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Introduction to Science
1.1 What is Science
1.2 Science Laboratory
1.3 The Steps in Scientific Investigation
1.4 Physical Quantities and Their Units
1.5 Measuring Tools
1.6 The Concept of Mass
1.7 The Importance of Standard Units in Everyday Life

d. a. _________________________ c. Making hypothesis Controlling variables Writing a report Analysing and interpreting data . A (doctor / biologist) treats patients while a (pharmacist / dentist) prepares and prescribes drugs for medical purposes. ______________________ d.1. Formation of rainbow c. A television set is turned off. Medical Agriculture a. 1. 2. Sunrise e. Raining Label the pictures below according to the correct fields using the words given. Communication Domestic b.1 Understanding that science is part of everyday life 1 Tick (/) in the column below to list down things that happen around us in nature. ______________________ Underline the correct answers below to name some of the careers in science. A baby growing up b. ________________________ 3.2 Understanding the steps in scientific investigation 1 Arrange the following steps in scientific investigation in the correct sequence using the phrases below.

Physical quantity Length Mass Time S. Draw lines to identify three other physical quantities in the word maze below. a) Plan the experiment b) Collecting data c) Making conclusion d) 1. W P O L W Q T W R U R 2. Knowing physical quantities and their units 1. R R C E O P U O G J Q T E Y N D T H I O P V O Q W A E U B Z A M I P G T H Q H W T E G T M W R E F A U D Y E I E J R O Y K T P U L Y T I M E A R S S D K J A S D F G H J K S L A T E M P E R A T U R E Complete the table below to state the SI units and the corresponding symbols.3.Identifying the problem .I unit Symbol m kilogram s .

01 m 1. Prefix mega kilo centi milli Symbol M k Numerical value of: 1 000 000 0. To measure temperature of substances Meter rule To measure the volume of a liquid Thermometer Measuring cylinder 3. B A 1cm 1cm 1cm A: _________________ 1cm B: ___________________ .3. Estimate the areas of A and B.4 Understanding the use of measuring tools. Complete the table below to show the symbols and numerical values for the following prefixes. Measure the diameter of the ping pong ball in the diagram below in cm 2. Diameter = __________________cm 1. Draw lines to match the correct measuring tools for measuring length. and temperature. To measure the length of a line The diagram below shows a regular shape A and an irregular shape B. volume.

Mass Weight Quantity of matter Definition a. 1. The weight of an object is the pull of the earth’s ____________on an object.5 Understanding the concept of mass 1. The mass of an object is the (quantity / quality) of matter in the object. 4. Measuring tools Spring balance kilogram S. Underline the correct answer to explain the concept of mass. The diagram below shows an activity to determine the volume of a cork using water displacement method. Tick (/) the correct measuring tool that is used to determine the weight of an object. 3. b. Compare and contrast between mass and weight in the diagram below. The diagram below shows two measuring tools.3. 2. Complete the statement below to explain the concept of weight. .I unit c. Calculate the volume of the cork.