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Friday, February 5 • 9:00AM –10:30AM

“When Under Your Wing Smells Like Under Your Armpit”: A Youth Centered Guide To Navigating Ageism In Today’s Presenters: Ryan Kroening, MN; Anne Phibbs, Systemwide Director, GLBT Programs Office, University of Minnesota, MinneSocial Revolutions
Youth • Fundamentals This session will introduce participants to the concept and practical application of an equitable youth-adult partnership model. Participants will be able to explore the need for and benefit of these partnerships as it relates to today’s advocacy work involving youth. Session participants will able to learn and discuss practical applications of this model of partnership for today’s social and political movements and gain some useful tools overcome perceived institutional barriers. Presenters: Ernesto Dominguez

tems of gender and sexuality, heterosexual and gender conforming privilege, strategies of being an ally, and ways in which we can all confront GLBT oppression. This session is presented by the Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance.

apolis, MN; Alfonso Wenker, PFUND Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

Building Your Online Presence
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences This session gives an overview of the new media ecosystem that we find ourselves in, and how organizations can make the best use of new tools, reach out to new supporters, and move their work forward. This is an introduction to how your organization or your cause can benefit from using new media such as blogs and social networks, and will cover an overview of online organizing tools and strategies. Presenters: Jerame Davis, The Bilerico Project, Indianapolis, IN; Heather Cronk, New Organizing Institute, Washington, DC

“Would Jesus Discriminate?” Shifting the Discourse on Faith-Based Prejudice
Faith & Spirituality • All Audiences In 2009, billboards in Dallas generated media and international internet conversations. Rather than addressing the clobber passages from a defensive position, we will explore techniques used to shift the discourse to impact the moveable middle. Participants will practice tips for moving beyond personal reactions to advancing a positive, loving, thought-provoking message through media or with individuals such that people will re-examine faith-based prejudice. Participants will leave with tools to respond more effectively to faith-based prejudice. Presenters: Rev. Colleen Darraugh, Would Jesus Discriminate? Campaign / Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas, Dallas, TX

Can You Believe It? Three Tools for Reducing Drama in the Workplace
Organizational Development • Intermediate Okay, so drama is not all it’s cracked up to be and sometimes, we just want to get through the day unscathed. With so many personalities and needs, how can we transform teamwork from a haphazard free-for-all to more intentional practice where all voices can be heard, decisions are made efficiently, and feedback is actively sought out rather than avoided? Join us and learn three concrete tools for breakthrough teamwork. Presenters: Evangeline Weiss, OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Durham, NC

Advancing Equality for LGBT Elders
Aging • All Audiences This workshop starts with an overview of America’s elders and the key issues they face today, examines how these issues are different for LGBT elders, and then delves into how we, as a community, can undertake political and community action to make a difference. Attendees will break into working groups to discuss actions they can take in their organization or community. Presenters: Ineke Mushovic, Movement Advancement Project; Catherine Thurston, SAGE

Class Matters
Racial Justice • Intermediate Using Story Circles as a method for self exploration and dialogue, we will consider how class differences can make organizing in the LGBT community challenging. By addressing the issue of class on an individual level and engaging in cross-class dialogue, participants will be able to do their part to build stronger social justice movements. Presenters: Gabriel Atchison, College Park, MD

Ally Training
Campus • All Audiences Ally Training aims to give participants the tools, resources, and skills needed to be intentional allies to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and communities. Participants will discuss GLBT and ally history and culture, myths and stereotypes, sys-

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Why We Need All of It and How To Make Sure It Is LGBT-Inclusive
Immigration • All Audiences Is the fight for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) important to the LGBT community? Yes! CIR has to potential to directly improve the lives of thousands of LGBT families and individuals in many ways, from the undocumented to LGBT immigrant youth
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



to mixed status families to transgender immigrants mistreated in ICE detention. As a nation of immigrants, we are all affected by how we ensure protections for everyone, regardless of generations in the country. However, ensuring LGBT binational families and Uniting American Families Act are included in the immigration legislation currently under debate in the Congress will require work by advocates all over the country. This interactive workshop will familiarize activists with the importance of LGBT advocacy for CIR, as well as equipping them with successful strategies for lobbying Congress, raising awareness, and building coalitions with other immigration advocates. Presenters: Ben de Guzman, Co-Director for Programs, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, Washington, DC; Jesse Garcia, President, LULAC 4871 - The Dallas Rainbow Council, Dallas , TX; Julie Kruse, Immigration Equality, Thomas Saenz, President, MALDEF tify common ground that respects the intersection of our histories, shared legacies and strategies in an effort to transcend borders for an inclusive movement for liberation. This is an open session for First Nations / Two Spirit / Indigenous folks & allies. Presenters: Coya Artichoker, First Nations Collective, Minneapolis, MN; Lucia Leandro Gimeno, Audre Lorde Project, Brooklyn, NY; Paulina Hernandez, Co-Director, Southerners on New Ground, New Market, TN; Melissa Hoskins, First Nations Collective

Latino (LGBT) Community Outreach 101
People of Color • All Audiences In the past ten years, the US Latino population has both grown, as well as migrated to states that had not previously seen Latino communities. This workshop is designed to help LGBT activists and organizations begin and/or strengthen their Latino outreach efforts. Let’s increase your capacity to both meet the needs of LGBT Latinos, as well as, collaborate and build relationships with your larger Latino communities. Note: Workshop not intended for Latino/a LGBT activists. Presenters: Francisco Dueñas, Proyecto Igualdad Coordinator, Lambda Legal, Los Angeles, CA

Creating Communities of Resistance/Change through Innovative Sex Organizations and Businesses
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences Innovative sex businesses are popping up all over. Cutting-edge sex educators and retailers are changing the face, offerings and quality of sex commerce. Come meet sex entrepreneurs and learn about how sex-positive businesses are on the forefront of creating resistance to right wing repression in their communities, and importantly, are helping us embody a healthier, more vibrant sexuality. Presenters: Tristan Taormino, Sex Educator, Author, Entrepreneur; I.G. Rivera, Sex Educator, Principal, Poly Patao Productions

No Retreat
Transgender Community & Issues • All Audiences Transgendered people have no place to retreat. Society literally funnels them into the bottom of the prison system. The struggle for transgendered equality is only beginning and the last great Civil Rights struggle remaining to be fought in the Land of the Free. Learn how to become involved in this struggle and ways that you can be an effective ally to trans people in your community. Help to create a nurturing society where we can all be healed and grow and fulfill our potentials. Presenters: Dani Williams, T.G.I.Justice Project, San Francisco, CA

Health as a Tool for Social Justice Organizing
Health • Intermediate This interactive workshop will explore how good health and access to high-quality healthcare that values and promotes our overall well-being are issues that cut across multiple diverse identities and affect all members of the LGBT community. After discussing some of the many facets of health and healthcare, participants will brainstorm strategies for addressing health issues facing the LGBT community by mobilizing the community around these issues in pursuit of health equity and social justice. Presenters: Kellan E. Baker, Policy Associate, National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC; Rebecca Fox, Executive Director, National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC

Recruiting, Retention & Succession Planning; Building Sustainable Leadership Teams
Organizational Development • All Audiences This workshop will provide information and implementable tools for attendees around the critical organizational areas of recruiting, retention and succession planning. The session will feature a panel of experts in a moderated discussion and allow attendees to pose questions specific to their organizations and to share best practices. Participants will gain exposure to market-leading thinking from the expert panel and engage in a robust exchange of practical experience with their peers in the movement. Presenters: Eliza Byard, Executive Director, GLSEN, New York, NY; Kevin Chase, McCormack & Associates, Toluca Lake, CA; Joe McCormack, McCormack & Associates, Toluca Lake, CA; Gregg Passin, Principal Mercer Consulting, New York, NY

Immigration and Indigenous Borders
People of Color • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences Some immigration activists call for the dissolution of all national borders. But what does this mean for current sovereignty struggles of Indigenous nations? How do First Nation peoples who have been colonized by immigrants and some who have had their nations divided by colonial borders (e.g. US-Mexico) view the current forces of imperialism that have created a global population of migrant workers? Join us as we take a collective journey to iden-


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Responding to Bias in Our Communities: Strategies Adopted from A Guide to Community Rapid Incident Response
Anti-Violence/Bias Reduction • All Audiences LGBT communities are far too often the targets of hate- or biasmotivated violence incidents. How can we, as activists and advocates effectively develop responses to violence that bring healing, justice, and public awareness? We will utilize tips and strategies from A Guide to Community Rapid Incident Response developed by the NYC Anti-Violence Project in coalition with NCAVP members, while building upon the collective knowledge of participants. This interactive workshop will empower and encourage activists to take action against bias violence wherever it may occur. Presenters: Maryse Mitchell-Brody, National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs/NYC AVP, New York, NY; Rebecca Waggoner-Kloek , Minneapolis, MN

The Older Americans Act and Getting Your Money’s Worth into Your Community
Fundraising • Advanced As LGBT community organizations build capacity, finding resources to support those efforts is always a priority. This session will offer insights into an often overlooked funding source for an often overlooked part of our community: aging. Presenters: Loree Cooke-Daniels, Transgender Aging Network; Joyce Pierson, National Center for Lesbian Rights ; Catherine Thurston, SAGE ; Laurie Young, The Task Force, Washington, DC

Uniting Communities
Community Organizing • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences The Uniting Communities Toolkit is a brand new manual for advancing LGBTQ issues within organizations of color. Built on work done in Oregon, The Toolkit features workshops, case studies, assessments, activities, and exercises that help organizations of color look at the issues they work on thru an LGBTQ lens, shift organizational culture to be more inclusive of LGBTQ community members, and work to become public allies to the LGBTQ community. This session will help participants from LGBTQ organizations learn how to use The Toolkit, best practices, and strategize with one another about advancing racial justice and LGBTQ equality. Presenters: Kalpana Krishnamurthy, Western States Center, Portland, OR

Supporting Local Schools and GSAs Through Community/University/ School Partnerships
School Issues • All Audiences This interactive workshop will present and explore ways in which innovative collaborations between community organizations, colleges/universities and local schools can enhance the development, effectiveness and sustainability of gay/straight alliances and similar secondary school-based programs geared towards supporting LGBTQA students. Facilitators will present on Philadelphia-based collaborations as a launching point for discussion but the workshop will focus on strengthening participant’s programs and ideas, by sharing programmatic objectives, challenges and best practices. Youth are welcomed and encouraged. Presenters: Allison Buehler, Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia, PA; Quincy Greene, Educational Justice Coalition, Philadelphia, PA; Nina Harris, Penn LGBT Center, Philadelphia, PA

Friday, February 5 • 10:45AM –12:15PM

A Debrief of LGBT Initiative Campaigns from 2009
Elections, Ballot Measures and Campaigns • All Audiences Overall, 2009 marked a year of electoral progress for the LGBT community. Four communities faced LGBT ballot initiatives on a myriad of issues, from protecting LGBT people from job and housing discrimination in Gainesville, Florida and Kalamazoo, Michigan, to upholding domestic partnership rights in Washington state, to protecting the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Maine. Of these measures, the LGBT community won three, in Gainesville, Kalamazoo, and Washington State. These victories, however, were tempered by the community’s disappointing loss in Maine, where the passage of Question 1 repealed the state’s law extending marriage equality to same-sex couples. As the LGBT community prepares to organize against additional initiative attacks in 2010 and beyond, what lessons can we glean from these campaigns? LGBT leaders from Maine, Washington, and Kalamazoo will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their respective campaigns to offer lessons for the community. Presenters: Joshua Friedes, Advocacy Director, Equal Rights Washington, WA; Daniel Hawes, Director, Academy for Leadership and Action, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC; Jon Hoadley, Campaign Manager, One Kalamazoo; Betsy Smith, Executive Director, Equality Maine, Portland, ME
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Community Organizing • Fundamentals Now that you’re at Creating Change how do you make the most of it? Does it make sense to attend every activity and be the last one to leave? Does handing out 1000 business cards really work? What’s the best way to start a conversation? How do you end conversations so you can keep circulating? Attend this interactive workshop to learn tips and tricks to help you work a room, approach prospective donors and steward supporters. All skill levels welcomed. Presenters: Robbie Samuels, MSW, Somerville, MA



The Art of the Schmooze

Creating Transgender-Inclusive College Policies and Practices
Campus • All Audiences This program will discuss strategies for adding “gender identity/ expression” to campus nondiscrimination policies and the effects of this change. Using efforts to create trans-inclusive nondiscrimination policies at Texas colleges as a case study, the session will give participants the opportunity to discuss strategies, challenges, starting points, and other aspects of advancing change in a resistant institutional system. We will conclude by presenting the findings of the first large-scale study of the extent to which campus transgender-inclusive policies have led to other transgendersupportive policy changes, such as providing gender-neutral facilities, health insurance coverage for transitioning students, and transgender-related programming. Presenters: Genny Janiczek Beemyn, Director, Stonewall Center, Amherst, MA; Katy Stewart, Aggie Allies, Bryan, TX; Josephine Tittsworth, Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit, TX

Integrating New Media Into Your Organizing Strategy
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences This session walks through how to assess all the tools at your disposal and ensure that your supporters understand a comprehensive and inclusive narrative arc, while moving you closer to accomplishing your organizational goals. This workshop will cover ways to maintain your tried and true communication streams, while also adding in tested new media components that will bolster your overall organizing strategy. Presenters: Waymon Hudson, The Bilerico Project, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jenna Lowenstein, Feministing, New York, NY

LGBT Oral History Workshop
Campus • All Audiences This hands-on workshop will introduce the techniques of oral history as a grassroots, inter-generational way of preserving the LGBT past. The workshop will cover the nuts and bolts of interviewing, a quick overview of oral history ethics and methods, and some considerations when talking about sex and sexual identities. Participants will explore the uses of oral history and will come away with practical tools for launching an oral history project. Presenters: Kelly Anderson, Smith College, MA

