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The Relationship between the

Grammar Skills of Fourth Year

Students and their Level of
Language Use

English language is declared as the universal language

Helps people to communicate with other countries and to

understand other people around the world

It is the fundamental language in literature, as historians narrated

different milestones in the ancient history.

Studying language is to learn the correct usage of words in

sentences and how it is used or applied in different situations.

learning the language can help people expressing thoughts to

other without misunderstanding due to incorrect usage of

Background of the study

Minority of the students were able to speak English

Students increase their English speaking ability through

the different activities that they are having in school.

English subjects address the communication needs of

students by adopting a communicative, interactive and
collective approach.

English put a high premium on meaningful interactions in

all subjects areas.

Statement of the problem

What are the grammar skills of Fourth year students?

What is the level of the language use of the Fourth year


Is there any relationship between the grammar skills and

language use of Fourth year students?

Theoretrical Framework


1. Grammar Skills

1. Test on grammar

2. Level of the language use

2. Survey Questionnaire on
Language use


The relationship between the

grammar skills of Fourth year
Students and their level of
Language use

Theoretrical Framework
This diagram shows that the researchers aimed to know
the relationship between the grammar skills of Fourth
year students of Roosevelt College Cainta and their level
of language use.

Significance of the Study

Students. This study will benefit the students in terms of
improving their grammar skills and their proper use of
the English language in different situations.

English Teachers. This study will give them an idea on

which aspects to help improve the grammar skills of the
Fourth year students and their language use.

Textbook Authors and Publisher. They would have an idea

on what exercises to add to textbook to help the students
linguistic and communicative competence

Linguists. They might be able to formulate new theories

about how the students could apply easily their grammar
skills to actual or real life situations.

Future Researchers. They may use this study as a guide

for their own research about language

Scope and Delimitation

This study aimed to identify if the Fourth year students has
enough knowledge in the English language, especially with
the correct usage of grammar.

The test was used to tell the grammar skills of the students.

The survey questionnaire was used to obtain the level of

language use of the students.

The test included topics on tenses of verbs, voices of the

verb, and the pronoun-antecedent agreement.

The survey questionnaire that was used by the researchers

included situations that were observed by the researchers in
their own experiences.

Definition of Terms
Grammar. It is the study of words and their function in
the sentences.

Grammar Skills. This is the ability of a person to

communicate comprehensively.

Language Use. It is the use of language on different

contexts and situations.