing interval workout. Badly. a few years ago. my friends. The third step is simple: run more. Fit enough to run a four-hour marathon. I said it. where there are times you might emphasize it and times you might not emphasize it. experience and energy to push me when the going gets tough. there’s definitely no need to down sports bars and take ice baths. I have managed to achieve a bit of success for a few weeks. i resolve to not to just be There. None of this is an argument to ignore recovery – or. a coach and physiologist at the Canadian Sport Institute in Victoria argue for a more balanced approach. worse. which means that I am staring at that dreaded condition known as middle-aged spread. Fit at 50? That’s one resolution I intend to keep. don’t panic: that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. ramp up your recovery efforts and do everything possible to feel fresh on the start line. they ensured that their bodies didn’t feel any stress – and as a result. Yes. but luckily I have a fourpronged plan of attack. skinny runner. Instead. experts like Trent Stellingwerff. The second step will be harder: lose fat (and weight). I gravitate to what I am good at and shy away from what’s going to hurt. limit your use of recovery aids. really fit. who needs the guilt? But I am at the brink of breaking even that resolution. I’ve got my work cut out for me. even months. There’s no turning back. Check her progress on Twitter @CurlyGirlRuns. but be fit. Deborah Wiles is editor of Herald Magazine in Halifax. Joining the gym was great for my biceps but not so great for my mileage. “In a competition. Naturally. your natural recovery processes can (and should) handle it. but only once or twice a week after your hardest sessions. But if there’s a secret to the success of elite runners. their bodies didn’t bother to adapt and get fitter. Owner Jeff Zahavich has the education. this might mean focusing only on good nutrition and plentiful sleep. but then I backslide. the effects can be reversed through hard work. And the final part of my plan? Enlist the help of friends to pull me out of bed for early morning runs and to talk me out of my late night chocolate cravings. or it might mean using ice baths and compression garments. I’m over 47 but under 50. After an easy run. there’s nothing to lose from these strategies. I’ve already had to dip into his unlimited pool of motivation more than once. Stellingwerff and Leeder both recommend periodizing recovery 35 . starve yourself after a hard run. Then. So if you’re feeling tired and heavy-legged after your next workout. Oh sure. During periods of heavy training. Which is why. pneumatic leg-compression tubes and endless varieties of high-tech clothing and exotic pills. but to be the fittest I have run only one marathon and it i have ever been in my life. on the other hand.” Leeder says. Depending on how hard you’re training. I’ve shaved off three per cent of my body fat over the last six months but there’s plenty more where that came from. it’s more of a judgment call. I will never be a fast. however. runningmagazine. Although the exact wording of my resolutions has varied over the years. The fittest I have ever been in my life. they failed to see the expected improvement in insulin sensitivity. Resolving to Be Fit at 50 By deborah Wiles I have made – and broken – many resolutions. Apparently. But I need to do both if I am going to achieve my goals. Halifax’s Kinesio Sport Lab boasts workouts aimed at getting the most out of endurance athletes. So I love to go to the gym even if it means skipping a run. That was a few years and a few pounds ago. as you get closer to goal races.

36 Canadian Running January & February 2014 .

runningmagazine. We propel ourselves through gruelling training regimes and clock hundreds of hours in the name of progress.B. racing farther. The BReaKThROuGh I’m an endurance person. giving back what a runner puts in. placed 14th overall female at the Boston Marathon in 2012. miramichi. and RunNB hall of fame inductee in 2012 and RunNB female runner of the year. I try to apply what I’ve learned to improve myself. and snow. Pushing ourselves is part of the goal and moderation does not usually come naturally. improvement is all about evaluating your performance and making the changes that lead to breakthroughs.B. 47. and my favourite race by far is the marathon. The aCCOMPLiShMenTS Broke New Brunswick women’s marathon record in her first marathon with a 2:58:02 in New York City. won female masters division nyc marathon in 2011 at age 45. rain. Here’s to starting the year off on the right foot. I’ve had no formal coaching to date. winning a medal. but I read voraciously about running. 2009. not a speedster. We run in the heat. or being more consistent.G n i K a e R B ouGH R H T eiR H T e R a LS H S y R nT eiR Goa u o C e H H T T d S e S v o e aCR Hey aCHi M o R F T S R W e o n H Run S aBouT SToRie By amy Stupavsky Image: Andrew Thomson R unners are a tribe of go-getters. physiology and nutrition. 2011. But on the eve of a new running season. N. female winner of the Detroit Free Press Marathon in 2010. current 37 . I enjoy the training and sense of accomplishment. As a meritocratic sport. it’s time to ruminate on past challenges and redefine our limits. My strength is definitely in the longer distances. 2009–2012. We’ve gathered advice and wisdom from elite and recreational runners who’ve learned from their pasts and keep reaching for the top. running rewards hard work and commitment. The RunneR Paula KeatiNG. Probably the biggest change in my improvement has been incorporating more tempo work for speed and endurance. Whether it’s beating a personal record. marathon record-holder with 2:47:26 in Boston.

I embraced my age and my injury history. If I’m not strategic with my workouts. You have to figure out your ingredients and put it all together. Unfortunately. N. happy runner. I double (one run in the morning and one in the evening).” A competitive runner in his youth loses weight and reinvents himself after more than a decade off. Katy Madine / runphotos. both to help in the healing process and keep me running stronger in the future. I ran a 5k and was able to break 20 minutes. setting myself up for a huge foot and ankle injury last fall. This was not something that I’d done previously. Fifteen years ago.s. and also accept that they change over time. Don’t take on too much mileage too quickly. The aCCOMPLiShMenT . The aCCOMPLiShMenT She ran a fast 5k PB of 19:26 in 2013. in that time I also became a partner at Aerobics First. » Top left Luke MacDonald runs the halifax Movember Run in november 38 Canadian Running January & February 2014 » Top centre Paula Keating wins the women’s race at the 2010 Detroit Free Press Marathon » opposite top elizabeth Mokrusa racing the 2013 Oasis Rock ’n’ Roll Montreal half-Marathon Photos: Brendan Reid. you just need to figure out what they are. In 2010. It threw off my alignments but I continued to train hard. I am in a rebuilding phase. It’s good to have a plan separating workout days and allowing for proper recovery. I would have been upset by that time. and I implemented low-intensity mileage very gradually. I managed to shed about 40 of those extra pounds and this year started running on solid ground once again. I was used to the effort of tough workouts. You need to put together all the little pieces to be a healthy. Que. montreal. I was tripped up at the start of a race midway through the season. I run my body down and develop injuries. It requires more energy and more time. The TiP HaVe a strateGY. I believe every runner has the ingredients. after I stopped running in the mid-’90s. Ironically. I’ve added more. I’ve always done some cross-training and small amounts of core strength The RunneR luKe macdoNald. The TiP set Goals aNd commit to acHieViNG tHem. 26. Doubles were tiring at first. with some of my best results. The RunneR micHelle KoWaNda. ranging from 40 to 60 minutes per run. on my 49th birthday. run strong. but not additional mileage. but over the past year. The BReaKThROuGh Adding miles was a big challenge for me. Once a week. The TiP fiNd Your alcHemY. and knew that I still had the will to run. My motto is “train hard. But I’ve changed the way I look at running.Breaking Through The first half of 2012 was shaping up as a breakthrough season for me. I was able to figure out the ingredients for my comeback. The BReaKThROuGh I gained about 50 lb. but I’m much stronger because of it. John Lofranco. dartmouth. 49. a local running store. I discovered the ElliptiGo through my work. My coach. which allowed me to do something approaching running again for the first time in years. but I’ve noticed a big improvement in my endurance and stamina. This past April.

The RunneR marilYN arseNault. I’ve also introduced nutritional changes. and breaking up my training schedule. Jordan. but you have to pick and choose those moments very carefully. The aCCOMPLiShMenTS Three-time Canadian national team member. Henrik Olsson Photography.c. The BReaKThROuGh Having a coach is really important for me. Do what they say. montreal. Que.” but they don’t have the performancetraining know-how of a coach. Victoria. People pride themselves on “knowing their bodies. » Far left Michelle Kowanda racing the 2012 iRCM Challenge – Run For Life » Left Marilyn arsenault runningmagazine. set the 10. The TiP HaVe faitH iN WHat Your coacH Has PlaNNed for You. A formal training program with intervals. My recent improvements have come from years of consistently and gradually increasing volume. It’s been my biggest change since I began running again in 2004 after a lengthy break. The BReaKThROuGh Photos: Andre Funke. in 2009. and sprints and strides during easy runs. ran a 2:40 marathon at age 45. Occasionally. My coach and a nutritionist have supervised all of these changes. 45. The aCCOMPLiShMenTS 5. I took 35 minutes off my best marathon time after only about eight months of training.The RunneR elizaBetH moKrusa.000m in 18:09 in 2013. marathon in 3:14:42 in 2010. weight training. 39 . Jim Finlayson My biggest challenge has been incorporating enough daily rest time to support the heavy marathontraining load. plyometric and core exercises. speed work and tempo runs has really helped me to progress. B. competed in iaaf World Cross-Country Championships in Amman. when they say to do it. it’s necessary to take risks and push the body to the edge to improve. The TiP coNsisteNcY HelPs me to staY iNjurY-free.000m Canadian Masters Record in 34:22 in 2012.

but I didn’t seek out the guidance that I needed. I decided to get more involved with the community. 20th place in the 2013 World Championship Marathon. to staY iNVolVed iN tHe ruNNiNG commuNitY. The aCCOMPLiShMenTS Two-time World Championship team member. The TiP if You Get iNjured. I am taking the next six months to focus on developing my speed before I run another marathon. and not force the progression.c. I learned to be more patient and not force anything. I have to cover all my bases to be the best runner I can be. 11th place in the 2013 Boston Marathon. Don’t force it and don’t take shortcuts. I would never run again. Sleep. set smart goals and think long-term. but be patient and take your recovery time seriously. but I work very hard.The RunneR BoNNie mccormicK. A lot of people get injured because they aren’t recovering properly. I don’t put enough emphasis on speed work. You are constantly breaking yourself down and then rebuilding. The BReaKThROuGh I realize now that I was quite green before I tore my meniscus. and two-time steeplechase). Dean Palmer. diet. 10k. What will ultimately make you a better runner is how effectively and consistently you can put these two cycles together. I also started volunteering for races and getting more involved. Stay positive and surround yourself with good people. This also put me in touch with a lot of encouraging people that have helped me stay positive and motivated. Sometimes. that just makes me tired. But instead of walking away from running. Halifax. The BReaKThROuGh I run because I love it. I’ve never had strong natural speed. My husband Myles was building toward his first marathon. I was feeling pain for the better part of a year before I could no longer run. When I did start running again after two years. massage. I’ve set a goal to run a half-marathon again in Ottawa in the spring of 2014. B. I need to trust my training and fitness. It was initially extremely difficult. Doug Smith Volunteer at events and get involved helping a running group. The aCCOMPLiShMenT Volunteering in the running community while taking two years to recover from a severe knee injury. Be smart with your training. 54. fiNd otHer WaYs The RunneR roB WatsoN. 30. One of my biggest challenges is not allowing myself to rest and recover properly. When you’re ready to start running again. 40 Canadian Running January & February 2014 . Vancouver. and I end up not doing very well. The TiP ruNNers of all leVels Need to focus more oN ProPer recoVerY. I always feel that I should be doing more to improve. It takes time for the body to adapt to all the stresses of training. I thought that was it. and I decided to become his biggest cheerleader. As a marathoner. not because they’re training too hard. It’s a big mental game. which has strengthened my love for running and my relationship with other runners. four-time Canadian champion (marathon. The day I stopped running.s. physiotherapy – all of these things help your body to recover more efficiently. Photos: Marathon-Photos.

that if I missed a workout. As I get closer to competing. and I try to keep the balance throughout a two. set the Around the Bay course record (2013) at 1:44:40. 28:11. Every time I got hurt. I would over-train and end up hurting myself. and chattanooga. “Whatever you put 41 . In the past. This helped me to prepare for Brazil. A lot of people say that they won’t run farther than they can see. almost like simulating the events. and lean. No matter how tiny I become. You have to convince yourself to keep going. especially because I had to extend a competitive summer season into the fall. 200 and 400m sprints (13:30. You put forward a great deal of effort in a short period of time. The aCCOMPLiShMenTS Women’s world record holder of the 100. Brazil » Top Lanni Marchant. My college teammate always said that I had my best races during training. » Photo: Richard Sibbald opposite left Bonnie McCormick runs the 2013 Scotiabank Blue nose Marathon 10K » opposite centre Rob Watson racing the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon » opposite right Karla Del Grande wins the 200m semifinal at the 2013 World Masters athletics Championships in Porto alegre. tenn. I train with my coach.Breaking Through The RunneR Karla del GraNde. I don’t look like a “typical” runner: I’m short. ont. three-week training cycle. The aCCOMPLiShMenTS Represented Canada at the iaaf World Championships in Moscow 2013. and I guess I’ve taken that to heart. I’m compact. speed. 60. Before Brazil. I never thought that I could push myself that hard. Do the work. The TiP HaVe fuN WitH it. but I’m very injury-prone. I will match. the rests between intervals get shorter and shorter. Brazil. or have someone bike alongside you. I realize that runners come in all shapes and sizes. I felt that I had to push myself to compensate for my body type. I do intervals. but it works for me. track for speed. plyometrics for that explosiveness. at the 150m mark in a 300m run) to push me. third place (first Canadian) at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (2013). I thought that I needed to look a certain way. and became a distance runner in my 30s. I’ve barely made it through six months without being on crutches. I was less stressed and more at ease. I do yoga for flexibility.” and that’s been a great support. The TiP BalaNce. Most of the runners I come across are tall and thin. weight training for strength. it set me back. runningmagazine. with a new Canadian record of 2:28:00. 2013. ont. That’s the advice I always preach – and take advantage of easy days and recovery days to do your best. Now. Canada’s fastest female marathoner The RunneR laNNi marcHaNt. Energy management has been an important part of my success. when I’m normally doing base work. The BReaKThROuGh I like knowing that my equipment is my body. Sprinting is intense and concentrated. At 49. endurance. cycling for fun and massage to relax my muscles. Bruce told me. I’m much more focused during each workout. if there are days when I want to cut a run short and head home to have a burger and beer with my boyfriend. mississauga. I do it. and 66:24 respectively) at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Porto Alegre. 29. muscular. The BReaKThROuGh I was a sprinter in high school. To find other people my age doing this is exciting and motivating. Bruce would have them come in at certain points in a run (for example. london. and a combination of speed and endurance on different days. I’d get soft around the edges. I’d do too much each week. I switched to masters track. my quads are not going to go away. Bruce Mitchell. my training partners gave up their base training to sprint train with me. I remember cramping up so badly in Moscow that I had to walk it in. but try to make it fun. I recognize that a lot of that was due to the stress I was putting on my body because of my self-image. twice a week. Find a running partner.