HIV As We Grow Older: Policy Needs
AIDS/HIV • All Audiences This presentation will offer a multi-disciplinary review of HIV in older adults. Research findings and health information will provide the foundation for the deeper discussion: how current HIV policy does and does not address the greying of the HIV epidemic. A review of a recent strategy session held in DC with policy makers and activists in the aging field and in the HIV fields will be presented, and a discussion will follow. Presenters: Jim Campbell, National Association on HIV Over Fifty, Boston, MA; Ernest Hopkins, Director of Federal Affairs, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco, CA; Nathan Schaefer, GMHC, New York, NY; Dan Tietz, Executive Director, ACRIA , New York, NY

Love Won Out: The Marketing, Messaging and Manipulation Inside the Million-Dollar Machine
Faith & Spirituality • All Audiences Love Won Out, the traveling ex-gay roadshow of Exodus International and Focus on the Family, draws thousands of people to its conferences across the country. Attendees are plied with promises of how to be good Christians and love your LGBT family member. However, their methods are anything but about family values. Learn from those who have attended the conference how LWO is expanding its work, constantly modifying its messages and what to do when they come to your community. Presenters: Elizabeth Fregiato, PFLAG National, Washington, DC; Jean-Marie Navetta, PFLAG National / Straight for Equality, Washington, DC FRIDAY SESSIONS

How To Get What We Want: Understanding and Utilizing the U.S. Education System to Create Safer Schools
School Issues • All Audiences Want to combat anti-LGBT bias in schools? Frustrated with schools’ lack of commitment to these issues? This interactive workshop will help you understand the mindset of those working in schools and shaping education policy (e.g., teachers, principals, politicians). Become familiar with their concerns and learn how to speak their language. Practice using this information successfully and take away new skills and resources. Presenters: Shawn Gaylord, Director of Public Policy, GLSEN, Washington, DC; Ellen Greytak, GLSEN, New York , NY

Making Strides Even In A Less Than Welcoming Environment
Community Organizing • All Audiences This workshop will give attendees insight on how to make progress towards full equality even in a less than welcoming environment. This will be done by sharing real life experiences from current and past community leaders. Whether the effort is fully successful or not, progress can always be made if approached correctly with the right plan, execution and outlook. Participants will leave understanding that even though the challenges can be great, the rewards are even greater. Presenters: Erin Moore, Stonewall Democrats, Dallas, TX
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Immigration and Indigenous Borders (Continued)
People of Color • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences


National Reporting and Data-Driven Advocacy: Ending Anti-LGBT Violence By the Numbers
Research and Policy • Intermediate Participants will learn how to craft broad-range, data-based advocacy messages on anti-LGBT hate violence and Intimate Partner Violence. They will be guided through ways that these messages can and have been used in organizing community responses to violence, media campaigns, Legislative Awareness Days, funding proposals, and policy papers and then encouraged to partner with other workshop participants with similar interests to strategize ways to create their own initiatives using these data driven advocacy tools. Presenters: Kim Fountain, Director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy, NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, New York, NY; Maryse Mitchell-Brody, National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs/NYC AVP, New York, NY; Roberta Sklar, Roberta Sklar Communications, New York, NY; Terry Slavin, Lead Staff Attorney Legal Services, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA

Telling: Dan Choi and Knights Out
Lieutenant Dan Choi and other founding Board members of Knights Out will review messaging and media strategies of their work to allow gays, lesbians and bisexuals to serve openly in the military. LGBT West Point grads and their allies formed Knights Out in March, 2009, and gained attention when Dan Choi came out on The Rachel Maddow Show. Since then, Knights Out members have spoken their truth across the country: that “DADT” violates their honor, disrupts unit cohesion, and is bad for the Army. We will discuss: why military service is a “tip of the spear” issue; changing the conversation: don’t let your opponents define the terms of the debate; going one-on-one with opponents like Elaine Donnelly; and after DADT: Why coming out in the military will still be an issue, and what we can do about it. Presenters: Dan Choi, West Point ’03, Spokesperson, Knights Out; Sue Fulton, West Point ’80, Communications Director, Knights Out; Dan Manning, West Point ’04, Board Member, Knights Out

The Greening of LGBT Business and Travel: Voluntourism with Sweet
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences Sweet, an eco friendly travel company for lesbians, discusses how LGBT business owners, trend-setters, and community leaders can help their companies and organizations make a difference while still making a dollar. Discussion will include topics like niche marketing, website promotions and pr, green business principles, carbon offsetting, and voluntourism, or volunteer travel. Presenters: Shannon Wentworth, SWEET, Emeryville, CA

Numbers Matter: The Importance of the Census for LGBT Americans in 2010 and Beyond
Research and Policy • All Audiences In July of 2009, after months of lobbying by LGBT groups, the Census Bureau announced that it would begin counting same-sex married couples for the first time. Join experts from the Task Force Policy Institute, UCLA’s Williams Institute, and the U.S. Census Bureau for a panel discussion on what the census tells us about our communities, the impacts of this policy change, and plans to advocate for increased LGBT inclusion in future censuses and surveys. Presenters: Gary Gates, Senior Research Fellow, The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA; Jaime M. Grant, Director of the Policy Institute, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC; Tim Olson, U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC

Theater for Social Change: Tell Your Story Change Your World
Art & Culture • Fundamentals Basic theater skills can help make speakers more confident, messages more artful, and audiences more emotionally connected to your work. In this interactive workshop participants will learn basic LGBTQ activist performance principles to apply to their activism work. Participants will learn to use theater exercises, writing prompts and group discussion to explore personal stories and how they can inspire constructive community dialogue. Presenters: Logan Ferrero, Boston, MA; Evelyn Francis, The Theater Offensive, Cambridge, MA

Serving low-income LGBT people: Challenges and Strategies for Success
Racial Justice • All Audiences People of color and low-income people who are LGBT have been underserved by both LGBT organizations and organizations providing services to low-income people. Increasingly, LGBT organizations and legal services organizations are creating specific projects to meet the needs of LGBT people who are low-income and of color. This workshop will address the legal services needs of low-income LGBT individuals by examining current models and how LGBT and service organizations can collaborate effectively. Presenters: Natalie Chin, Lambda Legal, New York, NY; Lisa Cisneros, Student, Brown University, Providence, RI; Cathy Sakimura, Equal Justice Works Fellow, National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Francisco, CA; Terry Slavin, Lead Staff Attorney Legal Services, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA

Trailblazing for Transgender Health
Health • Intermediate Ensuring good health care for transgender people takes engaged community members, health care providers, allies, and advocates. Through Project HEALTH: Harnessing Education, Advocacy, and Leadership in Transgender Healthcare, Lyon-Martin Health Services, Transgender Law Center and Equality California are embarking on an innovative program to expand access to healthcare. Come learn how to bridge gaps between community and providers, engage people in advocacy efforts, support clinics,


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

and educate providers. Presenters: Daniel Gould, Equality California, Los Angeles, CA; Kara Nostrand, San Francisco , CA; Kristina Wertz, San Francisco, CA es. And yet, current organizing being done on the impact criminalization of drugs has on poor and working class queer communities, especially queers of color, is largely invisible (often the only reference to queers and the war on drugs is to meth use among white gay men). This roundtable will feature an intergenerational dialogue from experienced queer organizers from the Stonewall Era to the present, about their work organizing against repressive drug policies in poor and low-income queer communities, past and present. Presenters: Miss Major, Advisory Board Member, TGI Justice Project, San Lorenzo, CA; Gabriel Sayegh, Director, State Organizing and Policy Project, Drug Policy Alliance, New York, NY; Laura Thomas, San Francisco Drug Policy Alliance , San Francisco, CA; Jay Toole, Queers for Economic Justice, NY

Victim Advocacy with LGBTQ Clients – Working Across Systems Across Time
Anti-Violence/Bias Reduction • Intermediate This highly interactive workshop will provide a broader understanding of the social barriers that may affect how LGBTQ victims of violence respond to traumatic events such as hate crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment. In this workshop we will address how these types of events affect LGBTQ individuals or communities considering past experiences of marginalization, discrimination or underrepresentation. Participants will learn from real life based scenarios and will be encouraged to share their own. Presenters: Amanda Escamilla, Fenway Health, Boston, MA

Building Anti-Racist Campus Alliances
Campus • Intermediate Integrating racial justice work into all campus organizing and social justice activism is crucial to creating change. Not only do LGBT campus activists need to build coalitions with students doing racial justice work, we need to integrate it into existing work. This workshop will allow participants to share strategies and approaches to building an anti-racist movement as well as challenge us to think about how these approaches manifest in our own lives. Presenters: Sheri Atkinson, Director, LGBT Resource Center, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA; Monroe France, NYU, Office of LGBT Student Services, New York, NY

What Your Parents Never Taught You About Sex
Youth • All Audiences This session will discuss safe sex practices in today’s society, social responsibilities, as well as HIV/AIDS and STD training. We will identify the communities and demographics that are the most at risk and how to promote responsible sex practices in local communities. Presenters: Ernesto Dominguez; Andrew Striker

Friday, February 5 • 3:00PM –4:30PM

From Access to Inclusion to Justice: An Introduction to Disability Justice and Anti-Ableism
Disability • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences Join multi-issue disability activists for a lively roundtable dialogue about disability justice and anti-ableism work, followed by small group discussion. Why is it important to talk about ableism (disability-based oppression) in our movements as LGBT/Queer activists? How does disability need to be integrated into a larger vision of liberation? What and who do we lose when disability justice isn’t part of progressive multi-issue political agendas. Come ready to engage with these questions and more. Presenters: Sebastian Margaret, Community Activist; Mia Mingus, New Voices Fellow, Georgians for Choice, Atlanta, GA

A Dialog with Youth: Talking About Sex and Sexual Freedom
Youth • Fundamentals This thought provoking and important workshop will create a space for youth to address how sexual freedom issues, both their own sexuality and broader public issues, impact LGBTQI youth. We will completely shift the adult/youth power dynamic for this youth-led academy where LGBTQI youth activists (ages 22 and younger) will discuss the importance of including youth in the dialogue of LGBTQI issues in order to effectively address the issues that are most important to them. Presenters: Jeannie Beeson, National Youth Advocacy Coalition, Washington DC; Greg Varnum, National Youth Advocacy Coalition, Washington, DC

Going back to the beginning, Aprendiendo del pasado
People of Color • All Audiences This workshop will explore our history as leaders within a Latino context and the different ways in which we have held leadership over time. We will use that exploration to enhance our listening, leadership and consensus building skills as we discover new forms of leadership which speak to a truth in accountability and transparency. This will be a bilingual workshop. Presenters: Jorge Cestou, Chicago, IL; Gabriel Gonzalez, Omaha, NE; Cristina Martinez, Pearland, TX; Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, Principal, Intersections Consulting, Washington, DC
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Beyond the Meth Monster: Queer Strategies for Ending the War on Drugs
Health • All Audiences From Prohibition to the present day, the war on drugs has adversely impacted the LGBT community through the policing and raiding of queer spaces, resulting in disproportionate arrests for drug offens-



Homophobia in the Black Church
Faith & Spirituality • All Audiences Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering from the destructive homophobia that afflicts society at large as well as the African American community. Too often, gay people within our own communities are treated without respect. Too often our churches are a source of and not a refuge from the intolerance and discrimination they experience in the world. Homophobia makes our churches fertile ground for those who seek to set us against one another, who seek to promote discrimination and unequal treatment in pursuit of their own political power. It is time that we Speak Until Justice Comes and lift up a gospel of home and love for one another. It is time for us to challenge discrimination that harms our brothers and sisters, our families, and our communities. Presenters: Mycroft Holmes, Interfaith Coalition for Transgender Equality and ,Boston MA ; Richard Juang, Cambridge, MA; Chris Paige ; Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, IWR and Faith Work Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Minneapolis, MN

Mobilizing Catholic Support for LGBTQ Equality
Faith & Spirituality • Intermediate Catholics represent the largest religion denomination, and the highest proportion of religious voters in the US. While Catholic Church officials lead the fight to maintain discrimination, the majority of Catholics “in the pews” support equality for our community. This session will focus on how to identify and connect with pro-LGBTQ Catholics, and on the messages found to be most persuasive to them. Presenters: Marianne Duddy, Executive Director, DignityUSA, Washington, DC

LGBT Youth and Federal Policy Issues
Legislative/Legal Reform and Public Policy • All Audiences This workshop will provide an overview of the many federal policy issues currently affecting LGBT youth. Panelists will briefly discuss the policy issues affecting LGBT youth including safe schools, comprehensive sexuality education, housing, and federal data collection. Participants will then develop and share effective advocacy messages and actions related to these issues. Presenters: Rebecca Fox, Executive Director, National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC; Sean Gaylord , Director of Public Policy, GLSEN, Washington, DC; Donald Hitchcock, Director of Public Policy, Advocates for Youth, Washington, DC

Sexual Liberation as a Framework for Change
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences LGBT people have had to cross treacherous terrain in order to find and claim our desires, and this valuable force remains a razor-sharp reminder, deep within our hearts, of who we really are-and of everything we truly can be. We have been shaped, deformed and liberated by the sexuality we have dared to claim. Because of that journey, we know that sex and desire are political. Liberation movements in our country often suppress or fail to understand the power this political fact exerts on shaping our worldviews, our definitions of oppression and freedom, our sense of what is possible. Leftist, feminist, labor, civil rights and transnational freedom movements all suffer from lacking an integrated view of sexuality as essential to a vision for liberation. Sadly, fighting right wing backlash at the ballot-box has had the same effect on the LGBT movement. Which brings us to the question of the day: are we still a movement for sexual liberation? Presenters: Amber Hollibaugh, Chief Officer of Elder and LBTI Women’s Services, Howard Brown Health Center, Chicago, IL; John D’Emilio, Historian and Professor of Gender Studies, University of Illinois in Chicago, Chicago, IL; Kenyon Farrow, Executive Director, Queers for Economic Justice, New York; Debanuj DasGupta; Jaime Grant, Director, Policy Institute, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC

Making music, building the future
Art & Culture • All Audiences Imagine a world where music makes everyone equal. Two of the country’s leading Choruses work with youth to build community and challenge homophobia. Here’s your chance to see - and hear - how. Presenters: Dominic Gregorio, Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; Jonathan Palant, Artistic Director, Turtle Creek Chorale, Dallas, TX; Hywel Sims, Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, Los Angeles , CA

Mending Covenants: Strategizing for Transgender Equality in Faith Communities
Faith & Spirituality • Intermediate Although the lunacy of the Westboro Baptist Church catches the media’s attention, the more sober forms of the religious right’s antiLGBT and anti-progressive activism have much more long-term influence in society and the law. This workshop opens up conversations for LGBT activists in faith communities, with a focus on the question of the role of faith and faith communities in the transgender movement. The workshop will review important developments in law, public policy, the media, and demography, and major changes in denominational policies, doctrines and theologies. We will then open up to conversations about developing a long-term national strategy for transgender faith activism. This is the first of a series of national strategic movement-building discussions.

