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You really have to wonder.

With the plethora of action/ adventure movies and TV shows out there, and the
number of fans the genre has, why isn't there a good Action Movie roleplaying game? Yeah, I know, there are a
few games and scenarios based around an SF/ Action flick or two, and an espionage RPG that faded away into
obscurity due to licensing problems. But what about a senseless, violence-ridden, generic cops 'n robbers style
game modeled after the classics? Think of it. The fans of the Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Mel Gibson/ Sylvester
Stallone/ Steven Seagal/ Jean Claude Van Damme/ Muscle Guy Ad Nauseum genre deserve a game of their
own, don't they?!?!?
After a pointless loss of several nights' sleep (the little voice kept telling me, 'if you write it, they will play...`),
and with very little thought and effort, I set out to create such a game. The result is before you. So, with no
further adieu, and tongue in firmly entrenched in cheek, I proudly present:

The First Edition from Out of the Vault
by Berin Kinsman
c. 1993 Berin Kinsman
All Rights Reserved
Raid the Monopoly game for some d6s, grab a pencil and some paper- a Post-It note, 3 x 5 card, or the back of
an old sales receipt will do...wait a minute! You're all experienced gamers! You know this crap already! Let's get
on with it!
Just for fun, instead of calling the gamemaster 'the gamemaster` and the players 'the players`, let's call the GM
'the Perpetrator` and the players 'Accomplices`. No, no, I've got it...the 'Blitzer` and the 'Blitzees`. Wait, wait,
better one- the 'Director` and the 'Cast`. Hold it, how about...aww, skip it.
In the movies, how tough you are is really a matter of how tough everyone thinks you are which is determined
largely by how tough you think you are which is reflected in how you act. Attitude reflects that, is the one (and
only) attribute that matters in this game. Starting Attitude is based on Character Type, below.
Divide starting Attitude up among the following skills however you want; Maximum skill number is 5.
Shoot Guns!
All sorts of guns, and stuff that isn't guns- in fact, anything that isn't a hand-to-hand weapon falls under this
skill. Pistols, rifles, sub-machineguns, grenade launchers, thrown grenades, thrown knives, thrown shuriken,
Kick Butt!
All forms of hand-to-hand combat, including martial arts, boxing, street fighting, swords, knives, nunchuks,
baseball bats, beer bottles...
Drive Cars!
All sorts of vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles, forklifts, cement mixers...

and fire-fights with. stray dogs.A Really Good Guy.The Ultimate Bad Guy. and once the Action hero gets past the Right-Hand Man and the hoards of Henchmen (below). RIGHT-HAND MAN . and as no Basically Worthless Stuff. innocent bystanders. Never has any Basically Worthless Stuff. he's usually toast. Roll 1d6. drawn out fist. Starting Attitude is 1d6. and so on.Hang on for Dear Life! The ability to not fall off of high buildings. and they generally don't have very good Shoot Guns! or Kick Butt! skills. kids. The Right-Hand Man is often an Action Hero type who's Gone Bad. HENCHMEN . Has nothing but Basically Worthless Stuff. the hoods of speeding cars. When everyone has gone. Note that as Attitude changes. start over from the beginning.Every other potato head on the planet: non-player characters. airplane wings. Action Heroes and Right-Hand Men roll damage equal to number of dice in skill. tough toogies.The Master Villain's top hired muscle. Roll 2d6 to determine starting Attitude. regardless of what kind of weapon they're using.they might kill each other. COMBAT: The character with the most Attitude goes first. your character doesn't really need to have this skill. For that reason. so does combat order. He's the thinker and schemer. but even with a rocket launcher. If you don't. victims. as such.. who only take 1 point of damage unless the Attack is from other Action Heroes or Right-Hand Men -.. this is the guy the Action Hero gets into long. Bad Guys: MASTER VILLAINS . and may return later as Right-Hand Men. Henchmen that manage to survive (yeah. Has Action Hero type skills and Basically Worthless Stuff.that's what makes them scary!!!). right? Damage lowers Attitude. If you roll the skill number or less. Criminal masterminds are rarely the physical type. the next highest second. he's generated with 3d6 starting Attitude. but not Good Enough for the Lead. 0A = D: Zero Attitude Equals Death. Roll 3d6 to determine starting Attitude. right) an adventure should get a decent Attitude award. except to Action Heroes and Right-Hand Men. Basically Worthless Stuff! Everything else the character knows. no normal person could seriously harm an Action Hero. etc. Pick up Babes/ Hunks! If you need an explanation. He does often have a lot of Attitude (especially the really good villains. CHARACTER TYPES Good Guys: ACTION HERO . REGULAR FOLKS .They can be lethal even with a dull pocket knife and a BB gun. . A six always fails. he almost never has anything but Basically Worthless Stuff for skills.The Ultimate Good Guy. starting Attitude is 2d6 or 3d6. Everyone else does 1d6 damage. SIDEKICK . Roll 1d6 to determine starting Attitude.Pure Cannonfodder. etc. you succeed.