The entry. She’s far from alone. running can even help them manage their condition.C. Katie Bartel often tests her blood while running A quick glance at Katie Bartel’s running blog makes it pretty clear how she feels about diabetes. The challenges remain significant. When she was a kid. Despite this discouragement.” she grins. The key driver: new technology that allows diabetics to monitor and adjust their glucose levels with ever-greater precision.” The 35-year-old New Westminster. glucose meters. so that even intense exercise can be managed safely. Photos: Mario Bartel By Lindsey Craig . but a growing number of Canadians like Bartel are making running part of their life. “Just being outside and seeing the world as you run. “I love the freedom of running. mom and newspaper journalist was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of nine. thinking about your day.” Bartel recalls. who has competed in several half-marathons and two marathons.” To keep her blood glucose level under control. doctors advised her parents that she should stick to less intense sports like softball to keep her blood sugar levels in check. “I pretty much picked clovers in the outfield.” says Bartel. B. In recent years. “Why I run”. features a photo of a closed fist with middle finger extended. the thinking about diabetes and exercise has changed dramatically.Measuring Progress Dramatic improvements in technology for treating diabetes have empowered thousands to hit the roads and trails » To ensure her blood glucose is at the right level. she eventually started running in her late 20s. Bartel has to juggle blood test strips. She’s never let the disease stand in her way of doing what she loves. For those with Type 2 diabetes. Written vertically in capital letters on the middle finger is the word “diabetes. She placed third in her age category in her first 5k race: “I was hooked after that. 42 Canadian Running January & February 2014 insulin injections and infusions – and adding running into the equation makes it even more complicated.

10 kilometres away. Since you wear the cgm around the clock. Running with the pump and cgm has changed his life he says: “Technology has given me freedom and control I’ve never known before. some athletes used to test themselves every hour for 24 hours to get that data. keeping it in check is especially important for diabetic runners – as ultramarathon runner Ian MacNairn. He started to get scared. but had already eaten them. you have slurred speech. Anne Marie Hospod.” As he started running back toward his car. This is usually due to lack of the hormone insulin. Personal preference. The key advantage of the pump is that it uses only shorter-acting insulin. snacks or “corrections” if a measurement shows that glucose levels are elevated. blindness. 26. it can cause serious problems including heart disease. The effects of crashing blood sugar are like being drunk. then Katie Bartel's insulin transmits the information pump.” The insulin pump. The rest of his food was in the car. or because the insulin available is not working effectively.” While Bartel and Poole both swear by the pump. ‘Hey. blood sugar level 20-minute lag between cgm readings and actual blood levels. injected through a disposable pen needle. Years of neglecting the disease led to a near-fatal heart attack two years ago. you get a signal every five minutes telling you which way your glucose is trending. The insulin pen differs from the pump in that it can contain either rapid-acting or long-acting insulin. Poole’s continuous glucose monitor is a tiny sensor under his skin that checks glucose levels in the tissue fluid. which is about the size of a pager and can be attached to clothing. In late November 2012. impotence and stroke. a Toronto-based member of the Canadian Obesity Network and the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. seizures. the author of The Diabetic Athlete (2001) and The Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook (2009). Colberg recalls: “Being able to see it visually over an extended period of time gives you a better idea of how your blood glucose responds to different types of training. you also get a complete picture of your glucose levels change throughout the day and respond to different stimuli. he began to lose control of his feet and legs and was face-planting in the snow. now you’re stuck – you’re going to have to eat some more. for a routine run. exercise and in some cases. say you gave an injection and someone said. he says: “You’re incoherent. Eventually. in Alberta’s Bow Valley. That gives you much more control over how much insulin is in the blood stream at any given time. He’d already run 10 kilometres. discrete and portable. The experience was a crucial reminder of the very real risks faced by diabetic runners – and of the importance of managing the condition properly. the Type 1 diabetic was in Canmore. To keep blood sugar in check.” » » runningmagazine. Some Type 2 patients also require insulin. It is programmed to push insulin through a tube under the skin. But the downside is that the long-lasting insulin makes adjustments difficult. Since exercise impacts blood glucose levels. there’s a 15.” says Hospod. MacNairn reached his car. The 44-year-old Calgarian was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 11. MacNairn had brought two Lara energy bars. The tools of choice for Dan Poole are an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. while the rapid-acting insulin can be injected throughout the day to adjust for meals. The long-acting insulin offers stability over longer periods of time. One key advantage is that runners don’t need to carry it with them while running. Still. who has competed in the Great Canadian Death Race relay in Alberta. and was able to boost his blood sugar levels back up. medical need and financial concerns can all influence a patient’s device of choice. “Or. stores insulin in a reservoir.What is it? High-tech tools Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to utilize glucose properly. leading to neurological impairment. lifestyle. delivering it into fatty tissue where it helps absorb glucose. The calluses on her to a wireless receiver about fingertips are from 26 the size of a pager. those who have Type 2 diabetes still produce insulin but their bodies are resistant to it. Since the years of drawing blood. measurements are taken under Bartel holds a glucose the skin rather than directly meter that indicates her from the blood. knows all too well. Before cgms.” he says. “Let’s say you gave yourself an inj ection and you planned to eat a certain amount and then you didn’t. diabetics have an array of tools at their disposal – and not everyone has the same needs. as well as several half-marathons and marathons. drowsy eyes and reduced cognition. while others manage the disease through diet. When blood glucose levels remain too high for too long (hyperglycemia or high blood sugar). wanna go for a run?’ It’s that spontaneous exercise that’s a little bit harder to manage. The opposite problem (hypoglycemia or low blood sugar) can be just as serious. Sheri Colberg. then to the top of Prairie View Mountain – when hypoglycemia began to set in. brain damage or even death.” said Colberg. All Type 1 diabetics require insulin to help manage their blood glucose levels. first around Barrier Lake. says Dr. others – including Hospod – prefer insulin pen injections. “I started to notice a twinging or spasming in my 43 . unconsciousness. says Dr. “I appreciate that it is tubeless. Those who have Type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin in their pancreas. pills.

about 45K into the 2009 Canadian Death Race in Grand Cache. running and maintaining the right blood glucose level remains a game of trial and error. “I bring a blood testing meter. alarm. That’s when Bartel gets up to test her blood sugar level. There are smaller.m. Bartel illustrates: An early morning run begins with a 3 a. test strips. and its developers hope to seek fda approval by 2017. get up again at 5 a.” she says. a plastic bag containing a glucometer and insulin sits on the ground.” to account for the energy burned while running – she’ll lace up her runners. For now.m. “That’s the thing. Christopher Powell Top . sugar tablets and sports chews for extra energy. 44 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photos: Adam Harris. she’ll eat carbs to increase her blood glucose. Then. test her levels.” Since exercise impacts blood glucose levels. we can’t just get up and go. and if her glucose is at the desired level – a little “higher than perfect. A “Bionic Pancreas” closedloop system is currently in clinical trials at Massachusetts General Hospital. Then the science project continues. keeping it in check is especially important for diabetic runners » Left Team Diabetes member Dan Poole after the 2013 Calgary half-Marathon » » ian Macnairn Right ian Macnairn with his wife Rebecca and daughter Katarina during the transition between Legs 1 and 2. alta. That’s not to mention the electronics – Bartel’s cell phone and insulin pump are also loaded on to what has quite literally become her fuel belt. wireless insulin pumps coming to market. plus gels. “It’s a lot of guess work. as well as pumps that automatically shut off when blood glucose gets low. but there’s plenty of buzz in the diabetes community about further advances that could help runners even more. The ultimate goal for researchers is to develop a “closed-loop” system that combines a cgm with an insulin pump. Another exciting possibility is glucagon pens that could offer a quick way to raise blood sugar – the mirror image of insulin pens that lower it – without having to eat food. to monitor glucose levels 24/7 and automatically deliver the right dose of insulin. Cheryl Coles/Canadian Diabetes Association.Running on Insulin Future hopes Running with diabetes is more feasible than ever before. she’ll go back to bed.” she says.. If it’s not high enough.


above Dallas Stoddart
with three participant medals for the Maritime Race
Weekend Tartan Twosome
in eastern Passage, n.S.


Right Katie Bartel’s pink
wristband is her Road iD
which tells the world she
has Type-1 diabetes in case
of an emergency


Left Dr. anne Marie
hospod after the 2012
Ottawa half-Marathon is
flanked by Jennifer Stiglitz
and Chris Scully Brown, who
both use insulin pumps

Photos: David Stoddart, Mario Bartel, Courtesy of Anne Marie Hospod

Putting it all together
Part of the reason blood glucose is so challenging to
manage is that it’s highly sensitive to timing, different
types of exercise and individual differences. Since
exercise itself stimulates the removal of glucose from
the blood, it can serve as a double-whammy when
combined with an ill-timed insulin shot in a Type 1
diabetic, causing blood glucose to crash.
Type 2 diabetics, on the other hand, benefit greatly
from exercise’s glucose-lowering effects, since their
tissues don’t respond to insulin. “That’s why exercise
is such a wonderful health benefit for people with
Type 2 diabetes,” explains David Hood, a cell physiology researcher at York University.
Dallas Stoddart, 47, of Greenwood, N.S., agrees. She
has Type 2 diabetes and began running one year ago
through a learn to run program. Stoddart’s mom also has
the disease, her grandmother had it and her aunt recently
passed away from diabetes-related complications in her
50s. Her aunt had also had her legs amputated below

the knee before she died. “Running has been instrumental in controlling my
diabetes,” Stoddart says, noting it’s also helped her lose weight.
The intensity of your run also makes a difference. The longer and slower a
run, the more likely blood glucose will fall, Colberg says. Harder runs, on the
other hand, may even cause blood glucose to rise.
Still, main gaps in knowledge remain to be filled. “Unfortunately many
endocrinologists don’t have (enough) information,” says Hospod, the sports
medicine physician. “There aren’t enough studies, in my opinion, that
have been done on exercise and diabetes.” She encourages runners to use
social media as a resource, where they’ll find many questions answered by
a growing online community of runners and other athletes with diabetes.
On websites like Canada’s and U.S.-based, users can share training tips, trials and tribulations
with regard to managing the disease. The websites also connect runners to
events and races where they can meet and compete together. “It’s great to
have support from other individuals going through the same challenges,”
Hospod said. “It’s such an incredible and positive community.”
For Bartel, the sharing of information and improvements in technology
are all added fuel to battle the disease that she’s determined to conquer.


The 6th

Photos: Dean Palmer

From record setters to
masters phenoms to
those that make it all
possible, Canada’s running
community has several
outstanding individuals.
We honour seven deserving
runners who have made a
huge impact on our sport
in the past year.


Canadian Running

January & February 2014

Female Runner of the Year

Lanni Marchant
Record-breaking marathon performance earns Marchant freedom



Lanni Marchant crosses the finish
line of the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto
Waterfront Marathon, setting a new
Canadian record for the women’s
marathon of 2:28:00

hen Lanni Marchant boarded the plane for her flight from Tennessee, where
she lives and trains, to Toronto for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront
Marathon, she was just another face in the crowd. Five days later, as she made
her way to the gate at Toronto Pearson International Airport in, she felt, well,
watched. Marchant’s Canadian record-setting marathon the day before had
become national news and her face was on the cover of every newspaper.
The native of London, Ont. had taken 36 seconds off Silvia Ruegger’s 1985
record, with a time of 2:28:00, which earned her a $28,000 bonus – $1,000
for every year the record stood – in addition to her third place prize money
of $8,000. Not a bad payday for Marchant, who put her career as a criminal
attorney at risk in order to run 100-mile days and discover just how talented
she might be at distance running.
“I don’t think I have ever earned that much in a year in anything,”
says Marchant. Since she finished law school in 2011, Marchant has been
working part-time at a law firm in Chattanooga, Tenn., where she completed
her undergraduate studies. Making minimum monthly payments on her
student loans and living in poverty left her wondering if it was all worth it. “I
just bought my freedom. It won’t rid me of all my debt but it’s a large enough
portion of my student loan that my other race winnings can go towards
training camps.
“The stress I was dealing with is gone. I can now go to the grocery store and
get the groceries I need and not just what’s on special.”
Earlier in the summer, she represented Canada at the iaaf World
Championships marathon in Moscow. But the mid-afternoon start in the
dead of a hot and humid summer day took its toll on much of the field.
Marchant’s cramping abdominal muscles seized, and she was forced to
walk the final 7k, refusing to dnf at her first international championship.
“When I started walking – that’s when I started thinking about running the
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon,” says Marchant. After a short rest,
she bounced back from the Moscow disappointment to win the Canadian
10k title in September, using the race to evaluate whether she was really
ready to go after the Canadian record in October.
Marchant came to marathoning at an odd time in her life. “In the winter
of 2011 I was dead broke and destitute,” she admits. “I had to put my last
year’s tuition on my credit card. I had no money coming in and I found out
that, even if I paid for school, I wasn’t going to be able to pay for the bar exam
to become a practicing attorney. So my coach and I just started looking at
money races.”
Dave Mills, her London-based coach that has worked with her since she
was a child, pointed towards the Ottawa Marathon, suggesting that if she
finished amongst the top three Canadians she’d earn some money to pay for
groceries while she studied for the bar exam.
“I thought I might as well as give it one more shot and pick up some money,”
Marchant reveals. “And, then if people asked me if I had ever run a marathon
I could say yes. That was the mindset back then.”
A lot has changed in just a few years.
“I know I am capable of running in the 2:26 range,” she declares when
asked what’s next. “I know I am going to do it. It’s just a matter of when and
by listening to my body and having fun while doing it. It’s just got a whole
lot more fun doing it.”
More good news followed the record-breaking run: she is now eligible
for Athletics Canada funding. And when she walked off the plane back in
Tennessee, she was just another face in the crowd.–Paul Gains



