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The SAP Solution Manager is a platform which provides integrated

support of the life-cycle of a business solution, from the Business
Blueprint via configuration to production operation. The SAP Solution
Manager provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured
contents, which you can use during the evaluation and implementation,
as well as in operation processing of your systems.
The SAP Solution Manager also provides an authoring function, with
which you can create your own project templates, which you reuse in an
implementation. The SAP Solution Manager is thus also a tool for SAP
partners and companies performing a global rollout.
You can manage and monitor systems and business processes in your
solution landscape in operational processing. You can set-up and run
your own solution support with the SAP Solution Manager.
SAP Solution Manager features and functions include:
SAP Business Suite implementation and upgrades SAP Solution Manager
provides content that accelerates implementation. Configuration
information and a process-driven approach to implementation speed the
blueprint, configuration, and final preparation phases. SAP Solution
Manager enables efficient project administration and centralized control
of cross-component implementations.
Change control management SAP Solution Manager controls all software
and configuration changes of the IT solution. This includes the approval
process for change requests, the deployment of changes, and later
analysis of changes. This ensures quality of the solution and enables
traceability of all changes.
Testing SAP Solution Manager speeds test preparation and execution. It
provides a single point of access to the complete system landscape and
enables centralized storage of testing material and test results to support
cross-component tests.
IT and application support The service desk included in SAP Solution
Manager helps you manage incidents more efficiently and eases the
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settlement of support costs. Centralized handling of support messages

makes the support organization more efficient.
Root cause analysis The diagnostics functions in SAP Solution Manager
allow identification, analysis, and resolution of problems, even in
heterogeneous environments. This helps to isolate general performance
bottlenecks, to isolate exceptional situations, to record the activity of
single users or processes, and to identify changes to the productive
landscape. As a result, problem resolution is accelerated and business
availability increased.
Solution monitoring SAP Solution Manager performs centralized, realtime monitoring of systems, business processes, and interfaces, which
reduces administration effort. It can even monitor intersystem
dependencies. Proactive monitoring helps you avoid critical situations,
while automatic notifications enable fast response to issues.
Service-level management and reporting SAP Solution Manager allows
easy definition of service levels and provides automated reporting.
Service reporting covers all systems in the solution landscape and
provide a consolidated report containing the information you need to
make strategic IT decisions.
Service processing SAP Solution Manager makes appropriate service
recommendations and delivers SAP support services. These include SAP
Safeguarding, which helps you manage technical risk; SAP Solution
Management Optimization, which helps you get the most from your SAP
solutions; and SAP Empowering, which helps you manage your solutions.
Administration Administration tasks are mainly executed locally on the
involved systems, but can be accessed and triggered from a central
administration console. The administration work center in SAP Solution
Manager offers a central entry point and unified access to all SAP

Tools for implementing mySAP and creating templates

The SAP Solution Manager gives you central access to the tools which
you need to implement your business solution. These include:

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the Roadmap, which leads you through all phases of the

the Project Administration, with which you can manage planning
schedules, human resources and other project data
a working environment for creating the Business Blueprint, in
which you can select the business processes you need and
specify the project scope
Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets), with which pre
configuration can be imported into systems and documented
the implementation guide (IMG), with which you can customize
the selected business processes
the Customizing Scout, with which you can compare customizing
in selected components with customizing in SAP R/3
the Customizing Scout, with which you can synchronize
customizing in components with customizing in SAP
the Test Workbench, with which you can organize tests at the
end of a project phase
the project analysis
An authoring environment, with which customers and partners can
create their own templates, is delivered with the Solution Manager.
Partners can use this authoring environment to:
add your own expertise to the
documentation which SAP delivers




create materials for evaluation and implementation which are

specifically tailored for your customers
Customers can use this authoring environment to:
save pre configuration and documentation centrally
Create a template which can, for example, be passed on to
subsidiaries in a global rollout.

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Functions in operational processing

The SAP Solution Manager provides services and checks for operational
Services: use remote SAP services and monitor their status
Solutions: set-up solutions and business processes, create and
monitor issues, get an overview of the complete solution, manage
service levels
system monitoring and administration
business process monitoring
software changes: Best Practice documents and software change
management services

integrated message processing for your internal

organization and extended remote support by SAP


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