Skills for Surviving Anti-LGBT Politics
Elections, Ballot Measures and Campaigns • All Audiences This workshop offers concrete information for surviving anti-gay politics, such as the current nationwide battle over same-sex marriage. It will help you make sense of the psychological toll of such campaigns. Information from this workshop has helped people who have been impacted by anti-gay rhetoric, and it offers others new skills to protect themselves in the face of current or future campaigns. Not only can we survive these campaigns, we can use them to become stronger as people and as activists. Presenters: Glenda Russell, Louisville, CO
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



Story-Telling for Social Change: Gathering LGBTQ Personal Stories
Movement Building • All Audiences Why is telling your personal story so important and so challenging? The stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer lives reveal histories untold and discrimination overlooked. Our community needs to tell these stories and our society needs to hear them. Your story is critical to advancing our movement. Yet, story collection is a challenge faced throughout the LGBT movement. The purpose of this workshop is to attain the skills to collect and tell our personal stories. We will focus especially on stories of healthcare denied based on family configuration and experiences of hate violence. This participatory workshop will guide participants through story collection methods to hands on storytelling and gathering within the workshop. It will also provide guides for story dissemination. Presenters: Roberta Sklar, Roberta Sklar Communications, New York, NY

That’s so gay! School-based interventions and classroom homophobia
School Issues • Intermediate This workshop assists teachers, students, and service providers (working in schools) in creating educational strategies that challenge anti-LGBT attitudes in classrooms. Participants will review campus climate results from a large urban school district, research on teachers’ attitudes on LGBT-inclusive instruction, and discuss the creation of pragmatic and applicable educational strategies that may lead to improved school climate. Participants will leave with knowledge and tools to address these issues in their teaching and engagement of students. Presenters: Erik Martinez, San Francisco LGBT Community Center, San Francisco, CA; Roberto Ordenaña, Director of Community Programs, San Francisco LGBT Community Center, San Francisco, CA

Strengthening the Connection: Racial Justice and LGBT Rights
Research and Policy • All Audiences This workshop will focus on the current and potential role of the racial justice movement in supporting LGBT rights and constituencies, work already underway across the country. The Applied Research Center will lead a discussion about how L/G/B/T constituencies and issues are positioned in today’s racial justice movement. We will present early findings from our national study, funded by the Arcus Foundation, of racial justice organizations and leaders and welcome feedback to strategize around the findings. Presenters: Kalpana Krishnamurthy, Director, Racial Justice & Gender Justice Program, Western States Center, Portland, OR; Rinku Sen, Executive Director, Applied Research Center, New York, NY

The SAGE Model: What Is It, Why Use It, and How to Start an Affiliate
Aging • Fundamentals As older activists look for places in our community that include them, the SAGE model is often the answer. This workshop will describe how SAGE affiliates are created, provide examples of the advocacy and services different SAGE affiliates offer, and outline methods for advocates and organizations to work together to create inclusive spaces for older LGBT people. Presenters: Rick Brennan, Sherrill Wayland, Tom Weber, all from SAGE

We’re here! We’re queer! We eat paneer! Mapping LGBTQ AAPI Organizing for Social Change
People of Color • All Audiences Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) LGBTQs are organizing like never before. This workshop will give an overview of the nation’s LGBTQ AAPI groups, and will provide comparative information about their infrastructure, capacity, and challenges. Presenters will showcase local multilingual education campaigns to counter anti-gay bias and organizing campaigns for immigrants’ rights and marriage equality. Representatives of some of the nation’s leading LGBTQ AAPI organizations will provide current information and on-the-ground analysis of their work. Presenters: Joyce Gabiola, Queer & Asian, Houston, TX; Alice Hom, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Los Angeles, CA; Glenn D. Magpantay, Co-Chair, Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of NY (GAPIMNY), New York, NY; Tawal Panyacosit, Director, API Equality

Taking the Mystery out of Nonprofit Marketing: Use Your Mission, Build Your Brand, Achieve Your Goals
Communications, Media and Messaging • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences When an organization’s mission drives its communication, the messages become clear and passionate, empowering clients, volunteers, donors and staff. This workshop will help not-for-profits raise public awareness, engage supporters, use resources more efficiently and grow through periods of diminished resources. This three-hour workshop will introduce the mission-ing system foundations (research, positioning, strategy development, messaging, communications planning, evaluation and fiscal management). Then, participants will work in teams to solve real-life problems. Presenters: Stephanie Blackwood, Double Platinum, New York, NY; Arthur Korant, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Double Platinum

What To Say When We Get There
Legislative/Legal Reform and Public Policy • All Audiences President Obama can’t singlehandedly deliver the equality measures that we demand and a call for action has been made for us


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

to begin lobbying elected members of Congress. But what do we say when we get to their office or get them on the phone? Faith In America will present a 90-minute workshop on best- messaging to elected officials who may feel a pro-equality vote will have negative consequences with their religious-minded constituents. This is messaging we can give to the parents, community leaders, clergy and everyday Americans who are making calls on our behalf. Presenters: Mitchell Gold, Faith In America, Hudson, NC Presenters: Laura Burrow, Southwestern University; Mary Gonzalez, Austin, TX; Christopher Ray, Southwestern University; Kamna Tripathi, Southwestern University

Change we can believe in? LGBT equality and HIV/AIDS policy under the Obama administration
AIDS/HIV • Intermediate This workshop will provide an update about developments in federal lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and HIV policy under the Obama administration. Participants will discuss the status of key policy issues including a national HIV/AIDS strategy, defunding abstinence only programs, the HIV entry ban, employment nondiscrimination, and family recognition. Presenters: Randall Ellis, Houston, TX; Ronald Johnson, AIDS Action Council , Washington, DC; Lyndel Urbano, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), New York, NY

Friday, February 5 • 4:45PM –6:15PM

“Elders Speak,” GRIOT still the only LGBT Elders of Color organization, why?
People of Color • All Audiences The power point presentation was taken over a five year period of over 451 elders of color in New York City. GRIOT looked at health, income, family, housing and isolation. Presenters: Glen Michael, Executive Director, GRIOT Circle, Brooklyn, NY

From Access to Inclusion to Justice: An Introduction to Disability Justice and Anti-Ableism (Continued)
Disability • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences

A Dialog with Youth: Talking About Sex and Sexual Freedom (continued)
Youth • Fundamentals

How Homophobia Affects Straight People... and the REST OF US
Gender Issues • Fundamentals Homophobia is often understood as an irrational fear of homosexuals, however when changing this definition to an irrational fear of intimate same-sex relationships, we discover a whole new realm of social dimensions of which to explore. What we find uncovers many ways in which homophobia affects our whole world and can address a plethora of issues from the marriage debate, to the lack of young men entering college, to the way in which fathers and sons interact. Join us as we explore the ways that homophobia has shaped our society and what we can do to overcome this irrational fear that has oppressed our LGBT community. FRIDAY SESSIONS Presenters: Ryan Ubuntu Olson, Center for Artistic Revolution, Little Rock, AR

Advanced Movement Building through Lifelong Sexuality Education
Movement Building • Intermediate This workshop is for advanced activists and educators who wish to explore and develop radical sexuality education programs designed to further LGBT social justice movements by promoting lifelong healthy sexuality and well being including desire, pleasure, and sexual happiness (sexual literacy). This is an interactive experiential workshop and will focus on developing concrete and pragmatic strategies for implementing progressive sexuality education programs. Prior knowledge of needs assessments, program development, implementation, and evaluation is required. Presenters: Christopher White, Director of Education and Training, San Francisco State University– NSRC, San Francisco, CA

How Straight Spouses of LGBT Partners Become Allies: How YOU Can Help
Movement Building • Intermediate How do straight spouses, whose husbands or wives come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, move from shock and anger to become allies fighting for equality? Amity Buxton, Straight Spouse Network founder, describes the process with personal stories in text and film told by diverse spouses who became social justice advocates. Participants will devise and practice ways to help spouses become allies and design local advocacy projects they and straight spouses could achieve together. Presenters: Amity P. Buxton, Founder, Straight Spouse Network, Oakland, CA
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Building Coalition: Strategies for Success
Campus • All Audiences Historically, coalitions have been powerful in the struggle for social change. This interactive workshop examines the historical and current issues surrounding coalition building, as well as barriers and opportunities when developing coalitions. Attendees will have the opportunity to examine their own identities and discuss how social identities intersect and play a significant role when building coalitions around LGBT issues. Attendees will leave with practical knowledge and strategies on coalition building.


How to Become Gay for Pay- Inroads to a Queer Career
Movement Building • All Audiences Whether you’re a young person just beginning your career, or a working professional looking to shift your work to a new arena, if you’ve ever contemplated a career in the LGBT movement this workshop is for you! Through practical information and tips as well as personal stories of how some of us working in the movement now have gotten here, we’ll help you to recognize your options, decide whether a “queer career” is right for you, and begin to develop a personal action plan for reaching your goals. Bring your questions and your resumes! Presenters: Somjen Frazer, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, New York, NY; Alex Kent, SAGE: Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders , NY; Clarence Patton, Executive Director, The Pipeline Project; Terry Stone, Executive Director, CenterLink, Washington, DC sion of this ground-breaking work, attendees will learn some best practices and strategies around racial diversity and inclusion now being developed and applied within our Movement. Presenters: Sue Doerfer, Executive Director, Equality Ohio, Cleveland, OH; Valarie Larabee, Utah Pride Center, UT; Clarence Patton, Executive Director, The Pipeline Project; Guido Sanchez, National Manager of Membership and Development, CenterLink

Reaching Out to the Blogosphere
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences Blogs can be powerful engines of information sharing and places of substantive conversation, but only when people actively engage with you and your blog. This workshop focuses on the culture(s) of the blogosphere and gives concrete strategies for engaging bloggers in your work, whether you’re an organizational staff person or an individual activist. Presenters: Bil Browning, The Bilerico Project, Indianapolis, IN; Mike Rogers, Page One Q, Washington, DC; Michael Crawford, The Bilerico Project, Washington, DC; Jenna Lowenstein, Feministing, Washington, DC

Intersex Workshop
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences Intersex is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical definitions of female or male. This will be an informational/educational workshop about intersex, including: a brief history of intersex and the medicalization of intersex bodies, and the issues with current standards of treatment and care for intersex individuals. Presenters: Gina DeVries

Standing on the Side of Love
Faith & Spirituality • Intermediate Standing on the Side of Love is a grassroots public advocacy campaign, designed to help local communities respond to incidents of violence, oppression, and exclusion. GLBT activists can use the campaign to build coalitions with other communities which are oppressed, excluded, or violated. While primarily designed for people of faith anyone may use the campaign’s tools, found at This workshop will explore how to do this work most successfully. Presenters: Meg Riley, Director, UUA, Boston, MA

Keeping the Peace: Conflict Mediation Training
Community Organizing • All Audiences This workshop will focus on providing participants with the necessary tools for basic conflict mediation. Attendees will have the opportunity to improve their conflict mediation skills through a series of activities modeling situations that may be encountered in daily life. This workshop will help attendees become more familiar with the process of conflict mediation and how it relates to community organizing. Participants will leave with skills instrumental in sustaining community and working towards social justice. Presenters: Siche Greene-Mitchell, Women’s Center, Eugene, OR; Erin McGladrey, Women’s Center, Eugene , OR; Arielle Reid, Women’s Center, Eugene, OR; Tiffany Wong, Youth Leader, Rainbow Revolutionaries Youth Group, Honolulu, HI

State of the queer movement through the historic lens of other social movements
Movement Building • Intermediate This workshop will help attendees examine their activism through the historic lens of other social movements, and help to contextualize the queer movement on the continuum of a rights only based approach to equality. The workshop will offer participants an opportunity to explore alternative models for achieving equality through culture change versus strictly legal political change. Participants will engage in a dialogue that will help to inform their current activism and grassroots organizing efforts. Presenters: Julie Davis, Face Value, SF, CA; Anne Marks, Face Value, SF, CA; Timothy McCarthy, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Lessons on Inclusion from the Pipeline Project: A Panel Discussion on Work Being Done, Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Organizational Development • Intermediate This workshop will present a panel discussion on racial diversity and inclusion work happening through Pipeline Project programming. With Community Center recipients of our Organizational/ Environmental Change curriculum participating in a panel discus-

