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Reading Skills



Your Perform ance
Test takers w ho receive a score at the HIGH level, as you did,
typically understand academic texts in English that require a
w ide range of reading abilities regardless of the difficulty of the

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Test takers w ho score at the HIGH level, typically


Listening Skills



have a very good command of academic vocabulary
and grammatical structure;
can understand and connect information, make
appropriate inferences, and synthesize ideas, even
w hen the text is conceptually dense and the language is
can recognize the expository organization of a text and
the role that specific information serves w ithin the larger
text, even w hen the text is conceptually dense; and
can abstract major ideas from a text, even w hen the
text is conceptually dense and contains complex

Your Perform ance
Test takers w ho receive a score at the HIGH level, as you did,
typically understand conversations and lectures in English that
present a w ide range of listening demands. These demands can
include difficult vocabulary (uncommon terms, or colloquial or
figurative language), complex grammatical structures, abstract
or complex ideas, and/or making sense of unexpected or
seemingly contradictory information.
When listening to lectures and conversations like these, test
takers at the HIGH level typically can

understand main ideas and important details, w hether
they are stated or implied;
distinguish more important ideas from less important
understand how information is being used (for example,
to provide evidence for a claim or describe a step in a


but some ideas are not fully developed or are inaccurate. some details are missing or inaccurate. https://toefl-registration. new spaper articles. and campus bulletins. Your ideas are generally w ell developed and expressed coherently.5 3. and make correct inferences on the basis of that information. if you have any. your speech is clear and easy to understand.0) Fair(2. to emphasize a point. recognize how pieces of information are connected (for example. Weaknesses. might have to do w ith Writing based on reading and listening Good(4. You responded w ith a w ell-organized and developed essay. Your Perform ance You responded w ell to the task. in a cause-and-effect relationship). or unidiomatic and/or elaboration of ideas or connection of ideas that could have been stronger. Your responses demonstrate an ability to speak in English about reading material and experiences typically encountered by university students. understand many different w ays that speakers use language for purposes other than to give information (for example.0) Fair(2. how Limitations of grammar.5 3.ets. You are able to convey relevant information about conversations. even w hen it is not presented in sequence. Weaknesses.0 5. express agreement or disagreement. they do not seriously interfere w ith overall communication. w ith only minor communication 2/3 . your speech is clear and fluent. vocabulary. if you have any.0) Level Your Perform ance Your responses indicate an ability to communicate your personal experiences and opinions effectively in English. and synthesize information. Speaking Skills Speaking about familiar topics Speaking about campus situations Speaking about academic course content Writing Skills Level Good(3. some problems w ith pronunciation and intonation may occasionally cause difficulty for the listener.0) slight imprecision in your summary of some of the main points and/or use of English that is occasionally ungrammatical or unclear.0) use of English that is occasionally ungrammatical. might have to do w ith Writing based on know ledge and experience Good(4. relating the lecture to the reading. Your use of grammar and vocabulary is adequate to talk about the topics. Your responses demonstrate that you are able to speak in English about academic reading and lecture material. For the most part. unclear. How ever.5 4.0 5.1/28/2014 View Scores to provide evidence for a claim or describe a step in a complex process). and pronunciation at times cause difficulty for the listener. How ever. Your use of vocabulary and grammar is effective w ith only minor errors. or convey intentions indirectly). Overall.

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