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com . 16 Useful resources: 18 www.careers360. 14 Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship. 4 Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship. 10 World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Contents 2 Introduction  3 Why to study in USA. 13 AAUW International Fellowships. 7 Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship.studyabroad.

What more? No matter which field you are . we bring to you a list of some of the important scholarship programmes available for Indian students at one of the most popular study abroad destinations: USA www. this is the second year that the applications for education in the USA from India skyrocketed. and the M visa is for non-immigrants 3 wishing to pursue non-academic or vocational studies.careers360. The number of visa applicants are increasing everyday. USA always gives you an edge by offering the best in quality. Harvard. the knowledge of the funding options is often unknown to the prospective international students. Did you know that Time Higher Education Ranking places 7 US institutes among the top ten universities in the World? With Caltech. There are various scholarships for Indian Students to study in USA. the USA boasts of an eclectic mix of students who head to the country in pursuit of a dream. the USA spoils you for choice! That is one of the reasons why so many Indian students rush for an education in the USA every year. variety and flexibility.studyabroad. an increase of 8% compared to January. as of April 2014 there are nearly 113. scholarship schemes granted by the Government. MIT. F and M visas are two non-immigrant visa categories for aspirants who want to study in the U S. 11% of the F and M visa-holding students in USA are from India. In spite of the availability of a number of scholarships for Indian Students to study in USA. or sponsored by individual private. a staggering number of applications from Indian students to US graduate schools boosted an increase in the number of applicants to US universities by 7% in 2014. Apart from the concerned university.the American dream. The F visa is for nonimmigrants wishing to pursue academic studies and language training programs. According to a CGS report. At 32 %. Columbia all in one country.A Career is a Life Top scholarships to study in USA Introduction W ith over 1. According to the Student and visitor Exchange program (SEVP) under US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 813 Indian students in the USA.000 international students.2014! In fact. An Education in USA bolsters not just your dream but offers a brand new experience of life.the second largest in the country. Hence. public or public-private organizations are also offered. As a result study abroad aspirants look out for options that will help them decrease their financial burden of which scholarships are the most preferred and sought after.350. Although the advantages of studying abroad are galore. the high cost remains one of the major drawbacks.

or pursue Jazz studies in the North Texas University. 1. USA.studyabroad. as well as public and private. from India. It is not just the ivy leagues. The Mississippi State University offers a course in floral management and if Las Vegas is your dream. specialization or professional degree. education in USA is varied in terms of selectivity. Quality of Institutions: One of the major factors that puts American universities a cut above the rest is the standard of education that is ensures. 4 2.A Career is a Life Top scholarships to study in USA Why to study in USA T he USA is the most sought after destination for students across the world. Variety of options: What’s more. Name any course. geography. which make it such a favorable destination.the best place to study in the world! Not interested in following the beaten track? US universities are there to show you the unconventional way of pursuing your dream. name any interest and US universities will have a course ready for you. the USA is the hotspot for education. Find here the reasons why you should get set and fly to the USA. Not just that. with its wide range of college is bound to have an institute tailor made for you. With over 4000 universities. If African music is your call you can join Berklee College of Music. especially. the University of Nevada offers a course in Entertainment engineering and design. With so many .careers360. you will definitely never be left without a choice. places 7 US institutions in the top ten colleges of the world www. 2013-14. The Times Higher Education Ranking. The USA is home to many respected institutions. which can guide a student in understanding his/her strength and apply the right thought process to achieve his/ her dream.