Taking the Mystery out of Nonprofit Marketing: Use Your Mission, Build Your Brand, Achieve Your Goals (Continued)
Communications, Media and Messaging • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

The Race for Equality Includes YOU!
Elections, Ballot Measures and Campaigns • Intermediate This session is meant to raise awareness and increase excitement about the opportunities and challenges of running as an openly GLBT candidate for every level of elected and appointed office. We will set a framework for asking important questions as you decide whether or not running for office is right for you. Presenters: James Dozier, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Washington, DC; Shawn Werner, Field Director, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute, Washington, DC

Breast Cancer Impacts on the LGBT Community
Health Lesbian, gay, bisexual women and transgender people have a greater risk of breast cancer than other women. This interactive workshop will dispel the myths around breast cancer and sexual orientation while raising awareness and providing practical ways participants can mobilize and advocate for equal access to care and treatment for all. Presenters: Philip Deitch, Susan G. Komen for the Cure LGBT National Advisory Council, Dallas, TX

Trans Youth & Safe Schools: Advocacy & Policy
School Issues • All Audiences Through fun, immersive, and engaging exercises this workshop will help participants to identify the key barriers and challenges that transgender and gender non-conforming youth face in schools. We will discuss administrative, physical, and mental health aspects of transitioning in schools. We will then shift our attention to examining some model policies and finding innovative advocacy and policy solutions to meet those challenges head on. Participants will leave with a solid game plan for helping transgender and gender non-conforming youth in schools. Presenters: Danielle Askini, GSA Network, San Francisco, CA; T. Aaron Hans, Consultant/Activist, RISE Consulting, Marina, CA; DJ O’Donoghue, Steering Committee Member, MA Transgender Political Coalition , Boston, MA

Building Community Beyond the Binary
Transgender Community & Issues This caucus will explore ways to build community for those who live between and outside the boxes marked male and female. Themes will be exploration of gender-neutral language: what’s out there, what’s missing and how do encourage its use; and looking at what community looks like for us currently and what our hopes are for community in the future. Participants will share their knowledge, make connections with others, and leave with hope for a stronger community. Presenters: Shane Whalley, Austin, TX

Caucus for State and/or Local Transgender Advocacy, Legal, and/or Political Organizations/Activists
Transgender Community & Issues This caucus is for transgender activists working on the state/local level advancing transgender equality. Facilitated by members of the Coalition of State/Local Transgender Advocacy/Political Organizations, which works to bring together transgender led organizations for networking and resource sharing. Activities include: capturing a snapshot of the local transgender advocacy work that was done in 2009 through group activity and small group discussions based on policy areas in order to share strategies, resources, and skills with fellow participants. Presenters: Masen Davis, Executive Director, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco, CA; Tobias Packer, Co-Founder, Florida Action Coalition for Transgender Equality, FL; Pauline Park, Cochair, New York Association For Gender Rights Advocacy , New York, NY; Gunner Scott, Director, Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), Boston, MA

Working Effectively with Partisan Organizations
Legislative/Legal Reform and Public Policy • Advanced Employment non-discrimination, hate crimes, marriage, school bullying, etc. Across the nation, we’re working on many equalitybased issues and that sometimes means we need to work with local and state parties as well as the LGBT partisan organizations, whether they be at the local, state or national level. This brings together members of the Stonewall Democrats and Log Cabin Republicans to discuss how nonpartisan and partisan groups may strategically join forces. Presenters: Kyle Bailey, GLBT Caucus Vice-Chair, Young Democrats of America, Atlanta, GA; Kris Banks, Houston Gay Political Caucus; Christian Berle, Log Cabin Republicans ; Ted Jackson

Friday, February 5 • 6:30PM –7:30PM

Creating a Safe Zone Program on Your Campus. Case Study - Aggie Allies at Texas A&M University
Campus Are you part of a GLBT and allies safe zone program at your University? Would you like to work with other people engaged in safe-zone work to arrive at something better for all of us? Join us in a caucus designed to look at what is currently being done in Texas and across the country and help us decide what we can each do better. Presenters: Katy Stewart, Aggie Allies, Bryan, TX
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

40 Years After Stonewall - A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Activist Timeline
Community Organizing This caucus will feature speakers from the early LGBT Rights Movement in America. They will talk about what things were like then and how they feel things have progressed. Sharing and questions from the audience encouraged.



Don’t Call Me a Tranny Chaser
Transgender Community & Issues This caucus will provide an opportunity for people (both transidentified and not) who love transgender folks to meet and discuss our experiences with stigmatization in the LGBTQ community as “tranny chasers.” We will explore the diversity of our identities and discuss how the phrase tranny chaser has affected our feelings of inclusion in transgender affirming spaces and the overall LGBTQ community. Join us for productive discussion and community building opportunities! Presenters: Mel Goodwin, The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Learning to Be Allies in the LGBT Aging Movement
Aging Interested in aging issues, but unsure where to begin? Wondering if you’re “too young” to get involved? Maybe you’re helping to care for aging parents, or your friends are older and you’d like to learn more about how to advocate with and for them. Join us for this caucus of LGBT elders and allies to discuss ageism and advocacy. Presenters: Rev. Shaba A. Barnes, Emeritus Co-Director, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Albuquerque, NM; Jerry Hoose, New York, NY; Alex Kent, SAGE: Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders , NY

Engaging Employee Participation in LGBT Activities
Workplace This session will focus on ways to create awareness and a positive impression towards your company’s LGBT resource group in ways that are fun, inclusive and non-threatening. We’ll share challenges, expectations, and lessons learned from a conservative business environment. This will be followed by recommendations for planning a successful event and reaching your employee base. We’ll have time for open discussion and for attendees to share their success strategies. Presenters: Donna Barlow; Brook Bennett; Katy Krekler, First American Corporation, Westlake, TX

LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit Caucus
Youth FIERCE will host a LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit Caucus to reconvene the participants of Wednesday’s summit. This safe space will be a facilitated open discussion about the experiences of LGBTQ youth of color at Creating Change. The caucus space is also open to skill shares, identifying goals for next year’s LGBTQ youth of color organizing summit, or other topics identified by the participants. The caucus is only open to participants of the LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit. Presenters: Glo Ross, FIERCE, NY

Life as the “unofficial” Campus Queer Finding Our Voice at the Table: advocating for emerging and less popular issues in the LGBT communities
Community Organizing Some of the issues facing LGBT communities are well understood and well funded; others are just emerging, struggling for acceptance and financial support. This caucus will be an opportunity for people organizing around new or less popular issues to meet and strategize about ways to educate the community, create coalitions with other groups, share strategies for engaging potential funders and use new media, like twitter, for outreach. Presenters: Liz Margolies, National LGBT Cancer Network, New York, NY School Issues This caucus is designed for individuals doing LGBT education & advocacy but are not employed specifically to do so. Caucus attendees will share ideas for programs, educational sessions, advocacy, and other best practices in addition to sharing tips on how to obtain buy in from other faculty and staff. Attendees with leave this session with ideas and tools that can be implemented on their campus. Presenters: Matthew Le Brasseur, Tampa, FL

Old Lesbian caucus - lesbians 60 and over
Movement Building A time for lesbians 60 and over to gather to share movement building stories, change strategies, personal support . Presenters: Rev. Jan Griesinger, Co-Director - Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Athens, OH

Getting to Know You
Transgender Community & Issues This workshop will help attendees become familiar with and improve their existing advocacy skills with Transgender Community issues. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions to panel participants in an effort to improve their advocacy and messaging talents to include issues that encompass Transgender individuals. Attendees will hear directly from Transgender individual and leave with practical advice and tools for their own advocacy situations. Presenters: Marla Compton, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX; Maeve O’Connor, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX; Mo Snow

Perspectives and Experiences of Queer Southeast Asians in LGBTQ Organizations
People of Color This caucus is an opportunity for queer Southeast Asians and their allies to share their experiences and views on advocacy in LGBTQ organizing on college campuses and the larger community. Presenters and participants alike will share their own initiatives


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

and struggles to integrate advocacy and support for other queer Southeast Asians around racial, economic, and social justice. Presenters: Beng Chang, MN; Kohei Ishihara; Sarah Suong; Kevin Xiong gotten stories of some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Diverse contributors share stories of survival and abuse with poignant accounts of the sanctuary of community and the power of creating chosen families. Kicked Out highlights the nuanced perspectives of national organizations such as The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and The National Alliance Against Homelessness and regional agencies, including Sylvia’s Place, The Circus Project and Family Builders. This anthology, introduced by Judy Shepard, gives voice to the voiceless and challenges the stereotypical face of homelessness. Presenters: Sassafras Lowrey, Author, Kicked Out

Protecting Ourselves Against Our Own Bodies
Youth Remember your first time going to the gyno? Never been? Come chat with other young women about strategies and terminology about your body. This 60-minute caucus will leave you with all the information you may need to be comfortable at your doctors. Have a great time educating yourself about your body. Presenters: Stephanie Robinson, BAGLY, Inc., Boston, MA

Running a Women’s Group
Community Organizing This workshop will help attendees increase attendance of women in their GLBT centers and women’s groups. Participants will compare and analyze types of meetings and advertising methods from their own experiences. Attendees will leave with practical guidelines for when women will participate, meeting ideas, and advertising skills unique to women. Presenters: Jennifer Owens, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX; Sandy Thornton, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

QPOC Organizing on College Campuses
People of Color QPOC Organizing on College Campuses is intended for those who identify as queer people of color. This caucus will focus on discussing issues relevant to QPOC community building on college campuses, such as: the importance of politicization in QPOC spaces, strategies for fostering political analysis while maintaining a safe, supportive space; the incorporation of class-based and ability-based discourses into QPOC spaces; how to relate QPOC college organizing to larger social justice movements. Presenters: Ajanli Jaiman; Luis Penate; Watufani Poe; Sasha Wijeyeratne

Talking About Sex in Communities of Color
Sexual Freedom Doing the nasty just isn’t a polite conversation topic, but for SLGBT activists of color, laughing about what really happened on Saturday night with your friends is normal. By extension, being able to engage others both inside and out of your immediate community in honest discussions about sexuality should be just as normal. Join us as we address ways to accomplish this by charting some of the effective ways African American, Asian, Hispanic and white LGBT activists have held positive conversations on sexuality in communities of color. FRIDAY SESSIONS Presenters: Yoseñio V. Lewis, Woodhull Freedom Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Queer Activism in Spanish Caucus
Movement Building In most Queer Latino activist efforts English is the default language that is used. However, many Latino community members are Spanish-dominant and prefer to engage civic and cultural issues in Spanish. This caucus is designed as a Spanish-language LGBT activist gathering. We hope to share resources, best practices and confer around the needs of LGBT activism in Spanish. Presenters: Francisco Dueñas, Proyecto Igualdad Coordinator, Lambda Legal, Los Angeles, CA

Transitioning Beyond the Boxes
Gender Issues How is your gender identity defined by you? By society? In what ways do you conform to gender norms? In what ways do you challenge them? Move beyond the gender boxes! This caucus will explore gender identity and expression against the backdrop of the mainstream gender binary system. Share your thoughts, feelings, stories, and ideas on how gender is questioned, accepted, shaped, and challenged in our community and in our society. Presenters: Anne Hodson, St. Paul, MN; Shawyn Lee, Assistant Director, University of Minnesota GLBTA Programs Office, Minneapolis, MN

Queer Youth Caucus
Youth Come one, come all to this wonderful networking opportunity for young people to meet the leaders of our movement and vice versa. Presenters: Greg Varnum, Executive Director, National Youth Advocacy Coalition, Washington, DC

Reading: Sassafras Lowery reads from Kicked Out
Youth In the U.S., 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. Kicked Out published by Homofactus Press brings together the voices of current and former homeless LGBTQ youth and tells these for-

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010


What Does the “A” Stand For Again? Caucus on the Place of Straight Allies Within the Movement
Movement Building This is not about how to get people to become allies. This is not about ooey-gooey talk of how “the best thing you can do is be there.” How can allies harness their particular status to contribute to the movement in unique ways? Where do we need to involve more allies, and where do we need separatist space? What does the ideal ally look like (perhaps within specific contexts)? Presenters: David Phinney, CA

Are You Ready? Moving Racial Justice in LGBT Organizations
Racial Justice • 3 Hour Session • Fundamentals When it comes to race and racism, many LGBT organizations have trouble walking their talk or even talking their talk. But like individuals, organizations evolve, change and grow. In this interactive workshop, participants will develop an understanding of how racism operates within their organization’s own walls, assess where their organization fits in the four stages of Anti-Racist Organizational Development, identify steps to move forward, and share fears, struggles and best practices in this work. Presenters: Jeana Frazzini, Executive Director, Basic Rights Oregon, Portland, OR; Aubrey Harrison, Field Organizer, Basic Rights Oregon, Portland, OR; Alejandro Juarez, Basic Rights Oregon, Portland OR; Jessica Lee, Youth Organizer, Basic Rights Oregon, Portland, OR

Winning Washington: How One Woman’s Story Became Key in a Major Movement Victory
Elections, Ballot Measures and Campaigns Charlene Strong, of the film “For My Wife,” became a key proponent of the Washington State comprehensive domestic partner legislation. Charlene’s compelling story of a family tragedy helped to propel the victory in November 2009 on Referendum 71 that cemented most rights of marriage for same-sex couples in Washington. Presenters: Charlene Strong, For My Wife, Seattle, WA

