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Ok lets see if this is convincing.

Hindus have lived under the yoke of Islamist Kings. These kings converted a whole lot of people
by monetary debilitations, outright frauds, treat of violence against weaker members of the
targeted societies. These islamist kings also caused a major downfall in the economy also. But
whatever they did the neo converts that they gathered around them still displayed one
characteristic. While these Khutaba listening, Masjid regular would remain romantic about the
Quwwat-e-Islam, still these neo-converts became virulent only when there was a catalyst in the
form of Islamist Mullahs and Islamist opportunists like Jinnah/Suharwardy or when Pakis got
involved and instigated an Islam Khatrey mein hai. Devoid of these influences the neo-converts
remained basically as vegetative as the rest of the population. A vegetative state which off course
included Hindus too. That is why these vegetative Hindus got converted in the first place. These
Islamist kings/Mullahs, Pakis and Jinnahs used a particular tack in that the already foolish
followers that they had gathered were given a victim tag and once so tagged the blind followers
ended up virulently anti-nationals whenever their masters felt comfortable making them so. In
between there were Sufi types to give an air of all is well. These sufi types still continue
amongst us Bollywood Khans and Media Muslims. These Sufi types were expected to be the
go to guys for the disgruntled Hindu. These were go to guys because they ascribed that role to
In the case of Christianity:
The Crooked King is The West (starting with Brits and succeeded by the Americans)
The Mullahs are NGOs and Commies
The go to guys are Seculars, Media, Intellectual class, Constitutionalists.
The war cry is Democracy / Secularism / Human Rights / Enlightened Values khateray mein
The lay population is the Tithe paying, conformation seeking, Litany minded, church goer.
The take home for these neo-converts with this is that this country was not invented on August
15, 1947, merely because some people think Islam was invented on August 14, 1947. Tough
The take home for the hindus is that this state of affairs will continue till the Hindu allow it to go
on. Taking charge often involves taking over. Taking charge is important even for the neoconverts themselves because if the Hindus do not take charge then these neo-converts would be
more than willing to throw their own progeny under the bus, by instigating Kashmiri Insurgency
type situations and Maoist insurgencies etc.
You could say this is the Hindu mans burden. This is our land for sure. Hindus are not going out
to take over other mans land. Hindu mans burden is not equal to White mans burden. And in
any case all through the ages Hindu man has been used by these foreigners for settling their own
scores. It is time that we use our own capacity in our own lands without involving the go to
guys, without falling to the oppression of the Islamists and Evangelists and without even
waiting for the change of heart of the neo-converts.