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Kara DuRant
AP English
Mrs. Carter
12 December 2014
Frankenstein Literary Analysis
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley a revengeful but heart wrenching novel about a Monster
who longs to be loved and the man who created him who refuses to fulfill this dream turns into a
revenge seeking upbeat book that calls for a soundtrack. The instrumentals First Love by Utada
Hikaru, From the Foreshadows by Group 12, and Revenge by Vazio all clearly connect to the
novel and give a more interesting feel to the book.
The instrumental First Love by Utada Hikaru is a passionate instrumental portraying love
and protection just as victor loves and longs to protect Elizabeth. When Victor is describing
Elizabeth he says “[I] looked upon Elizabeth as mine – mine to protect, love, and cherish.” Victor
truly has cared for Elizabeth ever since he was a child and always thought of her as the most
beautiful creation. First Love, displays these feelings through a mix of sounds that come together
to create and instrumental about striving to protect the one you care about most.
From the Foreshadows is an upbeat instrumental that has a tone that not only makes you
wonder what happens next but it also gives you the idea that whatever happens next it is going to
be something big. Victor see’s the beast and says “For this I had deprived myself of rest and
health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished,
the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” These were
Victors initial thoughts of the monster. He is horrified with his creation and fells the “bitterness

DuRant 2

of disappointment” because his dreams had been destroyed and he fears what is going to happen
The compelling instrumental Revenge sounds exactly as you would expect it to and
wraps up our soundtrack and the novel nicely. This instrumental has a bit of a melancholy tone
because Elizabeth has just been killed, but changes into a deep revenge seeking tone that the
novel also changes into when Victor sees that Elizabeth, the one thing that means the most to
him, is gone and the monster has gotten revenge. “Her bloodless arms and relaxed form flung by
the murderer on its bridal bier”, the murder of Elizabeth forms the climax of the story. The
monster finally succeeded in obliterating Victor’s world and Victor plans to get back.
Frankenstein is an exciting novel with many different tones that come together to form a
beautiful masterpiece just as these songs do. From the loving tone of First Love, to the upbeat
“what happens next” tone of From the foreshadows, on to the Revenge seeking but melancholy
tone of Revenge perfectly tie into the novel and help to give the feeling of what is going on in the