Being Safe OUTside the System: LGBTSTGNC Communities of Color Ending Violence Without Law Enforcement
Anti-Violence/Bias Reduction • All Audiences LGBTSTGNC (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Trans, and Gender Non Conforming) people of color face hate violence and police violence on a daily basis. However due to the prevalence of state based violence LGBTSTGNC people of color are unable and unwilling to rely upon law enforcement to ensure our safety. In a highly interactive workshop members of the Audre Lorde Project’s S.O.S. Collective will support participants in creating strategies to reduce violence against LGBTSTGNC communities of color. Presenters: Ejeris Dixon, Audre Lorde Project, Brooklyn, NY

Young and Poly
Sexual Freedom Polyamory being one of the more marginalized identities of our community, young people need a safe space to be validated within their truths. Being young and poly even in the “queer” community is impacted by a hetero-normative model of family and relationships. This caucus is not designed as a poly 101 but is designed for young people that identify on the poly spectrum to voice shared experiences and learn from one another. Presenters: Daunasia Yansey, BAGLY, MA

Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality
Movement Building • All Audiences SATURDAY SESSIONS Like snowflakes, no two people are exactly alike. How do we assign labels to our complicated and unique experiences? What generational changes are we experiencing around labeling? We will discuss uses and limitations of the Kinsey scale and other measures of sexual orientation, with attention to factors such as sex, gender, time, and more. We will conduct a short, anonymous study, and examine the data. Finally, we will consider the implications for our activism. This engaging workshop provides much food for thought. Presenters: Robyn Ochs, Editor, Bisexual Resource Guide, Jamaica Plain, MA

Saturday, February 6 • 9:00AM –10:30AM

Aging Out - Facilitating Healthy Transitions
Youth • Intermediate This workshop provides a forum for youth and adults at youthserving organizations to discuss contemporary practices and policies regarding age-limits, aging out and facilitating supported transitions for youth. Participants will learn about contemporary aging out models being employed by other organizations. Youth and adult attendees will dialogue about their respective needs as individuals and organizations. Participants will depart with tools to evaluate their own organizations and strategies for building a fully supportive aging out policy. Presenters: Heather Lenox, Texas GSA Network, Austin, TX; Andie Lyons, The LGBT Community Center of Colorado, Denver, CO; Trevor Wright, Board of Directors, The Boston Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth (BAGLY), Boston, MA

Building An Employee Resource Group (ERG) With Impact
Workplace • All Audiences The corporate world has been a leader on progressing LGBT equality by recognizing that their employees can be more productive if they can bring their whole self to work each day. This workshop will provide those attending insight on starting, building and growing LGBTF Employee Resource Groups within their company. Although each topic is touched, the session emphasis will be on
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010


how to help develop your ERG’s standing within the company and the community. ERG’s with real influence on corporate policies can have a lasting positive impact on LGBT employees for many years. Presenters: Jeff Snook, Dallas, TX

Data for a Change
Research and Policy • Intermediate Data about transgender communities is sorely lacking. Time and time again, we see that the lack of data about our communities hinders our efforts to make change. But there is good news: recent surveys have begun to fill in research gaps. Come learn how to use existing data on transgender discrimination issues, conduct similar surveys in your area, how to determine the implications of the data, and how to use the data for policy advocacy. We will use examples from the Transgender Law Center’s State of Transgender California report and the Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality’s National Study of the Prevalence of Discrimination against Transgender and Gender Non-conforming People. Presenters: Masen Davis, Executive Director, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco, CA; Somjen Frazer, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, New York, NY; Kristina Wertz, San Francisco, CA

Centralizing Your Community: Why & How To Start or Expand Your LGBT Community Center
Community Centers • All Audiences LGBT centers serve over 40,000 people weekly in 48 states, and this workshop will help organizers and others to consider the direction of their local community relative to the formation of an LGBT center and to learn the tools necessary to take that first leap. The content will assist those who are considering beginning a center, those who have started a center, and those with existing centers looking at building their presence in the community. Presenters: Kendall Clawson, Executive Director, Portland Q Center, Portland, OR; David Kilmnick, Executive Director, Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth, Bay Shore, NY; Guido Sanchez, National Manager of Membership and Development, CenterLink; David Stocum, New Mexico LGBT Centers,NM

Enhancing HIV/STD Prevention Outreach to Diverse Communities: African-Americans, Hispanics, and Men Who Have Sex with Men
AIDS/HIV • Intermediate This workshop will assist attendees become familiar with and understand a variety of organizational and interpersonal dynamics involved in outreaching to diverse communities, including African-American, Hispanic, and MSM populations for HIV/STD prevention. Participants will exchange best outreach practices, techniques and strategies with outreach professionals of effective local and statewide health promotion campaigns. Attendees will leave with some essential outreach knowledge and skills to further develop their HIV/STD prevention programs. Presenters: Mikael Andrew; Jai Makokha; Ruben Ramirez, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

Communicating at the Intersection of Race and Sexuality: Ideas on How To Build Bridges with African Americans
Research and Policy • Intermediate This workshop will offer a research-based discussion of how communications can be strengthened between the LGBT movement and African American communities. The workshop will draw upon research conducted by the Arcus Foundation and others to articulate the complex intersections of sexuality and race with the goal of how these lessons can help activists create greater public support and message effectively when engaging African Americans. This session is for advocates, policy makers and leaders who are sincerely engaged in organizing and communication across the lines of race and sexuality. Presenters: Cornell Belcher, Brilliant Corners Research and Strategy; Rashad Robinson, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, NY; Donna Victoria, Victoria Research and Consulting

Equity, Fidelity and Sustainability
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences How do we create equitable agreements in our sexual encounters and relationships? Does equity require symmetry in sexual practices and rules? How do divergent needs get met equitably? What is fidelity? Is it sexual exclusivity? Is it honesty? Is it both or neither? How are we creating sustainable practices and frameworks in our relationships? How do we measure success? Is longevity the measure of a successful relationship? Or vibrancy? Or something else? This lively discussion will feature panelists who are embodying and exploring these values and concepts in greatly varying ways. Presenters: Amelie Zurn, Jack Harrison, Kenyon Farrow

Creating Diverse Coalitions around Family Definition
Families • Intermediate This workshop will help participants understand the ways in which LGBT advocates can find common ground around family definition issues with immigrants’ rights, women of color, economic justice, and other social justice advocates and organizations. Participants will leave this workshop with concrete tools they can use to create model coalitions based on a broad definition of family. Presenters: Kellan E. Baker, Policy Associate, National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC; Veronica Bayetti Flores, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health , NY; Rebecca Fox, Executive Director, National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC; Miriam Yeung, Executive Director, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, New York, NY


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Model for Civic Engagement through Campus LGBT Resource Centers
Campus • Intermediate University-based LGBT Resource Centers can do more than they might think for the social justice movement. In this workshop we will trace the development of our LGBT Resource Center in a conservative part of the country including its effective civic engagement strategies. Participants will develop their own strategies for institutionalizing advocacy. By leveraging the power of the university, enormous change can be created in our communities. Presenters: Milt Ford, Director, LGBT Resource Center, Grand Valley State University ; Matthew Mokma, Graduate Assistant, LGBT Resource Center, Grand Valley State University ; Colette Seguin Beighley, Assistant Director, LGBT Resource Center -Grand Valley State University

Sex[+] More than the Birds and the Bees
Youth • All Audiences For the past eight years, federal funded abstinence-only programs have been teaching that: Young persons may sense affection and even infatuation for a member of the same sex. This is not the same thing as “being” homosexual. Any same sex “sexual experimentation” can be confusing to young persons and should be strongly discouraged. (FACTS Middle School, Teacher’s Edition, p. 72) Abstinence-only before marriage programs have failed to equip young people with the information needed to make healthy and informed decisions about sex. Sex education is a necessary and vital piece of young people’s education – one that impacts our decisions, our health and potentially our whole lives. Regardless of people’s beliefs, we deserve truthful, medically accurate information that speaks to our real, diverse experiences and trusts us to make informed decisions. In this workshop, we’re going to delve deeper into the issue that America loves and hates to talk about – sex and sex education. We’re going to look at a brief history of sex education in this country and the abstinence-only culture shift of the last decade. Through the use of pop culture, PowerPoint and interactive discussion, we will talk about the dangerous impacts of abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula and discuss our vision for sex education that speaks to diverse experiences of all young people. Presenters: Kierra Johnson and Edith Sargon, ChoiceUSA, Washington, DC

Online to Offline Engagement
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences It’s great to drive people to your website, but if you can’t move them to take offline action in the “flesh world,” you haven’t done your job. This session will cover how to move supporters from online support to offline activist, including some case studies from some of the most successful organizations in the U.S. Presenters: Michael Crawford, The Bilerico Project, Washington DC; R. Fureigh, New York, NY

The Cutting Edge in Trans Rights: Healthcare, Prisons, and ID Documents
Transgender Community & Issues • All Audiences Transgender rights are rapidly evolving. There have been great victories in some states and localities and some losses in others. Whether fighting for insurance coverage for gender transition, fighting for better jail/prison treatment, or for accurate IDs there is plenty cutting edge advocacy going on. Come hear about efforts in various states and localities, and even the national level, and what you can do where you are to make a difference. Presenters: Simon Arnoff, Community Educator, Lambda Legal, Chicago, IL; Daniel Gould, Equality California, Los Angeles, CA; Lisa Mottet, Transgender Civil Rights Project Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC; Gunner Scott, Director, Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), Boston, MA; Harper Jean Tobin, Policy Council, National Center for Transgender Equality, Washington, DC

Passing Good Legislation or Fighting Bad: Using Research for Good
Legislative/Legal Reform and Public Policy • Intermediate Want to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance in your city? Trying to fight an adoption ban? This session will give you an opportunity to talk about upcoming legislative and policy initiatives (the good and the bad) and learn how to use cutting edge public policy research to accomplish your goals. Presenters: M.V. Lee Badgett, Research Director, The Williams Institute, Amherst, MA; Angie Buhl, Equality South Dakota; Naomi Goldberg, Williams Institute, Los Angeles, CA; Christopher Ramos, Williams Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Promise and Peril: Managing a statewide coalition and public funding for LGBT health and human services
Movement Building • All Audiences This session will help attendees become familiar with and improve their advocacy skills around securing funding for LGBT health and human services. We will present a model for collaboration between statewide LGBT advocacy organizations, local community based health and human service providers and state officials and offer participants practical tools for creating and managing collaborations in their own states. Presenters: Daniel Gould, Equality California, Los Angeles, CA; Jonathan Lang, Empire State Pride Agenda, NY; Carmen Vazquez, AIDS Institute, New York, NY

United Nations and International LGBT Issues
International Issues • Fundamentals Bruce Knotts, with 23 years experience in the State Department and 2 in the Peace Corps (Ethiopia), was instrumental in the first inclusion of LGBT issues by the UN’s Human Rights Council. Join as he details the UN’s work on civil rights on the international stage, and how we as individuals can help our cause in other countries as well as our own. Presenters: Bruce Knotts, Unitarian Universalist United Nations, New York, NY
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



You Lie! Right-Wing Race Backlash: What it Means for Queers
Research and Policy • All Audiences What do Teabaggers, Birthers, and town hall gun-totin’ screamers have to do with LGBTQ equality? Sit in on a strategy session about race politics in the age of Obama and its implications for our work. Presenters: Pam Chamberlain, Political Research Associates, Somerville, MA

Saturday, February 6 • 10:45AM –12:15PM

Are You Ready? Moving Racial Justice in LGBT Organizations (Continued)
Racial Justice • 3 Hour Session • Fundamentals

Creating Change in your Community A Toolkit for LGBTQ Campus Activism
Campus • All Audience Are you a student who wants to see change but doesn’t know where to start? Have you been engaged in campus activism for a while but need a few new ideas? Join us for an interactive stepby-step process to creating change on your campus or in your community. We’ll discuss the spectrum of activism, how to build an inclusive movement, and the dynamics of power, privilege, and intersectionality. Let’s learn from and share with each other! Presenters: Joy Messinger, Rochester, NY

Did They Just Say That? Responding to the Right’s Lies
Communications, Media and Messaging • Fundamentals Find yourself screaming at the TV when someone says something totally false about the GLBT community? Learn how to neutralize GLBT rights opponents’ arguments and what to say in response. This session will use actual materials put out by GLBT rights opponents. Participants will learn the skills to respond with current and accurate research. Presenters: M.V. Lee Badgett, Research Director, The Williams Institute, Amherst, MA; Gary Gates, Senior Research Fellow, The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA; Naomi Goldberg, Williams Institute, Los Angeles , CA; Christopher Ramos, Williams Institute, Los Angeles, CA

From Front Line to Bottom Line: Engaging Corporate Social Responsibility makes cents
Workplace • Intermediate This workshop will help attendees become familiar with and improve their existing advocacy skills in corporate relationships. Participants will learn a variety of strategies for talking to corporations and how to translate activist-speak into corporate social responsibility. Connecting the important impact that corporations

have on the LGBT equality movement and expanding that influence will be a main focus. Participants will develop skills to create long term mutually beneficial relationship with corporations to further social change. Presenters: Pat Baillie, Associate Director of Training , Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, San Francisco, CA; Stephen Gould, Associate Director of NETWORKS, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, San Francisco, CA

Land, Desire and Culture: Two Spirit People and the LGBT Movement
People of Color • All Audiences Join us in a session geared for collective learning about sovereignty, Two Spirit people, and our shared legacy, as well as our expanding analysis and identities. Some of our discussion will revolve around what Two Spirit people’s inclusion in the LGBTIGNC movement has to offer, how the larger movement can align itself to issues of sovereignty, and how a movement inclusive of Two Spirit leadership, issues and their intersections would contribute to the liberation of us all. This is an open session for First Nations / Two Sprit / Indigenous folks & allies. Presenters: Coya Artichoker, First Nations Collective, Minneapolis, MN ; Paulina Hernandez, Co-Director, Southerners on New Ground, New Market, TN; Melissa Hoskins, First Nations Collective ; Melissa Pope, Coordinator, Gender and Sexuality Center, Oakland University

