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Volume LXXXVIV Issue 6 - April 17, 2015

North Carolina State University’s
Little Green Book
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity disbanded after “little green book” made public
By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer
North Carolina State University’s Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
has found itself in a similar situation to the fraternity in Oklahoma that was immediately
disbanded after a video was
leaked of members of the fraternity singing a racist chant.
Just like the video of these
men that quickly went viral,
word has spread that Pi Kappa
Phi was recently discovered to
have a journal filled with both
sexist and racist comments.
The journal was discovered
by employees in a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, close to the campus of
NC State. It was reported by
WRAL-TV, the Raleigh news
channel, that this journal appears to be a pledge book for
the fraternity. Some comments are even signed by active members. The comments
in the journals are both sexist
and racist, making jokes about
rape and lynching. “Dude if
she’s hot enough, doesn’t need


Hey Vikes,
I hope everyone had a great
spring break! This month we
have several things going on.
We have the Talent Show, and
a testing week coming up. We
are getting closer to the end
of the school year, Vikes. ASB
elections are coming up as
well! There will be an informational meeting about elections
on Friday, April 17th at lunch
in room 305. ASB electionforms will be due April 22nd
and elections will be held in
May. For anymore information
you can look on the LJHS ASB
website. Have a great month
Vikes! Happy spring!
Zoe Rashid
ASB President

a pulse” and “that tree is perfect
for lynching” are only two of the
many disturbing entries written. NC State senior Katie Perry
told WRAL-TV, “This is just a
group of 60-something young
men at State making jokes
about raping people, raping
children, raping dead women,
making very overt racist comments,”he continued, “I hope
other fraternities are disgusted.”
This brings about another
string of questions in regards to
Greek life in universities. Problems regarding rape have continued to rise and while it may
seem that the system is destined for corruption, it is still
a very popular form of making friends and connections
in and among universities. NC
State reacted to the “little green
book” by disbanding Pi Kappa Phi on Wednesday, March
25. This is only one of several fraternity-related issues the
school has been having. The
school has already had to ban
alcohol from 20 fraternities’
social events, not to mention
the issues regarding sexual as-

sault, which has led to the suspension of Alpha Tau Omega
and issues with Theta Chi.
Also, according to Kentucky.
com, Phi Gamma Delta is on
probation and possibly facing
alcohol restrictions, while Phi
Beta Sigma is suspended until
2018 due to hazing allegations.
These are three completely
different issues among four
separate fraternities in only one
school. Imagine the number
of instances occurring across
the entire country in relation
to rape, violence, substance
abuse, racism, and more. In
response to the rise of fraternity-related issues recently, Bill
Maher compared fraternities
to cults. He stated, “Jesus, why
not just pledge to ISIS? Hey, a
cult is cult, and that’s what a
frat is, a place where they strip
you of your personality and rebuild it in their image.” While
this comparison may shock
some people, what Maher stated is technically true. Calling
it a “fraternity” does not excuse the acts of discrimination
and violence that are being

committed. If fraternities are
now making chants about
lynching and filling journals
with quotes about rape, how
does that make them different from other extremist
groups who continue to follow the same beliefs in order
to remain a part of the cult?
It makes sense that fraternities have remained a prominent presence in universities
because they are considered
tradition. Maher said to this,
“If you think tradition is
a good enough reason to
paint your face or degrade
women or drink yourself
sick… then maybe college
isn’t for you to begin with.”
There are too many flaws
in Greek life for tradition
alone to surpass all of the
negative outcomes that fraternities cause every year. The
system as a whole has continued to allow its members
immunity when it comes to
breaking the rules and policies of their campuses, and it
continues to be demonstrated with cases such as these.


How “Ivy” Does
College Need To


Apps as short as
our attention span


San Diego


BBC’s Ex-Top
Gear Host

Police Brutality: PETA Edition
By Georgie Morris
Staff Writer
Sunday March 15, 2015, was a
tragic day for twenty-four-year
old Ian Anderson, whose beloved service dog of six years was
shot and killed by a police officer.
Anderson was woken up at
five a.m. by two police officers
who were called on a domestic
disturbance call in the neighborhood. Anderson believes
they had the wrong address.
Along with waking up Anderson, the police officer’s

By Joseph Carroll
Staff Writer

knocking also woke up the
six year old pitbull, Burberry,
who served as a service dog
to Anderson. Burberry came

“...the officer who then
proceeded to shoot the
innocent pitbull.”
to the door barking when Anderson answered the door.
After Anderson had opened
the door, as seen on cameras,

the first officer was happy to
see the dog and pet him while
the second officer yelled at
the pitbull to get back when
he tried to greet him. The
officer then moved away
and drew his gun. Burberry
continued to follow the officer who then proceeded to
shoot the innocent pitbull.
After the event, the first officer seemed shocked. Anderson was sobbing next
to his beloved dog, who
was dead and in a puddle

of blood. The second officer, who was later identified
as Officer Bennett, refused
to give reason for his action.
The SDPD is currently investigating this shooting.
Anderson said in a post, “I
am thankful for the lives that
Burberry touched over the
last 6 years—he never failed
to put a smile on people’s faces. Now you can protect dad
up in heaven for me. I love
you past the stars, Burberry.
You’ll always be my angel!”

with grenade looking objects. Police used a robot to
check out the box because it
was not known if the objects
were live grenades or not.
SWAT used flash-bangs along
with tear gas. They breached
the door and shot rubber
bullets to try and get McGuinness out of the building.
McGuinness was later

charged with nine felonies
and one misdemeanor in relation to this incident; including illegal possession of
an assault rifle, one count of
making terrorist threats, resisting arrest, and possession
of a high-capacity magazine.
According to the prosecutors, McGuinness could face
more than 18 years in jail.

SWAT Team Standoff

On April 4, 2015, in Pacific
Beach, a man barricaded himself inside a building and had
a twelve hour stand off with
the police. Garnet Avenue was
closed off
between the I-5
overpass and West Mission Bay
Drive, while police searched
for the man. The man taken
into custody was fifty-three

year old Kevin McGuinness.
The 911 call occurred
around 10:30 PM when a
man said McGuinness shot a
shotgun near him. Although
police officers were already
there, SWAT was also called in
because McGuinness was believed to be carrying weapons.
During the standoff, McGuinness threw a box outside filled



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April 17, 2015

How “Ivy” Does College Need to Be?
Success goes beyond the college classroom
By Andrea Albanez
Staff Writer
During the spring, many seniors will probably be waiting
outside of their mailboxes or
checking their emails constantly, hoping to see what
they have been waiting for all
year: college acceptance letters. It can be the most pivotal moment for seniors in their
high school careers.
But what many fear is that
the college of their dreams
will turn them down, or, even
worse, only getting into a college or university without a big
name. Some think that not being accepted to a well-known
college will negatively affect
their future and so fear that
they will be judged negatively
as a result. The topic that has
been stirring in the minds of
many is if it actually matters
where they attend school.
To make it short and sweet,
I don’t think it matters at all.
Don’t get me wrong, having that recognition of going
to an Ivy League school or a
well-known college would be
great, but let’s face it: We are
not all going to end up at those
schools. Seniors don’t really
know if they are going to end
up at their top choice or at any
of the ones they applied to,
even if they are 99.9% assured.
Many seniors did get into
their top schools this year, but

for the ones who only got into
small schools that they would
brushed off, back in September, how do you think they
feel? Those seniors are probably scared and wonder how
people will view them if they
go to that school.
What matters is what they
do after college. Success in the
next 20 years from now will
not be based on what university they went to after high

a disgrace. If you go to Wesleyan, you can never show your
face in public again. This is not
really the only way to succeed,
but this crazy definition not
only of success, but of how you
achieve success, doesn’t even
really reflect how actually successful people achieve success.”
Success is therefore derived
from one’s motivation to succeed, regardless of what school
they go to. Steven Spielberg,

“Success in the next 20 years
from now [is] based [on]
what they have been able to
accomplish at that college.”
school, but what they have
been able to accomplish while
at that college.
When interviewed by the
website Quartz, former Yale
English professor William
expanded on
his essay on how Ivy League
schools. He said that these
schools have given misconceptions to many students,
making them believe that
if they don’t attend an Ivy
League School they will not
succeed. “…it’s Harvard or the
gutter: If you don’t get into
Harvard, Yale or Princeton, it’s

one of the greatest film directors of all time, applied to
both UCLA School of Theatre,
Film, and Television and USC’s
School of Cinema and Television. He did not, however, get
accepted to either and went to
CSU Long Beach, and received
his first job as an unpaid intern
at Universal Studios. Although
he went to a small school, he
created some of the best films
of all time.
Walt Disney went to McKinley High School and attended
the Academy of Fine Arts at
night to improve his drawing

skills. After serving in the Red
Cross, he decided to pursue
a career in commercial art,
starting his rise to fame with
a drawing pad and a mouse.
His success displayed the true
grit he put into his work done
without an Ivy school name.
Ralph Rubio, a native San Diegan, is the founder and owner
of Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill.
While going to San Diego State
University, he and his friends
came up with the idea of opening a taco stand in San Diego.
The small taco stand became
a huge franchise. Those three
men went to small schools and
community colleges and are
now some of the most wellknown and successful men in
the history of our country.
In the end, our ultimate
success does not depend on
where we go in the next couple
of months or in the next four
years. Getting into any college
is only a minor battle in high
school; the real battle occurs
when you are immersed into
the real world, where every
man for himself is the call of
the day.
Determination and perseverance are the keys to success.
Seniors can get into any college
or university if time and commitment is put into their studies. A student’s success is not
simply learned in the books or
determined by a school’s reputation.

