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Read the caution!
It is...the damaged street ahead.
A. to prohibit people to enter
B. to advise people to construct
C. to remind people not to walk along
D. to tell people to be careful if they take

The text is for number 2 and 3
To : All students of Grade IX
The test is over and it’s time for us to leave the school.
We invite you to join the farewell party.
: Saturday, 2nd June 2013 at 7 p.m.
: School hall
Don’t miss it.
Thank you

What is the text about?
A. A farewell party
C. A reunion party
B. A graduation party
D. A gathering party
“We invite you to join the farewell party.”
What is the word “you” refer to?
A. All of the students
C. Daniel
B. All students of grade IX
D. School

The text is for number 4 to 6
1. Welcome aboard. Please put hand baggage in the overhead luggage compartment or under your seat. Do not leave
valuables behind during transit stop and remember to check all your belongings when you disembark.
2. Please read the safety pamphlet in your seat pocket and watch the pre flight demonstration by the cabin crew.
Remain seated with your seat belt on, when the aircraft is taking off , landing. For your comfort, keep your seat belt
fastened during the flight. Life jackets are under the seats.
3. Do not operate mobile phones, TV sets or radio as these can interfere with the aircraft’s navigational equipment.
Laptop computers, personal stereos and calculator may be used.
4. Liquor consumed on board must come from the galley and be served by cabin attendants (who, under international
regulation, can refuse to serve alcohol to passengers who appear to be intoxicated ) Not all alcoholic beverages can
be served on domestic flight.

What is the announcement about?
A. The rules during the flight .
B. The situation in the airport.

C. The instructions for cabin attendants.
D. The steps in flying an aero plane.


Which of the following activities can not be done during the flight?
A. Have snack and drinks.
C. Read a magazine.
B. Listen to the music from the cassette.
D. Make a telephone call.


“Please read the safety pamphlet in your seat pocket and ….”
What does the underlined word mean?
A. Protection
C. Danger
B. Dangerous
D. Take

The text is for number 7 to 8
SONICS CS 2000 game at a discount price of 188.000 (normal shop price Rp. 200.000; save 6 %) this is the one that sold
a million in a month in USA! If you haven’t got it already, now is your chance to get the most amazing visual effects to
add-on to your SONICS 2000.
What is the purpose of the text above?
A. to give information about the product
C. to promote a game centre
B. to advertise a product price
D. to announce a product

“….to get the most amazing visual effects…. “
What is the synonym of the italic word?
A. Fabulous
B. important
C. new
The text is for number 9 to 10

D. modern

Give my best regard to both you and your family.00 2. It was a quiet beach.45 5 Rp 45.500 Argo Lawu Solo 8. Yesterday my aunty. six hours five minutes 10. My experience in Jatim Park From the text. Some scientific exhibitions could be found here. It was a fresh and cool waterfall on the slope of mountain. five hours ten minutes D. On the last day we went to "Ngliyep". Singapore’s restaurants sell Chinese.000 Text for no 11-13 Dear. I joined them. a flower park. It is also a very clean city. Vivi’s aunt C. I have been in this town for a week. Winda’s aunt B.000 C. Rp. Winda How's everything? I'm having a great time. with lots of high new office buildings.000 Bandung 6. and "Gallery Belajar". What is the topic of the third paragraph? A. Most of Singapore’s citizen are Chinese D. Vivi 11. Where will we go if we want to see the old shop houses in Singapore? A. two hours fifteen minutes C. Winda asks Vivi to reply the letter C.30 3. Rp. The most interesting to do on the beach was playing with the sand. we can’t meet…. . Visitors could try them. the old shop houses C. in china town 15. Latifah. Indian. a bird park. Singapore is famous for its shops and restaurants. It was amazing. The park provided a lot of things to enjoy. such as.000 Time Time Semarang 7. your family This text is for number 14 to 17 Singapore is an island city of about 4 million people. built castle with the sand. The government buildings in Singapore are very beautiful and date from the colonial days. The last was so interesting.500 8. the zoo B. Most of people live in high-rise flats in different parts of the Singapore. Vivi wants Winda to reply it B. Tito and Mirna. Singapore is famous as a central of shopping Most of the goods are duty free. the government buildings D. the products are free from the tax 17. Vivi’s past experience in Malang C. A. the restaurants 16. Winda’s experience for last holiday D.30 3. The business district is very modern. They swept the castle we made. 13. Yours. Rp 125. Singapore is an island city B.000 B. My experience in making the castle of sand B. four hours twenty minutes B. Cirebon Express train needs …to reach Cirebon. 12.30 1 Rp 75. Jakarta Gambir Station Train Schedule Train Destination Argo Muria Departure Arrival Platform Ticket 12. The other day we went to "Coban Rondo". I think you would be curious to do it if you were there. we can conclude that…… A.45 2 Rp 47. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. It is a beautiful city with lots of parks and open spaces. 135. We should pass a small path along the jungle to come to the place. my aunt D. We were happy when the waves came. in the beach sides B. how much must we pay? A.000 D. in the shopping centers D. I enjoyed it very much.30 3 Rp 67. took me to Jawa Timur Park in Batu. it has no any jobs C. There are many good shopping centers. Vivi wants me to give best regard D.000 Cirebon Express Cirebon 5. If we will go to Semarang with my husband by Argo Muria train. Many old buildings in Singapore C. I’m looking forward to hearing from you Latifah is…… A. Most of the goods are duty free. Well. Singapore also has some nice older sections. my cousins. I'm in Malang for a holiday now. that's all from me now. What does the underlined word mean? A. and the price is quite reasonable. 155.45 4 Rp 155. in the business district C.30 7. A. a children park. Winda. Malay and European foods. According to information above.Study the schedule below. 140. The letter above tells about…… A. In china town there are rows of old shop houses.45 Argo Anggrk Surabaya Argo Gede 9. 14. Please reply this soon. Rp.

