Michelle Dupray 2-1-10 English 9: William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” Literary Devices 1.

Plot – main events of a novel, play, etc. – shown by the writer in interrelated sequences 2. Setting – place or time a play, novel, etc. is set 3. Point of view – the position the story is told in 4. Characterization – makes plots through actions of the character or words about them 5. Theme – the concept 6. Alliteration – same letter/sound at the beginning of words that are close together in a sentence 7. Allusion – made to bring something to mind without mentioning it clearly 8. Analogy – comparison between two different things 9. Antagonist – the opposing person (adversary) 10.Aside – not in the way 11.Blank Verse – a verse that does not rhyme 12.Climax – the greatest point of the story 13.Comic Relief – something humorous that relieves some of the seriousness/tension of the story 14. Conflict - disagreement 15.Couplet – two lines of a single verse 16.Diction – choice/use of words used 17.Dramatic Irony – the reader knows something the characters do not know 18.Dramatic Structure – action, place, and time 19.Epithet – adjective or phrase used to show the qualities of a person/thing 20.Figurative Language – simile or metaphor 21.Foreshadowing – future/outcome of the story is proposed by the author before it actually happens 22.Foil – character who is exactly opposite of another character 23.Imagery – words used to describe 24.Irony – something happens that is unpredicted 25.Meter – way symbols are put into patterns (rhythmical) 26.Metaphor – when an item takes places of another (in a sentence) 27.Monologue – one character talking to himself/the reader 28.Oxymoron – figure of speech – contradicts itself 29.Personification – used to show a great quality in something (generally a figure is used)

30.Protagonist - leading/major character 31.Pun – has many different meanings (all apply) 32.Rhyme Scheme – the rhyming at the end of poem lines or verses 33.Simile – comparison of one thing to something else (generally different); adds more description 34.Situational Irony – situation happens that is unexpected 35.Soliloquy – speaking thoughts aloud while alone or not minding of other people 36.Sonnet – poem with fourteen lines; any formal rhyme scheme 37.Symbol – something that stands for another thing 38.Tragedy – something disastrous happens to a main character 39.Verbal Irony – something is said that is unexpected

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World Geography: Western Europe WebQuest Go to phschool.com Under Course Content…Web Codes…insert mjk-0015 then press Go Left hand side of the page…under Course Content…click onto SOCIAL STUDIES Under Student Resources click on Textbook Companion Sites Under Select Your State and Textbook Program…click on arrows after State and select Intl Next…go to program arrows and select World Geography then press Go Scroll down to UNIT 4: WESTERN EUROPE and click onto Chapter 14: Regional Atlas: Introduction to Western Europe…read the Summary to answer the questions: ○ Why is the continent of Europe called “a peninsula of peninsulas?” – There are a lot of small peninsulas that are north, west, and south in Europe, which is why it is called “a peninsula of peninsulas”. ○ What is a peninsula? (look this up in the dictionary if you don’t know) – A peninsula is an area of land surrounded almost entirely by water. ○ What peninsula stretches into the Mediterranean Sea? – The Italaian Peninsula stretches into the Mediterranean Sea, ○ Is Greece a peninsula? – Greece is a peninsula. Above the Summary section…click onto Go Online Activities

