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Parish Council Meeting


A Parish Council meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 21. 

St. Michael Catholic Church
5:30 pm
10:00 am

4:00 pm
8:00 am

2:00-2:30 pm 3:15-3:45 pm
Weekdays before Mass
Anytime by appointment
Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 am - Noon
Closed Mondays
(620) 724-8717
STAFF Pastor: Fr. Roger Lumbre
Secretary: Faith Paoni
Bookkeeper: Janel Scales
Bulletin Editor: Nancy Bauer
Finance Council
Parish Council
Tony Stonerock, Chair Dale Coomes, Chair
April 21

!Rosary Altar Society

Knights of Columbus
4th Monday of Month 1st Tuesday of Month
6:30pm in hall
7:00pm in hall

!Helping Hands

Daughters of Isabella
Carrie Smith
Marilyn Bradshaw
Kapaun’s Men: Fridays at 6:00am in the hall


Altar Society Officers Needed

From the Pastor


Saturday, April
, is the
year anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood. As always, I
am forever grateful and thankful to God for this gift! This gift is not mine alone but for the entire
community. A priest is taken from the community and is given back to the community as he
serves! So I ask you to join me in thanking God for this and to pray for me and all the priests as we
thank God for the gift of the priesthood for the community. I remember in my prayers my
deceased father and mother who have been instrumental for my vocation. I remember the bishop
who ordained me. He died in 1998. For lack of time for the preparation, the celebration is
scheduled for Saturday, April 25, at the 5:30 mass at Saint Michael. My Filipino friends from
Wichita will be the choir for that mass. After the mass, dinner follows at Saint Michael grounds.
They will also be presenting some songs and native Filipino dances. Like last year, we will be
having food (Asian and American; my friends will be roasting again two whole hogs - with the
heads on - yikes!) and lots of activities for a free will donation. There is also a raffle draw for the
statue of our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Grace. It will be $2.00 per ticket or $10.00 for 6
tickets and 6 chances to win this beautiful statue. This year all the proceeds will be divided equally
for the Ministerial Alliance and “Meals In His Name.” For Arma parishioners, in case some of
you have not heard of “Meals In His Name”, the parish serves free meals every Thursday evening
for all who come, almost like the Lord’s Diner in Wichita, no questions asked! The Ministerial
Alliance is an alliance of all the pastors (which I am a part of) in the Girard area which
coordinates all the charitable works to the poor and the needy. It is proper as we celebrate this gift
that our parish and community’s charitable activities should benefit from whatever is raised from
this joyful event! I hope you will all be with us especially for our brothers and sisters in Arma!
Come all and join the celebration!
Pray for our children who will be receiving their First Communion next Sunday April 26! There
are 11 of them from Saint Michael, the most that we have since I got here 5 years ago. Langstyn
Arthur-Solivan, Graci Murphy, Zack Benso, Bryce Reese, AJ Cuthbertson, Aydin Sisney, Kaylee Davied, MaKenna
Smith, Conner Droessler, Isabella Walsh, Kaylen McAtee. I remind the parents to please schedule as soon
as possible the meeting with me. Also a reminder for the recollection and rehearsal this coming
Saturday, April 25 at 10AM in Church! I hope you will give priority to this over your other
appointments as this is a once in a lifetime experience for your kids. We have been preparing for
it. We try to make it as meaningful and memorable as possible for the children. This recollection
and rehearsal the day before the big event is a very important immediate preparation! Please
don’t miss it!
Reminder also to all: families and individuals who have not returned their rice bowl cardboard
box. You can give them to me personally, drop them in the parish office or at the collection
basket, or much better have your children offer them during the offertory procession at mass.
Remember how this rice bowl can change lives especially feeding the hungry around the world.
Reminder also of your Easter envelope. We will still accept them if you have not turned them in
yet. Like the rice bowl, you can drop them in the offertory basket. God bless you all! Fr. Roger

Altar Ministers for Apr. 25 & 26

Mass Schedule and Intentions for Apr. 18 - 26
Apr. 18 Saturday


106 N. Western Ave.
Girard, KS 66743
(620) 724-8717
Pastor: Fr. Roger Lumbre

Harry Kenna
Cathrine Madl
8:00am Roy, Pauline & David Harman
For the People
John Twarog
5:30pm Roy, Pauline & David Harman
Wednesday 6:30pm
Patricia Haderlein
Thursday 8:00am
Trish Kreutzer
8:30am-3:00pm Adoration
Joseph Hofer
8:00am-6:00pm Adoration
Saturday 4:00pm
Mary Ginardi
John & Charlene Oplotnik
Trish Kreutzer
For the People


Next Saturday (4/25/15)

Next Sunday (4/26/15)

!Altar Servers:

5:30 pm

Ethan & Jocelyn

Teddy Paoni, Macy &


Linda DeGarmo

Marilyn McCracken


10:00 am

Linda Moore

Michelle Puckett

Gift Bearers

Helen Brodbeck &
Bernadine Shively

Hank & Carrie Smith

!*Please watch for your name(s) here until Joan Davied can resume assigning
Altar Ministers and send out a schedule. Thank you.

