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AutoCalculator Easy

AutoCalculator Easy
Short instruction

In the following, we will give you the most important information about the use of the Schletter AutoCalculator Easy.
This short instruction has been created to help you to use our AutoCalculator in the most efficient way.
You can also activate the auto-calculator on your desktop or in the windows menu.



1. Create an account


2. Start a new project


2.1 Specify the roof


2.2 Compile the mounting rack


2.3 Layout plan


2.4 Calculation


2.5 Finish the project


3. Problem solving


Create a new project For this purpose. adjust the proxy settings as far as required.AutoCalculator Easy 1. please enter your personal data for the web shop and the online load calculation. Create an account Configurator First.    After that. 2 /8 Short instruction Schletter AutoCalculator Easy . please click the button "New Project". 2.

After entering the Zip code and the Height above sea level. The yellow warning triangle shows that there is an auto-completed entry that still has to be checked and maybe corrected. Short instruction Schletter AutoCalculator Easy 3 /8 . In this case. for example on the building site. you can move on to the next tab on top of the page. please click the “OK” button to send the data to our server.The calculator works chronologically. With an on-line connection of your computer. Thus. If you are off-line. you can also create a quick quantity calculation. Only after that. please remove the hook for the load calculation by clicking. Thus. you can mark the item “Calculate loads” with a hook so that the loads are calculated automatically. A red point means that there is still information missing. A green hook shows that everything has been entered correctly. the items at the left must be processed first. you will get the respective load values for your installation site. for example from “Project” to “Configuration”.

2 Compile the mounting rack Under the menu item "Configuration" you can compile the mounting rack. Only when all items are marked with a green hook.1 Specify the roof Configurator Using the tab "Building" you define the roof that is to be equipped with solar modules. 2. Also here. the data are entered and you can go on tho the next step "Configuration". By clicking the “OK” button. you can enter all relevant data here. you will be guided through the individual steps. The roof dimensions also have to be specified here.AutoCalculator Easy 2. 4 /8 Short instruction Schletter AutoCalculator Easy . you can move on the menu item "Calculation". Starting from the roof type up to the roof covering.

You can activate the second option with the button "Roof layout": Click once and a new window opens up. There are two possibilities to create a layout plan. Short instruction Schletter AutoCalculator Easy 5 /8 . you can see the structural utilization ratio and change your selection. if the rail is overloaded. You can enter manually how many modules and rows you want to install on the roof or you can also create a module layout plan.    These options are also available for roof hooks and module clamps.When selecting the rail. When choosing the option "manual entry" you can see how many modules and rows can be placed on the configured roof.

4 Calculation Here you will find a compilation of the roof areas. If several roof areas are entered. Troublesome areas (“New Intersection/New Obstruction)”) can be integrated and modules can be removed. the total of active roof areas is shown at the right . Configurator With bigger module areas. the roof area that is currently processed is shown. 2.AutoCalculator Easy 2.3 Layout plan By holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse at the same time. you can zoom in on individual areas. press the “OK” button to get to the menu item "Calculation“. you can create a new module field. • • 6 /8 Short instruction Schletter AutoCalculator Easy At the left. You can shift the module field and add a dimensioning. With a click of the right mouse button. you can duplicate or delete the field. After that.

eu You will also find further help at: http://www. The load assumption version is outdated.html A remote connection to the internet is used Short instruction Schletter AutoCalculator Easy 7 /8 . 3.3 (as of 21. Google Chrome) What if the Auto-calculator does not work or only works to a limited extent?    Please check if one of the following items applies and do something about it if required The domain download. Mozilla Firefox.5. The port 80 is blocked by the firewall The connection to the internet is created by a proxy Finish the project The tab "Print" offers several has been blocked by the firewall as not trustworthy. the order can also be sent directly to our web shop if you have a web shop account. The time-out of the proxy is less than 6 seconds. FAQ Get the FAQ directly on your smart phone System requirements for the AutoCalculator Easy Windows operating system (recommendation: Windows 7 or newer version) NET framework 4 or higher about 60 MB free hard disc storage space An internet connection is required to use the software Up-to-date browser (recommendation: Windows Internet Explorer.2. Current version 2. • • • • Individual piece list (“Bill of materials”) Total piece list (“Print price”) for several projects Piece list with and without prices Loads report Moreover.schletter.2014) The virus scanner blocks the domain download.

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