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ProxKEY is a USB-based PKI,
two-factor authentication token
device which is portable,
easy-to-use and
cost-efficient for on-line.

ProxKey offers Plug and play
simplicity for users, with no
end-point software installation.
The Token automatically
Prompts for Software.

A true "plug and play" solution,
ProxKEY eliminates the need
for pre-installation of desktop
client software.

ProxKEY User interface is
Designed exclusively to meet
the End need of the Customers
and the Registration
Authorities (RA's).

Authentication, Signature,
Encryption and Online transactions.
The USB interface eliminates
the need to install card readers
at the client side.

The Driver Utility automatically
Installs the Roots of the Certifying
Authority as Trusted Roots.
What's more, You don’t need to
Install the Root

thereby providing. PC/SC. ProxKEY is a very portable. 3DES. 78mm x 23mm x 9mm . easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for strong authentication. MAC. Helps in Easy renewal of Certificate before time. Firefox 3. enabling organizations to expand their range of online business services while providing administering facility with the Admin PIN.Designed to meet the demand for secure. The attractive price helps the token to cater to the massess for PKI Solutions TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Supported Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003/Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Linux and Mac OS ISO Specification Support for ISO 7816-1 to 4. 8/9 specifications Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 5. The IT Administrator can regulate the Usage of Certificate in case of Blocked tokens The Pre Printed Serial Numbers on the Token Designed to meet the Need of Tracking the Token and the USER Certificate The Admin Tools. fast and reliable external tokens with built-in secure mechanisms.509 v3certificate storage. 8g. supports USB 1. secure access and online transactions. SSL v3 Operating Temperature 0° C to 70° C (32° F to 158° F) Storage Temperature & Humidity Rating -40° C to 85° C (-40° F to 185° F) & 0-100% without condensation Memory Size & Data Retention 64K & At Least 10 years Connector USB type A. Prompts for the Certificate expiry well in Advance. AES Memory Cell Rewrites At least 500. X. Never Lose due to Expired Certificate Validity.0+.0+. DES. Easy Integration of the Token and the application ProxKEY is ideal for corporate and internet security needs. SHA-1.1 and 2.SHA-256 .0. Microsoft CAPI 2. ProxKEY is the latest generation of USB token product built to facilitate high-speed data transmission and encryption operations based on the PKI technology. Applications & Websites.01.000 Security Certifications FIPS 140-2 Weight And Size Approx. Netscape Google Chrome Api & Standards Support PKCS#11 v2.0 (full speed and high speed) On Board Security Algorithm RSA 1024-bit and 2048-bit.