Don’t Trash How Many
the School
By Jillian Kopp
Staff Writer

Many may agree that La Jolla
High School is extremely dirty.
The janitors have very short
hours to clean such a large
area, so it’s up to the students
to do their part in keeping the
school clean.
For starters, the benches by
the vending machines next to
the drama classroom are completely filthy. Bird waste, dirt,
salsa, and many other disgusting layers of grime have piled
up on the benches after lunch.
After lunch, the floors of the
500 building are completely
disgusting as well. Trash is everywhere once lunch ends and
swarms of seagulls swoop in to
eat the left-overs.
Students can do their part by
throwing away trash, cleaning
up their spills, and having a
little more respect for school
property. Trash cans are scat-

tered generously around the
campus, and should be taken
advantage of.
Even the floors of the classrooms are dirty, flooded with
paper scraps and forgotten
pencils and pens. If a student
notices that trash has fallen
from their desk, it takes maybe thirty seconds to pick it
up and throw it in the trash
can. Students are at school for
thirty hours a week, for which
most would prefer to be surrounded by a clean environment.
Students aren’t expected to
go out of their way to bring
mops and vacuums and clean
the floors, but they should
at least become a little more
aware of the trash and do their
part to clean it up. Because
students are so great about
cleaning up after themselves
in other areas, it shouldn’t be
hard to apply that skill to the
school environment as well.

Use of the Selfie Stick Becomes a Crime

By Sophia Ketring
Staff Writer
Seriously, enough with the
selfie sticks. Is it really too hard
to ask someone to take a photograph of you? Is it that necessary to take a selfie with every
angle of a landscape or monument? It is just obnoxious.
When selfie sticks first came
out they seemed to be a good
concept for when you’re hiking
or for when you’re in a unique,
picturesque place, with not a
single person around. But now
that society has fully “experienced” selfie sticks in all of
their glory, they are just flat out
Many places are now banning selfie sticks because of the
clueless people who use them.
Some are so distracted with
taking a perfect selfie that they
can create a dangerous environment around them.

Places such as the Colosseum, Palace of Versailles, and
many other museums across
the world have banned the
selfie stick to prevent damage
to these sites. The ban of selfie sticks from the Colosseum
was prompted by two people
from California who carved
their initials into the wall and
then took a selfie (using a selfie stick) to capture their “accomplishment”… more like
crime. Taking a picture is fine,
but vandalizing an area is just
downright ridiculous.
The use of selfie sticks takes
away from the breath-taking
experience when visiting historical places and museums.
People are too caught up in
saving the moment, that they
forget to enjoy the actual experience. They end up so concentrated on taking the picture
that they forget to look around
and really take in the beauty.


April 17, 2015

By Tristan Macelli
Staff Writer

By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer

The way teenager’s gossip
about one another has completely changed over the past
decade. From telephoning it
down the line, to subtweeting
about your ex-bestfriend, to
making rude remarks through
Yik Yak, and now posting pictures and immature comments
on “Burnbook.” “Burnbook,”
an app created by Jonathan
Lucas, allows you to post both
comments and pictures anonymously. It has recently taken
over the La Jolla High School’s
student body in ways so disturbing that it truly disgusts
After already causing major
controversy in other schools,
such as West View High
School and Rancho Bernardo High School, “Burnbook”
slowly made its debut at LJHS.
Starting early March, students
began to use the app as a way
to gossip and make “jokes”
about one another.
Junior Gabrielle Olson said,
“It offends people. It’s a way of
letting people know who you
don’t like, which is mean, but
it’s anonymous so people feel
like they can say whatever they
want and then get away with it.
It’s cowardice. It’s not to people’s faces. They have to hide
behind social media, which is
The entire app should be shut
down. It has already caused
many problems in San Diego,
along with the impact it has
had on the rest of the country. Nobody is truly benefiting
from this app because there is
no positive outcome. “Burnbook is about freedom of expression…some things are
better not to say in person…if
you can’t say it in person, say
it on Burnbook #noshame.”
These are just a few of the
tweets directly posted from
the Burnbook twitter account,
which is linked to the app’s online website, which is run by
the CEO of the app.
What made Lucas think ‘let
me create an app (that was
originally a movie idea) for
teenagers so they can gossip
about one other anonymously
and [that] anybody in a 10mile radius can see?’ As if teen
depression and cyber bullying
rates aren’t high enough. Lucas
should be ashamed of being
an advocate for this. Instead of
participating in such appalling
acts, he should want to put an
end to it. The users of apps like
these show just how juvenile
and shallow our generation
truly has become.

Grades are always a harsh
topic with students. No student
wants to face the reality of their
possible failures. In spite of this,
the idea of extra credit was created in order to allow students
to show skill or staunchness in
their ability of the subject matter. This sounds like an excellent
way to offer students some relief
amidst the stress of testing. Although this seems like something that should be widely accepted, some have stretched the
idea of what these opportunities
pertain to.
For instance, some teachers have gone so far as to offer
students additional credit for

attending certain spirited
events or dances, most or all
of which require the purchase
of a ticket. While in this case
the extra credit does not pertain to the actual subject matter of the class, the purpose of
achieving the credit is to push
students to go beyond their
own social comfort zones.
This sounds unimportant,
but in general making connections is one of the most
important things, and what
better a place to do it than a
social spirited event where all
are accepted?
One teacher in particular,
Mr. Teachworth, gave some
insight as to why he offers certain extra-credit assignments.
“By me making the dances,

the sporting events, the plays
[worth extra credit], it gives
the kids that might not otherwise go, a reason to go.” He
emphasized the importance of
“having fun in high school,”
which he felt was unrealized
by many. In the end, the extra
credit does not affect the students’ greater knowledge, but
the overall education experience can be appreciated more.
It is no secret that some high
school students would consider the majority of their teachers mundane in the ability to
teach. That being said, any
teacher offering bonus opportunities that force students to
go outside their comfort zones
will definitely be looked at in a
positive light.

Like to Like

Facebook and Instagram: A Way to Boost Fake Confidence
By Sophia Ketring
Staff Writer

Social media has gradually gained more prominence
in the lives of teenagers over
the years, so much so, that it is
now extremely hard to find one
without a social media account.
Teens are constantly on their
phones, searching the web, or
checking their accounts for new
posts. This has become a common habit for teens, something
to do when they’re bored.
Mobile applications, such as

Facebook and Instagram, are
among the most common
social media sites used at
La Jolla High School. Many
are so caught up in this phenomenon that the amount of
“likes” you obtain determines
your social standard.
It gives people a sort of validation inside. If a photo lacks
a random number of likes,
they might directly assume
something is wrong. This
concept of “liking” has turned
social media into a competition between individuals.

Personally, in the past I have
found myself getting caught up
in this whole “game,” but in reality, what does a “like” mean?
Some people like a photo if it
is visually appealing, and then
there are others who mindlessly scroll through the feed
and sporadically like photos.
Whether the likes have an actual reason behind them or
not, they still are a source of
confidence. We are called the
screenagers, but is it necessary
to live up to that name? Don’t
get caught up in the game.