Jamie McDonald arrives in Toronto to
a warm welcome from The hospital for
Sick Children

Male Runner of the Year

Jamie McDonald
a real-life superhero runs solo across Canada


amie McDonald was running alone in the darkness, pushing a 60 kg stroller with
all his possessions alongside the mountainous old highway around Lake Superior
when it started to pour freezing rain. “There wasn’t a single house anywhere,” said
McDonald. “The only way to keep warm, to keep me alive really, was to keep running.”
He realized he was still about a week away from the Terry Fox monument in Thunder
Bay, Ont. “I knew I was in trouble. The only thing that kept me running was the
thought that Terry Fox had run this exact same route, but with cancer; that inspired
me.” McDonald ended up logging 55k that day, one of the longest stretches of his solo
run across Canada.
Just a little over a year ago, the 27-year-old was working as a tennis teacher in
Gloucester, England, saving money to buy a house. As a child, he’d suffered from a rare
genetic disorder called syringomyelia and spent much of his childhood in and out of
hospital. “I woke up one morning and realized that the reason why I was saving for a
house was because everyone else was doing it.”
McDonald did something drastic. He left his hometown by bicycle and continued
for 22,500 kilometres to Bangkok. Along the way, he raised thousands of dollars for
the children’s hospital where he spent his childhood and became a national hero. “I
had no idea how big a deal my cycling trip was going to become,” McDonald said.
“When I got back to England, the bbc interviewed me and the first question they asked
was, ‘What are you doing next?’ I had a working visa for Canada because I thought I
might go there to work after the bike trip. I found myself saying that I was going to
run across Canada.”
On March 9 McDonald was in St. John’s, N.L. running west down the side of
the highway.
His goal is to reach Victoria by Christmas and become the first person to ever run
across Canada unaided. As with his transcontinental cycling adventure, McDonald is
raising funds for children’s medical care. So far, he’s raised over $65,000 for hospitals


Canadian Running

January & February 2014

and foundations in every province that
he’s running through. “I wanted to give
people the opportunity to donate in their
own community,” McDonald said. “I felt
that was going to make a bigger difference,
and it is.”
He was doing about 50k a day all the
way to Winnipeg, but developed a crippling case of foot tendonitis. “I’ve had it
for the last two months. My front toe is
starting to turn in. I’ve been told I would
need to take months off for it to heal, so I
just keep running.”
McDonald believes that his success is
mostly a matter of ignorance. “I start out
every single day not knowing what will
happen. I don’t know where I’m going
to sleep. The moment I start planning
is the moment I begin to become absolutely terrified with what I’m doing.”
He says the second he starts running
it seems to relieve the pressure of what
he’s going through. “I don’t know how,
but things always work out,” he said. “A
person appears on the side of the road
to help, or a farm house pops up on
the horizon during a storm and I’ll go
knocking on it. I’ve got to believe it will
work out every single day when I wake
up, and it does.”
With the winter fast approaching,
McDonald is facing increasingly severe
conditions. Yet the connection he’s made
with people across Canada on Twitter
and Facebook has made it possible for him
to continue. Near the Manitoba border
there was no sign of refuge for two days.
“I was preparing myself once again for
camping in the ditch and spooning cold
tinned fish into my mouth. And then a
Facebook follower from Winnipeg just
turned up in a huge camper van and
I got a bed that night in the middle
of nowhere.”
The happiest moment for McDonald
was running around Sick Kids hospital
in Toronto. It was a big detour, an extra
15 marathons worth, to come down to
Toronto. “Running around with the kids,
some of them dressed up as superheroes
because I do, was really inspirational.”
McDonald says he will be carrying
that memory with him as he tackles the
toughest part of his journey: running over
the Rocky Mountains. “I’m really afraid,”
McDonald confesses. “But I know I can
do it. I just have to get out there every
morning and start running.”–MD

Photo: Rob McEwan / Argyle Communications

Golden Shoe Awards

what.” –Christopher Kelsall runningmagazine. who sought out Lee to coach her through her first marathon cycle. best training environment and in turn produce the Shortly after this announcement on best possible results. has benefited from Lee’s expertise. where he was Ws: who. including a 2:13:29 in Toronto this October. when you do that training. she and Richard left Ontario and headed west to Vancouver. behind only Jerome Drayton’s 2:10:08. He’s going to help change the game out here. but the other performance coach should entail. “Richard Lee defines what a high “what” is the science in coaching. Rob has attended workouts with Lee’s group. just because he’s a good dude who loves running. The position will focus on long easily and naturally. where Oct.” says Wodak. transitioned into coaching by guiding his wife. and keeping me focused. respectively. Canada’s current fastest marathon runner. “Richard has knowledge of high performance sport unlike anyone I’ve met before. He’s not my coach. even if it was only me. He’s more than just a coach – he’s a mentor and a friend. where. Dylan Wykes. Lee was appointed by and you can’t reach your goals without the proper BC Athletics as provincial coach – endur“what. and why you’re GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half-Marathon doing that specific training are equally important – his debut at the distance – by finishing in in a successful training program. a former varsity athlete. but he rode his bike beside me and did bottle duty for a 35k tempo run this summer. workout or program? What’s the life-long dream of representing Canada at right amount of mileage? What are the numbers the Olympics. He came to every workout. Natasha Wodak. “I respect the hell out of the guy. Sue Lee ended up competing in the 1984 Los Angeles and 1988 Seoul Olympic Games in the 3.” Days after Wiebe’s big race in Victoria. finishing in 2:35:16. Who you train with. coach uring the early 1980s. is history. In the midst of Susan’s international career in 49 .000m and 10. In my view. that’s extremely important In August 2013. he has run the second and third fastest times in the country. 13. finishing in 20th place. Although he is coached by his brother Pete. that regard over the past 30 years. making her a top Canadian marathoner. “Richard is so committed to his athletes.” What’s the “With Richard’s guidance I accomplished a right training.” and times? No doubt. are overly concerned with the “what. Not much has changed in distance and marathon development. Wykes’s performance Richard Lee on his method in Rotterdam qualified him for the 2012 My coaching and program revolves around the five London Olympic Games. making sure I got my gels and fluids. During 2013. He trained Wykes to a 2:10:47 marathon at Rotterdam in 2012. “ Rob Watson is one of Canada’s fastest marathon runners. “When I was training for the marathon he would ride his bike next to me on all my long runs.» Richard Lee coaches Olympic marathoner Dylan Wykes during a 34K progression run at Red Rock Canyon. his athlete Kelly Wiebe won the you train.” says Wykes. I’m a big Rich fan.000m to the marathon.” Wiebe four Ws are the art in coaching which can either says. Most people the top Canadian. the 1:04:59. the most selfless people I’ve met.” says Watson. and has been a major catalyst in reigniting Vancouver as one of Canada’s hotspots for long distance running. to international prominence on the track. on Christmas morning in 2011 Coach of the Year Richard Lee inspirational B. “He is in this sport for the right reasons. I spend most of my time and program range will include distances from energy setting up the other four Ws to create the 3. I can honestly say that he is one of destroy the work being done. he just loves it. Richard Lee. “He has a natural instinct of what is best for an athlete to help them succeed. debuted at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. The the basic concepts.” For me figuring out the “what” comes pretty ance. when and why. More recently.000m distances. The rest. Susan. which stands as the second-fastest time ever for a Canadian.C. Las Vegas. “In the short time that I’ve known take performances to another level or completely Richard. as they say. though every with a goal of achieving national and coach sprinkles in their own brand of magic into international podium performances. Richard Photo: Kirsten Lee D promotes a positive energy within our group.

That has been at the core of every race. Each year begins with the Vancouver Spring Run-Off in March and ends with the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (stwm) seven months later.Community Pillar of the Year Alan Brookes The architect of races for everyone P roviding an accurately measured course and finishing time seems like a modest goal these days. These successes have earned him the 2013 Community Pillar award. That accomplishment became an international news event. Each spring and fall. Houston. Brookes brought Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and provided them with pacers and an opportunity for them to break the 28-year-old Canadian record on home soil. and Chicago. where there is room for everybody: elites. modest. London and Rotterdam to liaise with other race directors. the former University of Guelph English professor oversees the nine-race Canada Running Series (crs). Brian Goldstone Golden Shoe Awards . Dylan Wykes. Brookes’s events have also helped develop and promote Canada’s current crop of top talent. “When we started in 1986 we promised everybody a safe accurate course. But Brookes will be the first to credit other race directors for much of what he’s learned. You need all those groups to create a ‘Barnum and Bailey’ sort of event. Chicago.” Every year. as well as make contact with the world’s top talent for future crs events. B. too. Most recently. including Boston and New York City. who was born in Cheshire. shall we say. But. Courtesy CANADA RUNNING SERIES. Photos: Inge Johnson/CANADA RUNNING SERIES. –Paul Gains 50 Canadian Running January & February 2014 » Race Director alan Brookes takes the lead at the 2012 Toronto Yonge Street 10K » Below alan Brookes racing the 1983 Miller high Life Toronto Marathon » Catrin Jones on her way to winning the 50K race at the 2013 Squamish 50 in Squamish. making him a true community pillar. his series of races also generate close to $6 million for charities. While the series has flourished. healthy lifestyle runners.C. an accurate finishing time and place. We are very proud of our standard of operations and pride ourselves on organizing Canadian races to international standards. Los Angeles. England. recreational runners. charities. Brookes mans the crs booth at many race expos. He is among the most inf luential figures in Canadian road racing today.” Brookes is a tireless champion of distance running in this country.” says Brookes. He also travels to Tokyo. Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis have grown into Olympians with the help of the crs events over the years. with its best practices group. “The first stwm was in 2000. Today. talking up the running scene north of the border.” he recalls. “We like to put on big city races. “London has been a big influence on us and great at mentoring us. People from all over Canada come to the races and want to be part of them. “Things took off for us with Ed Whitlock becoming the oldest person to ever run a sub-three hour marathon. giving mainstream media exposure to the two runners as well as the sport. Brookes and his team do not rest on their laurels. when Alan Brookes entered the world of road racing in the mid 1980s the standards in this country were rather.

And she has this incredible ability to recover. Dr.000m six weeks out from my marathon. She is also a trained opera singer. I feel a sense of calm and excitement when I am out there. who is a two-time Canadian marathon champion.” Arsenault says. There’s never any guarantee you’ll run a great marathon. winning the masters division in 2:42:44 at stwm. within 48 hours of completing the Rift Valley Marathon. In May. Jones was initially supposed to run the marathon. Arsenault planned on debuting in the marathon at the 2010 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. but I am happy to be out there in the present moment. She 51 . Trent Stellingwerff. she won the prestigious Squamish 50k. “The hairier it gets the more she seems to enjoy it.” Jones says. She accomplished both records in the midst of marathon training.” Driven by a combination of a desire to succeed and the memory of the infection. I believe a lot of her success comes both from great genes. has been an incredible adventure for me.” Finlayson says of Jones. Showing her versatility in September. she ran 2:40. says. Before the marathon. Five months later. “It won’t be possible to perform at a competitive level forever. Jones travelled to the the Rift Valley Marathon in Kenya. France. Send her running down a mountainside and watch for her broadening grin. She also ran the Canadian 40-44 age-group record in the 10. and worked her way back into being one of the top masters runners in the country. but the event was cancelled after all the teams arrived. At stwm. “Finding my way along new trails and being introduced to ultrarunning. she ran a half-marathon. especially on the trails. “Regardless. Arsenault was back toeing the line in Toronto. finishing second in the Gorge Waterfalls 50k. Arsenault set two Canadian age-group records. but any indication that your fitness is on track eases your mind as you approach race day.000m. which takes place in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon. “Cat has this brio in her. It’s all I could hope for. reflecting back on her season. For her first marathon of the year. her coach and a leading physiologist with the Canadian Sport Institute in Victoria. scrambling and smiling along the way. and it nearly ended her running career.000m by running 34:28. a two-minute personal best at 45 years old. surrounded by evergreens. But a painful staph infection that seeded in her pelvis and derailed her. This is so evident at races.” says Arsenault. It’s fun watching her run. she headed south of the border. Arsenault persevered. she flew home to Victoria and drove for nearly three hours the next morning to the Comox Valley. “It was done on a fairly big training week. competing in the Francophone Games in Nice. Jones instead raced in the 10.”–Christopher Kelsall Trailblazer of the Year Catrin Jones a prolific West Coast runner takes to the trail Photo: Jim Finlayson C atrin Jones of Victoria went on a tear in 2013. She may be best known for her running prowess. racing 20 times by mid-October. but I’ll get after it for as long as I can. Whether training or racing on road. climbing. In May. coach and running form teacher through her business Mindful Strides. Three years ago.Master of the Year Marilyn Arsenault Getting faster at 45 M » Marilyn arsenault arilyn Arsenault of Victoria is a runner. Part of this passion towards the sport also comes from the sense of community. which included 210k weeks. placing sixth. “It was a good confidence boost running the 10. In late March. which is grounded on a superior work ethic that includes disciplined training principles.”–Christopher Kelsall runningmagazine. In 2012 Arsenault finally made her marathon debut. She then capped off her marathon year with a win and another PB at the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon in October by crossing the line in 2:43:03. Then in August she left her imprint on the 45 to 49 age-group record in the 10. where she finished as the third female on the challenging road and dirt course in an impressive 2:51. where she competed in the Comox Valley HalfMarathon. ” Jones is excited by her foray into the trail and ultra scene. She left the hospital using a walker. including two ultra-marathons and five marathons. running will always be part of my life. Jones then finished third in the Canadian Marathon Championships in Ottawa. She’ll hop up and down and tell me she feels great.20. She is one of the most coachable athletes I’ve ever worked with.” Arsenault is well-known for her smooth running form and impressive work ethic in the Victoria running community. Jones jumped onto the track. Jones pulled off an interesting weekend in March. but also the dedication and focus that she learned through her classical music training. I’ll see her the day after a marathon and I’ll ask her how she’s feeling. “I haven’t encountered many athletes that have Marilyn’s discipline. “I don’t know where it will take me in the future. finishing in 1:17:33. I wasn’t exactly feeling frisky. running to a personal best 2:44:11. Jones is coached by Jim Finlayson. where she won the race.000m (34:22) while training for Toronto that year. or up climbing mountains in the alpine.

