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- Januar y wa s a goo d mo nt h for us, What’s Happ ening @IHOP-KC - IHOP-KC is in a

Fa m ily Updarte
upo n us we too k thi s mo nt
h to rea lly see k growing season and the Lord is blessing us in many ways. We are
wi th the ne w yea wo uld have us ser ve in the
ne xt having “outpou ring” meeting s Wed. - Sat. night from 6pm-12pm
the Lord to see wh ere He up fas t an d tal king a ton (ho we ver, we where people are getting touched , healed, and delivere d by the power
sea son . Joh n is gro wi ngry thi ng he says). He is at a fun stage of the Holy Spirit... .and the testimo nies are still roling in. They have
can no t un dersta nd eve ks an d wa nt to sit in our lap s so we been going strong for about 4 months now. Also, in light of the
wh ere he wi ll bri ng us boo is doi ng awesome he is sta
rti ng to “co o” massive earthqu ake in Haiti, many people from the IHOP commun ity
can read to him . James sm iling wh ich is so much fun ! He is als o are going to help in the relief efforts . The IHOP justice initiati ves are
an d interact wi th us by 14 lbs an d is in the 75th percen tile in starting to gather steam, and there is a possibil ty that IHOP receive
gro wi ng fas t, He is ab out urs a we ek at
an ) am doi ng ab out 38 ho 100 or more orphan s from Haiti. Also, people are getting saved!
we igh t for his age . I (Ry lly is doi ng 12 ho urs a we ek at the fact there has been over 200 people who have surrendered their
the mi ssi on s ba se an d Sa the boys to nume rous prayer me eti ng s lives to Jesus and been baptise d here in our commun ity in just the
mi ssi on s ba se. We bri ng g use d to a ful l prayer room wi th 300 past few months ! Please pray over these issues as the Lord leads.
a we ek an d Joh n is get tinof the ZH OP prayer room wi th 25
or so peo ple in it (in sead e rea lly rea lly cold days here in ea rly
peo ple in it). We had som atu re didn't get ab ove 20 for ab out a Crisis Re spo nse
Ja nu ar y wh ere the tem purthe the litt le guys didn't get out Intern ation al- has
we ek (th at wa s rough), so all in goo d he alt h an d doi ng we ll! rece ntly joined the IHOP
much. Bu t, ove ral l we are miss ions base CRI is a cris is
resp onse min istr y that is
focused upon bringing the
THE BLOG - I am not sure if you have seen our blog recent ly gosp el to area s of cata stro phy.
but Ryan has done an amazing job finding encouraging They trai n leaders on how to
resourc es. This is anythi ng from curren t events to exciting & do the prac tica ls of cris is
powerf ul videos, to my favorite videos of James and John. resp onse as well as how to be a
There is acually an over whelm ing amoun t of materi al on the mes senger of the gose l in the
site so you should check it out. Ryana m
mid st of chao s. They actu ally
have a mobile hous e of prayer
that they can drive and park
on scene so that thei r effo rts
can be cove red in prayer. CRI
has alre ady sent 4 teams of
14 to Hait i and they are
plan ning trip s at leas t for the
next six mon ths. You can
chec k out more of what they
do at crio ut.c om, and you can
eva n get trai ned and get Partner with Us!
depl oyed on a team very easi ly. Sally & I want to invite
You can also give much needed you to partner with us
don atio ns to them at this time . to help build the House of
Prayer. Donations allow
our family to remain as
yea rs of get ting full-time intercessory
bee n on a jou rney ove r the pa st few rea lity ! One of missionaries at IHOP-KC
Gettin g ouoft deb of DE BT!! - firs t time since col lege it looks lik e that could becowe aba out
Sa lly an d I ha ve om e
$17,000 on Currently Sally & I still
com ple tel y out t, an d for the
th car s. Rig ht no w we have one veh icle an d we de a large don ati on to need about $800 more
n deb t wi one mi nis try pa rtner jus
t ma
our big cha llenges ha s bee out $10,000. Bu t las t mo nt h out of thi s car an d buy a use d mi ni va n! Th is wie we
ll each month to cover our
it, but its on ly wo rth ab to get ks lik
we are goi ng to be ab le sie r. Rig ht no w it loo personal/ministry
us an d no w it loo ks lik e nt h an d wi ll ma ke life as mi ssi on aries so much eani va n an d get out of our oth er needs. You can give one
save us ab out $40 0 a mo cas h for a $4,0 00 mi you
$1000- $2,000 mo re to pay lik e to he lp in thi s eff ort
are goi ng to nee d mayb e uld give us wi sdom in the dec isio n & if you wo uld time gifts or partner
car. Pray that the Lord no te on the res pon se card! Ble ssi ng s to you all , with us monthly. We
can do so by wr itt ing a really are blessed by any
type of gift.

Ryan & Sally Corrigan. 10919 Lister Ave. Kasas City. MO 64137. 303.229.0570.