By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer
In a recent interview in Panorama magazine, Domenico
Dolce and Stefano Gabbana
(Dolce and Gabbana) made
some controversial comments
about gay parents. “We oppose
gay adoptions,” said Dolce. “The
one family is the traditional
one... No chemical
offsprings and rented
uterus: Life has a natural flow, there are
things that should
not be changed.” This
quite a stir among
viewers who clearly thought they were wrong in
announcing this to the public.
Singer Elton John immediately responded by uploading an
Instagram post with the caption, “How dare you refer to my
beautiful children as ‘synthetic.’”
He continues on to defend In
Vitro Fertilization (IVF), stating
that it is a scientific miracle for
both gay and straight couples.
He finishes by stating, “Your

archaic thinking is out of
step with the times, just like
your fashions. I shall never
wear Dolce and Gabbana ever
again.” This post sparked the
hashtag #BoycottDolceandGabbana, which has received
lots of support and has had
even more celebrities, such as
Ricky Martin, join the cause,
speaking out against the cre-

own opinion, I can’t help but
disagree with the way that they
have handled the situation.
First of all, I understand that
coming from traditional Catholic families has given them
certain outlooks on life. That
does not mean, however, that
these views should be shared in
such a harsh manner. Second
of all, it is rude and insensitive
to tell a couple that their
child is “unnatural” simply because it
did not come
from the uterus of its mother.
Being the fashion icons that
Dolce and Gabbana are, it is
even more unnecessary to say
it to a popular magazine, . It is
their right to share their opinions, but freedom of speech
does not take the place of an
apology for the families they
have offended in the process.
The founders should stay professional and keep their own
matters to themselves.

“ is rude and insensitive to tell a couple that
their child is ‘unnatural’...”
ators of the brand.
This event brings about another debate on the topic of
freedom of speech. Dolce and
Gabbana have not retracted
their statement and have yet
to apologize under the pretense that it is their right to
freedom of speech.
While this may be true and
I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their



Strive For
By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer
When people think of eating
disorders, they usually think
of overly underweight people
looking for attention, when in
reality, it is a much more serious matter. They are not a fad
or a lifestyle; they are potentially life threatening disorders
that affect both a person’s emotional and physical health.
The United States alone has
20 million women and 10 million men who suffer from eating disorders at some point in
time in their lives. These disorders include anorexia nervosa,
bulimia nervosa, binge eating
disorder, along with several
others. Individuals that suffer from body dissatisfaction
experience anorexia, bulimia,
nervosa, etc. In many cases
these disorders are not reported to their medical doctors
and are left untouched.
People don’t realize that by
starving themselves they are
denying their bodies the nutrients it needs to properly
function. This forces the body
to slow down its process to
preserve energy, leading to
problems such as bone density
reduction, slow heart rate and
blood pressure (risking heart
failure, fainting, muscle loss
and weakness.)
According to, anorexia has the
highest mortality rate from
the several eating disorders.
Females between the ages of
fifteen through twenty five
that suffer from anorexia have
a mortality rate twelve times
more than the average person.
The main reason why young
women starve themselves is
because they are unsatisfied
with their physical image and
how society will portray them.
Most celebrities in the eye of
the media are slim fit beauties
who are praised for their “perfect” bodies, while the heftier girls are hiding away their
bodies because they feel like
people are constantly criticizing them.
Not everybody is perfect and
not everybody is built the same
way. Women have yet to learn
that their body size doesn’t define them. There is a difference
between starving yourself to
you be skinny for the approval of others and going on a
healthy diet to be self satisfied
with your own appearance.
It is very sad to see people
suffer from these disorders and
they should never be a light
topic. The societal norms of a
women’s body shape are ridiculous and very unhealthy, not
something young girls should
be eager to follow.




April 17, 2015

Apps As Short As Our Attention Span
Pop u l a r mo b i l e a p ps tha t fa ll a s f a s t a s they ris e a re most ly game s and gossip

By Andrea Albanez
Staff Writer
In this modern day of technology and the iPhone, what
many people obsess over
are the applications, commonly known as “apps.”
Whether it is the newest game or the newest social media outlet, certain
apps can skyrocket from
being unknown to becoming the top app worldwide.
Even though we have many
apps that will remain as the
must-have apps for the iPhone, there are many apps
that have quickly risen to
fame and then fallen into obscurity at as quick a pace.
Gaming apps are some of the

most popular. From their simple concepts or one-of-a-kind
game, the app can become a
sensation over night. Gaming
apps such as Fruit Ninja, Cut
the Rope, Tiny Wings, Temple
Run, Draw Something, Doodle
Jump, Angry Birds, and (arguably the most sadisticly hard
of the bunch) Flappy Bird became instant hits when they
popped up in the App Store.
Obviously now, though,
most of those apps are just
stored on our phone or on our
iCloud, not having even been
opened for months. This is because we all look for the newest apps that get us hooked.
Thus far in 2015, we have
seen the craze of 2048, Trivia Crack, and Heads Up.
These apps are now icon-

ic of this year, and sooner or
later, there will be new apps
that will take their place.
In addition, social media
apps can cause a frenzy, especially among teenagers.
Most can remember the rise
of Yik Yak during the final
weeks of the 2014 school year.
Burnbook was also an app
that rose to fame, with its
basis on the concept of the
Burn Book from the movie “Mean Girls.” The app allowed the posting of comments about different people
and places anonymously.
The recent social media
app that has been causing a
frenzy is Whatsgoodly, an
app created by La Jolla High
School alumni Clay Jones
and others. The app allows

Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram have become the biggest
social media giants of the 21st
century. MySpace was first
huge when it came out, but
Facebook took the lead and became a social media sensation.
The Facebook empire almost ended though with
the making of Instagram,
although they were smart
enough to purchase the app
for $1 Billion to avoid meeting the same fate as MySpace.
Apps can crash and burn
just as fast as they rise. We are
always looking for the newest and most popular apps to
start a new cycle of excitement
that consumes many of us.
It takes an extremely special potion to give
an app its staying power.

people to post anonymous
questions and polls to people
in their area and allows them
to vote on what they like best.
These social media apps can
spread so fast and gain so much
momentum because they are
fueled by something that every teenager can’t resist: gossip.
These apps become crazy
when people talk about each
other, spread rumors, or even
start a fight on them. Then
suddenly, after everyone has
let out what they wanted, they
die down until the next biggest
social media app comes out.
From the apps that have had
their shot at fame, there are
few who have survived the
test and have become some of
the most influential and popular apps of our generation.

Burritos in San Diego: We Know It’s Hard
To Choose, But Who’s The Best?
La Jolla

Pacific Beach

Downtown San Diego

Pie Charts Courtesy of Jordan Bowman

With its close proximity to Tijuana, San Diego is a culinary haven for Mexican food ranging from traditional to modern. The Hi-Tide asked students in each grade
to pick their favorite burrito spots from La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and Downtown. Whether it be Rigobertos Taco Shop right down the street, or Lucho Libre in Mission Hills, students from La Jolla High School travel all over San Diego at times to try new places, and here are the results that we have collected for the best burrito.

Makeup: It’s Good For You,
It’s Good For The Planet

By Sophia Dorfsman
Staff Writer
Many individuals around
the world cover their face in
powders, colors, and creams,
as makeup has become a standard to almost every culture.
The issue is that most users
don’t really know what they
are putting on, and eventually into, their bodies because
what you rub on the surface
of your skin does eventually
get absorbed through the skin.
According to the Palo
Alto Medical Foundation,
“the average teen uses 15
to 25 cosmetics per day.”
The term cosmetics includes any product someone
uses to refresh, such as shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, or
makeup. They go on further
to say that “the whole point
of cosmetics is to help you
clean and protect your body.”
In the past few decades unfortunately, there have been large
rises in chronic diseases and
changes in the way our bodies
work. It may be time to rethink
what you put on your figure.