“He was able to get enough funding to f ly me out there and give me a bit of an allowance to pay for groceries. working at a Running Room and training alone.” he admits. the 24-year-old was seen as a lock for me a good shot at the Olympics and another chase London.” “I was pretty banged up after training for the Olympics. That race gave him confidence going into Moscow in August.” Three months of uncertainty followed. Trackie of the Year You just need a couple of breaks here and there. After stunning back to back victories as a steeplechaser in the again the following year.000m steeplechase. “Nate’s been around the block forever. There are plenty of kids who have nothing and are tremendously talented but there’s no funding.” The effort paid off later in the summer when he lasted almost four laps with the leaders in the London Diamond League 3. “That’s what it takes to make it internationally and compete with these guys. Louisville graduate recalls. But he was worn out after college and failed to make the Olympics. in can perform well on the day. 49.800 a month.–Paul Gains Matt hughes is pumped about his win in the 3. to run in the final at the World Championships. I feel like it doesn’t take a lot for an athlete to break out.B. I thought ‘I have to take it as seriously as he does. Hughes slept on a friend’s sofa down the road in Tempe.” Hughes says.” Now that Hughes is the Canadian record holder he Leaping to the top feels confident that he is able to do something he has coveted since he took up the steeplechase. n. Ariz. I January 2013 he made a desperate call to Wynn Gmitrowski. “I reached out to Wynn because I didn’t really have any other options. So he just decided to start living exactly as Brannen did.” Hughes says.Golden Shoe Awards » Hughes was living in his girlfriend’s parents’ basement in Toronto.” the University of The load should be lighter as he moves forward.500m runner Nate Brannen. If I No longer a scholarship athlete and with no Sport Canada funding. Hughes managed to hang on. I found out I be Sport Canada Athlete Assistance amounting to a wasn’t going to be considered for funding in 2013. He realized he needed to do something to save a career that was suddenly in free-fall. sleep and breathe running. in November 2012. He then hung on for. As the Kenyan leaders began to stretch out the pack.. a new personal best of 8:20. what was then. Training with two-time Olympic 1. But he was getting left behind racing against East African men at the professional level. Matt Hughes 52 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photo: Marc Grandmaison A . I had no funding. like I did in Moscow. year ago.64 and took sixth in the world. setting a new Canadian record of 8:11. Hughes dug even deeper. Hughes embraced his mentor’s attitude of complete professionalism. He decided to completely change his lifestyle. “But I am not the only sob story.Amongst the rewards for his superlative season will thing. After running what many felt to be the race of his life just to qualify for the final round in Moscow.’ I now eat. I can give myself a pretty Athletics Canada’s Pacific Training Centre. He said there were only a few guys training with him in Scottsdale. no scholarship and. At Louisville.000m steeplechase event at the 2013 Canadian track and field championships in Moncton. “It has been hard. good shot. “that gives ncaa championships in 2010 and 2011.” he reasons. Hughes was able to stay out late and then win races entirely due to his innate athletic ability.” much needed $1. “I knew this year I really needed to change some. It was then that he realized he could no longer rely solely on his talent. Matt Hughes was already at the crossroads in his young running “If I can take two or three seconds off next year and career. director of can improve a few seconds.

There’s magic in every mile. and fills quickly. 29–Aug. 2014. Sign up for an email reminder at runDisney. Registration begins Jan. 28. 2014 run The Happiest Race On Earth is back! Run with a truly animated crowd through Disneyland® Resort and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. © Disney . and you won’t become 31. Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend Aug.Keep your eyes on the prize.

62. happens a lot. injury prevention and performance p. the global federation overseeing competitive crosscountry skiing. Fourteen years ago I took a face plant. Vermont. Despite the sometimes-similar effort to ski as to run. Recommended Ski Spots National capital region: • The Gatineau Park trails (more than 180K) • Greenbelt around Ottawa • Nakkertok ski trails east of Gatineau Park North of montreal: • Along Petit train du Nord and mont-tremblant. I have been guilty of ignoring Canada’s winter climate and running knee-deep in snow. I know some very fast skiers who were also amazing runners. (Various locations) lake Placid. but growing up in Ottawa I competed in high school. and less wasn’t worth the trip. There are 15K sections that newer skiers can do without committing to the entire stretch. So what does skiing have to do with the running? Cardio Ski races consisted of me turning my body and lungs into an oxygen-devouring factory.Body Work Training Zone p. nutrition p. sudbury. more adventurous routes exist in the rockies. Lactate burned my legs while cold air burned my lungs. cross-country skiers and cyclists together have the highest oxygen uptakes of any athletes. but maybe it was the low chance of injury that made me more Injuries Here running and skiing could not be more different. Although many runners continue on their daily routes (now with tights and thicker socks).63 The ultimate winter cross-training Cross-Country Skiing By Graydon Snider In Canada. Two was the absolute minimum. Hope in general.Y. Quebec.c. The number of injuries I’ve earned while skiing: one. Priorities have a way of changing. Running races can be long as well. Lab Rat p. N. crosscountry skiing and running. • canmore Nordic centre has more than 65K of trails B. small towns in and around ontario. • Whistler olympic Park • Garibaldi Provincial Park • callaghan lake Provincial Park • mount Washington alpine resort • cyprus mountain. which depending on your terrain. then university. In terms of cross-training I would argue there is a stronger link between running and skiing than running and cycling. there is a second option: cross-country skiing. After thousands of hours on snow I never knew anything beyond the usual sore arms and legs from a day’s workout. tight calves. I would see the other as cross-training. I completed the two-day 160k Canadian Ski Marathon before having tried any race longer than 25k. • Join the canadian ski marathon (180K trail between Ottawa and Montreal. maine canmore. . West Vancouver • manning Provincial Park. ont. This continual back and forth gave me perspective on the training benefits of both.58. countless cramps. New York and New Hampshire are never that far from a good trail. but once upon a time I did ski quite often. Photo: Don Weixl/AllCanadaPhotos. two strained quad muscles and a broken metatarsal.54. skiers go farther. scraping my nose and chin. Skiing is a good way to push your heart rate and breathing to the limit. 54 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Endurance However far runners go. (Various locations) orangeville. ont. That’s it. the distances one covers can become enormous. and anywhere on the Worldloppet circuit. many twisted ankles. alta. In high school I thought nothing of skiing for three hours. While racing in one sport. as does access to mountain trails. I never pulled a muscle or broke a bone. Runners. colorado. pulled leg tendons. fort Kent. After six years of semi-competitive running I have suffered shin splints. Achilles tendonitis. winter happens.

Not so for skiing. • Pole bounding uphill is very effective for improving explosive strength.” as big arm muscles are never a bad thing when you have to double pole yourself up a hill. then compare it to the pros in slow motion. Strength Skiers are not shy to visit the weight room. depending on weather. deadlifts. While skiing is a privilege. Technique Although runners like to consider their form now and then (think chi running or pose technique). drive to the nearest mountain. They do chin-ups. • During big snowstorms you may be able to ski right outside your front door. Unlike running you’ll need a plan B. Coaches would routinely film us skiing. If you are lucky enough to live where both are possible. similar to rollerblading but with skis with rollerblade wheels. grass and dirt • If your winter season is short. Take advantage of such opportunities. No more $200 ski poles or fussing over snow conditions and which wax to use. Cross-country skiing and running are two quite similar worlds separated by just a few inches of snow. Running in baggy clothes works fine for winter running. push-ups. No weekend warrior is as fierce as a skier. you name it. We’d practice balance drills for hours (that’s on top of the intervals we’d practice for racing).Training Zone Beginner Tips • Go to a beginner class on skiing technique. With multihour ski sessions your endurance can be pushed to new limits. Like golf. leg lifts. $100 in lessons is worth more than thousands in fancy equipment. Skiing keeps you in great shape without the injuries and encourages training for power and muscle strength. Running is just one foot in front of the other. it has to be learned. but not for skiing. They will typically log an entire week’s training in two or three days. It could be that skiers never fear “bulking up. Tip: roller skis are difficult to use on bumpy gravel so you’ll need smooth roads. Skiers have to wax their skis. walk outside. try roller skiing. running is a right. there is nothing quite like running along ski trails in the fall. No one in skiing thinks technique comes naturally. plyometrics. Can be done over pavement. and later revisiting them as winter trails. buy ski passes and pray for good snow conditions. • Classic skiing isn’t really any more closely related to running form than skiing freestyle. When the snow falls skiing provides natural cross-training for running. . and they’re ready to run. Access Runners put on their shoes. Perhaps all the strength work was another reason I didn’t injure myself skiing. • Stock up on spandex (if you haven’t already). so don’t worry about which one you choose. • Plan your ski weekends in advance and be flexible. • Use the weight room for some upper body strength • Practice running with poles (choose a cheap pair that stand about belly button height). The downside is the cost and time of skiing. One reason I moved from skiing to running is due to the simplicity and ease of going out for a run. I have never seen anything approach the fanaticism of a skier. covered with leaves. box jumps.

you’re going to have to do more than just run. 3. Why Lift? Lifting for Strength To achieve the best version of your running self. muscle or wear heavy clothes or shoes. An article in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports concluded that high-volume. This stronger runner is probably more resilient to injury and can develop more power. Look at strength training as skill development for getting stronger. Loads around 60 to 80 per cent of your maximum should be used and moved as fast as possible. It will result in improvements in movement co-ordination. as strength is not solely a property of muscle. Results in high levels of metabolic stress. adding strength training to a pre-existing endurance program is actually very beneficial for the endurance athlete. This will ensure you’re recruiting as many fast twitch muscle fibres as possible. But how do you avoid bulking up? Weightlifting’s running specific benefits Increase strength and power production ability Increase durability to prevent overuse injuries Correct existing muscle imbalances Improve running efficiency Enhance the ability to run faster A major component of running fast relates to how much relative strength you have. Even though running and weightlifting are on opposite ends of the intensity spectrum. if two runners both weigh 150 lb. We associate larger muscles with more strength. how much strength you have relative to your body weight. in other words. According to an article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. muscle hypertrophy can result from lifting weights if the program caters to these three factors: 1. Creating an optimal amount of muscle damage. the number of sets used per exercise and complementary nutritional strategies. • F avourable recruitment of fast-twitch (high threshold motor units) muscle fibres. your intent should be to move the weight as fast as possible. and the other 205 lb. . This is very true but it’s not the complete picture. heavy-resistance strength training added to the endurance program of highly trained endurance athletes led to an enhanced endurance capacity of short (less than 15 minutes) and long (greater than 30 minutes) durations. Incorporate near maximal lifting Lifting heavy weight (>90 per cent of your maximum) will improve strength by recruiting what are called high threshold motor units. 2. other factors are also important in building muscle such as frequency of training. 56 Lifting for Size Canadian Running January & February 2014 1. relative strength and overall athletic potential. But with a proper program a runner can successfully build strength without size. Even though the weight is heavy. Focus on sets of three to five repetitions. The muscle fibres associated with these motor units have the most potential for increasing strength. But use caution and ensure proper lifting mechanics and use appropriate spotting techniques. • Better co-ordination of muscle synergist activation. Lifting weights will make you a faster. kettlebell swings and medicine ball throws are an excellent lifting style to teach acceleration and power development. so will you when you run if you carry too much fat. and one can deadlift 135 lb. • E nhanced motor unit firing frequency. Focusing your weightlifting on targeting the nervous system will result in several favourable adaptations: • E nhanced neural co-ordination during the recruitment of muscle fibres. but also of the nervous system. Lifting weights and strength training is a skill. Obviously. Incorporate explosive lifting/throwing Speed lifts. 2. the better you get at performing the skill. the more you can practice. Creating lots of mechanical tension within a muscle.. • I mproved inter-muscular coordination. Similar to other skills. Incorporate these seven tips to maximize your strength development while minimizing the bulk. stronger distance runner. such as Olympic lifting variations. This runner is likely to run with more efficiency because they’ll be using a lower percentage of his total strength output. Being stronger translates to a better ability to apply force into the ground when running. For example.Training Zone Strength Without Size By Jon-erik Kawamoto Just as a heavy car uses more fuel. the second runner is said to have more relative strength compared to the first runner. Maximal lifting is best applied to multi-joint exercises. such as squat and deadlift variations.

