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Case Study:

The Aga Khan University Hospital

Why Mushkos RFID Solution

Reduce warehouse and distribution labor
costs - Replace the labor-intensive
operation of tracking assets with RFID that
can track these items. Resulting reduced
labor costs and service fees of regular
stock / store management.

Reduce inventory Knowing exact
inventory status, helps you plan ahead and
maintain desired inventories. With RFID,
inventory control is accurate and gives
realtime insights.

Improve forecasting and planning -
Visibility improvements throughout the
supply-chain can help to improve the
forecasting capabilities to help better
track where inventory is and what is
happening to it throughout the supply

Reduce theft - Losses due to theft are
estimated to cost retailers over $30 billion
per year. With Mushkos RFID, products
can be tracked and eliminate inventory
errors that can cause shipments to go
missing, or to better find where and when
the product was lost.

The Aga Khan University Hospital
Karachi, Pakistan.

Background The Aga Khan University Hospital is Pakistan largest private
sector healthcare hospital and most prestigious medical university, located
in Karachi, Pakistan. In September 2006, AKUH became the 1st hospital in
Pakistan and one of the select few teaching hospitals in the world to be
awarded Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for achieving
highest international standards in healthcare. Today the University
Hospital p rovides broad range of secondary and tertiary services to over
50,000 hospitalized patients and to approximately 600,000 outpatients

AKUH have its own warehousing, biomedical repair workshop and various
other facilities. Thus movement of assets apart within wards, observed
very frequent, across the complex.

To provide assistance in annual audit, improving inventory management,
repair optimization and reduce theft chances by finding assets location,
Mushko has provided RFID Solution from *Intermec Inc. USA first of its
nature across Pakistan!

The solution provides tracking of assets and have capability to track
patients / staff, manage warehousing, parking management, library and
patient files tracking all through customized modular-built software.

*Mushko is Exclusive Partner of Intermec in Pakistan.

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