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Curing Compound

Sheet 12

NCCure 203W
(Water based concrete curing compound)
NCCure 203W is a water based curing compound forming a membrane composed of a
blend of wax and otherpetroleum extracts in
emulsion form.

NCCure 203W provides
a highly economical and
efficient means of retaining the moisture in fresh
concrete thereby providing excellent concrete

Features :

High curing efficiency.


Reduces drying

Reduces the incidence of hairline


Single Application

fresh concrete

Very cost effective

Initial white colour

Packing :

shows areas of use. ·

NCCure 203W is supplied in 20 and 210 kg
drums. It can also be supplied in tanker load.

Cured film is clear
and water repellent. ·

Interior and exterior

Curing compound for
Sealing old concrete.

Usage Instructions :
ISO 9001:2008 Certified Enterprise

National Chemical Industries

National Chemical Industries
ISO 9001:2008 Certified Enterprise



NCCure 203W conforms to specification
type: ASTM C309 Type
1/Type II, Class A


Concrete surface must
be clean and free of standing
water. Remove any sealer or
other material that may prevent absorption of
the NCCure 203W .

• Requires no preblending and should be used
directly from the container.
• Apply at a uniform
coverage by spray or roller
application. Product may be
sprayed with a hand held
“pump-up” sprayer or with
an airless industrial sprayer.
• If roller applied, use a
short napped, solvent resistant sleeve.

Allow the product to


dry 4-6 hrs before exposure
to traffic.

pearance of the “sheen” of
surface moisture.

• Do not apply to concrete surfaces at ambient
temperature below 4 O Warm
material to a minimum temperature of 10 OC before use.

• When applying on old
concrete, the surface must be
clean and dry. Remove contaminants and stains such as
waxes, grease and oil with
strong soaps or caustics
rather than acids. Badly
worn or porous areas may
need a second application to
attain a uniform seal and
surface gloss. NCCure
203W may be placed on
top of a previous coat of the
same product. The surface
must be clean and dry for
proper adhesion.

• Do not apply over bleed
water or free standing water.
• Do not apply over concrete to receive concrete
toppings, epoxy, or urethane
based coatings or adhesives.
• For best cure of freshly
placed concrete, apply NCCure 203W as
soon as possible after finishing operations and / or immediately after the disap-

• Clean tools and
equipment with water
before the material hardens

Milky White Liqiud
5.0-6.0 SQ Mt/lit.

Note : White Pigmented and fugitive dye Products are also available.

Many other construction solutions such as but not limiting to water reducing / Plastisizing / Superplasticizing / Retarding Plasticizing products are available .Storage & Safety : Storage : Safety : NCCure 203W must be stored in a properly sealed container at a temperature range of 5 .experience and belief . Direct Contact with body parts such as eyes. Keep away from children and animals. Separate datasheets may be availed for them . In case of contact with eyes wash with splashes of clean water and seek immediate medical assistance. .com . Tailor made products for specific customer requirement can also be made available. Vigyan Nagar . mouth and skin should be avoided. National Chemical Industries 2-B-17 . In case of ingested.) -324005 Phone : 094142 22028 093529 23448 Email : ajaygupta. Information provided here is true and accurate to our best knowledge . Do not reuse containers for storage of items for human consumption . The results may vary depending on other material . Kota (Raj. No warranty either implied or expressed is given by us or our representatives . seek immediate medical attention.45 C away from direct Sunlight. usage conditions or usage methods. Users are advised to make their own lab and field trials prior to using the material .kota@gmail. If stored properly it has a shelf life of 1 year in original sealed unopened condition .