HEALING For dramatic impact. giving the heroes motivation ('I must AVENGE him!`). They only recover Attitude by earning it (below). I'm probably wresting vast royalties in potential modules out of my own pocket here. all NPCs will awaken so they can offer their thanks. Hey. GAINING ATTITUDE Every time a character displays Attitude. The story starts out with a character's (roll 2d6) 2 Ex-Partner 3 Boss 4 Mentor 5 Fellow _________ (occupation) 6 Father (Mother) 7 Brother (Sister) 8 Ex-Spouse 9 Child 10 Best Friend 11 Childhood Buddy 12 Old Military Pal who has been beaten up by (roll 1d6) 1-2 Drug Dealers 3-4 An Organized Crime Group 5 A Street Gang 6 Mysterious Well-dressed Thugs . Mostly. aren't incredibly deep. like Mel in Lethal Weapon (any of 'em). try it again. successfully or not. but entitle it Terminal Blitz III: The Mother of All Blitzes. playable by any number of participants. as a rule.that's Attitude! A mortally wounded character who struggles to his feet in order to continue fighting. Action movie plots. IMPROVING SKILLS If a character used a skill during an adventure. GMs might try having wounded NPCs lie around in comas for the entire when Arnie says. Then play it again. they're nothing but framing sequences for fight scenes and car chases. but what they heck. Once the bad guys who injured the NPC have been vanquished. Terminal Blitz is a good starter scenario for BAD ATTITUDES. Action heroes don't lie around waiting to heal. uh-huh. call it Terminal Blitz II: The Return of (Insert Player Character Name Here) For an advanced scenario. Sure. of course. the GM should award him an Attitude Point. should get a point for Attitude (and thus remain alive!). "I'll be baack" in Terminator. that skill goes up one point when the adventure is over. then drives a car through the front of the building. TERMINAL BLITZ The Adventure for BAD ATTITUDES Let's be honest. You get the idea. This is most often displayed in snappy repartee. stringing events together into allegedly coherent order.

but was selling them out. (roll 1d6) 1-2 A bunch of Henchmen (1d6) 3-4 The Right-Hand Man 5-6 The Master Villain comes in. 6 At the PC's workplace. Just then. however. The NPC at first is reluctant to talk. the characters (roll 1d6 for repeated encounters until you get a 6) 1 Get in a car chase 2 Get attacked 3 Meet a love interest 4 Lose a lose interest 5 Meet the kooky informant 6 Find the Master Villain's location (refer to the tables below) . The player characters find this NPC (roll 1d6) 1 In the hospital after cops took him/ her there. but his/ her (roll 1d6) 1-3 Patient and caring lover/ spouse 4-6 Fab babe daughter/ hunk son spills everything and asks the character for help. 2 Was with them. 2 At the crime scene surrounded by cops. 3 At the NPC's place.because he/ she (roll 1d6) 1 Owes them money. and (roll 1d6) 1-3 Makes veiled threats 4-6 Tries to kill the NPC but gets away because (roll 1d6) 1-3 Good Guy Reinforcements arrive. 4 Happened to witness something. 5 At the bar/ favorite hangout. 6 Has a 'package` they want. 4 At the PC's place. 5 Was being blackmailed. Thereafter. 3 Was investigating and got 'too close`. 4-6 Bad Guy Reinforcements arrive.

picking up speed 4 Through dangerous road construction 5 Onto a bridge.which is out! 6 Into a busy intersection against the light 7 Into a dead-stop traffic jam 8 Onto a sidewalk and into a street vendor stand 9 Into a mall or other spacious one-story building 10 Into a parking garage 11 Through a plaza and down stairs 12 Along the edge of a ledge or cliff 13 Jumping over a really big hill 14 Under a tractor trailer parked across the road 16 Across a park or someone's lawn 17 Until Bad Guys' car breaks down 18 Until Good Guys' car breaks down GET ATTACKED TABLES Attacked by (roll 1d6): 1-2 2d6 Henchmen 3-4 Right-Hand Man alone 5-6 Right-Hand Man & 1d6 Henchmen Where (roll 1d6): 1 On a really tall building 2 On/ in a moving vehicle 3 In a bar 4 At the PC's place 5 At the NPC's place 6 At the Love Interest's place MEET A LOVE INTEREST TABLE (roll 1d6) 1 Fab Good Babe/ Hunk (Sidekick) 2 Fab Evil Babe/ Hunk (Right-Hand) 3 NPC's Fab Babe daughter/ Hunk son 4 Another PC's 'baby` Sibling 5 Character's Ex-Spouse/ Lover 6 Someone with no discernable connection to the plot whatsoever LOSE A LOVE INTEREST TABLE (roll 1d6) 1 Killed by Henchmen 2 Killed by Right-Hand Man 3 Kidnapped by Right-Hand Man 4 Killed by Master Villain 5 Kidnapped by Master Villain 6 She/ He gets sick of Hero's career and leaves .GET IN A CAR CHASE TABLE Chase goes on (roll 3d6): 3 Down an empty street.

MEET THE KOOKY INFORMANT TABLE Informant is (roll 1d6): 1 Hooker/ Gigolo with a Heart of Gold who secretly loves the Hero 2 Street Kid who idolizes Hero 3 Guy/ Gal the Hero got off the streets 4 Schmuck the Hero has to beat up to get info out of 5 Pro Snitch the Hero has to pay for info 6 Babe/ Hunk in the Police Records department who secretly loves the Hero Informant knows (roll 1d6): 1 Henchmen's location 2 Right-Hand Man's location 3 Master Villain's location 4 Plan to kill Hero 5 Plan to kill/ kidnap NPC 6 Plan to kill/ kidnap Love Interest MASTER VILLAIN`S LOCATION TABLE (roll 1d6) 1 Posh Mansion/ Headquarters 2 Abandoned Warehouse 3 Heavily populated public place with lots of innocent bystanders to get hit by stray fire and get taken as hostages 4 Character's House 5 Original NPC's house 6 Love Interest's house .