 On this page, under Enrichment: Ecosystems…click onto ecosystems  On this page, click onto Geography  On this page, click onto World Geography  On this page, under World Geography…scroll down to The Difference between the U.K., Great Britain, England, and the British Isles …and click on that link  On this page, take some time to maneuver…reading numerous facts, answer the following questions. ○ What countries comprise Great Britain? – The countries that comprise Great Britain are England, Scotland, and Wales. ○ What is the capital of Great Britain? – The capital of Great Britain is London, England. ○ What does Greater London mean? – Greater London is the Corporation of the City of London. ○ What are boroughs and how many are in the City of London? – Boroughs are towns or districts. There are 32 boroughs in London. ○ Where is Wales located in reference to England? – Wales is located west of England. ○ When was Wales united with England? – Wales became united with England in 1536. ○ What river separates Scotland from England? – The rivers that separate Scotland from England are the Tweed River and the Liddell River. ○ What year were Scotland, England, and Wales united under the name of the United Kingdom of Great Britain? – Scotland, England and Wales were united under the name of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. ○ What is the capital of Northern Ireland? – The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. ○ Where is the Isle of Man located and what is the total area of this island? – The Isle of Mean is located in the Irish Sea. The total area of the island is 227 sq miles. ○ When did the Isle of Man enter the control of England? – The Isle of Mean entered the control of England in 1341. ○ How does the Isle of Man governed? - The Isle of Man is governed by a lieutenant governor, legislative council, and a House of Keys. ○ What is meant by European Union and how many countries are there? – The European Union is the Treaty of European Union. There are 27 countries.

○ What is the purpose of the Commonwealth of Nations? – The purpose of the Commonwealth of Nations is consultation and cooperation. ○ How is the United Kingdom governed? - The United Kingdom is governed by monarchy and parliamentary democracy. It has a queen and has two houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. ○ The United Kingdom consists of what countries? – The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. ○ What did signing the Magna Carta do for the United Kingdom? – The Magna Carta allowed the people of the United Kingdom their rights. ○ What religion is the Church of England? – The Church of England is a Christian based church. ○ When did the United Kingdom lose control of America? – The United Kingdom lost control of America because the American colonies rebelled against the United Kingdom. ○ Why did Britain enter WWII? – Britain entered WWII because of the threat of Nazism. ○ What is the name of the women who became Britain’s first female Prime Minister? – The name of the women who became Britain’s first female Prime Minister is Margaret Thatcher. ○ What was the name of Britain’s Prime Minister that led Britain to become one of U.S. allies after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center? – The name of Britain’s Prime Minister that led Britain to become an ally of the U.S. after the September 11th attacks was Tony Blair. ○ What is the name of the British Royal that will take over the throne when the Queen dies? – The name of the British Royal that will take over the throne when the Queen dies is Prince William of Wales.  Scroll to the top of the page and click onto Atlas and Almanacs to answer: ○ Click onto EUROPE …and review the map  What is the name of the Ocean west of IRELAND? – The ocean west of Ireland is named the Atlantic Ocean.  What is the name of the Sea south of FRANCE? – The name of the sea south of France is Mediterranean Sea.  What is the capital of SPAIN? – The capital of Spain is Madrid.

 What is the name of the Sea east of the UNITED KINGDOM? – The sea east of the United Kingdom is the North Sea.  What is the name of the Sea west of NORWAY? – The name of the sea west of Norway is Norwegian Sea.  What is the capital of SWEDEN? – The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.  What is the capital of ITALY? – The capital of Italy is Rome. ○ Scroll down to Maps—Europe and view the Countries to answer the following questions:  Click onto Austria • What is the capital of Austria? – The capital of Austria is Vienna. • How many miles is Salzburg from Vienna? – Salzburg is about 150 miles from Vienna. • What seven countries border Austria? - The seven countries that border Austria are the Czech Republic, Bratislava, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. • What is the Government of Austria? – The government of Austria is federal republic.  Click onto Norway • What is the capital of Norway? – The capital of Norway is Oslo. • What Sea’s border Norway? - The seas that border Norway are the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea. • What three countries border Norway? – The three countries that border Norway are Sweden, Finland, and Russia. • What is the Government of Norway? – The government of Norway is constitutional monarchy.  Click onto Sweden • What is the capital of Sweden? – The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. • What two countries border Sweden? – Norway and Finland are the two countries that border Sweden. • What is considered the Scandinavian Peninsula? – The Scandinavian Peninsula is Sweden and Norway. • What is the Government of Sweden? – The government of Sweden is constitutional monarchy.

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