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Fly Ash Pending Work List for Unit#2

Sl. No.
Fly Ash System Below ESP Hopper (Pass-A&B)
Pneumatic panel for PD pump



All PD Pump & Ash vessel blow valve orifice


All pneumatic instruments tubing
MS adopter fludising pads fabric cloths (Field-4th
Below ESP Hopper
to 9th)


Ash Conveying Pipe (from esp to fly ash silo)


level probe & RTD for ESP Hopper
All C&I work


ESP Root Blower


BTG & Fly Ash Compressor House


BTG Compressor ZR-160

Between ESP & ID

Compressor House

Fly Ash Compressor ZR-630


Fly Ash Silo
Fluidizing Air Line

1 2 3 4 5 Timer Card Panel for Bag Filter Purging at top of silo 7 Solenoid for bag filter RVF for Ash conditioner RVF for Unloading spout Ash conditioner Motor Local panel for RVF. Unloading spout & ash conditioner Level probe & 3D scanner for Silo level 8 PLC operation for fly ash slurry system 6 Silo-02 .

Compressor balance for commissioning 2 No.Service engr required.Date-15/04/2015 Work Status Remarks on 15-04-15 &B) Erection balance 4/16/2015 Erection balance 4/16/2015 Balance 4/18/2015 Balance Availability of matl to be checked Pipe Erection & civil work under progress 02-05-15 (After civil clearance) Cable laying Started Cable laying Started 4/22/2015 4/22/2015 01No. Root Blower erection completed out of 02 Nos. Blower Heater & Heater panel erection also pending. Expected on 2004-15. 4/20/2015 01 No. Compressor balance for commissioning Matl despatched. . Work under progress 4/20/2015 24-04-15 .

Fixing not started No load trial completed No load trial completed Erection pending Matl will arrive at site by 20-04-15 and will be commissioned with in one or two days 4/20/2015 4/16/2015 4/16/2015 4/16/2015 Not completed 4/16/2015 Erection pending Followup for the matl of sleeve Service engr will arrive on 20-0415 Awaited for new timer card panel Not completed .

erection balance (Field-9th) 11 Scarp Removal Not Started ESP-2 . erection balance (Field1st&3rd) Motor Termination balance Cable laying not completed Motor Termination balance Cable laying started 7 ERM Shaft hammer 8 9 CRM Shaft hammer level prober for ESP Hopper Cable laying not completed Welding not completed Hammer erection work under progress Tack welding After completion of erection Tack welding not completed Cable laying started 10 RTD for ESP hopper 04 Nos. No.ESP Pending Work List for Unit#2 Date-15/04/2015 Sl. Decription ESP Paas-A 1 ERM Shaft hammer 2 Guide vane for GD screen 3 level probe for ESP hopper 4 Location Work Status ESP-2 level probe for ESP hopper ESP Paas-B 1 ERM at ESP top 2 ERM heater at ESP top 3 Transformer at ESP top Transformer Insulator heater at 4 ESP top 5 Insulator Heater at ESP top 6 Guide vane for GD screen Tack welding not completed Welding not completed Cable laying started 04 Nos.

g Work List for Unit#2 Dept Remarks on 15-04-15 Mechanical Mechanical C&I 4/16/2015 4/16/2015 4/22/2015 C&I 4/22/2015 Electrical Electrical Electrical 4/22/2015 4/22/2015 4/22/2015 Electrical 4/22/2015 Electrical Mechanical 4/22/2015 4/16/2015 4/20/2015 Mechanical 4/20/2015 Mechanical C&I 4/20/2015 4/22/2015 C&I 4/22/2015 Mechanical 4/20/2015 .

HOPPER to ASH Sump. . Mechanical Punch Points Sl. Instrumentation Punch Points 1 All C & I Work regarding the instruments and Air line.No Description Status of Work Erection of Structre for the ASH Pipe line erected only at the 1 slurry transportation from ECO & APH Platform area. B.Punch points for ECO & APH Unit # 2 Dated: 15-04-2015 A. Not yet Started.

C&I work completion period .7 days After civil clearance.7 days . Remarks on 15-04-15 After civil clearance. mech work completion period .Dated: 15-04-2015 Remarks Steel structure not erected from platform area to the BA Slurry sump.

0 m Elevation at East & West 2 Side of BAH 4 Erection of Hydraulic Pipe line along with Hose to the Bottom Doors Hydraulic Cylinder Front door & camera with vision glass 5 Erection of Vent air ducting from MAC Extractor to the Bottom Hopper.Pending Work of Bottom Ash Hopper Unit # 2. B. 7 Closing of all Openings With Proper Flanged Doors and Dummies for the precrusher Inline Equipment / Contact Cooler. (+)8. Dated: 15/04/2015 Sl. Mechanical Works 1 Erection of Mechanical Seal between Boiler and BAH Fitment of Vision Glass & flange at (+)6. and (+) 23. No.69m Elevation. 3 8 9 10 11 Gear box & motor for MAC belt & spill chain Gear box & motor for Primary crusher O-chain Post cooler conveyor 12 Structure erection for Post cooler conveyor 13 Wet Disposal & Dry Unloading equipment at Bottom of Silo Platforms Structure @ (+)6. 14 15 Erection of HP water line for the Mixing tank and Hydro ejector for Wet ash Disposal of BA Silo. 6 Fit-up & Welding of Hopper Seal With MAC Extractor with Bottom Flange. Electrical Works Cable Laying and Termination for the Bottom Door Hydraulic Control 1 Unit Motor . Description A.2m Elevation.0m Elevation.

O-chain. . 3 Charging of MCC Panel for the Bottom Door Hydraulic system. C. Postcooler Conveyor. Pre-Crusher. Instrumentation Works PLC Cable laying & Termination for the Bottom Door JB's & Cylinder 1 Limit Switches. Pre-Crusher. Level Switches. Postcooler Conveyor and also Cable laying & Termination for VFD Panels. O-chain. 2 Installation of Zero Speed Switches.2 Erection of LPBS. MAC Belt abd Spill Chain. Primary Crusher. Primary Crusher. Micro Level Indicators. Cable laying & Termination for the MAC Belt abd Spill Chain.

Erection Balance. 4/16/2015 Not Completed. 4/16/2015 4/20/2015 4/25/2015 .opper Unit # 2. 4/16/2015 Erection pending 4/16/2015 Duct Connection at the MAC Extractor pending. 4/16/2015 Fit-up completed. 4/25/2015 Not Completed. 4/25/2015 Cable termination completed at Motor Side and Pending at Panel Side. 4/16/2015 Motor Erection Pending Motor Erection Pending Erection pending Erection Under progress Stairways & Handrailings at the Curved section not completed. 4/16/2015 4/16/2015 4/20/2015 4/20/2015 Not Completed. Dated: 15/04/2015 Work Status Remarks on 15-04-15 Under progress 4/15/2015 Erection pending 4/16/2015 Pipe line Erection balance on front side. Welding balance.

Platforms at the respective elevation to be completed. 4/25/2015 Cable laying & Termination work completed at Far side. 4/16/2015 Balance at Front Side. 4/16/2015 Not Completed.Not Completed. Not completed. 4/25/2015 .