4. pliable dough. Nowadays you could see each becak in Yogyakarta has vehicle registration number plates just like motor vehicles such as cars or motorcycle. like all becak in the island of Java. These cakes are called ‘getas’ when made with white glutinous flour and coated with caramelized brown sugar.Heat oil to a depth of 2 ½ cm over medium heat and fry the cakes and for 3 to 4 minutes per side. 22. Yogyakarta city B. Goverment of Yogyakarta D. All becak are registered and the drivers are given trainings on traffic system and rules. This critic is ignored because the driver’s high seat is regarded as a typical characteristic of Yogyakarta’s becaks. B. What is the best title of text about? A. a small mixing bowl C. D. “ … and pour this into the ingredients in the mixing bowl…. What is the purpose of the text above? A. warmed  ½ tablespoon slaked lime water  Oil for deep frying Sugar coating: 75 g (1/3 cup) sugar 2 tablespoons water Methods: 1. 21.B. If the dough seems crumbly. How to buy gemblong Where will you pour the mix of lime water and coconut milk? A. How to eat gemblong D. C. 19. Transfer cakes onto a plate to cool. defeat someone B.Knead for a few minutes until smooth and divide dough into 10 to 12 pieces. 20. knead in a few more drops of water. Drain on absorbent paper. destroy a building D. “Roll in your hands into oval shapes and put them to flatten to about 1 cm thickness. the products are new released This text is for number 18 to 19 Gemblong (Sugar-coated Black Rice Cakes) Ingredients:  125 g (1 ¼ cups) black glutinous rice flour  Pinch of salt  50 g (1/2 cup) young grated coconut  100 ml (scant ½ cup) thin coconut milk. heavy based saucepan and boil hard until the syrup is thick and the surface is full of large bubbles. 2.Mix black glutinous rice flour. the dough B. pliable dough. also on language skills so they could communicate with foreign tourists. Becak in Yogyakarta. how to make gemblong C.” The word ‘this’ refers to … . Place cakes in the sugar syrup and toss the cake about until the sugar caramelizes on the surfaces. In a mixing of water and dough.Mix the sugar and water in a small. mixing with your hands to get fairly soft. the products are free sold D. is a pedal-driven becak with the driver positioned at the back part of becak. Makes 12 cakes Preparation time: 20 minutes 18. to retell the past events B. In fairly soft. salt and grated coconut in a small mixing bowl. 3.” The underlined word means … A. In a mixing of rice flour. hit someone. Yogyakarta’s becak C. a mixing of milk coconut and lime water D . salt and grated coconut.a mixing of rice flour. In a small mixing bowl. Stir together the lime water and warm coconut milk and pour this into the ingredients in the mixing bowl. The high seated position of the driver is often criticized as it requires extra effort for the driver to pedal the becak. Roll in your hands into oval shapes and put them to flatten to about 1 cm thickness. make something flat C. A. salt and grated coconut This text is for number 22 to 24 The government of Yogyakarta had decided to keep becak as a public transportation and also as an attraction point for visiting tourists. Tourist in Yogyakarta .