N. compete or just enjoy your favorite fitness activities.and jump-type exercises which train and develop the stretch shortening cycling. Jon-Erik Kawamoto. Cut down the volume Lowering the volume and focusing on bar speed will have a better training effect for improving strength and explosive power rather than muscle growth. jump performance and agility. 2014 • First Watch Half Marathon – March 14-16. speed. Find out more at StrongerRunner. runners are always on the go. invigorating experience. save your static stretching for after the session. Bodyweight or weighted plyometric exercises can be utilized such as consecutive body weight jumps over hurdles or continuous dumbbell jump squats. increase your rest to two to five minutes depending on the exercise. John’s. Our gorgeous weather makes every season a great time to train. To better prepare you for your strength and plyometric training-type workouts. it has been trendy to stand on unstable surfaces to activate more core muscles. Also.888. Static stretching has been shown to negatively influence strength and power production. stand on stable point your feet toward Sarasota County. 5. green trails and a colorful downtown district. Upcoming Events: • 2014 Wilde Automotive Ringling Bridge Run – January 18. This improvement in reactive ability can also be explained by improvements in muscletendon stiffness. The loads lifted will require longer rest periods to ensure you complete the same number of reps in the subsequent sets. The stretch-shortening cycling teaches the body to better utilize stored elastic energy to produce stronger and more forceful contractions. 7. RACE TO A MOST COLORFUL DESTINATION In Sarasota County. which was thought to reduce our injury risk. an appropriate strength training workout frequency for runners tends to be one to three times a week depending on the time of year. CSCS. Stand on stable ground Otherwise known as jump training. Rest longer between sets When bodybuilding or training for muscle growth. CEP is a strength and conditioning specialist in St. You’ll find races going on year-round. Full body co-ordination takes precedence.Body Work 3. Incorporate plyometric training 6. The current recommendations suggest that dynamic exercises are better for preparing you for your exercise session or competition.L. When training for strength. who specializes in strength training runners. training here hardly feels like work. With scenery like white sands. It reduces the load you can use and the amount of force you’re able to produce. 2014 • Nathan Benderson Park International Triathlon – March 8-9. So for an inspiring.7701 COUNTY SPORTS COMMISSION LONGBOAT KEY | SARASOTA | LIDO KEY | SIESTA KEY | VENICE | CASEY KEY | MANASOTA KEY | ENGLEWOOD | NORTH PORT . such as 30 to 60 seconds. 4. which reduces the training effect for increasing strength. This type of training is best left in the rehab realm. For the best strength and power training results. while weightlifting. short rest periods are recommended between sets. plyometric training involves hop. Lately. from obstacle runs to triathlons and more. A picture of someone squatting on an exercise ball seems to surface on social media from time to time. 2013 PlaySarasota. Strength training shouldn’t be a circus act. Don’t perform static stretching prior to your workouts or call 1. we were told to static stretch prior to working out to increase our flexibility.

salad dressings. freezing wild blueberries shortly after harvest locks them into an antioxidant-rich state. 58 inSTead oF: BRoWn RiCe TRy: BLaCK RiCe payoFF: FiGHT HeaRT diSeaSe inSTead oF: GReen Tea TRy: MaTCHa Tea payoFF: dodGe diaBeTeS Nutritionally. inSTead oF: ConvenTionaL ToMaToeS TRy: oRGaniC ToMaToeS payoFF: iMpRove SKin HeaLTH You say tomato. Research suggests that these anthocyanins can reduce cholesterol absorption which may improve blood cholesterol numbers and protect against coronary woes. Canadian Running January & February 2014 They might be blue. which includes the use of pesticides. Combine 1 cup black rice with 1 ¾ cups water in a saucepan and simmer until tender. chronic cell damage from free radicals can heighten the risk for a number of diseases such as cancer and heart disease and even delay muscle recovery following runs. But science has found that by tweaking certain antioxidant-rich foods you can get a bigger antioxidant bang for your buck. It makes an exciting addition to salads and stir-fry’s. those unstable molecules that float around the body wreaking havoc on our cells. stress and cigarette smoke. whisk briskly to dissolve and add additional hot water. sift a teaspoon into a bowl or mug. brown rice is a better bet than white. The upshot is that by whisking the powder into an emerald green drink. but there is nothing sad about wild blueberries. and “good guy” antioxidants. The ruby red orbs grown conventionally may loose some of their natural defences. Data suggests that increasing lycopene intake can reduce the damage skin experiences when exposed to UV rays which may lessen skin cancer risk. grapes. the same powerful antioxidants found in dark berries like blueberries and blackberries. but black rice may trump all. In fact. . What’s more. The anthocyanin antioxidants present in blueberries have been shown to improve brain functioning by limiting the free radical induced oxidative damage to your neurons. A recent University of California study discovered that tomatoes grown under organic methods contained significantly more antioxidants than those reared using conventional methods. we say organic tomatoes. Here’s how to get more antioxidant awesomeness from your coffee. pleasantly-bitter matcha. Black rice has a wonderful nuttysweet flavour and can be found at Asian markets as well as a number of health food shops. chemicals that mop up these nefarious free radicals before they can do any serious harm. wild blueberries notched the highest antioxidant levels. Green tea meet your matcha. about 25 minutes. To make a cup of earthy. which would reduce the risk for diabetes. pancake batter and baked goods such as muffins and cookies. Out-of-season fresh blueberries may loose significant nutritional firepower in their long trip from farm to store and subsequent storage. On top of air pollution. the bran layer of black rice is chockablock with anthocyanins. blueberries. green vegetables and whole grains. runners should take note that high-intensity exercise training can also fire up the production of free radicals resulting from increased energy production. It’s important to make sure our diets are chock-full of antioxidant powerhouses such as berries. strawberries and even their plumper cultivated cousins. If left unchecked.Nutrition inSTead oF: FReSH BLueBeRRieS TRy: FRoZen WiLd BLueBeRRieS payoFF: BoLSTeR BRain poWeR CHeMiCaL CuiSine Time to upgrade your antioxidants By Matthew Kadey Inside all of us there’s a tug-of-war going on between “bad guy” free radicals. a University of Colorado at Colorado Springs study found that matcha provides up to 137 times more egcg than regular green tea. A 2013 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study suggests that antioxidants in green tea can help improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity. Verdant matcha powder is made by grinding up green tea leaves so you ingest whole leaves instead of only the water they are steeped in. According to scientists at Cornell University. Also add the powder to smoothies. you take in a huge dose of the main antioxidant in green tea. including antioxidants such as lycopene. pour a small amount of hot (but not boiling) water over top. called epigallocatechin gallate (egcg). chocolate and more. Research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that among common fruits including bananas.

place them in a large bowl and gently mash with fork.394 Fat . Photo: James Ramsay (Food Stylist: Susan Benson Cohen) Ingredients 3 large hard-boiled eggs ½ avocado.769 mg Protein .12 g Sugar . . . . . .19 g Saturated. In a separate bowl. . . . .20 g . . . . . chopped ½ tsp smoked paprika ¼ tsp sea salt cup reduced-fat sour cream 4 small corn or whole wheat tortillas. . diced ½ red bell pepper. . . . mash avocado and mix with sour cream until smooth. . tomato. . . . cubed 1 cup canned pinto beans. paprika and salt. . . . . .5 g Trans . . . . . avocado and broccoli sprouts help get your day off to a good start with a wallop of antioxidants. . . Stir in pinto beans. . . . red pepper. . drained and rinsed 1 tomato. . . . . NutritioN iNformatioN (per serving) Calories . .41 g Fibre . . . .0 g Carbohydrates . . .Body Work ReCipe Breakfast Tacos Eggs. bell pepper. . preferably warmed in the microwave ½ cup broccoli sprouts Serves 2 Directions Peel eggs. . Spread avocado cream on tortillas and top with egg mixture and broccoli sprouts. . .323 mg Sodium . . . tomato. .4 g Cholesterol . .

The sprouts contain up to 100 times more sulforaphane than mature broccoli heads. research has failed to prove that consuming high levels of isolated antioxidants through supplementation can improve disease prevention. vitamin E. sandwiches or fried eggs. These antioxidants are deposited into the retina where they’ve been shown to protect eye health.Nutrition Food Rules With antioxidant being a buzzword in health circles. Northern Spy and Ida Red varieties. brain-boosting choline and the antioxidant duo of lutein and zeaxanthin. it’s not surprising that antioxidant supplements have been popping up faster than dandelions on a pesticide-free lawn. For most people without heart disease. recent research has shown that there is no reason to be chicken about eating whole eggs. In the body. Salmon already gets high-water marks for its boatload of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. But consider joining the dark side. beta-carotene can be converted to vitamin A to improve the immune system. but have more of a peppery bite similar to fresh radish. When it comes to bell peppers. A Journal of Physiology study found that the flavonoid antioxidants in cocoa may help you keep up the pace by improving muscle efficiently during exercise. The longer ripening process red bell peppers go through likely results in the beta-carotene boost. This up-and-coming carotenoid antioxidant that lends salmon its pinkish hue may help ramp up the immune system and tame the internal inf lammation associated with disease progression and poor exercise recovery. MS. Blissfully. Astaxanthin found in salmon muscle is derived from the algae it eats. Cholesterol aside. a potent antioxidant which has been shown to possess strong cancerbusting effects. but here’s another reason to order this catch of the day: astaxanthin. But be sure to choose “natural” or “raw” cocoa powder over “Dutch-processed. Yet. it turns out that egg yolks are jam-packed with nutrients including selenium. Food scientists at the University of British Columbia found that the Maillard reaction that occurs when green coffee beans are dark roasted produces a brew of different antioxidants. 60 Canadian Running January & February 2014 inSTead oF: BRoCCoLi TRy: BRoCCoLi SpRouTS payoFF: THWaRT CanCeR Crisp broccoli sprouts are immature broccoli plants that resemble alfalfa sprouts. Compared to its green. Beyond chocolate cake. Look for broccoli sprouts in the produce section of many supermarkets and pile them atop your salads. some antioxidants like vitamin E taken in high amounts may pose health risks. The upshot is that nature reigns supreme. inSTead oF: duTCH-pRoCeSSed CoCoa TRy: naTuRaL oR RaW CoCao payoFF: BoLSTeR RunninG poWeR inSTead oF: eGG WHiTe TRy: WHoLe eGGS payoFF: enHanCe eye HeaLTH inSTead oF: FaRMed SaLMon TRy: WiLd SaLMon payoFF: QueLL inFLaMMaTion Surprise! Cocoa powder is as flush with antioxidants as many fruits and vegetables. Canadian scientists determined that these apples possess more antioxidant firepower than other common varieties like Empire and Granny Smith. RD blogs counterparts. inSTead oF: GReen oR yeLLoW BeLL peppeRS TRy: Red BeLL peppeRS payoFF: Rev up iMMuniTy inSTead oF: eMpiRe appLeS TRy: Red deLiCiouS appLeS payoFF: FiGHT CanCeR As the old saw goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Especially true if you choose Red Delicious. so you’ll likely get a higher dose from sustainable wild species than its environmentally suspect grain-fed farmed counterparts. In fact.” which is treated with alkali to temper cocoa’s bitter flavour but unfortunately lays waste to most of the flavonoids. soups. A growing body of research suggests quaffing antioxidants in java can reduce blood pressure numbers by improving the elasticity of blood vessels. European scientists discovered that dark roasted coffee contains N-methylpyridium (nmp). use cocoa powder to elevate oatmeal. inSTead oF: LiGHT oR MediuM RoaST CoFFee TRy: daRK RoaST CoFFee payoFF: TRiM BLood pReSSuRe nuMBeRS A recent University of Scranton study found that coffee is a major source of antioxidants in the North American diet. so aim to eat most of your antioxidants instead of popping them in pill form. red means go. one or two whole eggs can be safely consumed daily. yogurt and post-run smoothies. yellow or orange Matthew Kadey. One powerhouse antioxidant found in these apples called quercetin appears to be an ally in the battle against cancer by protecting cell dna from oxidative damage and helping kill off cancerous cells. as well as bone and eye health. . a chemical generated during roasting that reduces the production of irritating stomach carotene. What’s more.muffintinmania. red bell peppers harbour about healthy home cooking at significantly more of the antioxidant beta.


the best Ont. like the classic sit-up. spine. then all of their action 3. if you don’t want to play spinal roulette. Hold for What did improve. “The more stiffness we have [in the core].” he notes. For instance. the ability to run at a faster pace without exerting Dr. the more muscle action is directed to the limbs. approach is to stick with exercises that keep the spine in its neutral position. establish your neutral an average of 47 seconds (compared to just 17 seconds in the control group). Boost Your Running Economy By Sean delanghe Master the Basics There’s more to the core than the six-pack that sits Seeing pictures of yourself running can be an eye-opening experience. “Those who have long. the payoff in improved spine. It tion. with eight to 10 reps on each side. As a result. then switch sides and repeat. simply lie sideways. the sheet of muscles along the bottom of the rib cage that you contract to draw air into your lungs. how do we plug the leak? 20 to 30 seconds. Do each of these exercises three to four times a week. prop yourself up on run. Brace is focused at the other end: the legs. and repeat efficiency can be substantial. writer and avid age grouper. Do it enough stability that is independent of diaphragm contracand the disc can rupture. The discs in of your core work while breathing heavily. a serious condition known as disc herniation. but it’s is no problem. says Dr. you compress the front of plank. is the efficiency of their energy transfer. but it’s no help if all that stability disappears as soon as you start breathing hard. When you start panting. the expression is yourself up on your elbows and toes. start on your hands and knees. That means we need While the vaguely defined notion of “core strength” has been touted as to train the muscles on all sides of the spine. You need to train specifically to make sure your core stays strong even your elbows and feet. The you slouching and twisting on legs that look as if they’re about to collapse. McGill offers a simple solution: do at least some twisting the spine while it’s under load. one 2009 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning looked at the impact of a six-week core routine on balance. some runners who can normally hold a side plank will fall apart if they’re breathing heavily – clearly a problem for stability Do No Harm during running. doesn’t even take much force: lifting heavy weights with your spine straight Putting it all together takes time and effort. McGill. McGill says these individuals are just lucky. and can be maintained while running.Lab Rat Stiffen your Core.’” he says. and maintain a neutral. Start Spine Biomechanics Laboratory.-based Train Functionally . in front of the spine. 62 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photo: Radius Images/AllCanadaPhotos. But if you do it right. With enough repetition. The first step is to make sure you avoid exercises that involve bending and Dr. “If we see a wonky core. Bird dogs For the muscles behind the spine. McGill explains. some people get away with activities like the sit-up without injury. hard to argue with the results: a healthy back.” says Dr. the focus on six-pack abs has done runners a following exercises: disservice. thin more energy. The diaphragm. Mastering the plank is great. Each time you flex forward to do a sit-up. movements are dangerous. Aim for 20 to 30 seconds to start. that support disappears. Many popular core exercises raise your risk of back injury. three to four times. you’ll develop core the disc and squeeze the soft inner portion toward the back. and Of Find him online at drdelanghe. but the core This isn’t just esthetic concern: a wobbly core might be causing you to leak muscles are constantly contracting and relaxing valuable energy that could be making you faster. spines with circular-shaped discs are less likely to experience a herniation. coach. but bending forward (even with nothing but body weight) is. dynamically to keep it stable. The runners improved their 5k time by 2. is also a crucial source of support for the spine. If the muscles that cross the hips and drive the legs are attached to a stiff core at one end. so. the ground while maintaining a stiff core. Side planks To train the muscles on the side of the spine. rigid when you’re breathing heavily. then holding a side tissue. and hold for that they are ‘leaking energy. Try the a fitness essential for years. So. Stuart McGill of the University of Waterloo’s seven seconds. while neglecting key muscle groups that help stabilize your upper body while you 1. spine itself is relatively unstable. and then lift your opposite arm and leg off despite the fact that their balance and joint forces remained unchanged. “The muscles surrounding You remember striding powerfully toward the finish but the photos show our spine act as guide wires. Researchers have also found that repetitive extensions and twisting Sean Delanghe is a Waterloo and New Hamburg. a great replacement for the sit-up is the front plank. This may your spine consist of a jelly-like inner layer protected by fibrous connective be as simple as sprinting up a hill.” Dr. Front plank For the six-pack at the front. joint forces and 5k time trial results.

