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Date April 15

New premises

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We have moved into our new office and the team

have been busy decorating it to get it looking spick
and span. Things are looking up

Crossroads Trust visit Timpson

A delegation from Crossroads Trust was warmly welcomed by James Timpson up at his
Wythenshaw base this month.
James talked about his commitment to find superstars from serving prisoners and
train them in his growing Timpson, Max Spielmann and Snappy Snap shops. James can
readily see that there are individuals with previous convictions who can and do make
the best employees. He has a commitment to recruit individuals with convictions
through the Timpson Academy, and has a track record of showing that employment
significantly reduces the risk of re-offending. Each prison leaver has the help of a
mentor who keeps regular contact and monitors progress of the ex-prisoner
employee, and James writes on his web site of unqualified success in his scheme.

Cuddly Companions

James offered lots of words of advice and wisdom about the mentoring and
befriending role of Crossroads Trust and how the work we do in our community can
make a real difference. Thanks James for your words of support and advice. There is
no doubt that this employer has a refreshingly practical and helpful view when
employing individuals with convictions, making communities safer and better.

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Congratulations to the crossroads trust

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Jo Faulkner

12 things you didn't know about the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
Wide-ranging Act

The Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 is one of those wide-raging criminal justice acts which create numerous
new offences, make substantial changes to sentencing and try to address lots of minor anomalies in a way that has
become increasingly popular in the last two decades.
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling chose to emphasise how tough the Act is in the MoJ's official press release:
"Crime has fallen, serious offenders are going to prison for longer and now we have changed the law to deliver
tougher and swifter justice for victims and the public."
"As well as bringing in a range of vital new offences and other important legal changes our reforms are
strengthening sentencing powers to provide better protection for our communities."
The Act creates at least eight new offences, increases the penalties for a number of crimes and levies new charges
on anyone convicted of a criminal offence.
The measures
The Act received Royal Assent on 12 February and comes into force on 13 April 2015 and I thought it might be
interesting to look at some of its main provisions. Here are 12 things that you may not know about the Act; in
addition to being more punitive, you will see that several apply to new offences committed online.
1. All child rapists and terrorists serving custodial sentences will only be released before the end of their
prison term if the independent Parole Board decides they no longer represent a risk to the public
2. A new criminal offence of revenge porn has been created, meaning that those who share private, sexual
images of someone without consent and with the intent to cause distress will now face up to 2 years in
3. Banning cautions for criminals convicted of serious offences and, for less serious offences, stopping repeat
cautions for anyone who commits the same or similar offence more than once in a 2-year period. Offenders
will be prosecuted instead.
4. Making possession of extreme pornography that shows images depicting rape illegal.
5. Increasing the maximum penalty to 2 years in prison for online trolls who send abusive messages or
6. Four new criminal offences of juror misconduct. These are researching details of a case (including online
research), sharing details of the research with other jurors, disclosing details of juror deliberation and
engaging in other prohibited conduct

7. Imposing a new fee at the point of conviction to make criminals contribute towards the costs of running the
courts system
8. Creating a new offence of causing serious injury by driving while disqualified, carrying a maximum penalty
of 4 years in prison, and increasing the maximum prison sentence for causing death by disqualified driving
to 10 years.
9. Increasing the maximum penalty for prisoners who fail to return from a period of temporary release from 6
months to 2 years in prison
10. Creating a new offence of remaining unlawfully at large following a recall from licence with a maximum
penalty of 2 years in prison

11. Speeding up the Judicial Review process and reducing the "number of meritless claims clogging the
12. Tackling insurance fraud by new measures that ban law firms from offering inducements, such as iPads or
cash, to potential clients and courts will be required to dismiss personal injury cases entirely where the
claimant has been found to be fundamentally dishonest.

Common Purpose Event

Thanks to Beverleys excellent networking via Twitter Crossroads has in recent

months been linked to Louise Teboul at Common Purpose. The outcome of this link
was Beverley and John represented Crossroads at the Common Purpose Event
looking at ways to reduce reoffending in Erdington on Thursday March 26 .

Founded in 1989 as a not-for-profit social enterprise, Common Purpose runs local

programmes for leaders in cities across the world, and facilitates global programmes
to bring together leaders from over 100 countries across six continents. All very
impressive so Crossroads were delighted to be invited to contribute to such a
prestigious event. Common Purpose facilitates courses to give people skills,
connections and inspiration to become better leaders both at work and in society. I
couldnt help thinking how lucky we are at Crossroads to have some inspirational
Project Leaders.

The aim of the day was for leaders from business to look at real life issues, step-out
of their comfort zone and get involved with solutions. Crossroads were invited to
act as consultants and get involved with groups looking at positive management
outcomes to help reduce reoffending rates. In essence we were often sounding
boards and it was interesting to listen to perspectives from individuals outside of
the criminal justice system.

Other invited organisations included User Voice, Network 4 and NOMS. It was great
to have an opportunity put Crossroads on the map but also help leaders present to
understand fully the pressures and barriers many individuals with criminal
convictions face in the community. Including finding meaningful employment.
It was really useful meeting Darren Burns, national recruitment ambassador, for
Timpson, who came all the way from Manchester to share the Timpson Foundation
work. Darren as an ex-offender himself was inspiring presenting on the great work
Timpsons do to help ex-offenders get back on their feet. Giving them a second
chance and empowering them to lead positive lives through meaningful
employment. A model for many more employers to follow. Crossroads will be
aiming this year to establish robust local employer links to encourage more
recruitment of individuals with criminal convictions.

Louise Teboul