” The album was nominated for nine Grammy Awards. like wagging my tail and jumping on the master. As I approached a graveyard. C. What made the donkey jealous of the dog ? A. The dog’s habit is liked by the master What is the best title for the text ? A. I could remember a woman screaming as she was being attached by a monster. two younger brothers. The donkey worked hard all day. “ Take a Bow” and “ Disturbia. naughty This text is for number 28 to 31 Once. It is not good to be envious to others D. as well as . for visiting tourists C. 28. The writer saw his classmate in the cinema. B. In 2005. She is a popular singer and model. The writer met Hadi on the way home. a farmer owned a donkey and a lapdog. but allowed to sit on the master’s lap. What is the best title for the text? A. he will start loving me as much as he loves the dog. Why does the government of Yogyakarta had decided to keep becak as a public transportation and also as an attraction point ? A. I left the cinema quickly. 1988 in Saint Michael. The writer watched a comedy film From the text we know that Hadi is a … boy. then. B. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? A. Somehow that frightful scare stayed in my mind and I could not forget it. Rorrey and Rajad Fenty. The dog and its master What can we learn from the text ? A. the farmer sat at the table.23. It was a scary story. The donkey and her lapdog C. and knocked off all the china from the table. dragged the donkey off to his stable. and gave him a beating he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life. The beating that he has C. The donkey rushed to the farmer began wagging his tail vigorously. The donkey wanted to be loved by its master B. my classmate. She released her second studio album. He is a warehouse supervisor. For training on traffic system 24. The chance to stay inside the house What is the main idea of paragraph 3 ? A. “Perhaps if I behaved like the dog. The way the farmer treated the donkey C. The farmhands came running in. The writer went to the movie by motor cycle. There. for comunicating with tourist D. brave B. 25. For travelling B. The farmer’s care to the dog D. On the way home. The things done by donkey to be loved D. He did not work. He. The road was dark and quiet. I heard some sounds behind me. What is becak in Yogyakarta look like This text is for number 25 to 27 After the movie was over. Where is becak in Yogyakarta B. A. 29. The farmer and the donkey D. The lapdog stayed with his master all day and lived in the house with him. Music of the Sun. Which of the following statement is true according to the text? A. 31. Why does becak in Yogyakarta D. The halter that he has to wear B. B.” and the worldwide hit “ Don’t Stop The Music. I pedaled hard on my bicycle and was soon speeding home. shy D.Z. 27.30 p. Rihanna has sold over twelve million albums worldwide in her four-year career span and has received several awards. She is the oldest of three siblings. I looked back and saw Hadi. Rihanna released her debut studio album. Baebados. 30. What is becak look like C. D. The farmer and his dog. is good to keep your promise This text is for number 32 to 35 Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in February 20. winning Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Umbrella” which features Jay. Good Girl One Bad was released in 2007 peaking at number two on the Billboard 2000. It is good to share things with others B. At the age of 16 Rihanna moved to the United States to start her career as a singer under the guidance of recording producer Evan Rogers. 26.” So. Scary feeling. He had also seen the movie and was frightened too.m. when he was left unattended. My thought went back to the movie I had just seen. the donkey broke his halter and ran into the farmhouse kitchen. the donkey decided to wait for his chance. It is not good to help others C. as I got on to my bicycle. The donkey grew jealous of the lapdog. and finally plunked himself down on the farmer’s lap. One day. Watching a movie. The shocked farmer yelled for help. calm C. A graveyard. featured five top ten hits including three US number one hit singles “ Umbrella”. Rihanna’s father is Ronald Fenty. started jumping around and frolicking like a little dog. She is an accountant. hauling heavy loads. Both of us laughed out loud over our behavior. Her mother’s name is Monica Fenty. He had cycled after me so that he would not be alone. A Girl Like Me in 2006 Rihanna’s third studio album. My watch showed 11. including the 2007 World Music Awards for World’s Best-Selling Pop Female Entertainer of the Year. C.

