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04 March 2015

4.30pm – 5.22pm
Vice Chairperson Muñoz
Councilors Balagot, Carbonell, de Layola, Reynoso, and Sarmiento
Year Level Representatives Fuentes, Iwarat, and Callejo
1. Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
3. Midterm Report Publication
4. AIT Month Assessment
5. Electoral Board Nominees/Election Code
6. Admin Concerns (AIT Open House, Graduation)
7. USC Updates/Climate Justice
8. Diliman Games/Fitness Week
1. Agenda Approval
- add other matters: UPDGO through Ma’am Dulnuan
- AIT Month Assessment: lay on the table
- Approved
2. Remittance
3. Committee/Batch Updates
Mass Media (c/o Councilor Reynoso)
- release dropping pub
- rerouting inside UP (pub)
Ways and Means (c/o Councilor Carbonell)
- bags were supposed to be launched last 27
- found supplier for bags (Phoebea, P65)
- use design from the lantern parade shirt last academic year
Graduation Committee (c/o Batch Rep Fuentes)
- March 9: photoshoot for those unable to come last year
- Layag: deadlines being set for deliverables to Zone 5
- Banyuhay: meeting last time; venue for graduation rites (Film Institute, Music, and
Bahay ng Alumni unavailable)
- go to NISMED, Physics, Education, and Law tomorrow
Sports and Fitness (c/o Batch Rep Iwarat and Councilor de Layola)
- tune up games held last Monday
- games start on Monday next week
- move fitness week to last week of March (24-27)
Students’ Rights and Welfare (c/o Vice Chair Muñoz)
- 230 signatories for the Rise for Education Alliance

letter to Dean Mena from USC .AIT Open House on the 14th . Other Matters Ma'am Dulnuan . Cheska de Luna .4.everyone was able to pass their parts . read and discuss it in the next GA 6.UPDGO asks presentation from AIT for Women's Month Cultural Night Women's Month .midterm publication not released .PDA forum on the last week of March.University Career Fair: get list of graduating students from Clarence 8.election code: done with the final draft. Jay-ar Magsayo. Diliman Games/Fitness Week – Done 9.Mobile Gender c/o Tolits next week.Graduation Concerns: graduation rites venue/date. March 11 . no attendee .set date for dialogue _________________________ . April 8 April 10: Rockalikasan .LCC GA tomorrow 6-8PM.campaign week.convert it to jpeg format . Luke Mercado. USC Updates/Climate Justice . Kei Flores. release statement on 8th of March Documents of OSF .nominees: Paulo Amorin.Climate Justice Week moved to April 7-10 forum on Wednesday. Midterm Report Publication . speaker 7.ACLE on March 26 . Admin Concerns (AIT Open House.release on Sunday (c/o Councilor Balagot) 5. Electoral Board Nominees/Election Code .USC Election: campaign extended for a week Date of Filing: March 6-13 Campaign Period: March 23 to April 15 Elections: April 16 . send invitation this weekend . Graduation) .

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