Gaybingo: Unity, Fun and Money
Fundraising • All Audiences This workshop will assist participants learn basic operations and event management of a monthly fundraiser that attracts GLBTA friends and family to your agency. Presenters: Henry Ramirez III, Center Programs Manager, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

Getting Bi & Passing It On: Learning to Teach Bisexuality with a Free Curriculum
Bisexual Community • All Audiences Bisexuality doesn’t just have 2 parts. Come get an overview about an exciting, free, inter-active, 4-part curriculum that you can take back to your community to teach them about the ins & outs of bisexuality, pansexuality & the other names it goes by these days. Program confronts myths & misconceptions, provides queer definitions, discusses the intersection of gender identities in relation to sexual orientation, and addresses single & multiple partner relationships. Presenters: Dana Dwinell Yardley, Interweave Continental, Montpelier, VT; Allyson Diane Hamm, Interweave Continental, Allentown, PA

Mapping Your Desire
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences Desire matters. Claiming and acting on our desires creates a more healthy, sustainable life path for all of us. Fully embodying our desire gives us an integrity and fierceness that we take into our families, our communities, and our work for social change. Creating the sexual life you deserve requires an understanding of your desire, which can be found by mapping your sexual path to date. The key treasure trove of information concerning what turns you on, what keeps you interested, and what touches you most deeply lies in your unique sexual story. In any persons life, 5 or 10 key points on our sexual map or biography jump out at us these are the moments when we learned something crucial about ourselves, or when we felt most vulnerable, most excited, or most true to our desires. Points on our Desire Map are important guideposts for our lives; ignoring them saps us of our sexual vibrancy and our creative resistance. This workshop will provide an introduction to Desire Mapping, and a tool for your life-long journey toward sexual empowerment and a more just world. Presenters: Jaime M. Grant, Director of the Policy Institute, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC; Amelie Zurn, Lesbian Health Activist and Therapist, Washington, DC, Monique Meadows

AIDS/HIV • All Audiences Nearly three in five new HIV infections occur among gay and bisexual men. Young Black and Latino gay men are disproportionately affected. Family acceptance and LGBT-affirming interventions correlate with lower HIV risk behavior. How can we encourage greater collaboration between public health and education policy makers? How can we promote family support? How can youth involvement, social marketing and the internet be harnessed to address this growing problem? Presenters: Francisco Roque, Institute for Gay Men’s Health, Gay Men’s Health Crisis , New York, NY; Caitlin Ryan, Family Acceptance Project, San Francisco, CA; Lyndel Urbano, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), New York, NY

Moving Voters on Marriage!: A Door-to-Door Voter Persuasion Model
Marriage • All Audiences This workshop will help you think differently about how to move voters to be supportive of marriage equality. Since January 2009, Vote for Equality has been developing a new model of in-person, door-to-door voter persuasion. Learn how to use the tools that have been developed and how to analyze the data that has come out of having over 5,000 conversations at the door with voters in swing and unsupportive areas in California.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



HIV and young gay and bisexual men and transgender women: Promoting Support

Presenters: Kathleen Campisano, Senior Field Organizer, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Los Angeles, CA; Regina Clemente, LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles; Jay Darling, LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA; Laura Gardiner, LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA

The Volunteer Connection: Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential by Creating an Amazing Volunteer Experience
Organizational Development • Intermediate Learn the basics of creating and maintaining the support necessary for a volunteer program that results in thrilled volunteers and greater productivity for the agency. The workshop will provide the necessary tools to support a volunteer program and to effectively utilize volunteers. Attendees will learn the basics of volunteer management, from recruiting, communicating to and recognizing volunteers. Information applies to volunteer coordinators and other staff at all levels, from beginner to experienced. Presenters: Deborah Cavazos, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

Staying Safe While TRANSitioning
Transgender Community & Issues • All Audiences While going through the transition from female to male or male to female staying safe while having sex becomes more complicated. This workshop will go over different ways in which one can protect themselves and their identity. Instead of putting the power in the hands of your sexual partner, take it back and protect yourself. Presenters: Conor Lipchus, Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, Boston, MA

The Journey from Laws to Jobs For Trans People
Transgender Community & Issues • Intermediate With the help of tireless activists, more jurisdictions are passing laws protecting transgender people from workplace discrimination. Still, many transgender people remain marginalized and continue to experience discrimination in hiring and on the job. Local activists have turned their attention to creating comprehensive workforce development programs focusing on the unique needs of transgender job seekers. This workshop will help you pass nondiscrimination laws, and begin to work toward enforcement. We’ll discuss ways to create, fund and implement workforce development programs designed especially for transgender and gender non-conforming job seekers. Presenters: Lisa Mottet, Transgender Civil Rights Project Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC; Kristina Wertz, San Francisco, CA

Welfare Warriors: Surviving Violence, Fighting Injustice and Building Community
Racial Justice • All Audiences This interactive workshop led by low income LGBTGNC members of Queers for Economic Justice will focus on sharing the resistance and resilience strategies that low income queer, trans and gender non conforming people use to navigate poverty related violence and build strong self determining communities. The Welfare Warriors project utilizes participatory action research (PAR), in which all members of the collective participate at each step of the research. The session will be an opportunity to learn about PAR as a mechanism for raising critical consciousness around structural violence against queers of color and how QEJ has incorporated research into our on going campaigns. This workshop will screen the documentary of the Welfare Warriors Research Collaborative, a project of Queers for Economic Justice. The half hour documentary captures on screen how low income LGBTGNC fought back against injustice, created liberating communities and survived poverty related violence in New York City. We will share how this media project has become a strategy of the Welfare Warriors to challenge discrimination, homophobia and transphobia in New York City. Presenters: Reina Gossett, Queers for Economic Justice, New York, NY

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey: A Talk on Preliminary Findings
Research and Policy • All Audiences From November 2008-March 2009, The National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force fielded the largest study of transgender discrimination ever undertaken in the U.S. Nearly 6,500 respondents have provided a striking portrait of the tremendous barriers to employment, housing, health care, public and family life that transgender and gender non-conforming people face in every day life due to bias. Come here preliminary findings from this historic study. Presenters: Somjen Frazer, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, New York, NY; Mara Keisling, Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality, Washington, DC

What Do Funders Want? Developing Your Grant Proposal
Fundraising • Fundamentals Will foundations fund your organization? Should you even bother to apply? Who should you apply to? What makes a proposal strong and fundable? Aren’t foundations cutting back because of the recession? These and other questions will be explored in depth by staff from the two largest LGBT foundation funders, Arcus and Gill. This session will benefit beginners and those at an intermediate level. Presenters: Dave Montez, Associate Program Officer, Gill Foundation, Denver, CO; Cindy Rizzo, Director of Grant Making Programs, The Arcus Foundation, New York, NY


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

What it Means to be an LGBT Asylee & How You Can Help
International Issues • All Audiences This workshop will walk attendees through the LGBT asylum seeking process and give first hand accounts of what it is like for LGBT people in countries where they are persecuted. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the ways religion has often been the basis for oppression and the ways many churches are fighting and taking a stance against that oppression. Participants will leave with practical tools for supporting LGBT asylum seekers around the country. Presenters: Rev. Judith Hanlon, LGBT Asylum Support Task Force, Holden, MA; Angela Knapton, LGBT Asylum Support Task Force, Worcester, MA; Sean Martin, LGBT Asylum Support Task Force, Worcester, MA; Lisa Laurel Weinberg, Lutheran Social Services, LGBT Human Rights Protection/Political Asylum Representation Project, Worcester, MA

Saturday, February 6 • 3:00PM –4:30PM

¿Qué Dijeron?/What Did They Say? Creating Multilingual Spaces
Movement Building • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences Why do I have to use this equipment? Repeating everything into another language makes the meetings take twice as long! If they dont understand, they should bring someone to interpret for them. Any of these sound familiar? Language is a powerful tool that can be used to achieve different political goals. It can be used to silence voices of marginalized communities to oppressively maintain privilege; or it can be used to create spaces for new community voices in ways that transform race relationships and empower marginalized groups. Organizing is about relationships, so is movement building. But how can we do either if we cannot talk to one another? A commitment to Language Justice and to creating multilingual political spaces is an important component of SONGs (Southerners on New Ground) organizing work. SONG has been developing its Language Justice analysis and practice for several years and successfully effected its first fully linguistically integrated Organizing School in Virginia in August 2009. This workshop will cover the why and the how of creating multilingual spaces. The workshop is highly interactive and based on a popular education model. Presenters: Roberto Tijerina, Board of Directors, Southerners on New Ground, Durham, NC

Working Against Elitist Activism: A Discussion with Youth Activists
Youth • All Audiences This discussion-based workshop will address the conflicts and barriers created by the down-er than thou mentality that often leads to feelings of exclusion and grudges in social justice organizing. Speaking specifically to youth and student organizers, this session will discuss and then outline strategies to build communities of strong organizers instead of alienating one another with destructive judgments. In an effort to create sustainable activism, we will develop real methods for confronting the effects of judgmental conflict. Presenters: Jeannie Beeson, National Youth Advocacy Coalition, Washington, DC; Vincent Villano, Campus Progress, Washington DC

Advocacy, Community Mobilization and Outreach, Participation and the Rest of the Mess in HIV Clinical Research: What’s the Deal for Populations Most Impacted?
AIDS/HIV • All Audiences Common words in the field of HIV/AIDS work, regardless of ones title, Community Member, PI/Researcher, Community Educator/ Recruiter etc., are used in an almost drowning fashion. Is it fatigue, boredom or something else? While finding a safe and effective vaccine that works for everyone, to prevent the spread of HIV is our worlds best long-term hope for controlling the AIDS epidemic, there is more out there in the abyss of health and wellness! HIV clinical research is also essential in the fight against HIV along with prevention, treatment, care and its in-laws advocacy community mobilization and outreach. People are tired and in the US more focused now than ever on other environmental factors. Added on top of that yummy cake, there are still a lot of myths, misunderstanding, and historical challenges that prevent persons most impacted, specifically Blacks and Latinos, from participating in research, accessing care or at the basic level, really caring at all. The Gay Mens Health Agenda and the National Coalition for LGBT Health have outlined a clear road and approach to an improved health and wellness. This workshop will provide the space to identify areas of collaboration for the individual and at the organizational level to ignite the fire for a resurgence of passion, hope and care for our collective well being. Come join us and contribute
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

WTF is Going On with Congress?
Legislative/Legal Reform and Public Policy • All Audiences Our LGBT agenda is getting bogged down in Congress, or is it on the brink of passage? We have had a victory or two, but what does it take to get the rest of our priorities passed? Join national advocates for a frank discussion of the status and expectations on various bills, including the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the Uniting American Families Act, the Safe Schools Improvement Act, Military Readiness Enhancement Act, Education Non-Discrimination Act, and the Respect for Marriage Act. Be prepared to be told what individuals and local/state organizations need to be doing to get these bills moving as the real key to passing these priorities is in the hands of the grassroots and don’t be surprised if we ask you to call your Representative/Senator in the middle of the workshop. Presenters: Mara Keisling, Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality, Washington DC; Stacey Long, Federal Legislative Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC Julie Kruse, Policy Director, Immigration Equality, New York, NY; Sue Fulton, Communications Director, Knights OUT; Kara Suffredini, Esq., Director of Public Policy and Community Engagement, Family Equality Council, Boston, MA



your thoughts, ideas, and passion while we drive toward action steps of hope. Presenters: Chris Bartlett, Executive Director, LGBT Leadership Initiative, Chester, PA; Russell Brewer, Program Manager, Center on AIDS and Community Health, Washington, DC; Kaijson Noilmar, Legacy Project Coordinator, HIV Vaccine Trials Network, Seattle, WA Presenters: Kendall Clawson, Executive Director, Portland Q Center, Portland, OR; Marjorie J. Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, New York, NY; Lorri L. Jean, Chief Executive Officer, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA; Kate Kendell, Esq., Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Francisco, CA; Mike McKay, Executive Director, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

Culturally Sensitive Practice with LGBTQ Youth in Out-of-Home Care
Youth • All Audiences This workshop will discuss distinct challenges faced by LGBTQ youth in the child welfare, juvenile justice and homeless systems of care, where they are often subject to discrimination, harassment and violence. Participants will learn about the ways LGBTQ youth enter these systems, the risks they are subject to once there and the principles that guide culturally competent work with LGBTQ youth. Participants will also learn about innovative laws and policies and available resources to improve care for these youth. Presenters: Flor Bermudez, Lambda Legal, NY; Dennis Coleman, Lambda Legal, Dallas, TX; Judith Dumont, Youth First Texas, Dallas, TX

Gays God and the Workplace: SANE Conversations and TFR Love
Faith & Spirituality • Advanced Corporate America provides a radical example of progress toward equitable treatment for LGBT-identified individuals. Since 1991, more than 95% of the Fortune 500 has adopted non-discrimination policies and two-thirds offer Domestic Partner Benefits. The most vocal opposition to these policies has come from religious extremists who claim Biblical authority for condemning LGBT equality. This workshop will provide a model for SANE conversations that can lead to relationships based on TFR (*Truth, Forgiveness and Reconciliation). Presenters: Susan Gore, Mentor Group, Dallas, TX

HIV, Race and Generational differences
AIDS/HIV • Intermediate Gay and bi men are a small minority in the U.S., but nearly three in five new HIV infections. Black gay/bi men are hardest hit. Infections among gay/bi men are increasing. Has HIV prevention policy failed? How do preventionists address the striking race and age differences among HIV+ gay/bi men? How will we handle the graying of AIDS, with a third of HIV+ people 50+? Presenters: Kenyon Farrow, Executive Director, Queers for Economic Justice, New York, NY ; Ronald Johnson, AIDS Action Council , Washington, DC; Francisco Roque, Institute for Gay Men’s Health, Gay Men’s Health Crisis , New York, NY; Lyndel Urbano, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), New York, NY

Engaging Queer Youth in Your Advocacy Efforts
Youth • Fundamentals Wondering how to get those youth from the marches and rallies you see on TV to your organization’s advocacy events? Wishing you had more young people participating in your advocacy work? Join us for a presentation and discussion on solving these riddles. Presenters: Greg Varnum, Executive Director, National Youth Advocacy Coalition, Washington, DC

Executive Directors Roundtable
Organizational Development • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences If you are the staff leader (Executive Director, CEO, etc.) of a nonprofit organization, this is the session for you! Being a nonprofit CEO can be a lonely job, especially if you are working in the LGBT or AIDS realms. Plus, in this economy, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. Opportunities rarely exist to interact with, help and learn from colleagues in similar positions. This three-hour session will provide current EDs with an opportunity to do just that. Led by a group of seasoned EDs/CEOs at a variety of organizations across the country (larger, smaller, national, local), this session will focus on managing through difficult times, including specific tactics and strategies for maintaining and increasing fundraising. Large and small group interactive discussions (as the attendees desire) will address subjects such as effective relationships between an ED and his/her Board, stress management, maintaining staff morale, etc. The session concludes with a reception to provide an opportunity for EDs/CEOs to network with their colleagues and share ideas and best practices.