They have patients perform a closely supervised program of plyometrics as part of stress to keep running to the point of doing that much damage. says bone health is difficult to diagnose because it exists on a continuum. Heeding the warnings of training. A recent study by the Running Injury Clinic and the University of Calgary Bone Lab found that even 18 months after diagnosis and treatment of a stress fracture. There is also an ongoing debate about The dreaded tibial stress fracture is one of the most feared and most common injuries that runners experience. a runner who gets one stress fracture is more likely to get place. Thyer says.” explains Dr. Since it takes time to get an the traditional approach of fully resting the leg. The specGASTROCNEMIUS trum of pain goes from a completely healthy leg. Occasionally. Proper biomechanics fractures of the foot. THE SIX KEYS mainly because it’s quicker to obtain than to avoiding the more thorough mri. CT stress fractures (computed tomography) scans are used. Ferber down more quickly than it is being built up. Reed Ferber. Avoiding sudden increases in walk pain-free they can start on a walk/ MEMBRANE MUSCLE running mileage or intensity run program before getting back to regular 6. 3. lower bone mineral density and reduced calf muscle strength. When the runner is able to INTEROSSEUS SOLEUS 5. Linda Thyer. They are difficult to diagnose and require lots of recovery time. because the pain would be too intense for a runner rest therapy. Conscientious muscle Runners are usually advised to stop FIBULA strengthening and stretching running while awaiting their test results 63 . according to Dr. such as a tumour. a runner typically shows up at the doctor two to three weeks think the current treatment of avoiding weightafter the onset of symptoms. MEDIAL STRESS STRESS FRACTURE shin pain Thyer. won’t actually show a new stress injury. the X-ray the recovery period. to signs of medial tibial MUSCLE stress syndrome (shin pain caused by small muscle tears). ending your season. She says although some physicians may order an X-ray to another injury by weakening the tibia further during rule out other more severe potential problems. this might affect the runner’s is always to avoid a tibial stress injury in the first gait. If a runner is mineral density. director of the clinic. applying more stress to bones. don’t ignore shin pain image: Dean Tweed By Theresa Wallace another. Unfortunately. more complicated 2. TIBIALIS ANTERIOR but Thyer says they’re more often ordered 1. to a stress fracture (hairline crack). Replacing running shoes and avoid weight-bearing activities for TIBIA before they wear out several weeks. the female varsity runners studied (women are more prone to stress fractures) had a thinner tibia. “Running strengthens your tibia bones. runningmagazine. “We appointment. The first sign of a problem is usually shin pain.Injury Prevention and Performance Tibial Stress Injuries To avoid a bigger problem. a former runner who competed SYNDROME internationally for Canada. That’s why many runners sink into a state of denial when shin pain creeps in. for example. Adequate diet to diagnose deeper. to a stress reaction (weakening of the bone). But an undiagnosed Bone health is difficult to diagnose tibial issue can quickly go from derailing a workout or two to because it exists on a continuum. One of the most frustrating aspects of combating stress fractures is that it’s a chicken-or-egg phenomenon. But if a bone scan shows a stress reaction – an area of increased bone turnover.” Thayer explains. which refers to the bone breaking down and then regenerating – the runner is not leaving enough time for the rebuilding phase. The next step is often a bone scan. but the runner does not yet have a stress fracture.” says Ferber. Thyer adds that Athletics Canada tries to be proactive and do regular fracture treatment in an attempt to increase bone biomechanical assessments of their national team members. “We don’t know if the lower bone density was the result of the stress fracture or the cause of the stress fracture.” A through-and-through fracture from running is possible and his clinic colleagues are designing “active” but not likely. Experts unanimously agree that the best approach weaker or less flexible on one side. Athletics Canada bearing activities may predispose some runners to medical director. “The bone is being broken In an approach still under development.

Winter Gear Guide » Left Check out our accessories review at runningmagazine. By Gus alexandropoulos 64 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photos: James Ramsay our most comprehensive guide ever for gearing up for the Canadian winter .ca We’ve tested all of the best winter running gear so that you will be warm and dry on those cold Canadian winter runs.

The rest of the tights use a very breathable fleece-lined stretch fabric. which minimizes the risk of chafing. The major seams are taped for even more water protection. but this effort may be worth the improved performance and feel. Salomon starts with its windproof and breathable Clima Wind Pro fabric and adds even more breathable panels under the arms and on the upper back. Two zippered pockets – one on the chest and one on the back – offer some storage for a hat and mp3 player. Ref lective highlights increase visibility during evening runs and a small pocket provides storage for small items. The back of tights use a cozy stretchy fleece that adds warmth and allows heat and moisture to escape. Salomon uses the totally windproof and breathable Windstopper fabric on the front of the tight as well as a stretchy and windproof fabric on the knees. elastic wrist cuffs and a drawcord hem round out the features on this highly functional shell. An athletic fit prevents unwanted drafts. Runners seeking wind protection and some insulation will be impressed with the Charger Windblock 65 . the jacket never feels restrictive. the Challenger is ideal for hard workouts in windy conditions. but thanks to the highly stretchy fabric.Winter Gear Guide Puma Pure Nightcat jacket Women’s $130 salomon dynamic jacket Women’s $180 Helly Hansen challenger jacket Men’s $200 The lightweight wind. The grippiness of the silicone interior strips requires that runners take some extra time when putting on these tights. A series of small slits in the back and breathable mesh panels under the arms help minimize moisture build-up and over-heating. Puma adds a comfortable flat waistband.and water-resistant jacket is perfect for keeping runners warm and comfortable during workouts. runningmagazine. reducing muscle fatigue when training. A lone zippered chest pocket. WARM WARM Y Y Y WARM WARM TH Y EATHABILIT BR Y EATHABILIT BR Y WIND P EATHABILIT BR WARM EATHABILIT BR EATHABILIT BR WIND P WATER EATHABILIT BR WARM TH ECTION ROT TH ECTION ROT WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES TH ISTANCE RES WATER ISTANCE RES TH Puma Pure tech actV tight Women’s $75 salomon Windstopper trail tight Women’s $135 Helly Hansen charger Windblock tight Men’s $125 These snug fitting tights feature a series of silicone gripper strips on the inside that provide compression. With its windproof and water-resistant fabric front panels and highly breathable fabric on the back and under the arms. Helly Hansen employs a f leece backed windproof panel on the front of the tights (to the knee) as well as on the back of the calf.

Although not waterproof. The Supernova jacket is a great for cold autumn or light winter running. For greater comfort on longer runs. A small rear pocket with an ear-bud port accommodates a small mp3 player. Arc’teryx achieves these qualities by using Gore-Tex’s totally windproof and breathable Windstopper fabric on the front and arms while a fast wicking and more breathable knit fabric is used on the back. mec uses lighter weight fabric behind the knees and on the back. even on humid days. Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photos: James Ramsay WARM Y WARM Y EATHABILIT BR Y EATHABILIT BR WARM TH EATHABILIT BR WARM EATHABILIT BR Y EATHABILIT BR WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES 66 TH ECTION ROT WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES TH EATHABILIT BR WATER ISTANCE RES TH . The Supernova also ranks as the most streetwearable jacket in this review. which minimize the risk of chafing at the ankles. These snug fitting lightweight tights are a good choice for runners training in warmer winter conditions.Winter Gear Guide mec ignite zip jacket Men’s $100 adidas supernova jacket Men’s $100 arc’teryx trino jacket Women’s $200 The Ignite is made from a breathable fabric that doesn’t cling or retain sweat. To prevent overheating. This elegant yet tough jacket provides exceptional wind protection while still allowing excess heat and perspiration to escape. These mid-weight tights offer enough warmth for winter running without feeling restrictive or bulky. Soft wrist-gasket cuffs and a similarly soft collar minimize drafts while the addition of a single small chest pocket offers storage for small items. Arc’teryx uses multiple fabric panels for a compressive fatigue-fighting and recovery-promoting fit. WARM Y WARM WIND P Y mec mercury tight Men’s $60 adidas sequencials Brushed tight Men’s $90 arc’teryx Kapta crop tight Women’s $70 These snug-fitting tights offer plenty of warmth for cold weather running thanks to their tightly knit wind shedding exterior and warm fleece lining. Adidas adds fleece cuffs. the honeycombed surface does do a good job at holding off the elements. Two small side pockets are perfectly sized for gels. The sculpted hood and thumb-hole cuffs make the Ignite a great pick for shifting weather conditions.

runningmagazine. fast-wicking tight is a good choice for milder conditions. The jacket’s high stretch factor allows for unrestricted movement and runners can deploy the full-coverage hood in windy and wet conditions. Visibility in low light conditions is enhanced thanks to the generous reflective highlights and reflective side seam. windproof and breathable.saucony sonic Hdx ViziPro jacket Men's $120 New Balance Windblocker jacket Men’s $150 mountain Hardwear effusion Hooded jacket Women’s $260 The Sonic Vizi is a classically cut running jacket with a twist: built-in led piping for running safely at night. This wind-fighting fabric covers the front of the tights to the knees and is also used on the back to cover the glutes. and the front does a solid job at blocking out the elements. A small zippered pocket with an earbud port is perfect for small mp3 players or ID. The Effusion Power have a unique construction at the knee that provides great wind protection without restricting movement. WARM Y WARM Y WARM EATHABILIT BR EATHABILIT BR Y WIND P Y WARM WARM Y EATHABILIT BR WARM TH EATHABILIT BR EATHABILIT BR Y WATER ECTION ROT WIND P TH ISTANCE RES TH ECTION ROT WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES TH EATHABILIT BR WATER ISTANCE RES TH saucony omny lx tight Men’s $70 New Balance Windblocker tight Men’s $90 mountain Hardwear effusion Power tight Women’s $140 A lightweight. These lightweight tights provide significant weather protection thanks to a stretchy windproof fabric. New Balance achieves this by using a cozy windproof and breathable fabric on the main jacket panels and then adding a warm. this incredibly light and form-fitting Effusion Hooded Jacket is completely waterproof. Thanks to its unique stretchy laminated fabric. The two hand warmer pockets are a nice detail. The Windblocker Jacket does a great job of providing the wind protection and warmth necessary for training in colder conditions without sacrificing breathability. the zippered cuffs make dressing less challenging. stretchy and more breathable fabric under the arms and sides. The classic combination of breathable Windblocker fabric on the front with even more breathable stretchy f leece-lined fabric on the back creates a great tight for cold weather training. It also has two handy front 67 . Finally. The back of the jacket is highly breathable.

This savvy construction results in a jacket that delivers exceptional weather protection without compromising the breathability required for running. The upper half uses a breathable wind. WARM Y WARM WIND P Y EATHABILIT BR Nike dri-fit tight Women’s $110 the North face isotherm Wind stopper tights Women’s $160 zoot run Biowrap tight Women’s $75 Runners training in mild winter conditions (think Victoria) will be drawn to the Nike Dri-Fit tights. and the addition of a back mesh vent minimizes overheating. The BIOwrap also has hip pockets for gels.Winter Gear Guide Nike shield flash jacket Women’s $375 the North face isotherm Wind stopper jacket Women’s $190 zoot Performance run etherwind jacket Women’s $90 No jacket in this review offers the combination of reflectivity and weather protection found in the Shield Flash jacket. adding extra compression for performance and recovery. For training in cold and windy conditions. making these tights a nice winter race option. A single zippered rear pocket provides some storage on this uncluttered and function-driven running jacket.and water-resistant fabric that does a good job of keeping out the elements while preventing runners from overheating. these deliver excellent protection from chilling winds. The North Face combines carefully positioned panels of windproof and breathable Gore-Tex Wind Stopper fabric on the front with highly breathable and stretchy fleece lined panels on the sides and back. The result is a tight that is perfectly suited for the challenging conditions encountered by most Canadian runners. The detachable hood offers even more protection from the elements. it is a great choice for milder conditions or high-energy workouts. while the addition large ref lective highlights increases visibility when training during low light conditions. The lower half of the jacket is built from an aggressively ref lective material. Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photos: James Ramsay WARM WARM Y Y WARM Y EATHABILIT BR WARM TH EATHABILIT BR EATHABILIT BR Y EATHABILIT BR WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES TH ECTION ROT 68 WATER ISTANCE RES WIND P ECTION ROT TH TH EATHABILIT BR WATER ISTANCE RES TH . The lightweight and fast drying fabric offers just enough weather protection without being overlay warm. The front blocks wind and water. runners should look at The North Face Isotherm Wind Stopper Tights. With their windproof and breathable Gore-Tex Wind Stopper fabric on the front. While the jacket may not offer enough warmth for extreme cold weather. Constructed out of highly breathable yet very rugged material that also has a powerful hold on the muscles. Runners seeking lightweight wind protection and excellent breathability should consider the Performance Run Etherwind.