Using a subtle amount of
these cosmetics every day may
seem like nothing, just the
normal routine. The problem
is, however, it all builds up.
You could read endless articles and studies on this issue. There is a list titled “The
Dirty Dozen,” which consists
of the twelve worst chemicals: parabens, phthalates,
formaldehyde, and ethyl acetate (just to name a few)
found in everyday products.
Scientists and researchers do, in fact, suspect that
these chemicals can be
linked to cancer, birth defects, and early onset puberty.
There are companies that
are creating products that give
you the same look you get with
your other makeup, but aren’t
corrupt on a molecular level.
For example, Lippy Girl
Makeup is “ecofriendly, natural, organic, vegetarian/vegan
and animal friendly,” according to their website. Lippy
Girl carries blush, foundation,
bronzer, eyeshadow, lipsticks,
lip gloss, and much more.
With that in mind, the Bite
Beauty is a lip lab that is ded-

icated to creating lipstick that
is that healthy that women
wouldn’t mind “eating” it. Bite
Lip products are handcrafted
one at a time to provide nourishing and restorative benefits.
“These lipsticks contain natural and organic ingredients—
moisturizers and protective
antioxidants like resveratrol,
organic fruit butters, and Manuka honey,” says Sephora.
com, a carrier of these products.
Another chemical-filled
commodity, nail polish, possesses a foul scent, making it quite undesirable.
Melanie Hurely, the creator
of Piggy Paint, was inspired to
make a non-flammable, water-based, all natural paint for
nails. On the company’s website, the product is advertised
as “a kid-friendly polish without the accompanying drawbacks of traditional polishes.”
There aren’t just three
companies aimed at doing
the right thing for all of our
bodies. It’s simply a matter of informing the public
and changing the system.

Board and Brew Opens in PB

By Lauren Robbins
Staff Writer

of Isabel Melvin
Photo Courtesy of

With the closing of yet another burger place at the corner of
Mission Blvd. and Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach becomes the
new home of the next Board and
Brew restaurant in San Diego.
Board and Brew is a chain
of sandwich restaurants all
over San Diego (and soon
beyond). The current locations include Carlsbad Bressi Ranch, Carlsbad Village,
Del Mar, Rancho Santa Margarita, and San Clemente. Its
new locations will be opening
soon in Anaheim Hills, Laguna Niguel, and Pacific Beach.
La Jolla High School stu-

dents are extremely excited
about the opening in Pacific
Beach because it will be the
closest location to the school.
The opening day is still
yet to be announced, but
surely it won’t be long until tons of people will be in
a line out the door, waiting
to get their hands on a delicious, freshly made sandwich.
What’s so amazing about
Board and Brew is the classic California laid back attitude with amazing sandwiches that come with the
secret sauce. At Board and
Brew, there are plenty of different sandwiches to choose
from, so it will never get old.


April 17, 2015



A New Approach to SAT Prep April Recipe of the
With a new test comes a new prep course
from Wells Academic Solutions that has students succeeding

By Ilana Larry
Staff Writer
When asked about her experience with SAT prep class,
La Jolla High School junior
Charlotte Riedler was quick
to explain how the experience lacked value. “It felt like
a waste of time,” said Riedler.
“Like I’m paying for tips and
tricks to pass this test that feels
more like a competition of
who hired the best tutor and
not on student’s actual skills.”
When students approach
the test as an obstacle, relying
on tips and shortcuts, they
aren’t developing their critical thinking skills. Instead,
they are further enforcing the
idea that the test is a waste
of their time by having to
memorize random strategies.
Many students headed for
college consider achieving
high test scores as an obstacle in their college application process, not to
mention incredibly unfair.
Why should your work for
four hours on a Saturday
morning count the same as
your work for four years? This
leads to spending thousands

of dollars hiring outside help.
Wells Academic Solutions, a
local center focused on providing tutoring, test prep,
and counseling, has taken an individual approach
to the learning experience.
In the race to get ahead, test
prep is often less about increasing one’s knowledge of
English and math and more a
measure of how well a student
knows how to take the test.
Many families cannot afford the
expensive prices, which can lead
students to be at a disadvantage
in an already cutthroat industry.
Rather than over-relying
on traditional testing strategies, Wells Academic Solutions uses a Socratic method
to provide students with the
foundation to succeed beyond
their exams. Students train to
become SAT tutors, and then
in turn offer free tutoring to
other students who cannot afford regular SAT prep courses.
Instructors avoid direct explanations. They are trained to
use a meta-cognitive approach
to understand their own thinking process and guide their
students to engage in the same
introspective processes to ac-

cess their innate intelligence.
Junior Brooks Whitney
found that after dedicating
herself to the program, she
has developed her skills as
a critical thinker and applied the tactics acquired
through her tutoring at
Wells by applying them to
areas like her schoolwork.
Wells Academic Solutions
have invested themselves
in the community through
providing the opportunity
to extend the accessibility of
tutoring to more students.
Not only does this widen the
accessibility of this tutoring
but also, in teaching others,
the student-tutors develop
a thorough understanding
of the material, furthering
their skills and knowledge.
The goal of the program
is increasing the accessibility to test prep, making it
enjoyable and meaningful.
In doing so, hopefully, college acceptance won’t be a
matter of who can afford
the best tutor, and, instead,
continuing to expand the
program. That way, accessibility to this system of tutoring is widely available.

By Sophia Ketring
Staff Writer


As the temperature is starting to rise, we find ourselves
looking for new delicious
drinks to cool us off. One
unique and delicious drink is
Brazilian Lemonade. It is dif-

ened condensed milk (depends on how creamy you
want it)
-3 cups of water
Step 1: First wash the limes
with water and then cut off the

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring

ferent from traditional lemonade because it is actually
made with limes, not lemons.
Brazilian Lemonade is super
easy to make, so it is a great
option to refresh yourself!
-2 limes
-1/2 cup of sugar
-4 to 5 tablespoons of sweet-

Step 2: Cut the limes into 8
Step 3: Put the limes, sugar,
sweetened condensed milk,
water and ice into the blender.
Then pulse for about 5 times.
Step 4: Strain through a fine
strainer to remove any large
chunks of the rinds.
Step 5: Serve and enjoy the
lemonade with ice.

Suicide Awareness
Know the signs before it’s too late
By Lauren Robbins
Staff Writer
Did you know that every
14.2 minutes someone commits suicide? In today’s society, the term “suicide” is often used with ignorance, but
in reality every year about
38,000 people in the United States die due to suicide.
In the state of California alone about 4,000 people
die due to suicide every year.
A designated week each year is
dedicated to suicide awareness.
In the San Diego Unified
School District, yellow ribbons along with cards with
the prevention hotline number on it are passed out to
let students know that help
is available if they need it.
Suicide prevention is everyone’s business because no matter where they come from or
who they are, no life deserves
to be cut short. Even if one
is not close with the person,
they can make a difference.
We live in a time where
every detail of one’s life, the
good and the bad, can be
tracked through social media.
Even horrible events

such as suicide have been
made more known through
the use of social media.
With the constant pressure
pounding down on teenagers
to be “perfect”, teens act out
in worse ways than others.
As types of coping, some people eat, some exercise, some
unfortunately become bulimic, or worst of all, feel like they
no longer deserve to be living.
For every actual suicide, there
are about eleven attempts.
The best way to prevent suicide
is being proactive and knowing the causes and symptoms.
Some causes of suicide are
stressful life issues, drug or
alcohol abuse, depression,
feeling loneliness or rejection, or a past of being abused.
The main symptoms for suicidal thoughts are having trouble concentrating, substance
abuse, and losing interest in
things that used to be loved.
If someone you know or love is
experiencing these symptoms,
do not wait for something to
happen. Take action, even if
it means that person becoming angry with you, because
it will save their life and one
day they will thank you for it.




April 17, 2015


April 17, 2015


By Georgie Morris, Creekstar Allan, Tristan
Macelli, Lauren Robbins, Kieran Bauman,
and Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writers

“Corbin Bleu because he pushes it
to the limit.”
























Photo Courtesy of Georgie Morris

“Jackie Chan because he rocks my







Photo Courtesy of Jordan Bowman







“Because he has a six pack and he’s a
really good actor and I love his movies
because they’re really funny.”



“My celebrity crush is Alexander Rybak. He is
a famous violinist from Belarus, but it very
popular in Norway and throughout Europe. Other than being a violinist, he’s
a great singer and has the cutest
face ever.”






Photo Courtesy of
Kieran Bauman


“My celebrity crush is Keenan Allen
because all he does is put in that
young work to get that paper.”




Photo Courtesy of
Carlton O’neal




“His jaw line and cheekbones slay me as
well as the fact that he is able to play
such a wide variety of characters
and I envy him for that.”




Photo Courtesy of Georgie Morris









or rl



Photo Courtesy of Georgie Morris

“Beyoncé...for obvious reasons. Also because she is one of the few celebrities
that tries to keep her life as private
as possible and I respect that.”





“Mila Kunis because she’s really pretty
and funny and can play any character
really well like in That ‘70s Show
and other more recent movies.”