July 2014 to date



Children’s Offering



Expenses - March



Anyone interested in an office in St. Michael Altar Society please call
724-4941 or 238-0850. The offices of President and Vice President
are definitely open. Please prayerfully consider offering your time
and talent to this vital and necessary ministry within our parish!


Parish Celebration

Over / (Under)


Our parish celebration of Fr. Roger’s 29th year anniversary of his
ordination to the Priesthood, and our fundraiser to benefit the “Meal
in His Name” and the Ministerial Alliance food pantry will be held
on Saturday, April 25. We will have food, music, karaoke, games, a
raffle, and much more. Call the parish office if you would like to
help. Please see bulletin insert for more information.


Raffle tickets for a beautiful statue of “Our Lady of Grace” are
available in the back of church. One lucky winner will be drawn at
our celebration for Father’s anniversary on April 25.


K of C Thank You

The members of the Girard-Arma Knights of Columbus would like
to thank the members of both parishes for their support of the
“Right to Life” baby shower. Baby supplies worth an estimated
$1034.00 were delivered to Birthline in Ft. Scott.


Please Pray for the Sick of our Parish

Please pray for parishioners Ron Brenneman, Gerald Davied, and
Rosemary O’Toole who are ill.


Parish Prayer Chain

If you would like to receive our parish Prayer Chain emails, or if you
would like to request a prayer intention, please contact Teresa
Davenport at 362-3042.


St. Peregrine Items Available

St. Peregrine cards, medals and tokens are available free of charge for
persons with a cancer diagnosis or cancer survivors. St. Peregrine is
the patron saint of persons suffering from cancer. If you would like
one for yourself or a loved one, call Teresa Davenport at 362-3042.


Totus Tuus 2015 Dates

For those of you who are beginning to make summer plans, save the
dates of June 14 through 19 for Totus Tuus! Thank you to Paula
Sevart, Totus Tuus coordinator, for reserving our week.

Diocesan Life Run

RUN! RUN! RUN! The 2nd Annual Life Run is less than a month
away! There will be a 5K beginning at 9:30am and a 1.5 mile fun
run/walk following at 10:00am. Family-friendly vendors and
activities will take place throughout the event including face painting
for the kids, a fire engine, and a clown to name a few! Proceeds from
the Life Run will benefit A Better Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center in
Wichita. Register at Get a FREE T-SHIRT
IF you register by April 17th! Call 316-269-3935 with any questions.

Carly Reif


Last Week


Building Fund Contributions


Building Fund Loan Balance



Most of us take the Resurrection for granted. We’ve heard the
story so many times that the reality of what happened can escape us.
St. John, the Beloved Disciple, gave us a clue in his description of
that first Easter Sunday that offers proof to believers and gives
skeptics a reason to reflect.
Here is an excerpt from John 20:1-9. Peter and the other disciple started
running toward the tomb, but the other disciple outran Peter. He bent over and
looked in at the strips of linen lying there, but did not enter. Peter arrived and
entered the tomb and saw the strips of linen lying there, as well as the burial cloth
that had been around Jesus’ head. The cloth was folded up by itself, separate from
the linen. The other disciple also entered, saw and believed. They still did not
understand that Jesus had to rise from the dead.
The clue that St. John gave us in his writing was that the cloth that
had been around Jesus’ head was folded up by itself, separate from
the linen. This meant that before Jesus exited the tomb, He took
care to remove the cloth that had covered His face, folded it, and laid
it separately from the linen burial clothes. Here is a bit of symbolism
that we cannot overlook. Let’s take a look at Hebrew tradition of that
time and it should help us comprehend the significance of the folded
facecloth: There is a custom which existed between the master of the
house and the servant. The servant would set the dinner table just as
the master wanted it. The master would dine while the servant
remained out of sight until the master had finished eating. If the
master was finished, he would rise from the table and wipe his hands
and mouth, then pitch the napkin onto the table. The servant would
then know to clear the table. In those days, the wrinkled napkin
meant ‘I’m finished’. However, if the master rose from the table and
folded his napkin and laid it beside his plate, the servant wouldn’t
touch it, for the folded napkin meant, ‘I’m coming back!’
I hope you see the significance here of the folded napkin found in
the empty tomb. Experts believe the message was that ‘He’s coming
back’. That’s the startling fact upon which our whole faith is based.
Instead of His death being the end of His work; it was just the
beginning! His Resurrection had turned the world on end. That
small band of frightened, confused disciples were commissioned to
bring the message of the Gospel to the four corners of the Earth. He
opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. Our Faith was born
that day (Easter Sunday) and through the years, we’ve built our whole
Christian life around this faith that will someday carry us to the glory
of eternity.

Marcel Normand

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