An interior pocket is perfectly sized for smart phones or mp3 players. Built with a mid-weight Lycra 69 . keys or ID. The quad areas are protected with wind-resistant material and there’s a lot of reflective detailing on both sides. The back pocket is big enough for keys. a card and a gel. Brooks uses a very flattering and comfortable sit-on-the-hips waistband while the addition of a small zippered pocket provides storage for gels. The wind. a handy breast pocket for listening devices and a retractable hood for really nasty days. There are also three useful pockets for keys and gels. while stretchy fabric panels under the arms ensure easy movement. easing the discomfort of winter wind. making the Thermopolis tight a very versatile choice for autumn and winter running. and it looks great. too.and water-resistant fabric is ideal for very cold conditions. This windproof and water-resistant jacket offers runners excellent lightweight protection. The fabric is fast-wicking and very breathable. A large rear vent helps prevent heat buildup. the Infiniti Tight III is ideal for training in cool conditions. The ultra-ref lective Electro comes with all the bells and whistles. WARM WARM Y Y WARM WARM WIND P Y Y EATHABILIT BR Y EATHABILIT BR WARM TH EATHABILIT BR WARM EATHABILIT BR Y EATHABILIT BR WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES TH ECTION ROT WIND P ECTION ROT TH WATER ISTANCE RES TH EATHABILIT BR WATER ISTANCE RES TH Pearl izumi fly evo tight Women’s $110 asics thermopolis tight Men’s $70 Brooks infiniti tight iii Women’s $75 The Fly Evo is a great tough condition winter companion.Pearl izumi ultra Windblocking jacket Women’s $160 asics electro jacket Men’s $130 Brooks essential run jacket ii Women’s $90 This stylish jacket is also incredibly tough. but also has a comfy. runningmagazine. making the Electro a great pick for frigid night running this winter. The Ultra Windblocking jacket lives up to its name. breathable and stretchy back panel to keep you cool and dry during long runs. There is one led-piped shoulder. These tights are incredibly plush.

While many serious runners might scoff at trail that’s only 2. roots. is 31:07. BritisH columBia The Grouse Grind is made up of 2. These heavily forested peaks attract locals and tourists alike. which is held every September.830 steps up rocks. mud and even snow at certain times of the year. The Vancouverite also recorded the quickest official time (25:01) at the annual Grouse Mountain Run. or eat a snack at the cafeteria. . scenery and unparalleled views of the city. Rich Wheater. It’s obvious from these stats why the trail has earned the nickname “Mother Nature’s Staircase” among locals. one of Canada’s most iconic trails. In the Chalet. The women’s record. you have earned bragging rights by saying you have completed the Grind.579. At the centre of the range.Canadian Trails The Grouse Grind A Vertical Fitness Challenge By adam Campbell destiNatioN NortH VaNcouVer. Also of note. Just inside.9k long. 70 Canadian Running January & February 2014 Photos: Rich Wheater. The trail challenges both your strength and aerobic system. home of the Grouse Grind. less than a 30-minute drive from the city lies Grouse Mountain. with the fastest unofficial time held by pro cyclist Sebastian Salas in 23:48. Rich Wheater. The average climbing time for the trail is 90 minutes. Grouse Mountain On all but the foggiest and rainiest days. in 2013 Sean Blanton hiked the Grind 17 times in a 24-hour period. You can then wander around the top of Grouse Mountain to check out the events. while the CN Tower only has 2. they’ll quickly change their tune when they ascend 853 metres up the side of a mountain through lush forest made up of red cedars and Douglas firs. you can have a beer or meal at the restaurant. Once at the top. Walk towards the Grouse Mountain Chalet and up the stairs to the entrance. you can buy your ticket for the gondola ride before heading back down. set by Leanne Johnson. the North Shore Mountains frame Vancouver’s skyline.

with heavy snowfall and icy conditions making the route treacherous and even potentially fatal for the unprepared. however it is important to watch weather conditions. take West Georgia Street into and through Stanley Park. Hop on the 236 bus and you’re there.000 people ascend the trail a day and around 3. Despite the rather sensational ranking. so there is an ongoing informal contest throughout the year. The ride up to the Grouse Mountain base is a grind in itself. as the weather on the mountain can change dramatically from base to summit. it is possible to go back down the mountain along the British Columbia Mountaineering Club trail. containing an electronic timing chip. especially early or late in the season. BY traNsit: Several options. more than 6. The easiest is the SeaBus passenger-only ferry from Gastown to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. It is possible to buy a Grind Timer Card. The times are also posted in the Chalet and they are ranked by agecategory. It is safe for most people with a basic level of fitness. By swiping the card against a timing post at the start and finish of the Grind you can compare times across the season to assess fitness. which becomes Nancy Greene Way as one nears the base of Grouse Mountain. the trail rates highly on the list because BY car: From downtown Vancouver. however for those wanting to really challenge their nimbleness and quad strength. Due to its proximity to downtown. Originally built by hand by Don McPherson and Phil Severy. Although a lot of locals made fun of this ranking. Outside Magazine recently rated the Grouse Grind fifth on its 10 most dangerous hikes in the world list. over the Lions Gate Bridge. but also illegally. the trail is enjoyed by 100. In the winter.000 hikers climb the trail every weekday in the summer. Photo: Grouse Mountain The Grind itself is a one-way-up trail. runningmagazine.of the number of rescues on the trail annually. Turn right on Marine Drive and a quick left up Capilano Road. BY BicYcle: The Lions Gate has bike sidewalks and the SeaBus and buses can accommodate bikes. built the Grind in the early 1980s. the Grind can experience a lot of traffic.000 enthusiasts of all abilities and it is a staple of the Vancouver fitness scene. as well as its challenging nature and incredible natural beauty. Getting there the upgrades have not made the route any less steep. While it is possible to access the trail 71 . On a busy weekend. which is a safer option. the mountain grooms a “snowshoe grind” on its upper trails. the trail has since been adopted and is rigorously maintained by the regional district and the Grouse Mountain ski area. from the mountain. it is not maintained in the winter and it can be significantly more difficult. Although it is not as wild or rugged as other North Shore trails. who painstakingly. which parallels the Grind.

DuVall. a results service and announcing. the Lafaves.” said Ottawa coach Roger Burrows. and then you’re immersed Photos: Jim Johnston. highland dancing. They come also to enjoy a race small enough for every performance to matter. This little riverside road race is also part of a big. feats of strength and heritage livestock. Roger Robinson. when getting through a city marathon can feel like battling Toronto subway crowds at rush hour. and the agricultural contests of the annual Williamstown Fair. ed Whitlock. the bagpipes. and the tireless Wendell is out running the race in the middle of the pack while Sheila’s directing things at the finish. so intimate that soon you’re friends with the race director. and once a year put on this miniature classic. we enter a new land of antique tractors. one of many regulars. one of the last quiet places of the earth. The Great Raisin River Footrace is run beside a placid stream where the heron silently watches the tree reflections for his breakfast. from Ottawa. “It’s a yearly treat. becoming more joyously animated as the race activities wind down. is that it’s not so very great. Williamstown sits in the rural eastern corner of Ontario. Behind them stand a small group of dedicated women Coming from Ottawa. it’s a husband-wife team. so the race lures runners from Ottawa and Montreal who want a day in the country. stay for the fair Below » 2013 Kids’ race » opposite left The 2013 Great Raisin River Footrace 72 Canadian Running » opposite right Kathrine Switzer. This year they got near their cap of 500. has run all 35 Raisin Rivers. Any race that can count a running purist like Joe DuVall in every running since its inception has something special going for it. so there’s a good chance of getting to know both if your pace is right.. Sheila Lafave and Wendell Lafave behind the plaque honouring the 100th anniversary of Tom Longboat’s win in the 1908 race January & February 2014 The first thing that strikes you about the Great Raisin River Footrace. Zoomphoto. for a modest-sized race closely connected to its community and the land. it’s refreshing to go back to the sport’s grass roots. “The fair is part of the attraction. Underpinned by chip timing. In the pumped up scale of today’s mass races.” Burrows By Roger Robinson . which still leaves plenty of room on the road. Well. noisy. He also sees the fair (Canada’s oldest) as essential to the unique ambience. along with the parades. Zoomphoto. actually.The Great Raisin River Footrace a Quiet Little Classic Come for the race. in Williamstown. “And it’s technically sound and participant-centred. two-day party. Raisin River’s olde-tyme atmosphere makes it a prestigious destination for road race connoisseurs. Ont. But across the river come the triumphant bellows of prize animals and the throbbing music of a fairground. who travel the world as the Raisin River Ramblers. if only size matters. The best bull and the curliest cabbage got equal attention this weekend with Ed Whitlock and Kathrine Switzer. You drive and then race through this pure rural countryside where all the homesteads show such care and pride.

also family. He is currently seeking races that offer big-money awards for over-70 men with one knee replacement. but above all to create a memorable race experience. in case you want to make comparisons. She reflected on how Raisin River cures running obsessiveness. Roger Robinson is an international writer on running who still holds the masters record at the BMO Vancouver destiNatioN WilliamstoWN. oNtario Photos: Zoomphoto.” wrote DuVall a few days later. and this led to some confusion. Kids’ Race developed by a series of colourful race aug. and Bill Rodgers. though at age 82 they are hard to find. there’s a good chance he’ll be back. not exactly Tiananmen Square. “OK. “The stuff around the race means a runners’ family and friends might get some enjoyment from the day out.” Chambre recalled. It’s a total sensory experience. That sort of personal involvement is typical. the sound of the guys splitting logs with axes. Susan Kersley The Great Raisin River Footrace horse trailer-truck roaring impatiently towards the fair. “The big feature of the fair was the marathon. That happens to be the distance from the fairground to MacGillivray’s Bridge upstream. Runners can be self-centred. The distance was six miles. They have since named the race trophy after him. and was 11K. On race day. (He ran 49:33. guests in 2013.” Website: “It means there’s no pressure to compare your time. 2014 (exact date TBa) directors. After running Raisin River for 35 consecutive years. in 34:57. 1908. He even resides year-round in the Lafave family home. and getting out of ourselves to enjoy some pigs and horses is not a bad idea. That’s refreshing in an era when runner numbers sometimes become the mere bottom-line for corporate shareholders. where the heron lives) to town. so you just enjoy racing. this image is propped near the finish to encourage the runners. Another famous celebrated runner embraced by the event is Canadian legend Tom Longboat. “I hated to leave on Sunday.” Whitlock wryly told the crowd at the awards ceremony. Bill Chambre.” reported the Cornwall Freeholder on Sept. The race was revived in 1978. Longboat won easily. smells and tastes of the fair. music. One. or agonizes over 10k goals.” The unusual 11k distance adds its quirky appeal. “The distance is a symbol of the lovely disconnect between Williamstown and any normal Sunday morning race.” Louise Wood.) Whitlock runs Raisin River most years. when every long road race was called a marathon. early in the first running boom. runningmagazine. was happy to be one of the Ont. so that his runners were not at risk. said DuVall. The Raisin River folk work to enhance their community.Destination Race in the sounds. but it did help get the fair’s board’s concurrence with closing the road. food and the smell of hay and animal crap. sights. and is practically family.. “There’s livestock. of Portland. “It’s a day when nobody cares When: about pace charts or injuries. along with similar lifelike figures of Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson. The crowd was so thick that at times there were collisions between runners and spectators. 25. once singlehandedly blocked the advance of a large greatraisinriverfootrace. then over the bridge and back along Heron Road (yes. Canada’s second woman to run a sub-3:00 marathon. who 40 years ago was a groundbreaking pioneer. second in the 60 to 64. 4:31/km pace. in the form of a life-size cardboard cut-out photo. its fair and local charities. 5K Run/ 73 . The world-famous Onondagan ran the precursor version back in 1908. said Races: Burrows.