“Juni from Spy Kids because he is

Photo Courtesy of Lily Kennedy










“Blake Lively because she is Serena
in Gossip Girl and I really like that

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring








Photo Courtesy of Jordan Bowman












Photo Courtesy of Georgie Morris

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring



“Chris Martin because he is a great
singer and I love his voice.”


m s

“It’s just a match made in heaven.”


Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring


Photo Courtesy of Jordan Bowman









“The Hemsworth brothers are beautiful. My favorite
one is Chris. I like Chris Hemsworth not only for
his gorgeous looks, accent, and hair but for
his wonderful, flawless, shirtless self... He
is not only insanely beautiful but his
personality is amazing as well.”







“Ed Westwick because he is very good
looking and I love him in Gossip




Photo Courtesy of Georgie Morris



or ra

“Kanye because he’s a great rapper and I always
get so excited when his new albums come out.
But at the same time he’s such an interesting
person and does dumb stuff and there’s
always drama...So it’s also funny to
look into his personal life.”







Photo Courtesy
of Jordan Bowman











Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring

“He is really funny/talented, good looking, and
maintains all of it with having a wife and a
soon to be baby! I have all of his albums,
went to his concert, and pretty much
know every lyric to his songs and I
have a legit record.”

Photo Courtesy of Georgie Morris

“Kate Upton because she is chill
and beautiful and is an angel.”




April 17, 2015

Lesser Known Sports Dancing with
the Athletes
Photos Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Kieran Bauman
Staff Writer

La Jolla High School, like
most high schools, has many
teams in various sports, such
as football, soccer, tennis,
and swimming. Many students attend games for these
sports, and they are a great
way to show school spirit and
support; however, there are
many teams that are unknown
to most of our students.
One of these lesser known
sports is paddling. The only
team where students can participate in this sport is the
San Diego Crew and Kayak
Team. Only 4 LJHS students
are on this team- the rest of
the members come from other schools around the county
such as Francis Parker, Mission Bay, and Clairemont. The
San Diego Canoe Kayak Team

(SDCKT) is the only kayak
club in California. Therefore,
when it competes, it represents
the school on a state level.
“Paddling is only difficult if
you make it. There is a place
for recreational, easy work, or
hard speed based races,” says
LJHS Junior and long time
paddler Michael Miller. According to Ryan Miller, “Paddling is the fastest growing water sport in America, and it is
already immensely popular in
Europe. It is a very good way
to stay in shape at a local, national, or international level. It
requires great amounts of skill,
technique, and dedication.”
Another example is the
sailing team at LJHS. “When
people find out that I am on
the Sailing Team, the number
one response I get from them
is: “We have a sailing team?”

Or, “Is that like crew?” It’s interesting because we were in
the homecoming float parade
and club day”, Joanna Garcia,
a senior , said. The team has
around 15 members, practices in Mission Bay, and attends races (regattas) up and
down the California coast.
Archery, a sport that was
very popular at the beginning
of the year, saw its popularity drop around first semester.
“The team membership almost
decreased by half,” says junior
Nick Deckhut. “First semester
had no popularity because the
location moved, and it cost a
lot of money. Now, the practice
site has been moved back to
the school, and now Mr. Teachworth is teaching it again.
There has been a recent splurge
in interest due to this change,”
says junior Xiao-Bao Bao.

Men’s Tennis 2015

LJHS varsity men’s tennis beats Bishop’s 13-5

By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer
Michael Sam is a defensive
end who played college football
for the University of Missouri
and was later drafted by the
St. Louis Rams in the seventh
round of the NFL 2014 Draft.
Following his college football
career, Sam publicly came out
as the first ever gay football
player drafted into the NFL.
After being cut by the Rams
at the end of training camp,
Sam spent time on the Dallas
Cowboys’ practice squad before being waived (claimed by
another team prior to the athlete’s four years of experience).
From playing on a college
football team to being the
first gay man ever drafted by
the NFL, Sam is now taking
the dance floor. After appearing as a contestant on the hit
competition television show
Dancing with the Stars, Sam
received some criticism from
the football community for
partaking in such a committed
event, airing a week before the
start of the NFL 2015 Scout-

ing Combine (the process of
training and eliminating incoming players for the NFL).
According to ESPN, Sam
was asked at the combine
about whether his participation on Dancing with the
Stars will impact chances
of him getting signed to a
team this year. “Next Question,” was all Sam responded.
According to USA Today
Sports, Sam’s results in the 40yard dash were worse than how
he did at the rookie combine.
Sam’s partner, Peta Murgatroy,
stated in a Dancing with the
Stars interview that he “trains
for 3 hours at the gym, then he
comes straight to me for four
hours of dancing. I honestly
don’t know how he does it.”
Although Sam’s athletic job
isn’t effectively running, he is
still a hero to the gay rights
community and is ready to
take on life’s new challenges. Sam truly defies the expectations of society with
every move in his career.

Kevin Dixon
Senior Kevin Dixon reflects on his high school track career

By Andrea Albanez
Staff Writer

Sophomore Sam Hum returns a serve from his opponent.

Sophomore Sam Hum serves the ball.

Photos Courtesy of Alec Manriquez

Senior Sasha Kovacevic backhands the ball.

Track and field is a popular sport that many students
at La Jolla High School are
a part of. From pole-vaulting to long jump to relay races, there are a wide variety of
events that students can do
for the track and field season.
But senior Kevin Dixon’s specialty is the 300-meter hurdle
race, and this year, he started
at #1 in league for that event.
Having started track and
field in seventh grade, Dixon
recalled that “it was the only
sport at school that didn’t require tryouts” and since he
“was not good at other sports,”
he tried out for the team and
made it, which is when he
first got introduced to hurdle events. Since then, he has
been doing track, and since
his sophomore year, Dixon
has been on the varsity team
doing the 300-meter hurdle
race. For this event, he said
that doing the hurdle race
takes “a lot of endurance, like
training, speed, and hurdle
works.” He does this to get the

right motion and endurance
to be good at the event, but
the hardest part of the event is
“to get your form down.” From
all of the training he has done
for the event, his best time in
the 300-meter hurtle race has
been 42 seconds. What he enjoys most about track and field
is “the exhilaration of going
through a race and the adrenaline before a race starts.” As for
his event, “...[he] like[s] that it’s
a challenging race and not a
lot of people are up to run it.”
For the rest of the season,
Dixon thinks that this year’s
team will do very well. Though
he has not run at his top form
yet because he is just recovering from an injury, he said,
“From our first meet, based on
that one, we are really good,
so we are probably going to
have a good season this year.”
Kevin Dixon has become
a huge part of the track and
field team because of his great
skill at the 300-meter hurdle race. With his seat as #1
in league for that event, track
and field is already starting off strongly this year.

April 17, 2015


San Diego

Super Padres
The San Diego Padres season is off to a great start

Photos Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Stephanie Buchbinder
Sports Editor


NFL Blackout
Rule Suspended
By Ana Gimber
Staff Writer
The NFL has suspended the blackout policy for
the 2015 regular season.
This means every football
game will be aired, unlike in
past seasons. The unpopular blackout rule stated that
if a game wasn’t sold out 72
hours before kickoff, the game
would not be shown on TV.
The policy was created by
NFL owners and put into effect in 1973 because NFL

By Izzie Melvin
This year’s men’s NCAA college basketball tournament,
widely known as March Madness, took place from March
17 to April 6. Duke University’s
Blue Devils ultimately brought
home their fifth national title
trophy after beating the University of Wisconsin, a fellow
1 seed, with a score of 68-63.
Standouts in the national
championship game included
Duke freshman Grayson Allen, who scored 16 points in
21 minutes. Allen said, “When
I saw us get down a little bit,
I saw that we needed energy
out there. That’s what I wanted to be.” Other notable players included Tyus Jones, Jahlil
Okafor and Justise Winslow,
with Jones scoring 19 points in
the second half. With this success, talk of a “one-and-done”
approach has been circulating.
“My team had great grit
and determination. Our defense down the stretch was
head coach Mike Krzyzewski, according to
As for Wisconsin, who won
their one and only championship in 1941, they managed to
keep the game close, leading
multiple times throughout. The
Badgers beat both Arizona and
Kentucky in this year’s NCAA
tournament, teams with a
2 and 1 seed, respectively.
Bracket competitions took
place throughout the nation, with a twelve-year-old
boy creating an almost perfect bracket. He was denied
the prize because you must
be eighteen or over to participate in ESPN’s challenge.


teams relied solely on ticket
sales for revenue. Today, NFL
teams receive more money
from TV than ticket sales.
There were two blackouts in
2013 and none last year. Sunday afternoon games are the
most vulnerable because more
people would rather watch the
game on TV than watch the
game live at the stadium. After
the one-year suspension, the
league will evaluate the damage in attendance and decide
if they want to continue the
suspension for years to come.