Next.. 3.2). It is a sea tree or plant of the genus pseudoselomata D. pour broth into pot and bring to boil. Then. 1 teaspoon soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil Instructions 1. They do not need water to live B. C. 7. but not as salty as sea water). Mix until pasty. Some species have their roots covered with sea water every day during high tide. Rihanna’s personal information D. Why did Rihanna move to United States? A. To attend the show. When broth begins to boil again. Finally. but are still part of the ecosystem. They have special aerial roots and salt-filtering tap roots 38. to take care of ill people This text is for number 36 to 39 Mangrove Trees A mangrove is a tropical maritime tree or shrub of the genus Rhizophora.. To see Evan Rogers.Level-growing roots which twist upward and downwards. They have feet to move to another area C. Mangrove need to keep their trunk and leaves above the water line. these roots produce additional roots that become embedded in the soil. Then. B. A. 32.. To start her career.. It is a tropical maritime tree or shrub of the genus rhyzophora. cut mushrooms into pieces and celery into short lengths. 3. Some prefer more salinity. What can you say about brackish water? A. What is the the social comunicative of the text above? A. Add shrimp balls and cook for 8 minutes. It is dessert tree or vegetation of the genus Zoroaster B. The underlined word means a building to ). to describe about the life of Robyn Rihanna Fenty C. Any part of a root that appears above the water line channels oxygen to the plant below the water line. It is easier to catch their prey B. Mangroves have special aerial roots and salt-filtering tap roots that enable them to thrive in brackish water (brackish water is salty. Paragraph two tells us about . A. 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg white 1 tablespoon cornstarch B. He is a warehouse supervisor. Brackish water is sour but not as sour as acid 39. 6. the information about Rihanna’s family C. 33. They will move by waves to another area C. and grow closer to the shore. C. serve it in a serving bowl. to tell about the biography of Robyn Rihanna Fenty B. To show the daily experience of Robyn Rihanna Fenty D. to store things before it is sold B. 40. The purpose of the text is . while others like to be very close to a large fresh water source (such as a river). 5. Others are more sensitive to salinity. with the upward twists emerging on the water surface. Over time as soil begins to build up. They can fly like bird This text is for number 40 to 42 Ingredients:  600 g shrimps. Brackish water is hot but not as hot as red pepper D. to produce food and beverage C. chop up shrimps and add seasoning. . to amuse the reader about Robyn Rihanna Fenty 34. Brackish water is salty but not as salty as sea water Why do mangroves need to be firmly attached to the ground ? so… A. the awards Rihanna got in four-year career span B. D. add B seasoning.. What makes mangroves able to thrive in brackish water? Because……… A. 2. 2.the 2008 American Awards for Favorite Soul/ R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist. Rihanna’s debut in 2005 35. Roll shrimp mixture into balls. It is a mountain tree or plant of the genus polychaeta C.Level-growing roots whose downward twists (sub-roots) appear on the water surface. 36. 37. First. There are three types of mangrove roots that help in this process : 1. To continue her study.Support roots which directly pierce the soil. What is a mangrove tree ? A. to conduct learning process D.. They are not moved by waves D. Yet they also need to be firmly attached to the ground so they are not moved by waves. add straw mushrooms and carrot. There are several species of mangrove tress found all over the world. 4. Brackish water is sweet but not as sweet as sugar B. peeled  40 g straw mushrooms  1 stalk celery  2 slices carrot  1 cup broth SHRIMP BALL SOUP Seasoning A. ( paragraph. Some prefer areas that are sheltered from waves. Other species grow on dry land. They do need oxygen to live D.

A.called . The doctor told him to rest and met him after four weeks. 3-1-5-7-4-6-9-8-2 B. friendly B. Give out C. add straw mushrooms and carrot pour C. 2. They left for the school at 5 in the morning. They needed two poles. left This text is for number 46 to 48 Peter is the .. 4-3-2-1-6-7-5-8 D. 4. oll shrimp mixture into balls Finally. A. ‘Let’s set up our tents here’ said the leader. George had a difficult time moving around the house. 1-3-7-4-5-6-9-8-2 50. an aeroplane .. A. 4-3-1-2-5-7-6-8 B. Arrange the sentences into a good recount text. there . But he still . He sat the foot .. straight hair.. he plays football and tennis. Sometimes. He is fourteen years old and four years younger than me. he is rather naughty at home. went C. Make up D.A. Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence. D.. 1-5-7-4-3-6-9-8-2 D. give back This text is for number 43 to 45 George was playing in the garden when he broke his ankle yesterday.. pour broth into pot and bring to boil teaspoon B. bright eyes and a .. 3. 4-3-1-2-5-7-6-8 . After that. quickly B.(46). tallest D. but he usually does what he is asked to do. 3-7-4-5-1-6-9-8-2 C.(44). jobs C. 42.lived . dilligently C.. He has long.once . taught D. 7... calmly 45. wonderfully 48.. A. The correct arrangement is . 4-1-3-5-2-7-6-8 C. A. a motorcycle B. 5.(45). He is the best badminton player in our family. and fixed it with plaster. arts B.. a train C. Last weekend the the girl and the boy scouts had a ‘Persami’ activity outside their school. What does the underlined word mean? A. His father rang for . check out B.. The doctor examined him. In a short time the tents were ready.. B.Waiwuang . A. smile. A.. best B. add B seasoning. they put a small flag on the top of each tent. To describe particular place to retell events for the purpose of informing or enter taining to describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of steps to amuse to deal with the actual or vicarious experience in different ways What should we do before add shrimp balls … A. sports 49. After along drive they arrived at the woods and found a good camping site. Soon an ambulance came. He could not move... George could not move his ankle. D. dilligently D. 8. musics D.. Peter is interested in …(48)… very much and at school. in my family. 1. There were paramedics. They took him to the hospital. Then they started to work.three . 46. 6.. youngest C. an ambulance 44. correctly D.. serve it in a serving bowl ¼ hour... to school. ran B..(47).. A. C. some ropes and nails for each tent. 41. They carried George on a stretcher to ambulance. beautifully C. smallest 47..brothers ... 43.a village 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The correct arrangement is . (43).