which are perfect for runners who worry about making a familiar pre-race breakfast. F. try the recently renovated yet retro feeling eldorado Hotel. The events start early. but boy was I wrong.000 entrants while the half-marathon is massive. races and cultural events on marathon weekend. F.photorun. Companies like Arizona Outback Adventures have great bikes and equally experienced guides looking for people who like a challenge. Both are within walking distance of Old Scottsdale. racers are corralled Canadian Running January & February 2014 Where to stay: Due to all the car auctions. If watching dream cars drift by sounds too slow. so prepare for a surprisingly chilly start for a Southern climate race. Book one early that caters to your needs. Many hotels also offer a free shuttle bus to the start. with over 14. I didn’t think I had it in me to drive through such rugged terrain so fast. 4k minimarathon.NET apart from the sun. Pull up a chair and watch as hundreds of extremely rare vintage rides roll across the auction block. head for the hills on a guided mountain bike trek. This year’s event takes place Jan. sunglasses. Ride and Run in arizona By Joanne elves Getting there: 74 What To Do The Race If you like classic and collectable automobiles you will want to head to Scottsdale a few days early to check out the largest of the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auctions. The P. For a condo-style stay. F. 12 to 19 and will feature a pair of Rolls Royce Phantoms and several gorgeous sports cars from the ’50s. . and. you won’t need much more than a singlet and shorts for the rest of the race. just before the gun goes off. Another great option is the funky Hotel Valley Ho. But the day after the race we grabbed bandanas and goggles and held on tight as we drove our own military-grade 4x4 Tomcars with Green Zebra Adventures through a designated off-road area. ensuring that everyone in your group of travellers can enter a distance they are comfortable running. All major airlines fly into Phoenix international airport. with deep. hotels are at a premium. the other races start near the finish so that they can loop back to cross the finish line with the marathoners at the Arizona State University campus in Tempe. Photos: www. Chang’s arizona Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon weekend is a great excuse to head to south to Scottsdale in January. Either leave with plenty of time or consider the light rail line to the marathon start. luxurious bathtubs for the best post-race soak ever.P. of course. To handle the crowds. While the marathon starts in downtown Phoenix. arizona has a lot to offer both runners and their families. the P. Like every large race. Bring a shirt to toss at the start line. We did a gentle ride through the saguaro cactus of McDowell Sonoran Preserve to burn off some pre-race jitters without risking injury. The rooms are equipped with full kitchens. Much like other winter getaway destinations.000 entrants. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll Arizona Marathon and Half-Marathon Rock. the prerace traffic jam can be problematic. ’60s and 1970s muscle car era. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll Arizona Marathon weekend also includes a popular half-marathon and even a 7. After you get going. where fine dining is easily found. The marathon gets just over 3.

com hotel Valley ho The eldorado eldoradoscottsdale. 75 . The aid stations are plentiful and a necessity in the warm. live bands. & temPe. » The Barrett Jackson Classic Car auction destiNatioN scottsdale. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll arizona Marathon & Half What: P.photorun. half-marathon and 7. That was the extent of “the hill” in the race. the race steers clear of them. a British alt-rock band.NET.photorun.” add to the festive.competitor. but thankfully. Grab your free Michelob Ultra beer and sprawl on the infield of the outdoor track to admire your funky new Rock ’n’ Roll series medal and enjoy music that the organizers are famous for during the post-race concert.2014 Races: marathon.Exotic Destination dependent on finish times and released in waves. Phoenix and Tempe on wide roads void of gravel or shaky footing. imposing mountains looming in the distance.NET p. F. The races work their way through the cities of Scottsdale. As promised by every P. Tourism Websites: Scottsdale Visitor Bureau experiencescottsdale. The volunteers with inspirational posters Barrett Jackson Collector Car auction barrett-jackson. arizoNa Photos: www. The route is surrounded by large. Hearing the runner next to me in the half-marathon fret about “the hill. PHoeNix. fun atmosphere. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll arizona Marathon and half-Marathon When: Jan. www. Jeff arizona Outback adventure aoa-adventures. “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll The Tomcat Tour gogreenzebra. 19. drum lines and cheerleaders appear as you need the extra boost. Karaoke. Only after I was on a gradual decline through the Papago Park finishing area did I realize that before that there was a barely noticeable short incline that did not affect my time or take much extra runningmagazine. the on-course entertainment is endless.” made me worry.4k mini-marathon Website: runrocknroll. dry climate. The finishing area is ideal for meeting up friends and family. The headliner in 2014 will be the Joy Formidable.

The Newfoundlander sailed the world next.a while for them to open up. with running in mind. Cobb created a 29-room. then come back. an Irish community of sun-bleached fishing stages.” she says.” . it’s over. “The runs were essential – good ideas come when I’m active.” But Cobb’s favourite trail is Lion’s Den – a hilly coastal path with “epic views and crazy rocks. Alex Fradkin Long Run Home neurship programs. A third of my lungs are calcinot-for-profit organization spearheading fied from childhood tuberculosis – it takes arts. N. jds Uniphase. a I was Ottawa. “The minute your brain driveway to the end of my street. the boys who’d grow up to be sealers.” Weather determines Cobb’s routes on Fogo Island today. but founder of the Shorefast Foundation.” she says.” says Cobb. “Half the time I see caribou there.L. By then the population had dropped from 5. “I feel the continuity of time. then embarked on a remarkable career that culminated in her heading up a multi-billion-dollar merger for California-based tech giant.” On April 16.” Photos: Luther Caverly. in February Cobb.” says Cobb. if they’re coming from the Northwest. in the as charged now as at the height of her 1960s. “I’m made of this place. so I Running helps balance the life of the thought I’d get by on natural fitness. but I couldn’t get from my sions. negotiations were intense.” It goes through abandoned communities. It was good agility training for These days she logs around 1. Cobb booked hotels on business trips close to rivers or city walls.Running Celebrity 76 Canadian Running January & February 2014 But she persevered. decades “I went out to train for Run for the Reach later: “You let your body make fast deci. picket fences and shirts billowing on clotheslines. showcasing local culture and heritage. Jobs were scarce and the government spoke of cutting essential services. the only sister to six brothers. 2000. eco-tourism and social entrepre. for the first time in decades. “I go out and pay my respects. where she can see the remnants of houses and gardens – a reminder of the people who came before and what’s at stake on Fogo Island now. Atlantic. high-stakes meetings and “a lot of being stuck inside under fluorescent lights. “But the most distracting thing is when there are blueberries – it’s hard not to stop. She studied business in Ottawa. it laid 2000. “I need running to from ice pan to ice pan across the thawing create healthy stopping points. and profit from the influx of tourists. Through Shorefast. she describes the place as “a windscape. After that. Germany and Japan. I was gets involved.” The Great Auk trail loops around a 6-ft tall bronze statue honouring an extinct bird last seen on the island. “My goal was to get to the end of the first block. she retired one of Canada’s wealthiest women in 2001 at age 43. enrolment in the local By valerie Howes kindergarten class rose. when entrepreneur Zita Cobb her fisherman father could no longer takes on the trials and compete with the trawlers stripping local trails of Fogo Island waters of marine life.” “If gusts are coming in from the northeast. luxury inn looking out to Iceberg Alley. and then the middle of the next. I’ll take Turpin’s Trail. decompressing from a lifestyle of long-haul f lights.” But by 2006. In 2010. which has garnered global attention since opening last summer. “In China.” she says. she ran her first 5k in 26:40. “Running over the rocks. Cobb herself had left the island with her Philanthropist and social parents and younger brother at 17.” she recalls.200k a year. The Foundation has been instrumental in resuscitating the economy of a population decimated by the collapse of the cod fisheries. It passes wild coves and coastal meadows of springy moss and » Cobb built the Fogo island inn. She launched an international artist residency program and brought in consultants to help islanders start their own businesses. she was ready to go home to Fogo Island. I feel a direct connection to everything that’s happened there. and then as far as the next.” she says. But sometimes Cobb’s schedule feels Growing up on Fogo Island. I’ll avoid the Great Auk. For However her maiden run.” qualified as an aerobics instructor. stretch. the groundwork for trail running.000 to 2. Turpin’s Trail is near Tilting. Zita Cobb loved copying – leaping executive career. an architectural gem on Fogo island in iceberg alley off the northeast coast of newfoundland lichens. barely spanned a city block. After investing in the dot-com boom.700. runningmagazine.5363 RUN ITALY with our Special Guest: JEFF GALLOWAY* (Sign Up Now for our VIP Group at RunITALY.4656 Forerunners 3502 West 4th Ave.therunnersshop.240.9292 fasttraxskishop@shaw. ManiToBa City Park Runners 2091 Portage Stride Ahead Sports 3545 W 4th Ave.. onTaRio 7007 Nesters Rd.5928 info@runnerschoice.270.982. North Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon (Longueuil) 1085 Chemin Chambly Longueuil. SK 306. ON 519. www.272. www.3425 info@freshairconcept. 2014 Location: Rome. Boulder/Denver.800. Runner’s Den 2013 James St. with fowers “ Boutique Courir (Montreal) 4452 rue BRiTiSH CoLuMBia Crazy Soles Run/Yoga/Nordic Store 1045B 7th Ave.637.URUN(8786) info@runwithitwhistler.maisondelacourse. BC 604.boutiquecourir. Winnipeg.on. AB www. Edmonton.2386 info@lecoureurnordique.runnersoul.4754 info@strideandglide.523. Denis Montreal.837. QC info@maisondelacourse. QC 514.lecoureurnordique.0774 or e-mail 77 . Hurry! (Space & Time are limited) ROME MARATHON’s 20th Year Anniversary!!! Special Tech www.4975 June 1 Run or Walk past The Falls TWICE! A great getaway weekend in Niagara Wine and Cosmetics in Fab Swag Bag Lots of classy www.RunITALY.877. QC 819. Saskatoon. Italy 6 Days Tour Package Contact: Run Strides Running Store 3558 Garrison Gate SW Calgary.566.ladysport. AB 403. Lethbridge.Marketplace The Runners Shop 180 Bloor St. BC 604. ON 860 King St W Hamilton.facebook.353. AB 780. Le Coureur 1682 Rue King Ouest Feet in Motion 72 Main Street South www..forerunners.9242 citypark@mymts.8606 info@gordsrunningstore. www. Invermere.9267 www. MB 207 Dundas St.9600 montreal@boutiquecourir.497.9544 info@freshair. BC (London) RUN ITALY presents.strideahead. Walk and Run” nfwhm.feetinmotion. chemin Saint-Foy Fresh Air Experience 18–2070 Harvey Ave.freshairconcept. 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CO 80246 # (303) 993-8938 Official website: www.fasttraxskishop.477.732-4535 info@forerunners.499.freshair. NS 1. Prince Boutique Endurance 6579 rue Saint-Denis Montreal.7866 runnersden@live.runnerschoice. Historical Course and More… To add your marketplace listing please call 416.0004 excel@activerunning.. QC 450.

2014 Run on the Edge! Join us June 8.15th Annual June 8. VISIT 78 Canadian Running January & February 2014 . RUNNING ROOM AND EVERYWHERE FINE RUNNING PRODUCTS ARE SOLD. .com LACES MATTER! iBUNGEE LACES ARE #1 IN THE WORLD Never Tie Laces Again · Flexes with Every Stride Perfect Comfort.runningroom. Fit & Support NOW AVAILABLE AT SPORT CHEK. 2014 Edge to Edge Marathon register at www.COM FOR MORE INFO AND LOCATIONS NEAREST YOU.

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“I said let her do it. “The biggest surprise to me about the race was my time. In an effort to clarify the situation Uszynski contacted Athletics Canada. understand to a point where they are coming from.” “I’m not sure what my reaction would be. “I went right to the head of the event and I figured he would say yes or no. She did not PB.” Fitzmaurice said of her in-race decision to carry on after 21. “The decision stood because I never had a rule against it. “We are silent on the specific matter of an athlete registering for a specific distance within an event and ultimately completing a different distance. Uszynski didn’t get the decisive response he was hoping for from the governing body. “Having said that. Ont. “To me it was never about winning the marathon” Fitzmaurice said. a veteran of the trade. she ended up winning an event she wasn’t even registered to run. “Her being awarded the women’s first place medal is going against better judgment in my opinion. “Recognize the achievement but don’t recognize the win.2k debut. She also won the women’s race.” But some in the running community are concerned that her win also establishes a dubious standard.” Now a poster child for a debate she wanted no part of. I have never had that Meredith Fitzmaurice wins the Run for heroes Marathon in amherstburg.” Fitzmaurice went on to compete in the Detroit Free Press International Marathon four weeks after her impromptu 42.” Fitzmaurice said. It diminishes our sport.” said Uszynski. running her first ever marathon.” said GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon race director Jay Glassman. “I realized my mistake and asked the race director if I was allowed to continue. Meredith Fitzmaurice had come to participate in the halfmarathon that Sunday. Fitzmaurice is trying to weather the fallout. He was less inclined to celebrate Fitzmaurice as the outright winner. Once the race starts.1k. race director Chris Uszynski made his decision. “Hooray for her! What an accomplishment. Following assurances from race officials that Fitzmaurice looked strong and able to complete the entire marathon. having to settle for 8th woman overall in 3:12:55.” Uszynski said. .” wrote one reader on 80 Canadian Running January & February 2014 the Windsor Star’s Facebook page.” “Congrats on your undeserved 1st place.” Fitzmaurice didn’t continue because she was in first place. cross-country and road running.” said domestic programs manager Douglas Duncan of the situation. or that she was going to win. Photos: Dax Melmer with permission of The Windsor Star.” admits Glassman. “But I had no idea at the time that she was leading. brightroom. “It’s a grey area. we will have a rule where you can’t change your race designation mid-race. the race starts. Ont. “but blasting her on social media. moving forward. however.” The harsh words and hard questions circulating on social media since the race have landed Fitzmaurice in the midst of a debate regarding marathon rules – or the lack thereof. “A reminder to all that you will never know how far you can go if you never try.” The first-time marathoner finished in 3:11:48.” wrote one online reader in response to a National Post article. “Sadly.” The concern remains that. but after an innocent on-course blooper she pushed on to double her intended distance.” What Fitzmaurice didn’t know is that Uszynski had no roadmap to guide him. without a standard practice for these situations. They stand as the national governing body for track and field. “I never thought that continuing on once I was given the green light would cause such a debate. “It was all about running my personal best. “A bad precedent has been set.” Within hours of her surprising win the Internet exploded with praise for her unusual win. that’s just not right.” said Fitzmaurice “I.Crossing the Line Marathon Detour » By Joshua Craig When a 34-year-old school teacher missed a turn during September’s Run for Heroes in Amherstburg. “The first woman that crossed the [finish] line who signed up for the full marathon should be the winner not you. race directors will be left to make the call.” posted another. it has tainted my view of my accomplishment a bit.

pacesetters. racers. . number crunchers. early risers. jocks.CA/OUTSIDERS Jake Stangel We’re runners. fast finishers. trail blazers.WE ARE ALL OUTSIDERS MEC. members – we’re Mountain Equipment Co-op. teammates. dreamers.