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18 March 2015

4.30pm 5.42pm
Vice Chairperson Muoz
Councilors Balagot, Carbonell, de Layola, and Sarmiento
Year Level Representatives Fuentes, Iwarat, and Callejo
1. Remittance
2. Committee/Batch Updates
3. AIT Month Assessment
4. College Election Code
5. Election Matters
6. USC Updates
7. Other Matters
1. Agenda Approval Approved
2. Remittance
3. Committee/Batch Updates
Finance (c/o Councilor de Layola)
- fin statements ready for release, needs to be signed
- Salimbay Funds (c/o Chair Calderon)
Secretariat (c/o Councilor Balagot)
- attendance report to be released
Ways and Means (c/o Councilor Carbonell)
- sample bag
- P85/bag, selling price: P120
- first wave: Holy Week release of pubmat; April 7 release of orders
- second wave: 2nd week of April; third week of April release of orders
Graduation Committee (c/o Batch Rep Fuentes)
- graduation: June 25 at GT Toyota
- borrow P3,000 downpayment from the council
Sports and Fitness (c/o Batch Rep Iwarat and Councilor de Layola)
- Diliman Games scheduled every Sunday
- Fitness Week: problem regarding pubmats; move to last week of April
- Culminating activity: any physical activity
Year II (c/o Batch Rep Callejo)
- GA next week, Wednesday
Year III (c/o Batch Rep Iwarat)
- Pre-practicum seminars announcement

Year IV (c/o Batch Rep Fuentes)

- No GA yet since there is still no final list of graduating students
4. AIT Month Assessment
- AIT Month: the exhibit was okay; free cupcakes
- Cultural Week: the pictures were quite small
- Overall: only a few members of the council helped put up the exhibit
Mr. & Ms. AIT 2015
- fun
- many attendees
- started and ended on-time
- a little problem with the lights setup
- Seminar Room was a good venue for the event
Self-Defense Seminar
- the event wouldve been good if not for the lack of attendees
- on the other hand, it was also good that only a few attended so the demonstrators
were able to do one-on-one mini-sessions
Cultural Night
- major problem with WABBS
- make sure to update WABBS next time before the event proper
- started very late (around 2 hours after announced start time)
- many attendees left even before the program started
- events were okay
- the pubs were released late
- next time, coordinate with the admin for plans for AIT Month
- plan for AIT Month as early as the first semester semplanning
5. College Election Code
- red highlights: not sure if it will be revised or not
- be strict regarding time and paraphernalia
- qualifications
70% passing for first semester
tribunal: change to Certificate of Good Moral Character from the OIS
orsem of candidates: meet with the College Electoral Board
teaser: remove
- update then approval next GA
6. Election Matters
- reminder for those running for office, resign immediately
- Election Period Schedule:
Apr. 8-22 Campaign Period
Apr. 23 USC Elections
Mar. 20 Deadline of Filing
- deadline of resignation: Friday, 5PM
- Miting d Avance: include in the next GAs agenda
- simple guidelines for campaign period: discuss online
7. USC Updates
- architecture: exhibit on tourism architecture for partnership (May)

- response regarding budget (c/o Chair Calderon)

- ACLE: Mar. 26 (TMS & TS)
- Career Fair: top 20 students in terms of acads, leadership, extra-curricular activities
8. Other Matters
- UPFront partnership proposal: NO
- Climate Justice: Apr. 8 as Climate Justice Day
1-4PM Forum
4-6PM Climate Justice Walk
8PM onwards Rockalikasan
- Career week: last week of April (Apr. 30 boothing, Apr. 28-30 seminars)