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exciting way to Experience color and engage with stylists. • Ideal for natural or colored hair The DIA color collection also provides 8 gorgeous services to provide clients a new.L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL DEMI-PERMANENT INNOVATION 2 complementary haircolor lines that provide maximum flexibility. exceptionally even color • Ideal for colored or sensitized hair Our RICH demi-permanent ADVANCED ALKALINE TECHNOLOGY without ammonia • Coverage up to 70% white hair • Rich and deep reflects. quick and predictable •L  uminous tones. Our 1st acid demi-permanent haircolor without ammonia •C  olor personalization and correction made easy. . Exceptional softness. creativity and freedom. vinyl shine.

• Development time: 10 min. . apply target shade (1 tube) + 2. • Apply target shade (1 tube) + 2. • Development time: 2 to 10 min. 5%). • Development time: 20 min. • Development time: up to 20 min. or straightening service before applying the color with the 15-vol. guanidine. 9. SMOOTHING. TONE my HIGHLIGHTS COLOR WAKE UP Tone WITHOUT lightening the NATURAL BASE REFRESH THE COLOR WITH SHINY AND LUMINOUS REFLECT BETWEEN 2 SERVICES • On pre-lightened hair. SHAPE & COLOR REFRESH THE COLOR AND ADD SHINE THE DAY OF A PERM. apply target shade (1 tube) + 2. Diactivateur (4. DIA on mid-lengths/ends) REFLECT ADDICT CORRECT WARM REFLECTS • On dry hair.6 oz of Diactivateur 6. • Recommended for a color refresher (permanent haircolor re-growth. Wait 15 days after a sodium hydroxide. smoothing. .or 9-vol.6 oz of Diactivateur 6. and 15-vol.6 oz of Diactivateur 6-vol.or 9-vol.6 oz of Diactivateur 6.or 9-vol.6 oz of Diactivateur 6-vol. rinse & towel-dry • Apply target shade (1 tube) + 2. OR STRAIGHTENING SERVICE* • After the perm or straightening service. mix Clear shade (1/2 tube) + target shade (1/2 tube) + 2. HOW TO PLEASE 100% OF YOUR CLIENTS services to customize and correct existing haircolor PHOTO GLOSS Give a shiny flash to dull hair • For brilliant shine. or a calcium relaxer to apply DIA. for every Diactivateur 6. * Wait 15 days after a perm. • Development time: 20 min.

• Development time: 20 min. GREY INCOGNITO COVER 1st GREYS • Up to 30% white hair: apply target shade (1 tube)+ 2.To cover up to 30% white hair: use 9-vol. or 15-vol. 9-.6 oz of Diactivateur 15-vol.6 oz of Diactivateur 9-vol.6 oz of Diactivateur 6-. Diactivateur Options: . • Development time: 20 min.6 oz of Diactivateur 9-vol. .To cover 30%-70% white hair: use 15-vol. apply target shade (1 tube) + 2. apply target shade (1 tube) + 2. • Between 30%-70% of white hair: mix target shade (1/2 tube) + same level natural shade (1/2 tube)+ 2. • Development time: 20 to enhance natural hair color REFLECTS REVEALED add tone and shine to the natural hair color • On dry hair. BACK TO ME DARKEN TO NATURAL BASE • On dry hair. .

25 5VRv cappuccino iced chestnut NEW 5.01 7NB natural cool blonde WARM BROWNS 5.32 5GV NEW 5.00 3NN deepest black 3 3N darkest brown NEW 4.02 6nv glazed pecans NEW 6.12 5BV blueberry chestnut 5.15 4BRv chocolate 6.35 5GRv 4 4N dark brown NEW 6.12 6bv sweet molasses 4.31 5GB praline café warm chestnut 6.52 5RvV raspberry truffle NEW 6.53 6RvG 6. NEW 2.23 6VG hazelnut honey NATURALS 1 1N CLEAR black NEW 1.13 6BG walnut NEW 5.34 6GC honey chestnut NEW 6.01 4NB deep darkest brown iced espresso 5.10 2BBB blue onyx NEW 6.13 5BG cool chestnut 5.35 6GRv maple candied walnut .15 5BRv Cool Browns 5.00 1NN NEW 3.01 6NB smoked almond 5 5N 6 6N brown light brown 7 7N dark blonde 8 8N blonde NEW 7.

40 6ccc Pearly Butterscotch gold 7.31 9GB vanilla REDS 4.13 7BG Satin Blonde 8.31 7GB almond NEW 7.52 5rvv 6.54 5RvC NEW 6.23 7VG Toffee Cream NEW 7.31 8GB golden beige NEW 7.24 7VC 7.13 6bg 4 4N NEW 5 5N 9.02 8NV lavender sugar NEW 9.13 9bg NATURALS Clear 6 6N NEW 7 7N 8 8N .32 7GV Biscotti NEW 8.15 4BRv 5.62 4RV amarYLlis (DM5) intense mahogany copper (RUBILANE™) COOL BROWNS 4.30 7GGG 5.BLONDES NEW 7.20 4VVV iridescent burgundy (DM5) 4.