Rugby vs. Football

6, they have beat many reputable teams, including the
Los Angeles Dodgers and the
San Francisco Giants. Their
three straight wins against
the San Francisco Giants was
especially impressive because
the Giants are the defending World Series champs.
Many new players were added to the team’s roster this

year bringing the team up to
40 total players. The Padres
made five trades that included
24 players and six other teams.
Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and
Justin Upton are among those
who joined. Kemp, 30, came
from the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Myers, 24, was traded to the
Padres from the Tampa Bay
Rays, but began his career playing for the Kansas City Royals.
Upton, 27, started his career
being in the first round draft
pick for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2005, and moved on
to play for the Braves until
being traded to the Padres.
Although the team added a
plethora of new players, which
cost them a large amount of
money, it was a returning player, Yonder Alonso (pictured),
who put the team on the board
during their game against the
Diamondbacks when he hit
a home run ball 416 feet into
the stands. His season is off to
a great start, considering he is
coming off a quiet spring training season while he recovered
from an offseason surgery.
With the exciting start
to the season, Padres fans
are looking forward to
what this season will bring.

What is the difference between football and rugby? First
of all, Rugby originated in England and is a worldwide sport,
while football is all-American. Rugby is a blend of the
contact of American football,
the running of soccer, and
the transition of basketball.
The major differences are
the dynamics of the game, the
rules, and the attire. Rugby is
more hectic because plays don’t
stop for very long. The rugby
field is smaller, which makes
the game move even faster.
Also, where football games
consist of four 15 minute quarters with a half time and clock
stopping, rugby games consist
of two 40 minute halves with
a 10 minute break in between.
Rugby is played with 15 players on the field at a time and
subbing is limited to 7 times
per game. Also, once a rugby player leaves the field, he
cannot be subbed back in.
In football, there are always
eleven players on the field
and subbing is unlimited.

One major rule in rugby is
no forward throwing. Instead,
players must pass the ball sideways or behind them. Players
also can kick the ball to their
teammates but a player is offsides if they are in front of the
kicker. Also, only the player
with possession of the ball can
be interfered with. Defenders will get a penalty if they
attack a player who doesn’t
have the ball. Blocking, which
is also a big part in football,
is against the rules in rugby.
The difference between an
American football and a rugby
ball is that a rugby ball is a little bigger, more rounded, and
does not have laces. In order
to score in rugby, one must
place the ball down on the opponents goal line but in football the player can carry the
ball past the opponents line.
Another drastic difference
is attire. Rugby does not permit hard helmets, gloves, and
padding on shoulders or collarbone. All that is required
is a mouth guard. There is
less protective gear worn
in rugby than in football.

Women’s Lacrosse

Men’s Lacrosse




7:00 pm vs. Coronado

5:00 pm @ Bishop’s

3:30 pm @ Mira Mesa

4:00 pm vs. Country Day

3:30 pm @ Mission Bay







Men’s Tennis

Track and Field

Men’s Volleyball

Men’s Golf

3:00 pm vs. Scripps Ranch

3:30 pm vs. Cathedral

8:30 am @ Jaguar Invite

4:45 pm @ Saints

3:00 pm vs. Poway






The San Diego Padres have
had a very impressive start
to the 2015 season. Since
their season began on April

By Ana Gimber
Staff Writer

Up coming Events




Gregory McLaughlin’s
“Shoot the Gays” Proposal

By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer

Towards the beginning of the
week of March 23rd, 2015, California lawyer Matthew Gregory McLaughlin, of Huntington
Beach, was legally authorized
by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to start the
Sodomite Suppression Act, a
ballot initiative which allows
for homosexuals “to be put to
death by bullets to the head or
by any other convenient method,” as stated in the proposal.
Surprisingly, any California resident is able to submit a ballot proposal simply
by paying a $200 fee as well
as filling out paper work,
just as McLaughlin did.
This initiative, which also
mandates permanent and immediate expulsion from California, up to a 1 million dollar
fine as well as 10 years in prison to whomever is involved
in spreading propaganda as
an advocate for gay rights to
minors, requires the collec-

tion of 365,000 valid signatures in order for it to appear
on the upcoming 2016 ballot.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle report, once
that process is complete, the
attorney general will be required to present a title accompanied by a 100 word summa-

“This proposal not only
threatens public safety,
it is patently unconstitutional, utterly reprehensible, and has no place in
a civil society.”

ry of the initiative which will
then be sent to the Secretary
of State. McLaughlin will then
have a 90 day period of when
he can approach the public for
signatures. In these 90 days,
Mr. McLaughlin is required
to collect at least 365,000 valid signatures, 5% of which
must be of those who voted in
the last election for governor.
Although her job is to pass
any initiative that has been

paid, Attorney General Harris thinks otherwise of this
ballot, as is evident in the
statement she released on
Wednesday, March 25, 2015.
“As Attorney General of
California, it is my sworn
duty to uphold the California and United States Constitutions and to protect the
rights of all Californians.
“This proposal not only
threatens public safety, it is
patently unconstitutional,
utterly reprehensible, and
has no place in a civil society.
“Today, I am filing an
action for declaratory relief with the Court seeking judicial authorization
for relief from the duty to
prepare and issue the title
and summary for the ‘Sodomite Suppression Act.’
“If the Court does not grant
this relief, my office will be
forced to issue a title and
summary for a proposal that
seeks to legalize discrimination and vigilantism.”

Wikipedia Pages
By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer
During the last several
months, tensions have risen
between the nation’s police
forces and average civilians.
Ever since the deaths of Mike
Brown and Eric Garner, people have begun to notice that
the police force may not be all
about serving to protect citizens of the United States. As
people continue to lose trust
in those supposedly there to
help, it seems that events that
show the police in a bad light
are becoming more apparent.
It was recently discovered
that members of the New York
Police Department (NYPD)
have been editing entries on
Wikipedia that have mentions of alleged police brutality. The IP addresses for
these edits have been traced
to the NYPD’s network of
computers. As of now, 85 IP
addresses have been linked
to the NYPD that have edited
or attempted to delete these
entries. The edits were made
on written entries that have
tainted the NYPD’s reputation.
On the Eric Garner case
entry, in which Garner was
placed in a chokehold by the
police and was inadvertently
killed, the word “chokehold”
was replaced twice, once by
“chokehold or headlock” and
another time to “respiratory distress.” Also, the phrase
“use of chokehold has been
prohibited” was replaced by
“use of the chokehold is legal,

but has been prohibited.” The
sentence “Garner, who was
considerably larger than any
of the officers, continued to
struggle with them” was added
to the description of the event.
According to Capital New
York, the NYPD IP addresses are now being monitored
and have been found to have
made hundreds of edits on
Wikipedia entries in the last
decade, some that are completely unrelated to the NYPD
but most have been to entries
that challenge their conduct.
Since the NYPD has had numerous scandals, especially in
the last year, it’s not as shocking to find that these edits are
being made. What is shocking
is that the San Diego Police
Department (SDPD) is doing this as well. Since January
2014, the SDPD’s “Misconduct” page on Wikipedia has
been altered five times. The edits to the page were made when
the department was facing
issues of officer misconduct.
Daniel Weiss, an officer in
San Diego, admitted to making some corrections. He told
the San Diego Union-Tribune
that “Wikipedia is a historical
reference page, not a means for
an agency to be slammed eternally by calling out the sometimes untrue or misrepresented actions of the few.” While
this may be true, according to
Wikipedia policy this could
be considered a conflict of interest, especially after Weiss

deleted the entire misconduct section under the pretense that things described
represented only individual officers, not the entire
SDPD. Weiss also added
that he never made any
anonymously nor at work, and that he
believes all content edits
comply with the terms of
service listed on the website.
Along with edits made by
Weiss, the SDPD’s misconduct section has also been
altered anonymously. On
October 18, 2014, two paragraphs were removed, one
which described the story of
SDPD Officer Carlos Garcia,
who shot and killed a man
named Tommie Dubose.
The second paragraph was
a summary of the LA Times
story on the suicide of Officer David C. Hall, who was
a suspect in a hit-and-run
accident when he died. On
January 10, a paragraph was
deleted which described the
DUI case of Detective Jeffrey Blackford, who crashed
his car but was assisted by
two off-duty friends who
never reported the accident.
The user also removed a
story about Sargent Daniel
McLaughlin who in 2009 allegedly used excessive force
against an elderly man.
These edits were made anonymously. Some edits did not
have any notes explaining
the reasons for the changes.