King & King Redux: Beating The Use of School Curriculum as a Wedge Issue
Movement Building • 3 Hour Session • Fundamentals Our opposition has enjoyed considerable success in leveraging fear of children [being] taught about same-sex marriage in schoolto shift public–and explicitly voter–opinion against same-sex marriage in both California and in Maine marriage equality campaigns. This workshop will engage attendees in interactive information and strategy exercises to evaluate the Right’s use of school curriculum as a wedge issue and our best responses to them. We will delve into the opposition’s strategies and available public opinion research data and work together to develop effective public education campaigns and collaborate broadly within different communities. Presenters: Judy Appel, Executive Director, Our Family Coalition, San Francisco, CA; Amy R. Simon, Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, Oakland, CA; Betsy Smith, Executive Director, Equality Maine, Portland, ME


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Kink, Race and Class
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences How does race/racism/classism play into our kink? As a person of color in the kink world, can we leave some of our identities at the door? Are queer play parties and kink worlds accessible to poor people? Why? Why not? Do kinksters operate in a political vacuum? Is it possible to be kinky and political? How can we respect one another and continue to navigate within the kink sphere? (Kink may encompass bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism, power exchange play, fetishes, multi-partner encounters or relationship configurations, etc.) Presenters: I.G. Rivera, Sex Educator, Principal, Poly Patao Productions eratively develop real-life, workable solutions. Attendees will gain hands-on experience during the workshop, and will leave with tools to begin their own crisis communications planning. Presenters: Laura McGinnis, Account Manager , Renna Communications, Washington, DC; Cathy Renna, Co-Founder and Principal, Renna Communications, Washington, DC

Reinvigorating Your LGBTQA Campus Organization
Campus • All Audiences This workshop will help attendees identify problems with their LGBTQA campus organizations and come up with solutions for those problems. Participants will brainstorm ideas on how to reinvigorate their organization through small groups and large group discussion. Participants will then use these ideas to create an action plan for the following year on how to strengthen their organizations. Presenters: Laura Graving, Dayton, OH; David Topping, Kalamazoo, MI

Outing Age 2010: Research and Policy
Research and Policy • Intermediate In 2000, the Task Force released an historic document on research and policy issues affecting LGBT older adults. The 2010 update includes new findings, more research, and key policy recommendations as we prepare for the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act in 2011. Presenters: Sunny Bjerk; Loree Cooke-Daniels, Transgender Aging Network; Somjen Frazer, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, New York, NY; Laurie Young, The Task Force, Washington, DC

Small-Dollar Online Fundraising
Communications, Media and Messaging • All Audiences We can’t ensure that you’ll raise $500 million like the Obama campaign, but we can help you parse out how to create an effective small-dollar online fundraising program. This session gives some stats on why email is still the killer fundraising app, how to include your supporters in your fundraising asks, and how to ensure that your asks are part of a meaningful theory of change. Presenters: Julia Rosen and Andy Szekeres

Publicity and Awareness: Linking the GLBT community and the media
Communications, Media and Messaging • Fundamentals This workshop will help attendees formulate and develop a variety of strategic GLBT communications messages and effectively communicate those messages to print, broadcast and social media. Participants will learn who to message, how to message and about specific cases where messaging achieved desire results. Attendees will leave with practical advice and tools for messaging success. Presenters: Rafael McDonnell, Resource Center Dallas, Dallas, TX

Spiritual Self-Defense
Faith & Spirituality • All Audiences LGBT people and their allies don’t have to be at the mercy of those who preach condemnation. We can empower ourselves and recapture our connection to God. In her workshop “Spiritual Self-Defense” pastor and author Candace Chellew-Hodge teaches: How to answer hatred or condemnation; How to avoid pointless religious debates; Learn to see opponents as God’s gift; Spiritual practices to reclaim your authentic self. Presenters: Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

Put the Fire Out: Dealing with Crisis Situation in the Media
Communications, Media and Messaging • Intermediate What happens when the news catches wind of something you wish stayed under wraps? For those times when crawling under a rock isn’t an option, this interactive workshop will give participants useful tools that can actually make a bad situation better, or at least mitigate the fallout. By addressing the steps that define a communications crisis and identifying effective strategies to deal with unforeseen challenges - before they occur, this workshop will prove to be a vital asset to organizations of all sizes. Participants who are currently encountering communications challenges and those who just haven’t had to deal with a crisis - yet - will come together to share experiences with fellow colleagues and coop-

Talking About Sex in the Trans and Trans Allies Community
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences How do we talk about sex in the transgender community with our friends and partners? How about with our allies? We probably don’t. And if we can’t talk about sex with our intimate friends and our activist allies, how will we ever have these important discussions with legislators and policy makers? We talk about equality (very important conversation!), and we talk about issues with identification documents, and we talk about workplace discrimination, but do we talk about our fundamental human right to sexual freedom - to freedom of sexual expression? And do we talk about how those documents and that discrimination violates our funNational Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



damental human right to our personal autonomy? No - we often don’t. But we will here. How do these conversations take place? What’s important for our community and for our allies to know about how we live our lives as sexual human beings? What are the discussions we need to have with each other to demystify the issues around sex and sexuality in our community? Join Yosenio Lewis for this interactive discussion as he leads participants through a series of exercises that will help create concrete tools for individuals to use in their every day lives to facilitate and engage in these important discussions. Presenters: Yoseñio V. Lewis, Woodhull Freedom Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Building LGBT Domestic Violence Coalitions: It Takes A Village
Anti-Violence/Bias Reduction • All Audiences While domestic violence within the LGBT community has received more attention, resources to assist survivors are limited, making Coalition-building essential. Attendees will leave with ideas on how to begin their own coalition, people and resources to contact and ideas on how to gain attention and membership to the coalition. Attendees will leave with tools and ideas on whom to contact within their communities and how to best create collaborations. Presenters: Kitty Olde, Plano, TX; Heidi Pyron, Dallas, TX

The State of Higher Education for LGBT People: 2001-2009
Campus • Fundamentals In a 2003 study the climate on college campuses was found to be less than welcoming for LGBT people (e.g., 42% were the target of harassment). In 2009, a follow-up study re-examines the campus climate for LGBT people. Given the increase in LGBT inclusive policies, curricular and co-curricular programs, and services, has the climate changed? This program will engage participants, reviewing the results and brainstorming recommendations to address the challenges unearthed in the report. Presenters: Somjen Frazer, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, New York, NY; Sue Rankin, Assistant Professor of Education, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Executive Directors Roundtable (Continued)
3 Hour Session • All Audiences

Faith and LGBTI Equality: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk
Faith & Spirituality • Intermediate The intersection of faith communities and the LGBTI movement is groundbreaking territory for our justice movement. In this session, years of valuable experience in this work are combined to offer effective methodology both for organizing supportive communities of faith and for training secular LGBTI and ally organizers to speak the language of and work with communities of faith. You will value this workshop if you are a faith leader who wants to learn how to engage other religious leaders in organizing within your own faith community, and/or a secular LGBTI or ally organizer who wants to learn how to organize more effectively with people and communities of faith. Presenters: Kerry Chaplin, California Faith for Equality, West Hollywood, CA; Sharon Groves, Deputy Director Religion and Faith Program , HRC, Washington, DC; Harry Knox, Director, Religion and Faith Program, HRC, Washington, DC

Transforming Leadership: Approaches to Developing & Sustaining Trans Leaders
Organizational Development • Intermediate This collaborative session will focus on key approaches to developing and sustaining Trans leaders in the movement. From identifying and recruiting, to tackling organizational priorities around trans issues, to sustaining and developing leadership; this workshop has it all. Participants will leave with a solid understanding 6 key principals in developing and sustaining trans leaders in the movement. Presenters: Danielle Askini, GSA Network, San Francisco, CA; Pauline Park, Co-Chair, New York Association For Gender Rights Advocacy , New York, NY; Kim Pearson, AZ; Jaan Williams, National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Francisco, CA

From Inclusive to Intersectional: The Joys and Challenges of Diverse Online Communities
Communications, Media and Messaging • Intermediate Multi-contributor blogs are virtual platforms where writers with different identities, experiences, and politics come together. In this workshop, editors and contributors from The Bilerico Project and Feministing will examine the challenges of creating inclusive communities for marginalized voices and issues. How do we create spaces where diverse perspectives are heard and nurtured? Based on real life case studies, this workshop will engage participants in dialogue about best practices for nurturing intersectional analyses and building new coalitions, online and off. Presenters: Bil Browning, Bilerico Project, Indianapolis, IN ; Miriam Perez,, Washington, DC; Paige Schilt, Bilerico Project, Austin, TX; Jos Truitt,

Saturday, February 6 • 4:45PM –6:15PM

¿Qué Dijeron?/What Did They Say? Creating Multilingual Spaces (continued)
Movement Building • 3 Hour Session • All Audiences


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

House/ Ballroom Scene 101: A hands-on workshop on the history of ballroom culture for LGBT people of color
People of Color • All Audiences For decades, the LGBT House/Ballroom circuit has nourished itself throughout the country in the shadows of urban life. Dating back to the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, LGBT House/ Ballroom sensibilities and practices have been on the cutting edge of pop culture ever since, influencing everything from American fashion, music, entertainment and beauty industries. In spite of the scene’s ubiquitous presence, mainstream audiences have yet to accredit the origins of its influence on so many arenas of culture. In light of media exploitation, and the scene’s rapidly increasing popularity, it is important to educate our communities about the LGBT House/Ballroom scene’s structure and its tremendous significance in LGBT history. Presenters: Vogue Evolution

Our Common Cause - A place for polyamorous/ non-monogamy communities in the LGBTIQA movement
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences As LGBTIQA movements strive for society to recognize and embrace a spectrum of gender and sexual identities, the polyamorous/non-monogamous (poly/NM) communities are working to gain recognition and equity within these movements. This workshop is aimed at people who are interested in having a dialogue regarding poly/NM issues in broader LGBTIQA movements. We will examine issues of “outness,” inclusion in LGBTIQA movements, and strategies for raising poly/NM concerns within your own work. Presenters: Timothy Gardner, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA; Robin Nussbaum, SUNY, NY

King & King Redux: Beating The Use of School Curriculum as a Wedge Issue (Continued)
Movement Building • 3 Hour Session •

Preaching to the Choir? Moving Your Message Through Communities of Color
Communications, Media and Messaging • Intermediate This workshop will help attendees move their LGBT messaging into the challenging minority media market. By identifying typical obstacles encountered by LGBT organizations in minority media, and encouraging participants to share the real-world challenges they have recently faced, the workshop will openly discuss and generate workable solutions to working effectively with minority media outlets. Presenters: Laura McGinnis, Account Manager, Renna Communications, Washington, DC

Learning to be Allies to Support Old Pride
Movement Building • All Audiences This workshop for people of all ages will explore and practice ways we can work together across the age divide to celebrate getting older/old. Participants will get information on ageism, the myths of aging, the ways young and old are divided from each other. They will then be asked to practice challenges to ageist policies and treatment and to list some specific things they can do to make change at home. Presenters: Rev. Shaba A. Barnes, Emeritus Co-Director, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Albuquerque, NM; Rev. Jan Griesinger, Co-Director - Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, Athens, OH

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation: Intergenerational Storytelling & Dialogue
Youth • All Audiences Young people often feel left outside of the mainstream LGBTQI movement, while seasoned activists experience their own set of challenges aging in a youth-centric LGBTQI community. This session aims to bridge that generation gap through personal storytelling. Participants will improve their abilities to build effective coalitions and communities by cultivating meaningful relationships across generations - relationships that hinge not on ageist assumptions, but rather on common ground as explored through dialogue. Participants of different age groups will be partnered so please come with an open mind and heart, ready to listen and to share. Presenters: Susan Gore, Mentor Group, Dallas , TX; Moonhawk River Stone, Task Force Board Member; Co-Chair, Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation; Ending Disparities Committee, Niskayuna, NY; Vincent Villano, Campus Progress, Washington, DC

