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This agreement Is made 1 Apr 2015 M/s. Sanjeevani of the one part, and
NR Job EX Pvt. Ltd Of the other part.
Effective Date:
This agreement shall be effective from 1 Apr2015 and valid for a period of
one year from commencement.
Both parties can terminate for convenience this agreement, At any time
mentioning the Reasons Upon Written Notice Of One month to the other
Scope Of Services
Based on the requirements of the Sanjeevani for various positions, The NR
Job Ex will recruit appropriate persons through either any one or a
combination of means such as external advertising, in house search of
existing data bank and headhunting. After in house assessments of the
relevant skills and interviews, The NR Job Ex Will sends resumes of short
listed appropriate candidates to the Sanjeevani for their review. Based on
the Sanjeevanis Input, the NR Job Ex would arrange for interviews with
Sanjeevani personnel.
In case some of the profiles are not short listed, the Sanjeevani will return
the CVs to the NR Job Ex.
All requisitions and requests and other work related communication from
the Sanjeevani should be in writing. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the
NR Job Ex will not hire or solicit the employment of the agencies personnel
without mutual consent during the period of agreement and six months
thereafter for themselves.
In case any employee recruited through The NR Job Ex Leaves the
Sanjeevani within 1 month of having been recruited, The NR Job Ex will

then recruit a new employee to fill such a position within a timeframe.

To Facilitate The Above The Sanjeevani Will: For all positions, define and provide The NR Job Ex, recruitment criterion
for each of the job family.
Allocate one day of the week, for a detailed feedback on the candidates
forwarded by The NR Job Ex To The Sanjeevani during that week.
Provide the NR Job Ex a quarterly rolling plan of their staffing
requirements, along with the job specifications at the beginning of every
Upon selection of the candidate recommended by the NR Job Ex, the
Sanjeevani will pay the NR Job Ex for the services rendered along terms as
1500/- For Junior Level.
________ For Middle Level.
_________ For Senior Level.
Payment Terms
The NR Job Ex will provide monthly bill to the Sanjeevani after completion
of 30 days mentioning total numbers of employees recruited who are still
working with Sanjeevani and completed their 30 days. Bill will include total
employees and amount agreed as above to the various positions, bill will
also include the applicable service tax as per the Government. All
payments are to be within the time of one week from the receipt of bill
submitted. Payment can be done by an account payee cheque in favor of
the NR Job Ex name.

Both NR Job Ex And The Sanjeevani will have to keep all information

provided by each other in complete confidence.

For Sanjeevani

For NR Jobex. Pvt.Ltd.

Authorized Signatory

Authorized Signatory

Date: ____________