Many American universities let you to take classes in variety of subjects in the first 1-2 years before you decide on your major. US universities have also produced some of the best-known personalities in every field. And. although Harvard is an ivy League institution 70% of its students receive some form of financial aid and what more for at least 20% students their families pay nothing. However. Of course. which assist meritorious students to pursue their dreams of studying in good universities in the US. So.A Career is a Life with California Institute of Technology (Caltech) capturing the top slot. too. students can avail financial aid from other equally beneficial sources. The US education system offers flexibility in courses that are offered. what if you are undecided on your major subject. the standard the institutes adhere to and the holistic knowledge they impart to students. why not consider the AAUW. Barack Obama. which One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women.studyabroad. Meryl Streep is from Yale University. 3. Some of the options are: Scholarships or fellowships from US universities: Most universities in US provide scholarships to international students. The quarterly or semester system gives you a flexibility to complete your academic program at your own pace and take additional time on a research project if required. In Time’s 2013-14 ranking. If you belong to the fairer sex. 5 Top scholarships to study in USA 4. Funding opportunities: Education in US Universities can be very costly. The fellowship provides financial support for the cost of tuition and associated fees for the two-year Stanford MBA Program. Such flexibility also gives you time to gain clarity on your dream career. US universities provide a multitude of scholarships and other funding options for students. These are only two of the vast hub of scholarships that are available for Indian students who wish to study abroad. on top of that the tuition costs in US increases 6-10% every year. Some US universities also provide tailor made aid to especially deserving and smart students. it is the US universities. Did you know that. The Foundation provides scholarships each year for postgraduate studies to outstanding students who have no other means of financing their studies. In fact. the one’s with credibility. Scholarships from other benefactors: Besides the universities.careers360. which enables you select your choice of subject from a variety of topics. the president of the United States of America carries degrees from both Columbia and Harvard University? Noted actor and Oscar winner. US universities took 8 slots in the world’s top ten most reputed universities with Harvard University retaining the top slot. This reflects the credibility of American Universities. Many noted Nobel Prize winners have pursued courses and even conducted their research at American Universities. The list does not end here. if you have Stanford in your dreams there is Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship ready to assist you. Since some courses are offered more than once during the academic year. there is huge scope for funding for any international student. especially. which shine the most. in terms of reputation. you have the flexibility to choose a class any time. For example: Harvard University through its Admissions and Financial Aid Department provides aid to international students. One such example is the Aga Khan Foundation. There are many . AAUW provides International Fellowships to www. Interestingly. Enjoy flexibility in your options: The Education system of USA is far more flexible than the one followed in India.

you are interested in sports? Well most US university campuses have active sports systems to interest students. which help students to arrange finance for education in the US. One of the important lessons that an American campus life will teach you is independence and self-expression. the International Student Loan. In John Hopkins University. which allows the students to express their creative sides. According to an OECD report.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life support women scholars who wish to pursue graduate or postgraduate studies at accredited U. While academics will take up most your time. has a team of professionals consisting of faculty members. US campuses provides a 360 environment inclusive of vibrant . And. American universities provide the students with a wide scope for research on their subject of interest.792% of its GDP in R&D. for instance. Harvard has its Arts Firsts Fest. Experience American Campus life: American colleges are famous not for the quality of education they provide but also for their exciting college life. and students. celebrates Harvard’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity by showcasing student performances and ethno-cultural cuisine from over 30 student organizations. Columbia University. Most students might not receive financial aid at the time of admission but they might become eligible after the first semester or the first year. research assistants. Boston has Redstone film festival. So. If you are interested in poetry.careers360. has its own Columbia University Film Festival. For example. Of course. Many universities also host several fests within the campus. and students following diversified schools of thought. you can approach lending banks in India which provide education loans to study abroad. External agencies: External funding bodies may include professional. you are bound to find a friend accompanying you in any pursuit. charitable or government organisations that interest themselves in educating members of society. Scope for research Along with variety in options. has more than 100 research centres and is supported by more than $750 million of sponsored research funds each year. USA holds the record on spending the most in Research and Development. the spectrum of research explores issues ranging from religious practices in ancient Egypt to the cutting edge of genetic medicine. Techfest to boast. Also. Then there is Cultural Rhythms-a cultural festival that 6 www. institutions. Princeton has a Tango club too! 6.studyabroad. administrators. if you wish to tango. too. depending on their academic performance. Whether it is basketball or swimming. It is because of this initiatives that US takes away most of the international awards in any field and also records one of the highest registrations for patents in the world. Princeton has a Princeton Poetry festival. One of the positive points of studying in America is that the country invests a lot in Research and Development. There are many funding agencies like the Global Student Loan Corporation. Not just Harvard. one of the popular research conducting universities in the US. It would be next to impossible to not be involved in the exciting activities that form part of the American campus life. Harvard University. culture.S. in 2012 USA spent 2. HDFC Credila is a very popular choice among students. 5. The expectation of a financial benefit also fuels the student’s desire to perform better.

scholars and teachers. The Fulbright grants are provided for various types of studies and research in the United States and other countries: 7 Fulbright scholarships for students The Fulbright scholarships are provided for both the US students who want to study in other countries and the students from foreign countries who want to study in the US. For the US students to study abroad The major grants provided for the US students to go abroad for higher studies are: a) Fulbright US Student Program: This program offers grants to the students graduating from any US institute to conduct an individually designed study or research project abroad or to teach English abroad.000 students so far.000 merit-based grants for people across the world.careers360. William Fulbright. Every year.studyabroad. The scholarship was established in 1946 under the legislation introduced by Senator J. it provides 8. www. The Fulbright scholarship operates in more than 155 countries and has provided grants for approximately 310.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship F ulbright scholarship or Fulbright program is a highly competitive international educational program designed to provide funding to encourage educational opportunities for . professionals.