April 17, 2015

By Sophia Dorfsman
Staff Writer
As students in high school, we
are all around that age of taking on new responsibilities and
receiving new freedoms. One
of those is driving. Getting a
driver’s license is the next step
towards independence and
adult maturity, which many
of us have already reached.
However, achieving this level
of self-sufficiency may soon
no longer feel as accomplishing on account of General Motors (GM) designing a
2016 Chevy Malibu equipped
with a Teen Driver System.
This system will involve new
features in which parents can
regulate and keep track of
how their children drive. This
includes muting the radio or
any connected devices playing audio until the passengers
seated in the front of the vehicle have their seat belts on.
Parents can also limit the volume of the sound system. If
the car operator exceeds the
max speed limit put in place
for them, the GM Authority
says that “an audible message
appears on the driver information system and a chime will
ring until the speed is brought
back under the set limit.”
The car will also produce a
“report card” on the competence of the teenager behind the

wheel. Items on the report are
records of how fast the minor
is driving, especially if they are
going above the speed restriction their parent can set on the
car, the distance traveled, how
many speed warnings the car
had to give to the driver, and
how many forward collision
alerts were issued. Parents
will also be made aware of the
fact if the car’s safety features,
like anti-lock breaks or stability control, had to be utilized.
All the pre-sets the parents
put on the vehicle can only be
accessed with a PIN number.
This Detroit based company is
the first car company to design
a system as such. The car made
its global launch on April 1st
and expects to go on sale later this year. MaryAnn Beebe, a
GM safety engineer said, “We
developed this system so parents could use it as a teaching
tool with their kids - they can
discuss and reinforce safe driving habits. I know anything
that has the potential of keeping one’s family safer is of great
value to parents.” The company states, “the system is built to
help kids learn safe habits and
give parents some calmness
when inexpert teen drivers
strike the road.” This is just the
beginning of the unseen technology we, as the new generation, get to look forward to.

ISIS Hitlist Released
A confidential list was released online which puts many
Americans safety in jeopardy.
By Andrea Albanez
Staff Writer
Earlier this month, the Islamic State Hacking Division, a
group associated with the Syrian terrorists group ISIS, posted
a hit list of 100 faces, names,
and addresses of service members in the United States.
Four of those names were of
men who served on the San
Diego-based aircraft carrier
U.S.S. Carl Vinson. The list has
caused many to worry as to how
the group got the names and if
there will be any repercussions.
The list was posted online
on March 23rd, with ISIS saying they “hacked U.S. military
servers, databases and emails
to get the service members’
information” and posted that
information online (San Diego Union Tribune). Defense
Department officials have said
that the group’s claim was most
likely “untrue,” and probably
just found the information
online through social media
(San Diego Union Tribune).
With the list having been
posted, many have been

fearing what will happen to
the 100 people on the list if
ISIS moves forward with its
threats. The Naval Criminal
Investigative Service and the
FBI have contacted the people on the list, working with
them to ensure their safety.
In an interview with NBC
7’s Bridget Naso, a spouse of
one of the men on the hit list
who wished to remain anonymous, said that “it was frightening, very frightening.” After hearing the news, Naso
reported that, “she and her
active-duty husband changed
their social media accounts
and eliminated any pictures
or references to the military.”
Though this has aroused concern, many believe that this
threat is only a threat and no
action will be taken by ISIS to
undertake any of the threats
they said. The hit list has caused
a small frenzy on the war on
terror against ISIS, but it will
surely be resolved soon to bring
back the sense of security that
our country has always had.


April 17, 2015

Game of Thrones Nudity:
Why Is It Only The Ladies?

By Vivi Bonomie
Staff Writer
To anyone who watches
the hit HBO series Game of
Thrones, seeing naked people
on screen isn’t even reason to
blink anymore. The show has
been recognized for its fair
share of nudity and sex onscreen. More and more people
have begun to notice that most
of the nudity in the show is displayed by females. While many
women have been shown partially and even totally nude, it
is rare to see a completely naked man.
These details have not only
been addressed by fans of the
show but cast members as well.
Kit Harington, who plays John
Snow in the show, did an interview with GQ where it was
mentioned that part of his contract requires him to “disrobe”
whenever it is asked of him. To
this he replied, “It’s only right,
if you’re going to make a show

where nudity and sex is a large
part of it, that you be a part of
that.” He goes on to say that he
wouldn’t go as far as to say that
he would be happy to be completely nude, and that it would
have to be “well deserved.”
In another interview with
The Independent, Harington
commented on the inequality
of naked screen time by saying, “I do think there should
be an equal amount but I think
it’s wrong to say there isn’t any
male nudity in Thrones.” He
continued on to add that the
problem was really in the ratio.
Co-star Sophie Turner, who
plays Sansa Stark, was on
the same page as Harington,
agreeing that sex scenes were
necessary for the show since it
is set in a medieval time period.
On the topic of women characters in the show, she stated,
“They couldn't manipulate

that well through their power because they didn’t have a
huge amount.” She continued,
“I think one of the main ways
that women can use what they
have is through sex. They
can really manipulate people
through men’s desires, and the
same vice versa, so I think it is
quite necessary that they show
that aspect.”
Overall, it seems to be the
consensus that sex scenes are
an important part of the plot
and setting for the show. Most
would agree with this sentiment once taking into consideration the time period.
It can also be argued that because of the time period, women were more sexualized back
then and often were treated
as inferior to men. That being
said, showing women naked
significantly more times than
men can nowadays be considered both unfair and sexist.

The Game of Thrones cast speaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



Motown Comes
to San Diego
Sophia Ketring
Staff Writer
The critically acclaimed
Broadway show Motown is
making its way to San Diego
this June as a part of their national tour. Motown The Musical takes the audience on Berry
Gordy's journey of creating his
record label, Motown. This record label was created in a time
when racism was incredibly
rampant in the music industry

helped many African-American artists reach stardom and
give them the radio time they
were so often denied. The
show is an experience into the
creation of such artists as Michael Jackson, The Supremes,
The show also recreates Berry Gordy and Diana Ross's
tumultuous romantic relationship. This show is a tribute

to great artists that inspired
many not only with their
music, but also with helping to break racial tensions.
Motown was nominated for
four Tony Awards, the most
prestigious prize a Broadway
show can be nominated for.
The show first premiered on
Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in April of 2013.
The musical finished its run on
Broadway in January of this year.
San Diego is very lucky
to be included in Motown's
tour. There are eight shows to
be preformed in San Diego.
San Diego’s first show takes
place on June 9th at 7pm, and
the last show is scheduled for
June 14th. There are two matinées of the show in the short six
days that the musical is in town.
This is a great opportunity for
people to see a Broadway show
without having to travel all
the way to New York. Tickets
are currently on sale through
Motown The Musical's website.

“I know how popular the
program is and I also know
that this decision will divide
opinion,” said BBC director
general Tony Hall. "I've always
been a great fan of his work on
Top Gear and I also believe his
voice and voices like his have a
place, an important place, on
the BBC... but not at any price."
Fans have suggested that alternative channels such as Netflix
pick up the show, although
they may have to attract Clarkson with a salary rivaling the
$14 million he received last
year. A new channel would
also have to create a new brand

and presentation format,
since the rights to Top Gear
are controlled by the BBC.
Co-presenter James May
said, “It’s a tragedy. I’m sorry
that what ought to have been
a small incident sorted out
easily has turned into something big.” He added jokingly, “If you excuse me, I very
desperately have to write the
eBay listing for my Ferrari.”
Meanwhile, Tymon is regrettably receiving Twitter backlash from extremist fans on
Twitter. "He now simply wishes
to return to the job he loves at
the BBC,” said Tymon’s lawyer.

“Motown The Musical
takes the audience on
Berry Gordy's journey
of creating his record
label, Motown.”

