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Media Role

Hype Media and its consequences
Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News! A jobless man with holding
his degrees putting himself on fire, young schoolgirl kidnapped, rapped, and
killed. An awful acid attack on a woman’s face, bomb blasting explosion and
killing of innocent people, burning tyres on roads with black clouds on the
sky by barbarous people who ready to kill or be killed, protesting. Pre
planned talk shows on pity issues and laughing after that. This is neither a
trailers of an action movie nor an excerpt from a novel. However, these are
the Pakistan’s circumstances, which is use to be aired by the fourth pillar of
state, off course, the Media, whose main objective is to educate and improve
the level of intellect and work for the prosperity for the nation. Unfortunately,
some times by its irresponsible attitude is playing its role antagonistically.
News has become item of rushing Blood Pressure.
Owing to the ugly picture of our country, which is used to be aired by our the
4th pillar of state. Resultantly, Our nation is considered in the world ‘the
place of terrorist and a barbarous jungle where is no rule’. It is only owing to
the result of our Media, if had our Media done his role ethically and with
sincerity since her freedom what is shown in the article 19 of the constitution
of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1973, undoubtedly, in this time Pakistan
would not have been lost her pelf and prestige in the contemporary world.
It would not be false to say that Media is a genie in the bottle, whenever
Aladdin in other words anti-national actors who use to order him.The genie
comes out and does magically whatever the order is given either against for
nation or not. So, it wouldn’t also be false to say that our media has not been
doing its sufficient role since its former General Musharaf’s era. No doubt, in
some perspective media has been working well. But, in the said perspective,
which are pity issues, in these issues Media has not nearly been successful as
much as it had to be done.
Media is the powerful weapon of the contemporary world it has the capability
to convert day into night and night into day, a hero into villain and a villain
into hero. In simple words, Media has the capabilities to bring out
revolutionary change in our nation, but it has to do its work on right
direction, it has to air the news according to a limit and in this regard a policy
must have to be made by the concerned departments. Moreover, PEMRA has
to work a lot in order to the loopholes need to be plugged the effective
polices which must have to be on the basis of our national interest. Lest, if
any person found guilty, an instance can be taken form the recent case of
Malik Riaz and the corrupt anchors’ pre planned talk show, such activities
must have to be punished by the authority concerned. To the sum up we
have genie but without right master which is Aladdin. May Almighty Allah we
wish for Aladdin to meet with genie. (Ameen)….

Kindly consider this…… Babar .Sir I am sending this 3rd time … My previous 3 articles was published only.