3 6G 8.31 5gb 6.34 6gc 7.31 7gb 8.3 9g REDS 4.02 9nv 9.66 5rr 7.43 7cg (DM5) (RUBILANE™/DM5) (RUBILANE™) MILKSHAKES 9.3 8g 9.01 9NB 9.03 9ng NEW 10.13 10BG .12 10BV NEW 10.WARM BROWNS 5.20 4vVV 4.34 8gc GOLDS 6.65 4RRv 5.

rinse thoroughly and shampoo twice at the end of the development time primary tone of color green .2.Minimum fading: warm-lighter target shade.3 6GV 6.6 3 Gr darkest brown level of color •D  iactivateur Options: . Majirel.7 secondary tone of color 2 brownish black 1 black technology BEFORE COLOR BEFORE COLOR • Faded color-treated or sensitized hair fiber • The alkaline agent is neutralized during mixing • Natural or color-treated hair DURING COLOR DURING COLOR • The hair fiber swells slightly due to a water-based environment with an acidic pH • Colorants  penetrate and bond themselves inside the hair fiber • The colorants develop in harmony to the hair’s natural tones •C  olorants penetrate and bond themselves inside the hair fiber • The colorants develop in harmony with the Diactivateur used AFTER COLOR AFTER COLOR •H  air cuticle is closed and the hair fiber benefits from a resurfacing effect • Hair reveals a vinyl-like shine and a luminous tone • Intense haircare-like result •H  air cuticle is closed • Ultra-shiny hair.4 Rv brown red-violet .6 LAW OF COLOR level 10 very lt.1 8 blonde V violet .5 4 R dark brown red .2 • Apply permanent color (INOA.Maximum: warm target shade same level. use the 6-vol . blonde 9 tone N natural TIPS B light blonde blue . Luocolor) 7 G • Apply the matching DIALight shade on the faded mid-lengths and ends 20 minutes before the end of the development time. use the 6-vol .Moderate fading: warm target shade same level. use with 9-vol • Carefully emulsify. colored with a rich and deep shade • Result intensity varies according to the Diactivateur chosen • Visible tones.32 C copper . even on dark bases • Exceptional softness . dark blonde 6 light brown 5 Color refreshing technique EXAMPLE: gold .

Diactivateur (1.6 oz. ac Di eu at tiv r 2. 15-vol. (4. 9-vol. 9-vol. Follow the safety instructions. apply with a brush or a plastic bottle on the re-growth. • MIx together until a smooth.) of Dialight or diarichesse haircolor. 9-vol. rinse thoroughly and finish with a specific post-haircolor shampoo Skin allergy test Important: Hair colorants can cause an allergic reaction.. 6-vol. (SEE INSIDE OF CARTON) Precautions • Wear suitable disposable gloves • Rinse hair well after application of the mixture • If product gets into eyes.8%). APPLICATION •O  n dry unwashed hair. (2.Acid gel-crÈME demi-permanent color CrÈME demi-permanent color The technical tool for colored/sensitized hair The recruitment weapon for natural hair • Zero lift • Deep and rich reflects • Vinyl shine • Exceptional softness • Intense care • Coverage up to 70% of white hair • Ammonia-free PREPARATION • Measure 2. creamy texture is obtained.) • To use exclusively with the Diactivateurs 6-vol. • Add 1 tube (1..8%).6 oz.7%) or 15-vol. Di a 1. rinse immediately • Keep out of reach of children • Do not use metallic tools (bowl. depending on the desired intensity of the result. comb.7 oz.7%) or 15-vol. A skin allergy test must be done 48 hours before each application of this colorant. mid-lengths and ends • Development time: from 2 to 20 minutes • Carefully emulsify. (1.7 oz.5%) . of 6-vol. (2. (4.5%).

8%) • Development time: 5 to 10 minutes • N/A • The day of a highlight service. apply the mixture from scalp to ends.5%). smoothing or straightening treatment. apply the mixture on towel-dried hair • Development time: 2-10 minutes (according to the hair’s sensitivity and desired result) . (1. use a natural shade •W  hen using a reflect shade: mix 1/2 tube of a natural shade + 1/2 tube of the target shade.34 The day of a highlight service. deep tones Development time: 10 minutes Apply the same day as a perm. exclusively with the Diactivateur 6-vol. EX: Target shade 6.FIRST APPLICATION • Mix with the Diactivateur 15-vol.8%) or 9-vol.34: mix 1/2 tube 6 + 1/2 tube 6. apply the mixture on towel-dried hair • Development time: 2-10 minutes (according to the hair’s sensitivity and desired result) • USING A STRAIGHTER (THIO BASED ONLY) COVERAGE (BLENDED DEMI COVERAGE) REFRESHING HIGHLIGHTED HAIR • • Refresh haircolor with rich. (4. (1. (2.7%) • Development time: 5 to 20 minutes • Apply the mixture only on the re-growth and process for 15 minutes • Then take through the mid-lengths and ends the last 5 minutes of the development time (ON NATURAL HAIR) SECOND APPLICATION (RETOUCH/RE-GROWTH APPLICATION OVER SENSITIZED HAIR) TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS • •  erform a color refreshing technique P Apply the desired permanent color shade onto the re-growth • Take through the mid-lengths and ends with the appropriate DIALIGHT shade 20 minutes before the end of the development time • REFRESH AFTER •  ix exclusively with the Diactivateur M 6-vol. (1. • Development time: 20 to 30 minutes • On dry. unwashed hair.8%) • Development time: 10 minutes For coverage of white hair. using an applicator bottle or a brush • Development time: 20 minutes • For color-treated hair: Mix with the Diactivateur 6-vol.

5012 U0707100 For more information contact L’Oréal Professionnel’s H ­­­­ otline at 1.www.

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