Nehru Master’s Fellowship The Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships are given to outstanding Indian citizens who wish to pursue higher studies in the US in the following subject areas: Public Health. a) J-1 Visa support b) One round-trip economy air ticket at the beginning and end of the course from the fellow’s home country to the USA For international students c) Living expenses The Fulbright scholarships and grants provided for the international students are: d) Funding for fees a) Fulbright Foreign Student Program: This program provides opportunities for graduates and young professionals from abroad to study. The Fulbright. Urban and Regional Planning and Higher Education Administration. The candidates with doctoral degree are not eligible to apply. Women’s Studies/ Gender Studies.Nehru Master’s Fellowship: The candidate must have completed his/her Bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian University with at least 55% marks The candidate must have either paid or voluntary work experience for at least three years ii) Leadership qualities iii) Grant availability iv) Project feasibility The candidate must not possess a degree from any US universities The candidate must possess good leadership qualities and community services The Fulbright scholarship opens approximately 15 months before the start of the grant period and deadline is 11-12 months before the grant starts.Clinton Fellowship: The Fulbright-Clinton Fellows get an opportunity to work in the foreign government ministries and gain hands-on experience with the public sector along with carrying out academic research. In order to apply for the program.Nehru Master’s Fellowship grant covers: c) Fulbright. The program duration is from six months to one year. Fulbright. The application process. The candidate must also have proficiency in the native language of the host country.careers360. conduct research or teach their native language in the US. details and the grants vary from country to .studyabroad. Arts and Culture Management including Heritage Conservation and Museum Studies. However.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life b) Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program: This program places the fresh graduates and young professionals in different countries as English teaching assistants in primary and secondary schools or universities. the candidate needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Environmental Science/ Studies. 8 www. the selection of the candidates are based on the same criteria such as: i) Academic qualifications The eligibility criteria for Fulbright.

For international scholars The Fulbright scholarship is also provided for the scholars from abroad to come to the US.careers360. This program brings scholars and faculty from the European Union countries to the US campuses to take lectures and conduct research and studies. Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program: This Program provides opportunity to 850 scholars from 100 countries to conduct post doctoral research in the US for six months to one year. The eligibility criteria for Hubert H. planning.studyabroad. artists and professionals to go to a foreign country to lecture or to conduct research up to one year. a) The Fulbright. faculty development and expert consultants on curriculum in academic institutions abroad for 2-6 weeks. faculty. b) The .US Student Program: This program provides fellowships to the students and artists from the US to study abroad for one year. c) The Residence (EUSIR) Program: The aim of the program is to strengthen the US expertise in EU affairs. For the US professionals For the US scholars to go abroad The major programs are: a) Fulbright US Scholar Program: The program provides opportunities to the US scholars. c) Fulbright European Union Scholar. Humphrey Program: An undergraduate or bachelor’s degree A minimum five years work experience Minimal or no work experience in the US Excellent leadership skills A record of community public service English language proficiency 9 www. administrators and K-14 pre-teachers for research and training abroad on non-Western languages and areas related to that. The candidates must require a doctoral degree or equivalent professional training and work experience.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Fulbright scholarships for scholars Fulbright scholarships for professionals The Fulbright Scholarships for scholars are provided for both scholars who wish to go to a foreign country from the US and to the scholars from a foreign country who wish to come to the US. He/she also have proficiency in English language to carry out the project. Humphrey Program: The Program is aimed to provide an opportunity to the most accomplished young and mid-career professionals from developing countries to come to the US for a ten-month non-degree graduate study. post doctoral faculty. b) Fulbright Specialist Program: The program provides opportunities to the US professionals and faculty to serve in institutional planning. The program also includes English Teaching Assistant component. The program targets scholars from policy making. Humphrey Program The Hubert H. For the professionals from abroad Hubert H. administration and non-governmental organizations.Hays Program: This program provides grants to pre-doctoral students.Clinton Fellowship Program: This program provides professional placements for the scholars in foreign government ministries with an aim to provide hands one experience in public sector in a foreign country.

