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Name: Syed Muhammad IrshadulHaq

Mr.Nadeem Ahmed
Reg. No. 0027
Business Communication
Section: A

Summary of Appendix
All business documents carry two types of messages, verbal and nonverbal. Verbal
message are conveyed by the words to express the sender’s ideas. Nonverbal
messages are conveyed through by the appearance of the document. The
nonverbal message informed that they were sent by people who are careful
informed intelligent and successful. Most business letter use standardized formats
to ensure that document carry favorable nonverbal messages about you and your
organization. You have to give special attention to the appearance and format of
your letters envelopes memos e-mail messages and fax cover sheets.
To ensure that a message is read and valued we need to give it professional
appearance .Stationary and the placement of message is two important elements.
Stationary contain the quality of paper and other material. The placement of
message contains the spacing, punctuation and letter placement.
Professional looking business letters are arranged in conventional sequence with
standard parts. A business letter contains Letterhead, dateline, address and delivery
notations and Inside address. Inside address is the address of the person or
organization receiving the letter. The number of lines between the dateline and the
inside address depends on the size of the letter body. Always be sure to include a
courtesy title. Avoid abbreviations unless they appear in printed letterhead.
Attention line allows you to send your message officially to an organization or direct
to a specific individual, officer, or department. It is better to use an individual
complete name as the first line of the inside address. Place salutation or greeting
below the last line of the inside address or the attention line. If the letter is
addressed to an individual use the courtesy title and the last name. The appropriate
salutation has become more difficult if the letter is addressed to an organization. To
avoid salutation dilemma is to address a document to a specific person use
simplified letter style which omits the salutation. Subject line place below the
salutation. Reference line often show policy or file number they generally appear
two lines above the salutation. Most business letter and memorandums are single
spaced. Compliment place in the last of the letter the complimentary close may be
formal or informal. The simplified letter style omits a complimentary close.
Signature block contain writer’s name and optional identification below the
complimentary close.
There are generally three type of letter of formats. Block style, modified style,
simplified style. Block and simplified style are most popular in many organization. In
block style all lines begin at the left margin. Modified Block style differ from block
style in that style the date and closing line appear in center at the bottom.

Memorandums deliver messages within organizations.Nadeem Ahmed Reg. Some offices use memo forms imprinted with the organization an . This letter style is efficient and avoid the problem of appropriate salutations and courtesy titles. Punctuation style divided in to two type. Mixed Punctuation and Open punctuation. 0027 Business Communication Section: A Summary of Appendix Simplified style is introduced by the administrative Management Society its requires little formatting.Name: Syed Muhammad IrshadulHaq Mr. Some offices use memo forms imprinted with the organization . envelops introduces your message and make first impression. Memorandums deliver messages within organizations. Envelops should be same quality and color of stationery as the letter carries. No. The return address usually print in the upper left corner of an envelope.