LGBT Families Count! How to Mobilize Your Community Around the 2010 Census
Legislative/Legal Reform and Public Policy • All Audiences This workshop will train activists and community leaders on ways to promote the 2010 Census in their communities, and mobilize their communities around the Census. It will include a training and discussion on how to form LGBT Complete Count Committees, which are local, community-driven efforts to educate and engage LGBT people around the Census, with a goal of getting a complete count of LGBT Americans in 2010. Presenters: Lanette Swopes, United States Bureau of the Census, Philadelphia , PA; Matt Weinstein, United States Bureau of the Census, Northridge , CA

The Future of Sexual Orientation
Sexual Freedom • All Audiences As the gender revolution proceeds, LGBT sexual behavior and partnerships appear to be aligning less and less with identities based on traditional, binary gender categories. How do we think
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010



about this? What does lesbian gay or bisexual mean today? The emergence of homoflexible, heteroflexible, queer, and pansexual sexual orientations in community discussions and on social networking sites reveals shifting identities. Additionally, some sexual communities and identities are forming principally around what we do in bed, i.e. based on sensation, power relationships or specific fetishes. Other communities are forming based on how we configure our relationships, i.e., serial or life-long monogamy, polyamorous family configurations, swinging, or long-term single life. The question arises: What is the future of sexual orientation? Presenters: Justin Tanis, Tristan Taormino, Amy Andre

Visual Voices: Latino GLBTQ Artists, Art and You!
Art & Culture • All Audiences Sabrina Zarco, Chicana Two Spirit artist, will lead a discussion spotlighting some U.S. GLBTQ artists of Latino heritage. Participants will gain a better understanding of how these artists use the visual as a tool for activism. Explore how these artists address social realities such as poverty, discrimination, religion, family, and the legacy of machismo, a gender differentiation found in most Latin American cultures. Take a look at how these artists found a visual voice to challenge racism and heterosexism and discover how you can also find your visual voice. Presenters: Sabrina Zarco, Organizer, Dos Locas Productions, Little Rock, AR

The Pursuit of Bully-Free Schools: Innovative Approaches to Improve School Climate for LGBTQ Kids
Youth • All Audiences This interactive presentation will bring participants up to speed on the most recent information on bullying and cutting-edge bullying prevention programs. Participants will leave the presentation with an understanding of the best practices for bullying prevention and the tools to promote safe and friendly schools. Participants will also learn about ways to build community-based partnerships that foster respect and acceptance among youth of different backgrounds. Presenters: Carol Bresnahan, Ewing , NJ; Professor Robert Salem, University of Toledo College of Law, Toledo, OH; Professor Michelle Stecker, Ewing, NJ

Youth Led Youth Groups: The Benefit of Youth Helping Each Other
Youth • All Audiences More often than not, the time in life when growing up is the hardest is even harder if you’re growing up queer. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of good ways to deal with it. To make it worse, this seems to be a time when adults seem to forget, causing difficulty when trying to relate to today’s kids. This is what makes youth led youth groups so successful. This seminar will outline a successful youth led youth group, as well as a successful relationship between youth, youth leaders, and adult guides. Presenters: Samantha Iwen, Boston Alliance Of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth, Boston, MA

The Trevor Project’s Lifeguard Workshop
Youth • All Audiences

Saturday, February 6 • 6:30PM –7:30PM

Join The Staff from The Trevor Project to learn more about how you can become a lifeguard and save the lives of your LGBT and questioning friends who may be going through an incredibly tough time because of the way they are treated in their homes, communities, schools, and religious institutions. Presenters: Kelli Peterman, Trevor Project, New York, NY; Dave Reynolds, The Trevor Project, Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix Schneider, The Trevor Project, Los Angeles, CA; Michael Vacha Jr., Trevor Project, Los Angeles, CA

Bisexuality and Political Issues
Bisexual Community The Bisexual Political Caucus is open to individuals who would like to share their views on what issues the Bi/fluid/pansexual movement should focus on. We will discuss personal political beliefs from a non partisan perspective and how we can best work collectively to achieve equal rights. Presenters: Matt Goodman, BiNET USA, Dallas, TX

Using Monologues as an Educational Tool
Campus • All Audiences Learn about a different way to start conversations about LGBTQ identities and issues. The Gender and Sexuality Center at The University of Texas at Austin started a peer facilitation program that uses student written and performed monologues as a way to educate and start dialogues around LGBTQ identities. This workshop will talk about their model; students in the program will perform monologues and talk out their experiences with the program. Presenters: Shane Whalley, Austin, TX

Butch/Femme: A Feminist Conversation between Lovers
Gender Issues This session will be a public conversation between Kelly Anderson and Carmen Vazquez who have been in a relationship for three years and have had many a private conversation about feminism and queer liberation, butch and femme and the evolution of those identities and their place in lesbian culture; about how sexual and gender identity self determination represents the democratization of intimate identities in our culture, not just in queer culture but the broader culture as well. In the intimacy of their relationship to each other and to past lovers, they have experienced how butch/


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

femme conforms to and defies the stereotypes and how it has shaped the content of their erotic lives. Following the conversation, the session will be open to Q/A and commentary. Presenters: Kelly Anderson, Smith College, Northampton, MA; Carmen Vazquez, AIDS Institute, New York, NY managing emotional and physical changes in a non-self-destructive manner? Are all FTM’s full of anger and aggression? How do we create or re-negotiate our support networks? Where can we find mentoring and safe, reliable information? These are all important questions that come up as we transition. This workshop will create the space for participants to speak openly and frankly about their personal identity, transition, fears (and joys) of transitioning from Female-to-Male. Presenters: Shane Morgan, TransOhio, Columbus, OH

Caucus/Networking of LGBT Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs)
People of Color Join other LGBT Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) to tell about your organizations, share strategies, and plan for a National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance. Presenters: Ben de Guzman, Co-Director for Programs, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, Washington, DC; Liz Thompson, API Pride of Chicago, Chicago, IL

How LGBTQA History Informs Current Activism
Campus This caucus will be an opportunity to learn about LGBTQA Activist History in the Heartland and how it relates to national issues and the LGBTQ rights movement of today. Let’s dialogue about ways to find out about our history, share stories and experiences, and how to use this information for inspiration and ongoing social change in the work we are doing today! Presenters: Pat Tetreault, Sexuality Education Coordinator, University Health Center, Lincoln, NE

College Student Caucus
Campus Student leaders on college campuses rarely have a chance to breathe, let alone work with, support, and learn from student on other college campuses. This is disappointing given the fact that these students are involved in such amazing work on their home campuses. This caucus will bring together student leaders from campuses across the country to identify common issues; learn new program strategies and program practices; and create collaborative relationships with other students. Presenters: Elizabeth Elkins, Emory University Office of LGBT Life, Atlanta, GA; Michael Shutt, Emory Office of LGBT Life, Atlanta, GA

Intercountry & Transracial Adoptees Caucus
People of Color An informal discussion and networking session for all transracial and intercountry adoptees and people of color raised in foster care. Presenters: Shawyn Lee, Assistant Director, University of Minnesota GLBTA Programs Office, Minneapolis, MN; Pauline Park, Co-Chair, New York Association For Gender Rights Advocacy , New York, NY

Latin@s: Estamos Presente Designing Usable Research
Research and Policy This year’s research caucus will focus on how to insure that a research project is useful for activists. We will discuss issues of design, reporting, timeliness, and accessibility/formats most helpful to activists. Presenters: Pam Chamberlain, Political Research Associates, Somerville, MA People of Color SATURDAY SESSIONS This Latino LGBT caucus Latin@s: Estamos Presente will allow activists from around the country to connect, network, hear and share the status of the Latino LGBT movement in the U.S.A. and Puerto Rico. Join us to discuss the state of the Latino LGBT movement and where it’s headed. Presenters: Jorge Cestou, Chicago, IL; Cristina Martinez, Pearland, TX

Forget the Polite Conversation: Getting Real About FTM Transition
Transgender Community & Issues Let’s drop the polite conversations and let’s talk bluntly. Let’s talk about our experiences growing up and being socialized as female. What kinds of changes do we experience in our community once we transition or come out as transgender? How does transition affect our sexuality and relationships? What are the golden pieces of information that you know now, that you didn’t know before? What are realistic expectations to have about testosterone and

Leather Caucus
Sexual Freedom Whatever your kink – come meet your peers – fetishists of every stripe, the tippity tops, the brash bottoms, the doms and dommes, the bois, the high femmes, the givers and takers, the lovers of pain and pleasure. We’ll all be here, queer and fabulous. Presenters: Jaime M. Grant, Director of the Policy Institute, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010


LGBTQ Jewish Caucus
Faith & Spirituality Calling all LGBTQ Jews, activists for LGBTQ inclusion, and folks who want to support LGBTQ Jews! This session is an opportunity to connect, share plans and experiences, and learn with LGBTQ Jews and their allies. Presenters: Gregg Drinkwater, Co-Director, Mosaic: The National Jewish Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Denver, CO; Andrea Jacobs, Jamaica Plains, MA; Vanessa Prell, Washington, DC

The Alphabet Soup of Sexual “Minority” Youth
People of Color Latino Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (GLBTQ) youth face tremendous difficulties in a society and culture where heterosexuality often seems the only acceptable orientation, homosexuality is regarded as deviant, and variation from cultural concepts of “machismo” often evokes hostility or violence. Through this workshop, participants will be introduced to the various sexual minority groups in society and gain a greater understanding of the concept of the sexuality spectrum. Through an interactive exercise and presentation, this workshop seeks to act as a catalyst for greater understanding of sexual minority groups and the many youth who identify themselves as queer. Presenters: Ariel Cerrud, Advocates For Youth, OR; William Dennis, Advocates for Youth, Washington, DC

Polyamory/Nonmonogamy Caucus
Sexual Freedom The Polyamory/Nonmonogamy Caucus provides an important affinity group for those who aren’t monogamous. The session provides a safe, non-judgmental space for folks to meet, network with others, ask questions, and share ideas. Presenters: Timothy Gardner, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA; Robin Nussbaum, SUNY, NY

The National LGBT Aging Roundtable: A Report on Activities
Aging This caucus will offer a report-out and update on the activities of the National LGBT Aging Roundtable. The Roundtable is facilitated by SAGE is includes representatives from LGBT organizations around the country that are doing key work in aging services and advocacy. Presenters: Lisa Krinsky, Boston, MA; Karen Taylor, SAGE/ Queens, New York, NY; Laurie Young, The Task Force, Washington, DC

Queerspawn Caucus
Families As folks with LGBTQ parents we often act as ambassadors for the queer community - educating peers and teachers, representing the real face of the LGBTQ family, and being advocates for change. At the same time, living in a world that treats our families differently can be isolating or challenging. This caucus will bring together folks with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer parent/guardian for community building and empowerment as queerspawn activists. Presenters: Monica Canfield-Lenfest, COLAGE, San Francisco, CA; Bethany Lockhart, COLAGE, San Francisco, CA

Transgender Religious Leaders Network Reception
Transgender Community & Issues Join leaders from the Transgender Religious Leaders Network to learn about our organizing within and around diverse faith traditions, including an emerging speakers bureau and other networking resources. Both secular and faith -based allies are encouraged to join us for this time of relationship building and getting to know one another. Presenters: Lauryn Farris, United Church of Christ Transgender Collective; Richard Juang, Cambridge, MA; Chris Paige

Sex Workers’ Caucus
Sexual Freedom A space for all people who work or have worked in the sex industry to discuss our role and needs within the larger queer/LGBTQ community. Presenters: Gina de Vries, San Francisco, CA

SOFFAs Supporting Each Other
Gender Issues Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies of transpeople face a unique set of issues that are rarely addressed within dialogues around sexual orientation or gender identity. This will be a space for SOFFAs, particularly lesbians partnered with FTMs, to discuss maintaining ones identity while affirming ones partner’s, combating misconceptions about orientation and gender and how to take care of oneself emotionally. This is not trans 101. Presenters: Daunasia Yansey, BAGLY, Boston, MA

Using Social Media to Build a Movement Pink Menno Campaign
Faith & Spirituality The Pink Menno Campaign focused on creating a visible presence of LGBTQ individuals and allies at Mennonite Church convention. The successful movement relied heavily on social networking. This session explores strategies and tools employed by Campaign organizers. Participants will leave with increased understanding of the role Ning, Facebook, Twitter and texting played. Participants will have the opportunity to work together to identify tools and strategies that make sense within the communities they seek to impact. Presenters: Luke Yoder, Pink Menno Campaign, Denver, CO


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010

Weaving the Nations Together: First Nations Community Dialogue
People of Color This is an internal dialogue for self-identified First Nations folk to build community and connect Two Spirit organizing occurring across North and South America. As part of this dialogue, we will share the ongoing work of the First Nations Collective and discuss the next steps as we struggle for inclusion in the overall movement for LGBT equality. This session for First Nations / Two Spirit / Indigenous - identified people only. Presenters: Coya Artichoke; Paulina Hernandez, Co-Director, Southerners on New Ground, New Market, TN; Melissa Hoskins; Melissa Pope, Coordinator, Gender and Sexuality Center, Oakland University

Working in Coalition - How a committee of LGBT organizations from across the state are able to do coalition work together.
Movement Building This caucus will detail how one coalition of organizations doing LGBT aging work from across NYS came together to do advocacy and create a standardized cultural competency training. This caucus will provide the opportunity for participants to share their own experiences of working in coalitions and provide some useful ‘how-to’s’ to make that successful. Presenters: Glen Francis, GRIOT Circle, Brooklyn, NY; Jonathan Lang, Empire State Pride Agenda, NY; Tom Weber, SAGE


Workplace Equality for Public Employees
Workplace Public Employees Caucus. Join fellow public employees at the local, state, and national levels, as we devise a plan to ensure equality and inclusion of LGBTQ employees and their partners. Presenters: Kayci Barnett, Denton, TX


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force • Creating Change 2010