have participated in the programme. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB) and in cooperation with Public Affairs Sections of U.600 Fellows from 157 countries.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship A Fulbright program.studyabroad. Embassies abroad and Binational Fulbright Commissions/Foundations. The Institute of International Education (IIE) administers the Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship program with the help of generous support from several co-funders which include National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The fellowship programme gives preference to qualified women and candidates from minority and disadvantaged groups. since its inception. More than 4. The Republic of Korea/Ministry of Government Administration www.careers360. Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship allows competent young and mid-level career professionals to undergo a ten months’ non-degree graduate study and related practical professional experiences in the United States. demonstrate leadership qualities and show willingness to return to India on completion of the .S. The Fellowship programme is open to candidates from developing countries who have a record of public service in the community. 10 Who funds Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship? The Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the Department of State under the guidelines stated by the J.

announced that there will be a Hubert H. President Jimmy Carter. Humphrey Fellowship Program. Employers and Host Campuses. Environmental Policy. They are rather assigned the most appropriate host institution in diverse groups of 7-15. the fellows can’t choose for themselves which university to attend.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life and Home Affairs (MOGAHA). In the year 1978. A sneak peek into the history of Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship The fellowship is named after Hubert H. professional experience F Economic Development F Limited or no prior experience in the United States F Finance and Banking F Demonstrated leadership qualities F Natural Resources. the 38th Vice President of the USA who served the country from 1965 to 1969. achievements and visionary leadership. to honor Humphrey’s tireless devotion to public service. Humphrey Fellowships are awarded in the following fields of study: F Sustainable Development F Agricultural and Rural Development A minimum of five years of full-time. Choice of Course Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship eligibility criteria Listed below are the basic eligibility criteria for the fellowship programme: The Hubert H. The fellowship programme encourages an exchange of knowledge and mutual understanding throughout the globe. Rollins School of Public Health. Humphrey.studyabroad. Humphrey Fellowship Program. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Placement of selected Humphrey Fellows Choice of University As per the Hubert H. and Climate Change F A record of public service in the community F Urban and Regional Planning F English language ability F Democratic Institution Building F Selection process for Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship F F An undergraduate (first university or Bachelor’s) degree F Communications/Journalism The five different steps of selection process are listed below: F Law and Human Rights F National Screening F Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration F Screening by the Institute of International Education F Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention F 11 .careers360. The institution being assigned depends upon the fellows’ area of interest and professional field. F F F Candidate Review Committees Approval by the J. Emory University. the year Humphrey died of cancer. American Management Association.

special . field trips and conferences. community and professional activities. Planning and Policy Payment of tuition and fees of the course F Higher Education Administration F Teaching of English as a Foreign Language A maintenance (living) allowance. detail their objectives and goals for the year.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life F Technology Policy and Management Why Hubert H.studyabroad. such as professional visits. including a one-time settling-in allowance Accident and sickness coverage F Public Health F Public Health Policy and Management Air travel A book allowance F HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention F Substance Abuse Education. Humphrey Fellowship Program Design A Professional Development allowance for activities. if required F Educational Administration. Treatment and Prevention A one-time computer subsidy Hubert H.careers360. Humphrey Fellowship covers the following aspects F Education Pre-academic English language training. Humphrey Fellowship? F Human Resource Management The Hubert H. 12 www. courses. Soon after reaching the US. including seminars. the fellows are asked to prepare individual program plans that will assist them in their professional development.

F Hold a Bachelors degree (or equivalent university degree). F Employed in a paid and full-time position at time of application. 13 www. The Program has awarded over 5000 scholarships selected from over 65. Not be an Executive Director. staff of the World Bank Group consultant. (iii)The application is submitted either in English or in the language of the applicant’s Master degree program (ENG/FR/ES) as detailed in the application guidelines Generally.studyabroad. that is located outside of the applicant’s country of citizenship and country of . by the application deadline.careers360. relative or in-law of the aforementioned. (ii) It includes a completed application form and two professional references that adhere to the application guidelines Not be a dual citizen of any industrialized country. the deadline is by March end every year. the World Bank Joint Japan Graduate Scholarship Program has helped create an community of professionals to work in economic and social development through financing undergraduate and post-graduate studies.000 applicants. with the exception of their home countries. How to apply: You can apply for the applications online. his/her alternate. Eligibility Criteria: An application is complete if: The applicant meets the following eligibility criteria: (i) It is submitted by the application deadline F F F Be a national of a World Bank member country eligible to borrow. Established in 1987 with funding from the Government of Japan. F Have. and at least 3 years of recent experience in development-related work. been accepted unconditionally (except for funding) to enroll in the upcoming academic year in one of the JJ/WBGSP preferred university masters programs that is listed on the JJ/ WBGSP website. Students applying to the regular programme may study at preferred universities in World Bank member countries. by the notification of the scholarship award. F Have. at least 3 years but no more than 20 years of recent full-time paid employment in the applicant’s home country or in another developing country acquired after receiving the first Bachelors (or equivalent university) degree.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme T he Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme offers scholarships to students for pursuing graduate studies leading to a master’s degree in any development-related field from universities around the world.