BBC’s Ex-Top Gear Host
By Ryan Robson
Media Editor
Notoriously controversial TV
presenter Jeremy Clarkson has
been fired from his position as
a co-host on BBC Top Gear.
Clarkson and his program
have fallen under heavy criticism for many years as a result
of the controversy it stirred
around the world, however Top
Gear under Clarkson became
the #1 most-watched factual
TV show in the world and the
BBC’s highest revenue show.
The lead presenter is certainly no stranger to controversy.
Last year, BBC production
vehicles were forced out of
Argentina during a riot where
locals threw eggs and rocks at
Clarkson’s vehicle, which had
a license plate that they felt
mocked Argentina’s loss in the
Falklands War against Britain.
Although Clarkson maintains
it was a coincidence, the Argentinian ambassador told
media that “Jeremy Clarkson
is an embarrassment to Britain” and "it’s not the first time
he has been so provocative –
he did it in Korea, Mexico, India. He’s a serial provocateur."
Despite constant controversies, Jeremy Clarkson grew Top

Gear from a niche program in
the 1980s to a worldwide phenomenon with an average of
350 million viewers per week.
He rebooted the program
with elementary school friend
Andy Wilman in 2002, selecting James May and Richard
Hammond as his co-hosts.
This March, Clarkson told
his executives about a recent
incident involving BBC creative producer Oisin Tymon.
Witnesses said Clarkson angrily ranted using offensive
language to the producer over
the lack of a hot meal and then
punched Tymon in the face.
Dubbing the incident as a
“fracas,” the BBC suspended
Clarkson on March 10 and
the three remaining episodes
of the current season were
dropped. On March 25, Clarkson was officially fired after
Clarkson called his BBC bosses “f*** b***ards” at a private
charity event and the internal
investigation was concluded.
Many celebrities came out to
support him during the suspension. British Prime Minister David Cameron said, “He
is a talent and he does amuse
and entertain so many people,
including my children who’ll
be heartbroken if Top Gear

is taken off air... It is a great
programme and he is a great
talent.” Rapper Snoop Dogg,
actor Russell Crowe, and
long-time rival Piers Morgan,
whom Clarkson famously
punched at the British Press
Awards in 2003, are among
those who have issued personal statements of support.
Over one million signatures
were delivered in a military
tank to the BBC from fans
supporting a renewal of Clarkson’s contract. The petition
was the fastest-growing one
ever hosted on
"There was an 18-year waiting
list to be in the audience of Top
Gear, but the BBC has f***ed
themselves,” said Clarkson in
his profanity-filled speech.
Now, the BBC must face
the potential financial crisis of losing a cash cow that
grosses over $75 million per
year. The BBC is actively reviewing options for keeping
Top Gear on the air in 2016,
although Clarkson’s co-hosts
have hinted they will not film
without him. The BBC is also
looking into options for airing the remaining episodes,
which are estimated to have a
budget in excess of $500,000
each from UK taxpayers.

Top Gear team (from left to right) Richard Hammond, James
May and Jeremy Clarkson
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


April 17, 2015



Why We Love Brownstein
(No, Not the Bears)
By Sophia Dorfsman
Staff Writer
If you have seen Portlandia or love feminist punk rock
bands (who are we kidding,
that’s more of an and rather
than an or), you’ve probably
heard of Carrie Brownstein.
Brownstein, the 40-year old
star and co-creater of the satiric comedy series of the Pacific Northwest city, isn’t one
of the more popular rock artists. She poses, however, as an
icon to many women through
her band, Sleater-Kinney.
The band is a big part of
the Riot Grrrl movement, an
innovative, feminist dedicated punk movement that began in the 90’s and has been
successfully revived by way
of today’s thriving feminist
internet culture. Band members Carrie Brownstein, Corin
Tucker, and Janet Weiss stand
out for their lyrics conveying their negative attitudes
of war, conservative beliefs,
and stereotypes of genders.
They are also known for

Brownstein’s ability to shred on
a guitar. In fact, Brownstein was
named one of the top 25 underrated guitarists of all-time
by Rolling Stone nine years ago
and has only gotten better since.
Like many people who reach
a certain point of success in
Photo Courtesy of
Wikimedia Commons

Brownstein and Armisen in

“‘pioneering female
guitarist to comedic
performer and luminary in the independent rock world’”

their career, Brownstein will be
releasing a memoir in October
titled Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl, and according to the
Penguin Publishing website,
the memoir is a “deeply personal and revealing narrative
of Brownstein’s life in music,
from ardent fan to pioneering
female guitarist to comedic

Brownstein’s story will cover
how she began and her journey to how she arrived to
where she is in her life now.
If you are a huge fan of
Portlandia, you won’t hear
much about it in the book.
Brownstein focuses mostly on her musical career.

Spring Concert
Marina and the Diamonds
Birch North Park Theatre
Saturday, April 18

OK Go and White Arrows
House of Blues San Diego
Friday, May 1

performer and luminary in
the independent rock world.”
Penguin Publishing goes
on to say that “this book intimately captures what it feels
like to be a young woman in
a rock-and-roll band, from
her days at the dawn of the
underground feminist punkrock movement that would
define music and pop culture
in the 1990s through today.”
Like most autobiographies,

The Irenic
Saturday, May 2

All Time Low
City National Grove
Saturday, May 2

Nico & Vinz
Anaheim House of Blues
Monday, May 4

Channel 933 Summer
Kickoff Concert: Pitbull,
Fifth Harmony, Meghan
Trainor, David Guetta
Sleeptrain Amphitheater
Friday, May 8
Wango Tango: Calvin
Harris, Echosmith, Justin
Bieber, Nick Jonas, Kanye
West, Sia, Meghan Trainor,
Stubhub Center
Saturday, May 9

Bringing the African Spirit to La Jolla

Photos Courtesy of U-TOUCH

U-TOUCH has announced it will be hosting an event, “Africa
in La Jolla,” on May 21st from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. U-TOUCH told
the Hi-Tide that there will be drumming, dancing, food and fun.
The festivities will take place at Village GreenS
and ProRituals Courtyard: 7443 Girard Avenue.
Questions should be directed to U-TOUCH at 858-945-3220.

Lana Del Rey
Sleeptrain Amphitheater
Saturday, May 16

The Fray, Matt Nathanson,
and Train
Sleeptrain Amphitheater
Saturday, May 23

Passion Pit
North Park Theatre
Sunday, May 17

Neutral Milk Hotel
North Park Theatre
Thursday, May 28

SDSU Open Air Theatre
Friday, May 22

Smallpools and Grizfolk
The Observatory
Thursday, May 28

“Say It Right or Don’t Say It At All”
By Yenitzia Lopez
Staff Writer
Levondia. Bon’Qisha.
Mo’Nique: these are just a few
of the names, amongst many,
which are not only constantly
labeled “ghetto” or “black”, but
also become an obstacle to the
average person when it comes
to pronunciation. Even Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis had to deal with
extreme prejudice regarding
her name on the red carpet
New Orleans poet Sha’Condria Sibley addressed the is-

sue in her poem titled “To All
the Little Black Girls with Big
Names.” In the poem, she not
only tried to put an end to the
stigma of having a “ghetto”
name, but she also encouraged
others with unique names to be
proud of it as well.
“For the Sha’s and Isha’s, the
Ana’s, and Iqua’s, who were told
never to write their names on
applications because we live in
a nation where your name can
tell somebody your race or even
your social status, ‘cause they
think only dumb ghetto folks
overuse the alphabet.”

“This here is a poem for

“‘This here is a poem
for every daughter who
ever became a professional, only to shorten
her name to a letter and
a period just so phone
calls could be returned
or a higher pay earned’”
every daughter who ever became a professional, only to
shorten her name to a letter
and a period just so phone

calls could be returned or a
higher pay earned - ‘cause we
all know, don’t nobody want
an esha or an iqua to operate
on them.”
Although so-called “ghetto”
names are also common in
the African-American male
population, African-American
women have always received
more criticism and discrimination because of it.
From favoritism in the classroom to inequity in a job environment, people with “ghetto”
names tend to shorten or alter
their names as a way of hiding

their true identity. They use
this as a survival tactic and
protective technique against
Sibley believes that all women with “ghetto” names should
let their names “rise” and “take
their rightful places” in all aspects of their lives.
“And if someone happens
to mispronounce your name,
make sure you give the neck
swirl, look them dead in the
eye and correct them. It’s pronounced Shuh-cahn-dree-uh.
Say it right, or don’t say it at

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