Aspirants have to log in through a user id and password.D. hold a doctorate classified as a research degree (e.000 Eligibility Criteria: Eligibility Criteria for American Association of University Women International Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellowship: $30.. Up to five International Master’s/ First Professional Degree Fellowships are renewable for a second year.000 Doctoral Fellowship: $20. usually open in September and end in the first week of December. The program now includes women from around the world. Ed. 14 ●● Recommendations ●● Degree/Study Plan www. Recipients of the AAUW International Fellowships are selected on the basis of their academic achievement and demonstrated commitment to women and girls. F Postdoctoral applicants will have to provide proof of their doctorate degree.000 How to apply: F Applicant must be a female. Originally designed to provide Latin American women opportunities for graduate and postgraduate study in the United States.D. The fellowships are offered to pursue both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited USA institutions. and International Fellowships have been awarded to more than . F Applicant must devote herself full-time to the academic plan during the fellowship period. Applications are available online. the International Fellowships program awarded its first fellowship in 1917. The online form would require the following information: ●● TOEFL score F Applicant must have applied to their proposed institution for their intended programme of study by the time of the application for the fellowship. MD) or an MFA by the application deadline. DBA.g.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life AAUW International Fellowships T he American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships are offered to non-US female citizens or permanent residents for pursuing full-time study or research in USA. F Applicant must hold the equivalent of a US Bachelors degree at the time of application.300 women from more than 130 nations. and indicate where they will conduct their research.studyabroad. F Applicant must return to her home country to pursue a professional career.careers360. F Applicant has to show proof of her proficiency in English only through TOEFL Value of the award: Master’s/First Professional Degree Fellowship: $18... Ph. The application process. F Applicant must not be a USA citizen or permanent resident.

com . Only after the applicant has submitted her completed application that the recommenders can submit their recommendations. www. Upon submission of the application.studyabroad. each recommender will be sent an email with instructions for completing the online recommendation.A Career is a Life ●● Academic/Professional certificates ●● Financial Information ●● Personal Statement ●● Filing Fee .$30 (non-refunable) ●● Letter of admission (if received) 15 Top scholarships to study in USA The applicant must name 3 recommenders in the online application.careers360. The email address of the recommenders must be given.

careers360. and Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows . 16 www.studyabroad. Upon their return to India. the fellows are integral members of Stanford University.Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship T he Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship was established by Reliance Industries Limited to support Indian nationals living in India who need financial assistance for pursuing an MBA at Stanford. Stanford GSB. Eligibility criteria Up to 50 Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows finalists will be selected based on: F Merit F Commitment to developing India Scholarships benefits: F Financial need Fellows will receive cost of tuition and associated fees for each year of the two-year Stanford MBA Program (approx $145. fellows are required to return to India for a period of at least two years to work for an Indian organization. Upto five fellowships maybe awarded each year under the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai fellowship. F Program finalists must meet all Stanford GSB application requirements Within two years of completing their MBA.000).

Top scholarships to study in USA A Career is a Life Below is the application timeline: Tentative Dates Application status April .careers360.studyabroad. including those for Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows September (next year) Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows matriculate in Stanford MBA Program 17 www.October Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program finalists prepare and submit Stanford MBA application October Stanford MBA Program application due December Stanford releases admission decisions.June Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program application submission deadline July Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program finalists notified July .com .Mid June Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program application available online Mid.

studyabroad. Summer and Fall 18 .careers360.A Career is a Life Top scholarships to study in USA Useful resources: MBA Scholarships for Indian students in USA Know all about TOEFL US Admission cycle: Know all about Spring.